All things you should know about red light therapy

Red light therapy is current treatment with many practical benefits. Let's learn red light therapy through the article below.


What is red light therapy?

Red light is an invisible light that has a wavelength range of between 400,000 nanoseconds to 760 nanometers; the higher is the heat source, the less the wavelength of radiation emitted by infrared light.

When red light rays are applied to good areas of the body, there is a warmth on the skin, but when it comes into contact with the area to be treated, it will feel the temperature rise and the heat dissipated. This situation is called “heat reaction”.

Red light rays, when exposed to the treatment area, will help promote blood circulation and will generate heat and care for the treatment area, help our health to improve more.

The advantages of red light therapy

Due to increasing the level of local blood and local temperature, it leads to the spread of heat throughout the body and increases body heat.

Curing diseases

Red light therapy has the effect of curing musculoskeletal, joint, backache, bruise. When illuminated by red light, it will help relieve pain, prevent muscle spasms, make vasodilatation, dissolve blood bubbling, increase metabolism and nutrition.

Cleansing the body

Unlike ordinary heat, which acts only on the skin, red light rays penetrate deeply into the inner fat tissues, helping to cleanse the body, cleanse the pores, reduce acne, purify blood vessels.

Losing weight

When the wavelength and red light energy are radiated into the skin, it stimulates the external surface of the skin, stimulates blood circulation, and accelerates fat absorption into the fat.

It creates a combination of cream and red light energy that easily breaks up the fat structure and rapidly depletes the structure, which helps the body to quickly eliminate this triglyceride through the sweat glands and the lymph through the urine.

This red light, when properly exposed at reasonable temperature and light can improve blood circulation. Nutrients such as vitamins, trace elements, minerals cannot be absorbed for some reason into the skin cells of the body will be activated to increase the overall absorption so that it quickly rejects fat and loses weight.

Whitening skin

The active enzyme ingredients such as B1, seaweed essence, vitamin C, E, etc. are fast acting triggered to accelerate collagen cells, stimulate the absorption and metabolism fast that makes the damaged skin or lack of nutrients recover and regenerate and brighten the skin.

Curing skin problems

Stimulates collagen production (Collagen is an essential nutrient for improving damaged skin cells and replacing old skin cells). Also, the red light will help tighten pores, improve large pores.

It can reduce skin pigmentation and age spots, treat acne condition, shrink pores, treat for bruises left on the abdomen after birth, increase skin elasticity, reduce skin redness and dilated capillaries, improve the recovery of skin diseases.

Toning muscles

The red light of 620-650nm wavelength is used increasingly in modern medicine, that warms the body, improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins, releases triglyceride, causes hyperlipidemia, and so on, thereby strengthening and absorbing minerals, vitamins, calcium are entirely through the diet.

The disadvantages of red light therapy

Although researchers have shown that red light therapy can cure certain diseases, but if not correctly used, it can pose serious risks to the user, such as skin disorders, encounters with heart problems.

However, be cautious when using red light therapy for people with cardiovascular complications, sensitive skin or pregnant women.

To minimize these risks, drink plenty of water before, during and after taking a sauna. It will help to keep the body from retaining water, avoiding the excessive fluid loss as the body sweats.

In case you are going to treat any disease, it is essential to take note of red light rays. You should consult a professional doctor to be followed the instructions.

You should only steer three times a week, each time you do for 15 to 20 minutes in a closed room and should use a dry towel to absorb sweat.

The potential for irradiation of red light therapy is the eye and the skin. Because the heat radiation emits at high intensity, the prolonged exposure can cause severe burns to the skin.

Eyes are also sensitive to high-intensity infrared radiation, so long-term exposure to infrared radiation can cause permanent damage to the eye.

What should you do when being burned by red light therapy?

In the unlucky case of being burned during applying red light therapy, you should stop immediately, use a cold towel from 16-200 degree Celsius to put on the burn, change the towel to cool the wound continuously. Apply for 20 - 30 minutes. Then, apply oil (should be used Melaleuca oil) to help heal wounds from healing and not being infected.

Do not use toothpaste, fish sauce or use traditional remedies for the burn that have not been recognized by the health experts.

When being burned, patients are required to stop red light therapy for 2-3 months until the wound is restored, you can treat again. On the back of treatment, you should apply red light therapy with less time than the previous one, gradually increasing the time as normal.

Who should not apply red light therapy?

Many cases of using red light therapy have no effect but vice versa, which can endanger the patient.

If the patient has pain areas that are avascular (keloids, scleroderma) will not be indicated by red light therapy. Because in this skin, the irradiated light and infrared rays cannot penetrate the skin to metabolize. The blood vessels in this area are also very tiny that is unable to metabolize the nutrients in place to help the sick.

The patients with skin lesions that do not tolerate high temperatures cannot be treated with infrared radiation.

Those who are in the sun should sit for about 30 minutes before applying.

If you cannot use red light therapy to relieve pain, you can use molten dried salts, wrapped in towels to put on the pain. This way is also very effective.

Another way is to use medical gauze, hot steam and then apply to the pain area. Note, to avoid being burned, only to gauze hot about 500C.

Note, both methods are not used for patients with open wounds.


If you are wondering about red light therapy that is the conventional method of beauty and effective treatment for diseases is trusted by many people, this above article clarifies about red light therapy. Although this is the modern technology with many advantages, you should find out and think over the necessary information before applying this treatment.


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All things you should know about red light therapy

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