Dominica citizenship is your cue to explore amazing Caribbean culture

Dominica citizenship by investment is your cue to enjoy the best of Caribbean with a legal nationality status.


Explore amazing Caribbean culture in Dominica

The island country promises the most exclusive things and a memorable experience as you explore. The “Nature Island” of the Caribbean; none other than Dominica is as fascinating as its wildlife. The island’s beautiful and lush terrain is a home ground for many different species of birds and animals.

Serene and nature-filled beaches have all it takes to attract the mass of land crabs, turtles as well as whales in deep waters. Here’s how you can explore marine and wildlife up, close and personal with a valid Dominica citizenship by investment.

1.      The World Creole Music Festival

The famous annual fiesta stirs up excitement as Roseau gets swept in the three-day World Creole Music Festival. It takes off during the daytime followed by music bands, food stalls; singing and dancing that eventually encompass narrow streets of downtown Roseau in colour and glory. Entry tickets are available in advance so all participants must grab their passes early to take part in this grand annual event. The World Creole Music Festival initiated in 1997 and region’s exclusive to reflect the French-Caribbean beat.

2.      Cabrits National Park

Fort Shirley is the star attraction of this national park surrounded by a forested headland a mile north towards downtown. It’s an impressive British garrison dating back to the 18th century with the recent restoration that made it far more appealing for tourists and just a five-minute uphill walk from park’s entrance.

The view of Prince Rupert Bay from here is simply mesmerizing especially in the late afternoon with orange sunlight gleaming across. There’re three longer trails traversing the park, straight past the officers’ mess, powder magazine, soldier barracks and many other relics worth exploring with a Dominica citizenship by investment. The visitor center has various exhibits as well as a delightful snack bar.

3.      Kalinago Barana Autê

For those longing to dig deeper into the history and culture of Kalinago must head to the recreated traditional village that lies near the Isukulati Falls on the Crayfish River. The 30-45 minute tour leads straight to various huts where you’ll find locales demonstrating finest craft skills of basket weaving, cassava baking, and canoe manufacturing.

The Karbet is a huge architectural highlight which is originally a men’s house where dances, rituals, and cultural presentations are executed. Besides, you’ll get to enjoy the sound of crashing waves and awesome waterfall views.

4.      Sisters Beach Bar & Restaurant

If this is the first time you’re in for beachfront dining, grab a seat in the picture-perfect Sisters Beach Bar and Restaurant. Here you’ll get to experience the best of local cuisine served with white-wine sauce, curry-coconut sauce, mussels, and shrimps. For an unforgettable dining experience, book a table for dinner as the environment is simply dreamy at night.

5.      Old Stone Grill & Bar

The old stone building is where you’ll get double-time the exotic culinary experience backed with an art gallery and comfortable seating. The Old Stone Grill & Bar features an extensive menu of dishes to choose from and the bartender would further spice things up with confidence and professionalism that shows.

6.      Botanic Gardens

Tucked beneath the Morne Bruce hill are the beautiful Botanic Gardens covering 40-acres of Roseau’s lavish lands. Just a sight is enough to revitalize your soul inside out as it’s a perfect composite of tropical shrubs, flowers, trees, flora and fauna trimmed with the elegance that doubles up the curb appeal.


Get the best from Dominica citizenship by investment by exploring the island country to its fullest along with the places listed above.

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Dominica citizenship is your cue to explore amazing Caribbean culture

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