This Post About Famous Billionaires Will Open Your Eyes

Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon

We are living in the time where technology has already passed many thresholds. It has grown already and made people totally rely on them. One such invention is the internet that has not only touched a lot of lives but also changed many. It made some of the very common people like us, stars and of course, billionaires. So, let’s take a moment to read about those brilliant minds who used the internet well to make their as well as others lives better and also made multi million dollars with it. We have covered stories of some super rich and famous Billionaires who shoot to fame and money by going “online”.

#1 Travis Kalanick founder of UBER:

Travis Kalanick founder of UBER

He is also a very inspiring success story. The idea of online booking for a cab popped in his head when his friend and wife once complained about the issue of getting a cab or finding one in need and time. Tada! Uber.

#2 Brain Acton (Former Founder of Whatsapp):

Brain Acton (Former Founder of Whatsapp)

We all know how crazily the whole world downloaded this super handy messenger and it totally changed Brain’s life, too. However, it was later sold to Facebook which actually earned Brain $19 Billion.

#3 Niklas Zennstrom founder of Skype:

Niklas Zennstrom founder of Skype

He created a remarkable app that let users communicate via video calling anywhere in the world. Though this feature has been adopted by many other famous apps, a million of people still use the site to connect to each other. It sure made Niklas’ worth in Billions.

#5 Max Levchin founder of PayPal:

Max Levchin founder of PayPal

Max, so creatively brought the idea of PayPal to use it primarily for eBay. Later, it came up for other’s solution as well. No wonder this innovative idea made him a really rich and famous figure.

#6 Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon:

Billionaire: Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon

Do we need to say anymore? Its name is enough to mark this person’s success, forget about calculating the money this man must have made with his innovation of e-commerce. Amazon is used all over the world and people in almost all the country have made Amazon a trusty and worthy shopping partner. No wonder, this makes his worthmulti-billions.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin founder of Google:

Larry Page and Sergey Brin founder of Google

These two names need no introduction. They founded Google, the internet’s God. So, we cannot forget to put them on the top of this list.

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This Post About Famous Billionaires Will Open Your Eyes

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