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10 Stylish Tips to Decorate your Coffee Table




Coffee Table is the main focal point of your living room. It holds all your accessories from decoration items, Television remote, magazine and newspaper stand, etc. It is labeled as your second dining table or your bedside table. It works the same way as them. Understand your modern coffee table is more than that.

With a little help and suggestion, you can make your table of coffee into a piece of a statement.

#1 Coffee table for a living room

Have a glass-topped coffee table in your to show off the accessories placed under the table. Make sure the table is not cluttered, as everything will be visible. Choose this design if your focus point is more towards accessories kept on the coffee table.

You can choose any shape or size of the table for a glass-topped one. You can also go in for the mirror top round coffee table to add elegance to the table.

If you like to keep a lot of stuff on your table of coffee go in for extra storage decorative table. Think out of the box while choosing your bedside table. For going unique you can keep aside the coffee table and in the center of your living room keep a small table and vase on top of it.

#2 Use a Tray

Keep a tray on your designer coffee table for keeping all your knick-knacks and TV remote. It is the best way to keep all the things together and it helps to maintain the vignette look. So if you’re having trouble placing things take all the items and place them within the confines of a tray. If it doesn’t fit, remove the tray and arrange it asymmetrically or in a manner you like.

#3 Coasters

If you are one of those particular ones who do not like even a stain on your coffee table then you should add a coaster. This will ensure no stains are there on your table. You can buy coasters in various materials and designs to match your décor and theme of the living room. Keeping coasters on your coffee table adds personality to it and shows your statement.

#4 Flowers

This the most classic item kept on your coffee table. Make sure the height of the vase and flowers is not much and is not obstructing the vision of people sitting in the room. You can choose from a wide variety of vases matching the overall look of your living room. You can even keep houseplants or succulents on your coffee table.

#5 Candles

Candles are a conventional piece to keep on your designer coffee table. They can be of any size and shape according to your need and setting of the designer coffee table. You can also use premium-scented candles on the coffee table. They look luxurious and glamorous.

#6 Books and Magazines

All-time favorite items kept on your designer coffee table in the living room are books and magazines. If you read a lot or like to stack a lot of books or magazines, either put them under the coffee table or use a basket next to your designer coffee table. Make sure your placement of books and magazines on the designer coffee table does not make it look cluttered or unkempt.

#7 Art piece

Add a statement artifact or statue to your coffee table in living room. Do not overdo by the piece. You can even use a designer vase as a statement piece to keep on the coffee table for the living room.

Keep something that is bold, glamorous and catches the attention of people when you enter the living room. Something that does not become an eyesore and gels well with the décor of the coffee table and living room should be kept.

The important thing to keep in mind is to have fewer artifacts when you have heavy and bold furniture pieces in your living room. This makes your room look very artistic. If you have a small coffee table for living room, keep a single piece of a dish to enhance the look.

#8 Color

You can either choose a single color or multicolor décor in your living room. All the furniture pieces and accessories should be in sync in terms of colors. You can choose a wood made coffee table for the living room and have multicolor décor to go with it. This makes the room look well maintained and simply decorated.

#9 Add a puffy

Want to go chic and add charm to the coffee table for the living room? Simply place a puffy next to your designer coffee table. It creates extra space for seating and adds a drama to the room.

#10 Most important ones

While decorating a coffee table for the living room the most important thing to be kept in mind is you do not go overboard and make the room look so bling and heavy. When in doubt always go in for simple things and try the conventional items, you will never go wrong in doing so. Try not to adjust everything on a designer coffee table, as it will take away the charm of your living room.

Always remember the coffee table for the living room is placed in the center of the room and is visible from every angle. Try to analyze all the things you decorate on your coffee table from all angles and they are creating a balance on your table. You can go in for making changes seasonally this will ensure freshness and newness is intact in your living room.

You could decorate the coffee table to show off your personality and mood by way of choosing statues or artifacts that create a memory. You could even stay close to nature by choosing pieces from your beach vacation memories for decorating your designer coffee table for the living room.

Siddharth Kashyap loves crafting content and sharing information about technology and business. Since the world mainly revolves around, business growth, and technological advancements, you can always find her delved into the digital world.

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7 Useful Summer Interior Design Tips You Must Know





Summer Interior Design Tips

The coming of summertime is a wakeup call to spruce up our living spaces, both the interior and the exterior. You can always start by finding useful summer interior design tips. First, though, you need a plan so that you can have a beautiful outcome.

However, when you go online to search for summer interior décor ideas, you will find that there are so many recommendations. Actually, you even find it a bit confusing.

You may try these 7 useful ideas and see how your summer interior décor turns out:

1. Go Floral

Floral prints are cheerful. Even if you think that floral is too bright, you can always find a way to include it in your living room. Some people love floral pillows and cushions tossed against neutral coloured sofas. The facelift is amazing. In fact, it is for the same cheer that we wear floral shorts, shirts and dresses to the beach in summer.

