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5 Impact of Technology on Automobile Industry



Technology on Automotive Industry

From the driver-less cars to the connected vehicles, technology continues to be a major enabler on the automotive industry. This is both within and also outside the vehicles. In Asia, Europe, and the Americas, the automotive industry is one of the fastest growing industries. Technology has been a key player in ensuring this success is achieved. Here are some of the ways through which the technology has impacted the auto industry.

#1 Achieving a Better Efficiency

For many car purchasers, the fuel efficiency is a major factor when purchasing a new car. Even on the vehicle review forums, fuel efficiency is a key factor that reviewers will talk about. Technology has helped in ensuring that automakers deliver efficiency quotient with every vehicle they are producing today. Basically, technology in the automotive industry seeks to achieve reduced fuel consumption and also helps to achieve a reduced weight on the vehicles. With a reduced weight, the fuel efficiency objective can be achieved easily.

#2 Ease of Finding the Replacement parts for vehicles

Through technology, finding the right replacement part has become very simple. You can purchase the replacement part overseas and rest assured you got the right part for your vehicle. This is through the online spare part shops that sell parts at a reasonable price. For example, you can find the pioneer head unit from an online shop and be sure it is shipped to you within a very short period of time. While purchasing the replacement parts for your vehicle, be sure to check the part numbers to ensure you are buying the original parts only.

#3 Reduced Cost of Vehicle Production

Reducing the cost of manufacturing is a key focus among various manufacturers. Basically, with a low cost of production, the vehicles become more affordable to the purchasers. The cost of manufacturing vehicles is reduced by ensuring less number of laborers and also enabling the manufacturers to find alternative low-cost vehicle manufacturing means. This has helped in increasing the level of competition among manufacturers as they focus on attracting buyers. The overall effect has been ensuring vehicles are affordable to the common class in the society! Also, we can’t ignore the fact that the reduced cost of vehicle manufacturing means more profits for the manufacturer.

#4 Through Technology Road Safety has been Catered For

Technology has been an enabler in achieving reduced accidents in our roads. This is through the use of features like sensors and airbags that reduce the impact in case of an accident. Road safety is a major cause of concern that the manufacturers seek to ensure for the motorist. This has enabled the manufacturers of vehicles to invest billions in research to ensure they have advanced features on the vehicles that help to ensure road safety.

#5 More Vehicles Are Produced

The automated assembly line has helped in achieving more units per an hour of vehicle assembly. This is because the technology enabled assembly line handles more than a human being will handle. Therefore, the rising demand for vehicles is met by a sufficient supply.

Technology will continue to impact various industries. We have seen more innovations come up resulting in a better consumer experience and more profits for the automakers.

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Auto Electrician – Would You Choose a Professional?




Auto Electrician

If you face the sudden breakdown of your car on the highway then you can imagine the harrowing time which you will have in getting somebody to reach the breakdown spot and fix the problem. You can also get stranded at the spot till help arrives in the form of a person who can solve the problems in the electrics. This is why you will need the help of the auto electrician in these cases.

Now you can call an emergency auto electrician to solve the problems of your car and you can easily get their numbers from online.

Why Would You Hire an Experienced Auto Electrician?

A lot of companies are there who are ready to provide their services of the auto electrician to help people in distress caused by the breakdown of their vehicle within town limits. These companies are truly helpful as they deal with repairing faults in the electrical system and they are known as mobile car mechanics.

It is difficult to rectify the faults in the electrics than mechanical problems as you need the proper equipment to diagnose the fault. If the breakdown occurs outside the town limits and you do not have a professional person nearby to get it resolved, the problem becomes much more complicated.

So it is suggested that do not avoid the initial problems of your car and hire professional car mechanics to solve the issue. Electrical parts of your car is a complicated part, and you need to change the battery, audio system or the main power cable to fix the electrical problems of your car. So in this regard, it is better to rely on the professional auto electrician.

Kinds of Mechanical Repairs an Auto Electrician Can Handle Include the Following:

Auto electricians are the trained professionals who are dealing with several kinds of problems and they can easily identify and solve the issue within a few hours. They can provide you with the following services:

  1. Air conditioning repairs
  2. Cooling system repairs
  3. Cylinder head repairs and adjustments
  4. Dash light diagnostics
  5. Diesel engine repairs
  6. General engine repairs
  7. Radiator repairs
  8. Suspension repairs
  9. Timing belt replacements
  10. Transmission repair and adjustments including flushing
  11. Tune-ups including spark plug and filter replacements

Electrical Repairing Carried Out by Technicians

The technical person is also known as the auto electrician from some of the best companies has the mobility to reach you in order to rectify the fault developed by your vehicle irrespective of the place you are present at. You may be far out of town or somewhere within town limits.

In order to reach them, you will only have to place a call to them from the place you are stranded at and they will rush over to be by your side at the breakdown site to help you out. With their capability and expertise, these people can repair any kind of vehicle.

These auto electricians are well equipped to handle all makes and models of commercial vehicles.

