See What Does Mole In These 7 Spots Say About Your Personality

Mole above your lip

We all are born with birthmarks (mole) on our body. Some people like them some don’t, but these inevitable marks on our body can reveal a lot about a person. Some people have attractive moles or birthmarks that add on to their beauty whereas sometimes these marks look inappropriate and people get them removed by surgeries. But we are sure that after reading this article many of you would give surgery a second thought.

As we are going to reveal what these birthmarks or moles have to say about you.

#1 Mole under the eyebrow

Mole under the eyebrow

Mole above your eyes or below the eyebrow mean that you have a leading personality. Leadership is attributed to your personality. It also means that you are trustworthy and have a way with people.

#2 Marks or mole on your temple

Marks or mole on your temple

People with mole on their temple love to travel a lot. They also get a lot of traveling opportunities. They have chances to work abroad or travel across countries.

#3 A mole between your two eyebrows

A mole between your two eyebrows

People with mole at this spot have a successful career. They get desirable jobs and a high pay. Wealth is never an issue in their life but all that also depends on their willpower.

#4 Mole on Cheek

Mole on Cheek

Such people have leadership power. They have a promising career and a successful life. They have chances to rise to fame.

#5 Mole on a foot sole

Mole on a foot sole

The people have the mole on their feet sole travel a lot and have chances to temple across the world. They like communicating with people, eating different cuisines and embrace life. They have very impressive personality thus they are popular in people and lead others too.

#6 Mole above your lip

Mole above your lip

People with mole at this spot are usually good looking and attractive. They remain popular among peer groups or workplace. They are of caring nature and they tend to care about everything around them.

#7 Mole in your palm

Mole in your palm
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People with mole at their palm attract wealth and are good at economics. Such people have a stable personality and rarely experience hard times.

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See What Does Mole In These 7 Spots Say About Your Personality

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