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34 Years to The Bhopal Gas Tragedy and The Survivors Still Waiting For Justice



34 Year to Bhopal Gas Tragedy

The gas tragedy of Bhopal is still fresh in our minds like it happened just yesterday. The gas tragedy took us all by a storm and the people who were a part of this tragedy were shattered, for those who survived and for those who did not, we hope they are at peace. The tragedy shook the entire nation for it was one of the biggest humans caused disaster in the world and devastated the city like never before.

Not only the company was destroyed overall, but the people who worked there, or were there at that moment, were also left with nothing else.

The government promised a lot of compensation for the company as well as the people who suffered. However, even after a number of years, the remuneration and the compensation which was meant to be given by the government was not given at all.

They were not even delivered the remuneration that was promised. It has been thirty-four years, and people who have suffered and survived are still waiting for something to happen. The victims of the tragedy are even struggling for compensation and infrastructure and have got none.

Neither the state government of Madhya Pradesh and not even the contra government of the country provided any of the compensations that were promised by both of them to the victims. They have been waiting for almost 34 years and they have all that got is nothing. The scenario and the attitude the government shows towards such situations is beyond acceptance.

It has been a number of years and the promised remuneration and compensation does not get delivered to the pope who has nothing but the government to look forward to. It is not only highly disappointing but also makes us wonder as to what type of democracy is prevailing in the country what do we people think before electing government when all the governments are of this kind only.

Around three thousand people had died in this situation and there has been nothing done about their families and children. No compensation has yet come. Almost as more than one lakh, people had one and even of them, the government has done nothing.

The servers demanded money so that they could start living their life gain and building themselves again where they were left with nothing but all the government gave was sympathy.

The survivors have not recited anything. A lot of NGOs have been supporting this cause, Ut from the side of the government, not even a single penny has come for the poorly hurt. Even after a lot of o support, it was the duty of the governments both state and the central to provide compensation which they have not.

Are we choosing the right method and analogy to choose our government or are we going wrong anywhere? It has become impossible for a country like India to get government misunderstands the issue so far it’s people their own.

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If You Hate Your Job, Then Take A Look At What Others Have to do to Earn Money



Are you also among those people who hate their jobs because it is stressful or consists of endless tasks and targets? And you get sick of sitting in front of the computer and so. It is not strange that you feel that way since most of us do the same. We not only hate our jobs we also think that we are the victims of such tiresome jobs, right?

Well, there are certain people on earth who work under most dangerous and grave circumstances in order to earn a livelihood. And we are sure that once you will look at their jobs you are going to feel blessed for the jobs you have got.

Here are some really dangerous, tiresome and backbreaking jobs people do in the world:

#1 Miners

If we talk about tough jobs, then who on earth believes a miner’s job is easy and free of perils? They work miles underneath the earth and dig rocks every day.

#2 Drainage cleaners

In India drainage cleaner’s task is not only tiresome, arduous but they also get covered in filth. But even that never impel them to quit.

#3 Sailors

Sailors stay away from their families of months and face calamities like the storm, thunderstorm. You leave home by 9 am and come back before 9 pm, and you call it tough?

#4 Brickmakers or workers of furnaces

In India, many people work in glass and brick furnaces, the job is clearly a hazard for life. They are also ill-paid.

#5 Oil Extraction Job

Just like mine diggers, oil extractors have to do rigorous and tiresome tasks.

#6 Window washers on skyscrapers

Imagine yourself dangling at 400 ft above grounds, and that’s because it’s your job. Yes, this is what the cleaners of skyscrapers have to do to earn their daily bread.

#7 Firefighters

Firefighters sure have a heroism about their job but that doesn’t compensate with the danger they deal with while doing their job.

#8 Menial work in Haiti

They have to pull tremendously heavy loads several times a day. now that’s called tiring job, pals! They don’t get to sit in AC rooms rather the pull loads under the sun.

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Why Brands Prefer Instagram Over Any Other Social Media Platforms



At this present moment, social media is a separate world on its own with varied and various platforms, medium, and channels to earn that good profit. With over 3.5 billion users, social media is growing tremendously and enhancing its stance in the market. But why do you think social media is considered as the massive world when it is associated with an online business?

It is because social media comprises of various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Snapchat.

However, if you consider trending one, IG is one preferred platform, outshining the rest in a pretty good deal. Once you start using it, you can feel the reason behind its growing popularity among business owners. Want to know why people are more into Instagram? Let’s find out.

  • IG is known to have over 800 million people, using IG actively every month. So, you get the chance to present your message to a large group of people at the same time.
  • Around 80% of users on IG follow one business account. IG now gets more than 2 million advertisers on a monthly scale.
  • Around 59% micro-influencers believe that they are procuring best engagement on IG. Then you have 60% of users on IG visiting this platform daily.

Tap into the pool of mobile app users:

If you can follow the steps right, you don’t have to get along with Like4Like for gaining more likes, as that will come naturally to you. Moreover, you might have heard that all the social media channels have now gone mobile. Why? It is because around 52% of all wen traffic comes from the smartphones.

According to some stories, people will spend around 84.9% of the time on a phone using the apps. This study further revealed that more people are currently spending time on social media through smartphones. So, it proves that the mobile internet is quite trending amongst internet users.

Therefore, it is obvious that people find it easy to operate IG on mobile. With such an easy interface and great navigation purpose, IG is a popular social networking mobile app, just after FB.

Best way to increase brand reach:

You are well-aware that IG has over 800 million monthly active users. It is here to reach 1 billion this year! Now, you might be wondering why to care for 1 billion users on IG when FB has 2 billion active users already. Well, here’s why.

There are around 6 million advertisers on FB, planning to reach target audiences. But, with the new update from FB, the algorithm has made it rather tougher for brands and advertisers to be heard and seen. On the other hand, you have IG with over 25 million businesses with 80% of users following a minimum one of them.

So, if you compare it with FB, IG has more or less 2 million monthly advertisers. That means you must not only have less competition but the greater succeeding scope on IG with marketing. Just follow the norms well and things will definitely work in your favor for sure.

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If You Feed These 8 Foods to the Birds, You are Poisoning Them




Birds are very beautiful and most social creatures, they are often fed by humans and entertained by humans, too. Birds are among those creatures from the animal kingdom who socialize with humans especially when they feed them. We humans too like to feed them and invite them to meals. But did you ever think that whatever you are feeding them on is whether good for them or harmful?  Well, even if you didn’t this is the time for you to know that.

Here is the list of 8 such foods that are as dangerous as poison for birds.

  1. Avocado

Yes, it is true that avocado is actually harmful to the birds. No matter how nutritious it might be for humans, this food causes cardiac distress, especially in pet bird’s species.

2. Caffeine

Any caffeinated beverage is it soda, tea or coffee is perilous for birds.

3. Alcohol

We know not many people do that but in case you happened to offer them food that contains alcohol. Beware! It depresses their organ system.

4. Chocolate

All humans love them so much but that is not even the case with the birds. Chocolate can cause them diarrhea.

5. Salt

Salt is not needed in birds system like us humans. In fact, it can cause death due to dehydration or kidney dysfunction as given in excessive amount.

6. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are basically fungus, thus these are not recommended for birds. Mushrooms can lead to liver failure in birds.

7. Onions

Excessive consumption of onions can cause diarrhea, vomiting and other digestive problems in birds.

8. Bread

A recent study has revealed that if you feed too much bread than it can cause a deformity in birds called ‘angel wing’. And in a worst case scenario, it can cause death. This is because birds bread is actually a type of junk food.

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