In the bathroom, introduce some flora aura in the form of the shower curtains and in the living room windows, get brightly coloured curtains. The good thing is that floral is forever in fashion, so you can reuse the same items in the future.

2. Try A Climber

Climbing plants are the way to go this summer. They add a beautiful touch of green inside the house. If you are wondering where the plant will climb, you can hang a web made of wire, with pegs that will push it farther from the wall and then train your plant to climb towards that.

Place the plant near a window where it will receive enough sunlight and most importantly, but train it so it does not move towards the light too much. Also, do not forget to cut some fresh flowers and place them in a vase on the table. Bring some greenery indoors. You will love the effect.

Hiring a professional is a great idea when designing the interiors of your home. If you are from Malibu, you can hire an interior designer Malibu for all your interior and exterior designing needs.

3. A Fresh Coat Of Pain Will Work Wonders

Nothing says summer is here as well as a fresh coat of paint on the walls or on the furniture. Thus, if you think that your paint is a bit too old, you should give your living room a facelift. You can try brighter colours so that they can reflect and toss most of the light around. This will make your room feel and look fresh all the time.

4. Remember The Heart Of The Home

The kitchen is the one room that sees the most traffic during summer, what with everyone popping in there for food, for drinks or just to rest after a long day. Thus, you should give it due to attend this summer.

One of the things that you can try include is changing the doorknobs of the cabinets to better and more refreshing ones. If they are old and boring, get new and exciting ones. You may also give the cabinets a new touch of paint and see the kind of aura and look of cleanliness that they will unleash in your kitchen.

5. In The Bedroom

Spring is when you start tucking the heavy bed linen away in favour of lighter ones. In summer, get rid of every bedding accessory that is heavy, dull and bland and brings in a touch of special textures such as suede or velvet. You may also want to try something like brightly coloured bed sheets and spread some cheer in the bedroom.

Open those windows so the fresh air can flow in. If you are from Santa Monica, you can look at this interior design Santa Monica to ensure you have the best bedroom design.

6. Enhance The Natural Illumination

Well, opening the windows is not enough. You still need to toss the light coming through the windows around the room a bit. You can try strategically placed mirrors that will capture the light and throw it about.

7. Leather Is Good For Summer

If you have a thing for leather, this is the time to go for leather furniture. It does not have to be too thick, but even thin nude leather covering for your outdoor chair frames should add a nice touch. You may also replace the fabric backrest and seat of a folding chair with leather.

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5 Appliance Idea For Making Your Bathroom Comfortable

Satendra Kashyap



Appliance Idea For Making Your Bathroom Comfortable

We always try to do those entire things that help us to make our day to day life more comfortable and well manageable. In this manner, home appliance including bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen plays a significant role.

Consequently, today we will give you a few appliance ideas that help you to maintain your daily life more efficiently.

With said we have chosen the bathroom area and discuss how you can make your bathroom more comfortable by placing a few regular appliances. We have listed 5 appliance ideas keep your eye on them that how they can help.

1. High-performance toilet

High-performance toilet

A toilet is the most essential and general part of any bathroom that every people are aware of. But which maximum people are don’t know the function of the high-performance toilet. You might get wonder what we mean by high-performance toilet right?

Well, we are talking about powerful flushing toilet and those toilets that have the owner of much unique function and feature. For example-self-cleaning feature, single and dual flush system, manufactured with ADA compliant, led light function and many more.

This sort of toilet adds convenience and makes your bathroom more comfortable for everyday used. There are lots of brands like American Standard, Toto and many others offer such amazing toilet for your bathroom.

2. Handheld showerhead

Handheld showerhead

Showerhead working on blue background. Spa.

The next number appliance we have listed for your bathroom is handheld showerhead. Although maximum people prefer normal wall mounted shower head but we guess they are unfamiliar with the advantage of the finest handheld showerhead.

A handheld showerhead offers you to use it in a few distance places. It has the ability to move anywhere in your bathroom according to your need. The additional hose made it capable so that you can move it here and there within your bathroom.

There are lots of brands like Speakman, Moen; Delta has manufacturer such amazing quality and innovative feature handheld showerhead.  You can make a try and got to know it able to add comfort or not.

3. Bathtub


A bathtub is a common object of any modern bathroom but not all bathtubs have the ability to provide great convenience. Since a well-organized bathtub can make your bathroom not only beautiful but at the same time comfortable.

For taking that advantage you can go for soaking tubs, air tubs, whirlpool tub, combination tubs, walking tub and many other innovative bathtubs.

Above mentioned each bathtub has an individual advantage that helps you to make your bathroom complacent and enjoyable. You can take any of these as per your need and requirement.

4. Digital faucet

Digital faucet

Another unavoidable aspect of everyone bathroom is a faucet but what you think about the digital faucets? Let us clear the matter, whereas normal faucet just can provide normal water and there is no exceptional remain on that.

But if you place digital faucet within your bathroom you can expect many innovative and useful feature. For example- You can customize water temper, can take self-cleaning faucet, and can control water pressure and water flow rate and much more.

