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5 Indian Special Forces That Are Among The Best Forces In The World




5 Indian Special Forces

The worlds of Special Forces are interesting and often attract our attention. We think of these forces to be full of courage and of an excellent level of intelligence and swiftness. There are Special Forces from all the countries, however, when we think of the Special Forces the American Marines, Navy Seal, or some other American Special Forces quickly absorbs our attention.

However, to do us proud these are Indian Special Forces who are among the best in the world:

1. Para Commandos

Highly Trained Special Forces of The Indian Army- only the ones who are physically the fittest, mentally strong, intelligent, and highly motivated soldiers are a part of this fleet.

They are highly trained in terrain and environment warfare and deep sea diving. They are given the toughest training in the world, like running daily with weights of 60kgs for a distance of 20kms.

2. Ghatak Forces

Specialize in Raids on Enemy Artillery positions, Airfields, Supply Dumps, and Tactical Headquarters-  they face the foes face to face and thus only the most physically and mentally strong soldiers can be a part of the Ghatak Force.

They lead man to man assault ahead of the battalion and are experts in directing artillery and air attacks on targets deep in the zones on enemies.

3. National Security Guard or Black Cats

Lead By ‘Director General’ From The Indian Police Service- they do not belong to Central Armed Police Forces or the Paramilitary Forces of India. It is rather a combination of commandos from both the Indian Army and Central Armed Police Forces that is lead by a Director General from the Indian Police Service.

It has two units, one is Special Action Group (SAG) that consists of the Indian Army personnel and the other is Special Ranger Group (SRG) for the counter of terrorist activities. The selection process is highly difficult thus the drop out rate is 70 to 80 percent.

The ones who are selected are sent for the training of 9 months and it is then that they become Phantom NSG Commandos.

4. MARCOS Or Marine Commandos

India’s Most Lethal Special Force- it is really very difficult to join MARCOS. They are experts of the maritime warfare and the level of difficulty can be assessed from the fact that almost 80% of the applicants abort the training within the first two-three days on the long, rigorous fitness and aptitude test.

Its only after the successful completion of the test that they are sent for five week-long processes that are termed as ‘hell’s week’. The training here is as the name, suggests they are kept sleep deprived and made to do rigorous physical activities.

5. Garud Commando Force

Specialize in Airborne Operations, Air Assault, Specialize Operations Combat Search and Rescue- it is unit of the Indian Air Force that are specialist in Air assault, Special Reconnaissance, Airborne Operations, Airfield Seizure, counterinsurgency, Special Operation Combat Search and Rescue.

To qualify as a Guard it takes rigorous training of 3 years. They are skilled at anti-hijack and counterinsurgency, jungle and snow training, specialized weapon handling and advanced driving skills.

A writer can take you back to the old, build new and take you places with this motto and passion I started a journey of Gudstory. I tried to communicate my thoughts and happenings around the world to you. Being business owner by profession and writer by passion.

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6 Most Beautiful National Parks in Malaysia You Need to Visit Right Away




Most Beautiful National Parks in Malaysia

Do you know that Malaysia is home to some of the most amazing and beautiful national parks across the nation? These natural wonders are over 130 million years old and are equipped with incredibly beautiful and diverse plants and wildlife. Below, I have listed some of the most famous national parks located in Malaysia like Taman Negara, Bako National Park, Penang National Park, Kinabalu National Park and many more.

Let’s have a closer look at why they are so famous.

1. Taman Negara, Kuala Tahan

Taman Negara is one of the most exciting and diverse forests in the world that you can visit. It is nearly 130 million years old covering an area of over 4,000 square kilometres. This park has some species of animals like the Malaysian tiger, Asian elephant, and Malaysian peacock-pheasant. You would be lucky enough if you get to see them whenever you visit.

2. Bako National Park, Kuching

This national park is located in Malaysian Borneo. It has an impressive range of flora and fauna which makes this park a tourist attraction. From mangroves and swamps to forest and ocean everything you will find here. In addition, you will also find some unique and rare variety of animals.

