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5 Facts To Have An Ideal Flight You Probably Didn’t Know About




Many people like to travel by Aeroplanes, as it is the fastest and most comfortable mode of traveling. But not yet there are certain facts that can make your flight experience even more ideal. There are certain things related to a plane journey that neither anybody is going to tell before the flight, nor can you come to know about it at once. So read on to know how you can really make your flight journey the ideal one by these tips and knowing some facts.

An ideal time for a flight:

If you ever have to choose that what time should you travel in a plan then keep in mind that the ideal time for a flight is in the morning. Because morning flights are less likely to delay, also the degree of turbulence is lower in the morning flights.

Never blow up the neck cushion to the maximum:

It is never recommended to blew the maximum air in the neck cushion, this is because due to the change in pressure in the flight cabin, there are chances that it might just burst out. Imagine you are taking a perfect nap in the blow-up cushion and it all of a sudden bursts up.

Avoid Window seats in the winter:

While temperature inside the cabin may be moderated, but outside gets lower. The chill outside can be felt by those who are sitting next to the window. So if have the fondness for window seats make sure you are wearing layers of clothing.

You can have a better service if you sit at the final rows:

Yes, there are chances of getting a better service from the cabin crew if you are sitting in the final row. This is because it is easier for them to fulfill your requests at those rows.

Avoid using seat pockets:

Seat pockets are not clean as you might expect. Similarly, the folding tables are often used by passengers to change their babies diapers. And we don’t think we need to say anymore.

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Amazing Travel in Malaysia: Important Things To Keep in Mind





Amazing Travel in Malaysia

For a totally different cultural experience – or just a great holiday destination – try visiting Malaysia. There you’ll find everything from a relaxed resort-style getaway on one of the islands such as Sabah or Langkawi, to bargain shopping and sight-seeing in the capital Kuala Lumpur. If this is your first trip to Malaysia, there are a few tips that will make your vacation less stressful and more enjoyable, such as:

Check Health Warnings

Check on with your family doctor for health warnings for the areas you intend to visit. If you plan to hike or visit a rainforest, you will need to start taking malaria tablets around a week before your departure. Your family doctor will be able to prescribe the anti-malarial and advise you of any other precautions or medications that you need.

You might also want to include some Imodium AD in your luggage, because after eating unfamiliar food for a few days, your stomach may become upset. This is not because the food is bad or because there’s any problem with it – it’s just because your body isn’t used to it. Often, one dose of Imodium is enough to set you right for the rest of the trip.

Don’t drink the tap water

To reduce the chance of stomach problems, it’s safer not to drink the local tap water. You have more contact with tap water than you might think, keep the following in mind:

1) Clean your teeth and toothbrush with bottled water.

2) Many of the more up-market resorts and hotels have ice that has been made using filtered or bottled water which is perfectly safe, however, if you wish to be extra cautious then it is safer to forgo the ice.

3) If you order water in a restaurant, make sure to specify that you want bottled water.

Buy personal items from a supermarket

If you forget to bring any personal care items (such as sunscreen, toothpaste, or bottled water) with you – and who doesn’t forget something? – it’s cheaper to buy from a local supermarket instead of the resort or hotel where you are staying. You might not think the hotel prices are that high, but if you can find a supermarket or small convenience store somewhere close to the resort, you can often buy the same items for as little as a third of the price the hotel is asking. Would you rather spend that extra money on sunscreen or souvenirs?


Choosing somewhere to eat in Malaysia is somewhat different from finding a restaurant in a western country. A restaurant in a run-down building in your home country might indicate a health risk, but that’s not the case in Malaysia. As Malaysia is a relatively poor country in general – something more evident in outlying areas than in Kuala Lumpur – many building is old and look run-down simply because of the general poverty of the area. What this means is that a restaurant in a run-down building is not necessarily a health risk. If the local people eat there, that’s the best indication that the food is safe for you, too.

Keep valuables concealed

Just as you do when you’re traveling anywhere else, you always want to keep wallets, purses, mobile phones, etc. in your pockets or backpack to avoid the attention of pickpockets, especially in larger cities. Although not a major problem in Malaysia, any large population has its share of thieving, so it is best to keep your valuables secure.

Enjoy the wonderful scenery, delicious food, excellent shopping, and friendly people of Malaysia. By following the tips above, hopefully, you’ll have such a memorable time you’ll want to return to Malaysia again and again.

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Is It Safe To Travel To Turkey? Places To Visit in Turkey





Is It Safe To Travel To Turkey

Turkey is a place with a lot of historical sites. The place is also rich with tradition and culture. But you may have got discouraged by lots of negative information spreading about the place. So you may be wondering whether it is safe for you and your family. However, here is the information that will be useful to you when you are planning the vacation. Now the warnings regarding travelling to Turkey got updated. The tough spots are only the Eastern borders so there are not much warning signs in travelling to Turkey. Continue reading to know more.

Can you take a trip?

Turkey Travel

The place was at first considered unsafe to travel because of terrorism rife in it. However now the unsafe factor has rapidly decreased so there is a chance for tourism to make a recovery.  Many travellers such as Americans are visiting Turkey and many people find the place less expensive. They are able to find good rooms and people welcome them warmly. It was actually the sixth most popular tourist place in the world because of its amazing sites a few years ago. However, after that when people visited the places less and less the profit incurred through tourism also became less.