Procedures Followed for Resolving Problems

The professionals make use of the latest as well as the modern diagnostic equipment to locate the cause and they can replace the damaged spare parts, refuel the battery and change the electrical cables if required. With the help of their diagnostic equipment, they can pinpoint the fault.

They will also not ask you to purchase any expensive spare part which may not solve the problem at all. All of the spare parts which they use to carry out the repair work by the technicians are genuine.

Apart from that, they can also provide your limited warranty on their spare parts and services.

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What is Diesel Fuel Injection?




Diesel Fuel Injection

A diesel engine differs from a gas engine in the injection process. In most cars, the engines rely on a carburetor. In such a system, the port injection transfers fuel before the intake stroke. It then mixes the fuel with air before it enters the cylinder. Therefore, all the fuel is loaded into the cylinder during the stroke.

It is then compressed from there during which process the air to fuel ratio is limited. Too much compression causes knocking – a spontaneous engine ignition. In this article, you will find the basic information about the diesel fuel injection.

The diesel engine, on the other hand, uses a direct fuel injection. There, the fuel is transferred directly into the cylinder. This process sits at the center of what a diesel engine is. By definition, any internal-combustion engine where the air is compressed to a high temperature so that it can ignite diesel and where expansion and combustion actuate a piston is a diesel engine.

In the cylinder, the chemical energy within the fuel is converted to mechanical energy that powers locomotives, marine vessels, and large tractors. In a diesel engine, the injector forms the most complicated component.

It needs to be able to withstand pressure and temperatures inside the cylinder while at the same time delivering the fuel as a fine mist. It is also responsible for circulating the mist and ensuring even distribution. In some cases, the engine may have a glow plug that helps to ignite the fuel when the engine is cold.

How To Control Engine?

To control all the functions of the engine, the Engine Control Module communicates with sensors to measure everything from the engine coolant to the rotations per minute. The engine control module senses the room air temperature and influences the timing of the engine.

It is the smaller engine without computer control that needs the glow plug. Regardless of size, all diesel engines will rely on fuel injection.

What is a diesel fuel injection and what does it do?

 The most notable diesel engine advances resulted from creating different designs for fuel injection systems. This is because the system design heavily influences the performance of the engine. The main purpose of fuel injection diesel is to deliver the fuel to the cylinder. How this happens determines not just the performance of the engine but also the noise characteristics and the emissions.

Diesel fuel injection systems deliver fuel under high pressure. Engines that have been manufactured with great precision have a tight tolerance for high temperatures and pressure while still remaining efficient. In order for the fuel injection system to work efficiently, the fuel needs to be injected at the proper time and in the correct amounts. No wonder injection needs metering.

It is not enough that the fuel injection diesel is delivered at the right time and in the proper amounts. To achieve good combustion, there is more to the process. For instance, the fuel needs to be atomized. The process of fuel atomization makes sure that the fuel is in very small particles. Small droplets make sure that all the fuel vaporizes. Any liquid that remains is exhausted out of the engine.

After atomization, diesel fuel injection undergoes bulk mixing where air trapped into the cylinder is mixed with the fuel. The idea is to make sure that there is complete combustion. The final condition to ensure that fuel injection is effective is air utilization whereby jets are provided to entrain the bulk of the available air.

Best Feature

The most outstanding feature of the engine has to be its efficiency. By compressing air, as opposed to a mixture of air and fuel, the engine eliminates problems with pre-ignition. It also achieves high ratios of compression which is commensurate with high efficiency per cycle.

No wonder the engine has found so many applications across industries. If you would like to learn more about diesel fuel injection, contact your local diesel parts dealer.

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How to Take Care of Your Car Tyres?




Take Care of Your Car Tyres

Tyre is one of the most important parts of your car. You cannot run your car on the road without it or if there is any problem with it. Yet, we do not care about them. Mostly, they are overlooked and we run our car without even maintaining our tyres properly. If you do not take care of them, it may lead you to a serious problem like regular tyre puncture, wheel alignment problem, accident, etc.

Now, we are going to discuss what to do to keep the health of your tyre just perfect.

Pressure Points

If the pressure in tyre is just perfect then it will make the life of tyre a little longer that clearly means, it is going to save your money. Also, it will better the road handling and is better for fuel economy as well.

Tyre Tread

According to the law, the tyre tread must be at least 1.6 mm and if it gets too worn, you are advised to replace your tyres. In wet condition, they stop the car at a proper distance that can save yours and your family life.

Do Not Stunt

Well, it seems to be a little difficult but if you do this then you are really damaging your tyres. Most of the young boys and girls do these things but they are increasing the expenditure that they have to make to buy new tyres.

Check the Punctures

All the companies claim for a specific number of punctures in tyre. If the number exceeds the suggested number then straightaway change the tyre. You are advised to always go for a reputed company whose products are of good quality and have a long life.

If you do not take care of your tyres, you will invalidate your insurance as well. Plus, if you are going to buy a car insurance then you are advised to go for some comparison site. At such websites, you will find enough number of car insurance quotes that are offered by several well-known service providers.

These sites will offer you low-cost car insurance and thus you will be able to save your amount. Using such sites will be free of cost for you and you can find and switch the service provider in no time.

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