The digital faucet is kinds of the faucet that are known as modern bathroom appliance which is solely manufactured for proving your ultimate comfort.

5. Bathroom Sink

Bathroom Sink

The last number of stuff is a bathroom sink which is again a useful part of any bathroom. Now a day there is a lot of sinks available in the mart.

Among from them some noteworthy names are- undercount sink, self-rimming sink, vessel sinks, and wall hung sinks and many more.

Bathroom sink will add extra convenience to your everyday used bathroom no doubt. Just one thing you have to choose the right one for you.

Final words

At the end we can say there are lots of appliances and gadget remains now a day that’s exclusively built up for making people live easy and comfortable. We have just listed 5 among so many options and hope you got our discussion helpful.

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Commercial Interior Designers For Most Trending Designs In Mumbai

Satendra Kashyap



Commercial Interior Designers For Most Trending Designs In Mumbai

Does it happen to you as well, that you travelled to some place for an official thing and the interior of that place has blown your mind away? If yes, then it is something we say majestic interiors impact on a mind. Commercial space always prompts the mood and personality of the person where they love to work for several hours.

Work is something which requires the best of the internal environment to be productive in nature. Interior of any commercial space reflects the idea and mood of work and sometimes it is best that the interior is classy and trendy too.

Having a trendy and classy interior is always the choice of a person who loves his/her commercial space. One always wish to get the best in the form of interior decorating to suits up working space into the manner which they wished for.

Sometimes people travel places to places for different meetings and official work and when they enter those premises they feel more enthusiastic about the work and their working desires. Believe it or not but the décor of any place reflects different vibes and energy which tends to be very helpful in your work.

Having a commercial makeover is not so easy task to do. Sometimes it’s the thing to start from fresh whereas sometimes it is something which allows one to redesign the old commercial place into new. These situations always arose a question that is significant that what is the best we can get? And how that best will be offered to us?

Well, if one is looking for the best interior then surely approaching the best designing team is the only option for that person.

Mumbai a city of dreams and many colours. With this image, the city poses a lot about newly settled construction and upcoming constructions every day whether its houses or commercial spaces. Well if you are a person who likes the class, style, and latest fashion trend to be blend with the interiors of your own place then surely AVN can give you the best result of your desired interior that suits your place the best.

If you are thinking to hire commercial interior designers in Mumbai then AVN can become your partner and your ideas will become a reality which will reflect within the interiors of your commercial space.

Choosing the best is always a difficult part for anyone with so many choices around but if one has opted for AVN then all the categories are covered under the same roof.

AVN interior designers are best in creating unique, classic, trending, creative and stylish designs which even includes the hand of expertise, previous astonishing projects as a plus point.

  • Why choose AVN interiors
  • One of the best trendy design delivered
  • A class is their hand of forte
  • Creative designs, with unique quality
  • Requirements fulfilled all the time
  • Communication between customer and experts is high
  • The colour range is different and classy
  • The team of experts are specialized in their work
  • Budget-friendly always

Choosing commercial interior designers in Mumbai is difficult that’s why AVN has offered the best services from past years to give out the best results to the customers all across. Previous works done by AVN designers show the amount of class their interiors have and the blend of updated designs make the best among all.

AVN designers have expertise in creating the best designs for commercial spaces and the team with us highly professional when it comes to work and creativity.

Creating an interior décor is a mixed bunch of ideas blended with creative colour play and designs. One always wish that whatever is there in their mind as a vision should come into the décor of their commercial space as a design.  

There are so many designs that come in your mind, again and again, some you see and some you try to recall in your mind from the place you once visited but if you are choosing commercial designers in Mumbai then AVN is the way to go with.  No, matter what sort of design you are thinking for your space AVN designers will make it the beautiful reality for you once you decided to go on with the team of AVN.

Not just design quality but colour sense and expertise in work is also important when it comes to interior designing so, AVN have it all in them and can give you the best of the interior of your own choice and taste that will reflect your vision in the design and will make your commercial space so much stylish, bold and unique that you will fall for it every time you will be in there or seeing it.

With the work of AVN designers you will get the people on their nerves when they visit your commercial place and surely they will only say a single thing about it that is “OH what a lovely arrangement it is” Yes the class of AVN designers has this quality in them that they create the designs which are eye catchy for other people and feeling of style and love for you.

No matter if you are thinking to work on a fresh piece of commercial space or it’s an old one which needs to be re-changed. AVN has it all for you which can fulfil your every requirement in such a beautiful way that even you will fall again and again for your commercial space whenever you will be entering that place.

Choosing a commercial designer in Mumbai? Now say bye to all your dilemma’s and just shake hands with AVN designers for the stylish, unique, trendy and beautiful representation of commercial space décor designs that will splash up the combined light of class and majestic creativeness in one go in your suitable design decided by you as per your requirement for your commercial space.

So, just choose AVN and leave the rest on them as they create the best with the expertise in it taking care of your all requirements that are needed by you in your personal interior design.

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