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4 Ways To Get Back On Track After Overspending





We’ve all been in this situation: you finally get your paycheck then you impulsively go on a shopping spree. It’s fine. You may have spent too much on unnecessary purchases, but it did make you feel good, right? After a few days, that one day of impulse shopping eventually haunts you. You’re left with this guilt and regret of Overspending a little too much on things you don’t need while living paycheck to paycheck to cover for your fixed expenses.

These are the times where the damages of your spontaneity urge you to make disciplinary actions towards yourself. Yes, the money already went down the drain but fret not because there are ways you can make up for and assist your finances back to great health.

Resist temptations:

First and foremost, don’t be tempted by any of the red signs calling for your attention at stores. Better yet, avoid the malls as much as you can so you can easily dodge temptations.

Impulse shopping is more prevalent during the pre and post-holiday seasons. Pre-holiday sales, it’s okay to go for a quick shopping to gift for your family, friends, and to yourself. However, post-holiday sales (or any seasonal sales for that matter) can easily bait customers with little to no effort.

Resist temptations and only reward yourself when you’ve accomplished something worthy of a treat. Stop spending your money on things you don’t need. Stop splurging when you know you can’t afford to.

Leave your credit card at home: 

Often times, people use their credit cards irresponsibly; they treat it as a card worth of unlimited cash they can just swipe to pay off their purchases. Keep in mind: credit cards should be used responsibly otherwise, your credit history and crippling debt will haunt you for the next months/years.

Credit cards are convenient to use, however, often abused. The best way to keep yourself from doing so is to leave your credit card at home when you don’t plan on using it to buy something you don’t need. Moreover, use cash as much as you can. Seeing your wallet nearly empty of cash encourages you to save what you have left. Since you can see how much you have, it prevents your impulse shopping tendencies.

Assess your spending to escape from Overspending:

This is an important step: evaluate how much money comes and goes; examine your expenses and when possible, cut unnecessary ones.

List down your fixed expenses and look at your discretionary income for the following months. If circumstance allows, cut down on your entertainment allowance and pay off your debts, cover for the financial damages you just committed, and try to get back on track. The numbers should tell what your next moves shall be.

Look for a side hustle:

If budget is really tight and your single paycheck is nearly not enough to cover your expenses and needs, maybe looking for a second job or picking up extra shifts are the solution?

Furthermore, if you’re in a crushing debt, looking for a second job and earning a few extra dollars can greatly help out in paying off that debt. You may have a lot on your plate but it’ll be all worth it once you lift a heavy financial weight off your shoulders.

To stir away from any more debts and spontaneous shopping sprees, keep this in mind: if you don’t have the cash to afford it in the first place, just don’t buy it. Also, always keep your needs above your wants. If you don’t want to get yourself trapped in a debt cycle, monitor your spending habit and track your expenses.

Siddharth Kashyap loves crafting content and sharing information about technology and business. Since the world mainly revolves around, business growth, and technological advancements, you can always find her delved into the digital world.

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Know What Trees Do For Humankind and Why Its Value is Beyond Calculation





What Trees Do For Humankind

There are by numbers of campaigns going on in the world that plead to save the environment. Enlightened intellectuals are making endeavors to spread awareness throughout the world s that each one of us understands our responsibilities. This is our responsibility to take care of nature and prevent the exploitation of the same. Protecting vegetations and natural forests are the most important thing to do if we wish to live a healthy and prosperous life. This makes it essential for all of us to remember how important is planting trees.

With the same motto of making the world more aware of the importance of the greens, we have are here to share with you some of the most amazing things about tress and their kindness towards humankind. Trees do a lot more for us than we do for them. Read below, how trees are generous and how valuable they are for us.

Read about the 8 contributions of a single tree for the planet:

1. A single tree gives this planet ton of oxygen

This is the main reason why we need to grow more and more trees for helping the environment and save the earth. A single tree produces 700 kg. of oxygen every year. Now, imagine the amount of oxygen the whole forest would produce. Please grow trees and don’t cut them at all!