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However, if you would like to visit the place then here are some benefits that will give you pleasure.

1. Safety steps

In Turkey, you will be able to see lots of security guards present at the airport. There is security with metal detectors on all major tourist airports. Even in some prominent places like the Grand Bazaar and Hagia Sofia, there are guards present. So it is absolutely safe to travel to Turkey now.

2. Culture and welcome

As we all know Turkey is one of the places in the world with a rich culture and heritage. The residents are really hospitable with the tourists. They are also helpful because if you need any help they are ready to assist the guests.

3. Restrictions on travel

There is also good news. The US has lessened the travel restrictions to Turkey for its vacationers. The danger zones are the eastern borders. As the notable events that happened to disrupt the peace of the country are no more now, so travelling is safe.

4. The factor of Tourism

The tourism in Turkey is coming back to its previous illustrious state. Many people are taking a trip to Turkey to experience its vast culture. There are good things that will offer you enjoy so you will definitely fall in love with the place if you visit it.

5. Travel Advisory

You can take note of this travel advisory offered by the US government to be aware of the spots to see and the spots to avoid.

These are the updates provided by the US Department on their website as of September 2019.

The statement “Exercise Increased Caution” provided for the travellers visiting Turkey.

Do not travel areas

  • Level 4- The places near the Syrian and Iraqi borders because of terrorism.

The places you can plan to travel

  • Level 3 – Diyarbakir, Gaziantep, Hakkari, Batman, Bingol, Bitlis, Sirnak, Tunceli, and Van.

The amazing places to visit in Turkey

If you are planning to pay a visit to Turkey then here are some of the places you will enjoy.

1. Ephesus


via: Pexels

It is the remnant of the Roman Port City. You can find yourself in the impressive places once ruled by the Roman Empire. The place is a popular area in Turkey situated near to the fertile alley of Selcut.

2. Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia

via: Pexels

This heritage site got built-in 537AD and also one of the top places to visit in Turkey. The place was actually a Christian Church transformed into a Mosque. Now it is a museum that welcomes three million visitors every year from all over the world.

3. Topkapi Palace

Topkapi Palace

via: Pixabay

The place will transport you to the world lived by the Sultans. The place contains fertile gardens and amazing sites. You will find peace in the place as it is serene and calm. Millions of people near Turkey and people from all over the world pay a visit to the site every year.

4. Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut

via: Pixabay

Do you like to visit a mountain? Then you have to surely visit Mount Nemrut in Turkey. There are humongous statues that are ruins of some ancient places. The place is full of mystery and does not think that we are making a mountain out of a molehill. You can visit the place to see its glory for yourselves.

5. Aspendos

Roman theatre of Aspendos

via: Pexels

The roman theatre of Aspendos will surely make your day if you visit it. It is one of the examples of places that will show us how people got entertained in the Roman era. You will find many places to see and observe. It is also one of the popular attractions in Turkey.


Based on the information given above you can make an informed decision to plan a vacation to Turkey. It is really a wonderful place to visit.

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Jatayu Bird Sculpture: The World’s Largest Sculpture in Kerala





Jatayu Bird Sculpture

India is a land of wonders. Here, you’ll get to see something fascinating in every few steps. One such fascination that has lately grabbed the world’s attention is Jatayu bird sculpture. People from all over the world flock to capture the sight of this mountainous bird sculpture. Being the largest sculpture in the world literally spellbinds the people. If you’re already intrigued and planning to visit Jatayu bid sculpture, let me tell you the location.  It is located in the God’s own country atop rocky hills of Chadayamangalam in Jatayu adventure park of Kollam district.

How to get there

Since it is located on the peak of a hill, you’ll need to use ropeway to get there. The other option is the helicopter ride. In fact, it is better. With the helicopter, you can capture the bird’s eye view of the sculpture from the high above. To reach Jatayu Adventure Park, you can hire the local cab and taxies. Kollam is the nearest railway station and Trivandrum International airport is the closest airport, which is respectively 38km and 51km from the park.

Size and construction of the sculpture

Other than its stellar craftsmanship, the thing that makes the sculpture notable is its giant size. The statue is 200ft long, 150ft wide, and 70ft high. Having such a colossal size, it the largest bird sculpture in the world. The sculpture is designed in the vulture shape with every single feature. In fact, it imitates a real vulture. Of course, the size is much larger, but the features are exactly like a real vulture. You would be surprised to know that it took almost 10 years to construct this grand bird sculpture.

The story behind its name

There is a story behind the name of every place and so it with Jatayu bird sculpture. The historical saga of this statue is associated with the Indian epic Ramayana. In Ramayana, Jatayu is depicted as a noble and divine vulture. He is known to rescue Seeta Maa, the wife of Lord Rama when demon Ravana was abducting her. While rescuing her, Jatayu battled with Ravan and lost one of its wings.

After losing its wing, where it fell down, the place was called Jatayupara. Today, this giant statue is built in the same place. Since Jatayu lost its life fighting for the dignity and honor of a woman, Jatayu sculpture is built high to pay a tribute to it as well as its respect for the women. The statue also represents the unconditional love between humans and other creatures of the earth.

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