3. Penang National Park, Penang

It is the smallest national parks in Malaysia. It is home to beautiful trees and wildlife which you will not find anywhere else. One can also enjoy a thrilling 250-metres canopy walk and can have a scenic view of the forest.

4. Kinabalu National Park, Kota Kinabalu

Kinabalu National Park, Kota Kinabalu

via: YouTube

Malaysia’s Kinabalu national park is home to the first Unesco World Heritage site. It has a wide range of species of plants and birds and mammals like sun bear, Bornean ferret badger and the oriental small-clawed otter.

5. Kubah National Park, Kuching

Kubah National Park, Kuching

via: YouTube

Kubah national park has a wide variety of palm trees and wild orchid. Additionally, this national park is also home to some attractive and beautiful waterfalls, streams, bathing pools and hiking trails. One can enjoy snorkelling and diving here.

6. Kuching Wetlands National Park, Kuching

In this park, you will find a very impressive range of wild animals like monitor lizards, probosci’s monkeys, white-bellied sea eagles, crocodiles and mudskippers. If you keep the love for birds and animal then you must need to visit this park.

So, now you know the most famous national parks of Malaysia, what’s keeping you waiting pack your bags and enjoy!

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Marketing tips for a Grocery Store




Grocery Store

It’s very interesting to see how the popularity of online grocery shopping has increased. Every business has growing online sales with its primary goal of to reach all possible customers, large and small alike. In case one is planning to create an online grocery store, or is looking forward for some common yet unique ideas or tips for marketing or looking to use effective strategies to boost sales and customer satisfaction?? Then here we are! In this article we have gathered some workable strategies to grow your Grocery Store at physical as well as online platform

Here are some effective measures and techniques you can use to boost you online sales performance as well as at the store walk-in business. Also, this shall help you to reach a new, higher level of success for sure, as every business has its own unique way of doing things. Isn’t it!!

  • Keep Your Website Up-to-date and Mobile Friendly

It is must to stay up-to-date in today’s competitive online shopping market. For that you must have a mobile-friendly website. It is an essential basic need for booming you online business. These days, people are more comfortable using their mobile devices to search for things, look choices, compare better deals and purchase products.According to the generic survey, people are more likely to leave the search if a website is not mobile-friendly. Hence, if we hire a Web designing agency locally based out of London territory can help making a user-friendly website too.

If you want to increase the conversions on your website store orders, it is important to provide best online shopping experience to the customer. Make your website responsive and loads quicker.

  • Give People a Strong Reason to Visit Your Store

Every Grocery Store can do better to market their stores by giving people a Specific reason to go to their store. We have come across many seen shops that are having an exclusivity in themselves. For example, we can talk about a store that holds exclusive events, always has limited and only available items in stores, fixed range of products, and exclusive dealership on certain products. They also use online coupons to use in-store only to promote their stores walk-in.

Similarly, one can create a traffic from online pop-up offers as most people are keen when they hear the word “OFFER “. These Offers help your online grocery store to generate enquiries as well as email subscribers more and more. By offering a particular discount or Compliment Slips to the customer who fills out a form. Besides this one can also have surprise rewards that can help reduce shopping online from elsewhere as makes a point to stick in here.

We can really increase your conversion rates and sales by such excusive schemes. These strategies not only improve your contacts significantly but also increases sales promptly and your branding happens as a word of mouth too.

  • Provide Multiple Payment Options as Possible

Having multiple payment gateways for your online grocery store and the walk-in customers also provide more convenience to your customers. Moreover, it will prevent shopping cart issues. There are many payment gateways which give consumers the option to buy using their smartphones, further adding to the flexibility.By offering more payment options like Google Wallet, ApplePay, Stripe, WePay and many more alike including newer services that are becoming popular on mobile.There are few digital marketing agenciesLondon who can always be your partners in making this possible for sure! It is very obvious that it can be a hassle tooptimize your website to add all these options, however doing so with few in the first go with the major players is a great method to boost online sales and the walk-in to the store, especially if your grocery shopping website has great mobile traffic.