2. A Tree Sweeps Enough Pollutions

You will be nearly shocked to know that on an average a single tree absorbs about 20 kg dust and pollution from the air. Trees are doing their part at cleaning the air, are we?

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3. A Single Tree intakes tons of Carbon dioxide

We all know that oxygen is essential for us to live and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere makes the air less clear to breathe. You must know that a single tree intakes 20 tons of carbon dioxide annually.

4. It saves from the heat

In a summer afternoon when you find it hot outside, the only place where you will find lesser temperature outside is underneath a tree. The shade of the tree is about 4 degrees lesser in temperature than the overall temperature on a sunny day.

5. Did You Know

A tree can absorb a mixture of poisonous metals, such as 80 kg of mercury lithium-lead, etc.

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6. Did you Know

A single tree filters about 100,000 square meters of contaminated air every year. Not just the tree produces pure oxygen it also filters the air.

7. Did you know

That a tree near the house works as an acoustic wall, that is, it absorbs the noise pollution. Noise pollution is very harmful for years and can cause serious hearing damages, also old people tend to be very sensitive towards loud noise.

8. Trees increase life-span

It is believed that if there are 10 trees near the house then the life span of people living in the house can increase by 7 years.

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8 Bridal Wedding Attire From Different Countries Which Can Flip Your Perception





8 Bridal Wedding Attire From Different Countries

The integral part of a wedding includes a white gown or any wedding dress, a veil, a bridal bouquet and other things like this. And we make a perception of this white dress attire only. We forgot that other than this white dress for a wedding as perceived by us is it is the only beautiful attire from all over the world.

These 8 Bridal wedding Attire which can flip your perception is given below:

1. Jakarta Brides


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A post shared by alvaphotography 📷🎥 (@alvapoto) on

Indonesian weddings are considered one of the best and beautiful wedding. It is because of the overall look of a bride. Traditional Indonesian wedding attire in Jakarta includes too much gold, striking colors, beautiful patterns, and ornated headpieces. The bride with this attire really looks very beautiful and stunning.

2. Kinnauri Brides (Kashmiri region)


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Kinnauri Brides of Kashmiri region wears a veil made up of silver chains, small Buddhist charm boxes, and large necklaces. Kinnauri is also known as Kanor, Kanouricentered on Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh, India. The face of the bride is covered with silver jewelry in this style.

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3. Yemen Brides


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Yemen Brides usually wears a golden ceremonial dress along with gold and silver jewelry. When the wedding of Yemeni’s is considered than the things which come in mind is fashion, banquets, social occasions, featured singing, emotional speeches, and many more. Earlier, Yemenis weddings were used to be traditional, but now it has become more open. The wedding attire of Yemeni’s bride is really very unique.

4. Norway Brides


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Norway Brides wear a traditional wedding garb which is known as “Bunad”. Norway weddings are similar to the wedding of the U.S and other European countries. The Norway Bride wears a long white gown and the groom will wear a black tuxedo. The wedding garb of Norway bride Is really wonderful to see. And Bunad has silver details that ward off spirits.

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5. Japanese Brides


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Japanese Brides sometimes wear a pure white Kimono. This pure white Kimono stands for purity and maidenhood. You can find four styles of wedding celebrated in Japan i.e.  Christian, Buddhist, Shinto, and non-religious. For Shinto style wedding, brides ear an ensemble which is known as Shiromoku which consists of a white kimono, a maru, and obijime. This wedding attire of Japanese Brides in very smart and unique.

6. Mongolian Brides


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Mongolian Brides usually wear a patterned dress which is called “Deel”. This dress has been worn for centuries in Central Asia. In Mongolian wedding, there are several games for groom and bride. Before visiting the father-in-law’s house, the bride wears a special outfit and set her hairs in the form of two horns.

