8 Animal Friendships That Will Prove Animals Are Better Friends Than Humans

Suryia and Roscoe

Great people often state that animals make better friends than humans. This seems pretty true when we glance at the friendship of these animals. They are best pals to each other, though they have no language to explain their emotions. They belong to different kinds, breeds yet they are so close. Aren’t they teaching us, humans, a great lesson already?

We are talking about these animals’ pair, who found best friends in each other. Have a look:

#1 Tinni and Sniffer

Tinni and Sniffer
source: Torgeir Berge

In the forests of Norway, are found, these friends. Tinni is the dog and Sniffer the fox. They are best friends and Tinni’s owner tries to keep the pair close.

#2 Fred and Dennis

Fred and Dennis
source: SWNS

Have ever heard about a dog and a duck being friends? Fred the dog, with his owner, saved the duckling named Dennis, and ever since they are together.

#3 Milo and Bonedigger (the loin)

Milo and Bonedigger
source: Barcroft USA

This sounds impossible, but the lion and the dog are really friends. The lion was down with a disorder when he found his best friend.

#4 Baloo, Leo and Shere Khan, indeed

Baloo, Leo and Shere Khan, indeed
source: Barcroft Media

Three of them were rescued together. And since then they are together as best friends forever.

#5 Kasi and Mtani

Kasi and Mtani
source: Busch Gardens Tampa

Kasi is a cheetah and Mtani is a Labrador. They were brought up together at Bush Gardens, U.S. They both are grownups now, but still spend time together.

#6 Suryia and Roscoe

Suryia and Roscoe, Animals friendship

Suryia and Roscoe are pampered together at a reserve in U.S. It’s interesting to know that Roscoe followed Suryia and ended up living together, somehow.

#7 Torque and Shrek

Torque and Shrek
source: Solent News and Photos

Shrek is a cool owl, who is befriended with Torque the dog, was separated from his mother after the birth since it was feared that his mother might eat him up.

#8 Bea and Wilma

Bea and Wilma
source: PA

Wilma is an ostrich and Bea is a giraffe. They are best friends and share a 65-acre huge area, where they spend time together pretty often.

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8 Animal Friendships That Will Prove Animals Are Better Friends Than Humans

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