  • Having an excellent Branding

Having a nice branding strategy can always be super good option as this is c=something that has a personal touch to the business acumen. Having had some branding things for promoting your grocery store well will always be all-round handy option for a direct and indirect marketing platform. Holiday shopping engenders a feeling of urgency. During such times get the boards printed. Customers have a limited time to get their lists from loved ones and check them off.Similarly, we have a few greetings cards to make them feel special on that holiday season/ occasion. It’s always unique time to attract them with items that are uniquely packaged for this special time of year. You may stock your store with exclusive gift sets branded with our marks/ gift like branding stationery, calendars printing, limited edition collectable pieces gifted with a personalized greeting cards. Always remember that personalized items make it a better sale with a loud shout with silence

  • Create a Strong Local Presence

Having a strong Local presence in the territory of London and around does make a he differences and is also relevant. Up- to the extent that they are able to bring in the retailers need to get grounded in and familiar place and geographical presence with the communities they operate within. This gives rise to marketing and outreach ideas that actually make sense for the people in those communities or residing in an around the boundaries within their reach.

  • Never Stop Researching

Always make it a point that you should never stop researching. Having a refined and profound research on your inventory sell-through and vendor sell-through is a must for consistent and growing Business. By doing your research you keep a close eye on your competitors and their customers. A sound research can help you in gaining know howon your existing regular customers and the type of new crowd of customers you want to gain. This improves our selling techniques and customer service department. Hence the benefits of doing a refined search goes on and on. It is very simply, always research what you can do to improve your sales, your marketing, and your customer’s choices. Never stop researching, as it’s the master key to all.

So now let’s get started with the above-mentioned tips and have some increase on sale!!!

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7 Adorable and Cute Animals Which are Extremely Violent in Real




Cute animals are surprisingly violent

Animals are love right? We have a plethora of animals and beautiful creatures which are extremely cute and adorable like dogs, cats, pandas, dolphins and many more. But have you ever wondered these cute creatures are extremely aggressive and violent if you get too close to them or when you try to play with them? I know you must be thinking that how is that even possible, but this is true that these Cute animals are surprisingly violent.

Let’s have look at some of these animals which looks Cute animals are surprisingly violent

1. Sun Bear

Irrespective of its size, Sun Bear is the smallest member of the bear family. No doubt they look cute but they are very aggressive too. The can attack anyone instantly without a reason. Though they are small in size yet they have very powerful jaws, sharp teeth and long claws which make this animal deadly.

2. Hippopotamus

Though they look very gigantic in size but don’t judge them from their size. Do you know that they can run faster than humans and can attack anyone without a reason? You will be shocked to know that they are responsible for 500 human deaths in Africa per year, according to the BBC’s report.

3. Slow Loris

It’s hard to take your eyes off from this cute and cuddly demon. They look really cute but they are quite venomous or poisonous if they feel attacked. When they get panic, they mix their deadly toxins into their saliva and fur to harm predators.

4. Mute Swan

Mute Swans are territorial, but it’s no surprise when you get attacked by them. They have got bigger wings which they use to attack if they feel that something is wrong around them.

5. Dolphin


via: Padi

Aww! Who doesn’t love dolphins? We find them super cute and adorable right? But you are mistaken. They are extremely dangerous as they don’t hesitate to kill their offsprings or their own kids. Then imagine what can they do to humans?

6. Beaver

They are one of the quite dangerous and violent creatures on earth.  They make use of their sharp teeth when they feel threatened. Don’t ever get too close to them as you can invite death near you after getting attacked by them.

7. Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros prefer not to get close to any kind of human interaction. But they get very strong and aggressive while protecting their young ones. They have an incredible vision that won’t let anyone enter their territory.

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