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7. Kenya Brides


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Kenya Brides wears a heavy, beaded wedding collar, bracelets, headdress, beaded cowhide shawls, and all-around 20-25 individual necklaces. The attire of Kenya brides is very unique and special. The norms in Kenya weddings is to have a white trailing gown for a bride. But in Africa, you can choose to wear any traditional dress of your choice.

8. Kazakhstan Brides


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Kazakhstan Brides have a traditional wedding headpiece which is called Saukele. It symbolizes the beginning of a new life as a legitimate spouse or a partner. Saukele is a hat featuring large height and a conical shape, and most expensive article of the wedding ceremony. The upper part of the hat is covered by pen owl and decorated by some gems such as Sapphires, Gold, Silver, Corals, Pearls and etc on both sides of that hat.

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9. South Africa Brides


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A post shared by Ika Khoza (@bontlebride) on

South Africa Bride’s attire includes a hat for the head of the bride. It is also known as “Inkehli”, colorful beads, and boxes. The hats increase the stunning look.

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8 Initiative That Should Be Adopted By Government And Citizens To Save The Planet

Neetika Mahawar



8 Initiative That Should Be Adopted By Government And Citizens To Save The Planet

It is not a new thing that we tell you our planet is in danger; we all know it by now that in every sense we are losing our planet day by day. With increasing global warming, depleting ozone layer, exhausting freshwater resources, degrading land and forest, polluting rivers and oceans and degrading air quality the planet earth is soon going to be a planet unsafe for living organism.

Chances are we exhaust all the resources and spoil the remaining once as much as that our future generation may not be able to receive any resources from the earth.

This is why we have come up with some measurements that we as citizens and government as the regulator should take to save the planet.

1. The initiative should be taken to save rainwater

In the drought-prone areas, the government should make it a law that people practice rainwater harvesting at every house. Rainwater harvesting is a very natural and helpful way to retain fresh water and it used to be practiced in many areas. And now it is the high time people start collecting rainwater in every house.

2. Solar panels

Solar panels for home in India

via: YouTube

In order to make enough energy for every house and that too the greenest way possible, the government should not only encourage people but now is the time it forces people to install solar panels at their houses. Solar energy is the best way to retain energy at a very low cost and people should consider it as a mainstream affair.

3. Reduce Plastic

Reduce Plastic usage

via: Westend61/Getty Images

We are tired of hearing that plastic is that giant monster that humankind invented for their own loss. Plastic is not a biodegradable material and it takes more than forever to decompose a plastic bag totally, naturally. There are chances that first-ever plastic bag or bottle is still somewhere on the planet. The least we can do is, not only instruct local markets to stop giving plastic carry bags but also, put a ban on manufacturing companies that sell their products in the plastic bags or bottles.

4. Waste management

When it comes to biodegradable and non-degradable waste material, we have another bigger issue to deal with, especially in India and that is waste management. Indian government should make firm laws and implement them to teach citizen to differentiate between biodegradable and nondegradable waste material. Other than that, dumping of the waste in the rivers and oceans is no more a solution to getting rid of the waste.

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5. Road Safety

Road Safety

via: India

Every year thousands of road accidents are recorded across the country and most of the time it is because of rash driving and not following of traffic rules. It is very important for the government to make firm traffic rules and moreover make sure that traffic rules are followed strictly by all (including the officials) to lower the road mishaps.

6. Plantation of more trees

It is very important for the governments that it makes a firm rule that a number of plants need to be implanted every year. Not just the officials but the people should plant a number of trees in their area and maintain them. There should be a total ban and hefty fine on those who cut down the tree in their areas for making houses or whatsoever their reasons might be.

7. Quality of Education

It is also necessary that each child gets to go to school. There are already plans made and “implemented” but we know the illiteracy rate and see children begging as the streets. Primary education should be necessary for every child and quality of education should be better.

8. Encouragement for small business owners

To improve the economy of the country the government should find some alternative that can help small shop keepers as they are losing business due to e-commerce companies.

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