7 Best Places to Enjoy Extensive Vacation in the World


We all love to go out on vacations, sometimes we feel the need to go on an extended vacation so that we have ample of time to explore the place we are in. But this is also very essential that we choose the destination beforehand so that we know that the place is worth spending time and money.

If you ask us, we believe every place has a different history and story to share and thus every place is worth spending time and money. But some places are worth planning long vacations only.

So we have got the list of 7 such places where you should enjoy long vacations:

#1. Argentina

This is the best place to have an extended vacation here since the place has a lot to offer. When you are in Argentina you cannot have enough of anything. For all the party people this place is the paradise.

#2. Istanbul

Dining, drinking and loving is a part of their culture, you can involve in endless chatting with the locals. The country has an abundance of adventures to offer. While the food here is the one thing that will make you fall in love with the place.

#3. Iceland

This is the place where you will be glad to be. Amidst the nature and true beauty of the surrounding who would ever want to come back from this place.

#4. Bali

Bali is the place where you can actually be wit yourself. There are peace and solace. The longer you live here, the happier you become.

#5. Philippines

Filipinos are known for their hospitality, so you will be welcomed here to enjoy the beauty of the nature of the island. One can even think of spending a lifetime there.

#6. Thailand

Need not to mention the tourists’ attractions there. Beaches, water activities can be enjoyed every weekend there. Also, you need to get a chance to feel spiritual there.

#7. Vietnam

Vietnam is young at heart. If you plan to spend a month or two where you won’t get enough of this place. Enjoy café culture and vibrant lifestyle of people there.