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5 Indian Special Forces That Are Among The Best Forces In The World




5 Indian Special Forces

The worlds of Special Forces are interesting and often attract our attention. We think of these forces to be full of courage and of an excellent level of intelligence and swiftness. There are Special Forces from all the countries, however, when we think of the Special Forces the American Marines, Navy Seal, or some other American Special Forces quickly absorbs our attention.

However, to do us proud these are Indian Special Forces who are among the best in the world:

1. Para Commandos

Highly Trained Special Forces of The Indian Army- only the ones who are physically the fittest, mentally strong, intelligent, and highly motivated soldiers are a part of this fleet.

They are highly trained in terrain and environment warfare and deep sea diving. They are given the toughest training in the world, like running daily with weights of 60kgs for a distance of 20kms.

2. Ghatak Forces

Specialize in Raids on Enemy Artillery positions, Airfields, Supply Dumps, and Tactical Headquarters-  they face the foes face to face and thus only the most physically and mentally strong soldiers can be a part of the Ghatak Force.

They lead man to man assault ahead of the battalion and are experts in directing artillery and air attacks on targets deep in the zones on enemies.

3. National Security Guard or Black Cats

Lead By ‘Director General’ From The Indian Police Service- they do not belong to Central Armed Police Forces or the Paramilitary Forces of India. It is rather a combination of commandos from both the Indian Army and Central Armed Police Forces that is lead by a Director General from the Indian Police Service.

It has two units, one is Special Action Group (SAG) that consists of the Indian Army personnel and the other is Special Ranger Group (SRG) for the counter of terrorist activities. The selection process is highly difficult thus the drop out rate is 70 to 80 percent.

The ones who are selected are sent for the training of 9 months and it is then that they become Phantom NSG Commandos.

4. MARCOS Or Marine Commandos

India’s Most Lethal Special Force- it is really very difficult to join MARCOS. They are experts of the maritime warfare and the level of difficulty can be assessed from the fact that almost 80% of the applicants abort the training within the first two-three days on the long, rigorous fitness and aptitude test.

Its only after the successful completion of the test that they are sent for five week-long processes that are termed as ‘hell’s week’. The training here is as the name, suggests they are kept sleep deprived and made to do rigorous physical activities.

5. Garud Commando Force

Specialize in Airborne Operations, Air Assault, Specialize Operations Combat Search and Rescue- it is unit of the Indian Air Force that are specialist in Air assault, Special Reconnaissance, Airborne Operations, Airfield Seizure, counterinsurgency, Special Operation Combat Search and Rescue.

To qualify as a Guard it takes rigorous training of 3 years. They are skilled at anti-hijack and counterinsurgency, jungle and snow training, specialized weapon handling and advanced driving skills.

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7 Tips To Maintain Your Instant Pot




Instant Pot

The instant pot, also know as instapot, is a cooker machine that has become popular worldwide. This magical tool is famous for the variety of services it provides. In this article, we will suggest to you fez tips to maintain your instant pot as maintenance is very important for keeping it working effectively.

So, let’s see how to maintain your instapot check this.

1. Unplug your Instant Pot

as you may know, before doing any kind of cleaning the instapot, or even any electronic device, you have to unplug it in order to avoid any damage to the appliance and to your as well. It is advisable that you do it even you want to wipe it a simple wipe.

2. read well and get to know everything about it

Whenever you buy a new machine, study it well before you work with it. It is very important that you know how each part of the instant pot works and how to deal with each and every part of it. If you work with it without knowing its parts, you may end up messing its parts or one of them.

3. clean the pot after each meal

It is very important that you clean the instant pot after every meal. There are two types of cleaning here we are talking about, deep and surface. It is advisable and healthy for the machine to be cleaned from its depth. Yet, if you don’t have time, you can just clean it fromthe surface. Deep cleaning includes the following steps

  • Washing the inner pot and placing it upside down to dry first before putting it back
  • Wiping the Instant Pot unit itself

4. take the silicone ring off

The silicon part is very important because it gives food a delicious taste and it process the cooking appropriately. So, after each meal take the silicone part off and clean it softly. Make sure that there is no residue left on it.

5. Keep the the main cooker part clean

The main cooker part of your Instant Pot is very Important because this is where the cooking happens, it is a must for you to make sure you keep it clean at all times. Maintaining the the main cooker part is not difficult. Here’ what you can do:

  • Wipe the inside and the outside with a wet cloth.

6. wash by hand the lid of Instant Pot

The lid of instant very important as well as all the other parts of it, as this is where food particles stay. The quality of food you cook will decrease if you let it dry. To make sure that the lid of your instant pot is clean, you need to wash it with warm, soapy water. In order to preserve the quality of your cover, let the cover open sometime to make sure that the cover is dry.

7. make sure that the smaller part are taken care of

There are many smaller parts in your instant pot you need to take care of. These smaller parts are sometimes blocked by particles and residue

  • Steam-release handle, which you can be maintained by simply checking it for any food particles
  • Anti-block shield and steam valve, that you can clean by a simple wipe
  • Float valve, which you can simply take off clean, and dry.

In order to avoid any damage to your Instant Pot, always bear in mind that the steam valve of your Instant Pot should not ever be removed.


Try to remember all these tips in order to preserve the overall quality of your Instant Pot. Generally speaking, the maintenance of your Instant Pot are easy. However, you have to remember to take care of the small inside parts, too, as they’re very Important to the good functioning of your Instant Pot and the quality of food. When you appropriately maintain your Instant Pot, you can enjoy cooking and eating easy and delicious meals for a long time.

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Five Hacks to Secure Your Car Floor Mats

Satendra Kashyap



Car Floor Mats

Floor mats are often the most neglected part of a car’s interiors. You know it’s there, but you don’t really pay attention to it. It’s literally the thing you step on while you’re on the road, truly a luxury taken for granted by many. But it’s not without its quirks.

It attracts a lot of dust and dirt (most come from your shoes), can be hard to clean, and annoyingly doesn’t stay in its place. These small problems have easy solutions—hacks, if you will—which have been conveniently rounded up for you down below.

  1. Secure Floor Mats in Place by Installing Snaps

Floor mats getting out of place all the time can be a source of frustration for some people. It’s no one’s fault, really. There simply isn’t too much friction between your car floor and the downside of your floor mat. An easy fix is getting yourself a screw-snap fastener kit. With the help of a screwdriver and hammer, assemble the snap mechanism where you sandwich your floor mat in between, and screw the entire thing down to your car’s floorboard.

  1. Make Your Floor Mat Weather Resistant with Carpet Protector

Fabric is the most common type of floor mat. It’s also the cheapest available, but over time, it starts to sag. It can be hard to clean as well because it accumulates excessive amounts of dust and dirt. One remedy is to make use of a carpet protector that you cut out and lay on top of your floor mat so that people’s feet land on the plastic instead of the mat.

  1. Yoga Mat to KidproofYour Car Floor

When you have kids in the car, chances are you’re familiar with the struggle of making them behave for the trip. Because if they don’t, the floor mat and upholstery become basins for food bits and toy accessories.

You can kid-proof your car, the floor at least, by putting a layer of cutout yoga mat on top of your floor mat. This offers the added advantage of easy cleaning because you can just strip off the yoga mat and clean that instead of your actual floor mat.

  1. Customize Your Floor Mat with Colorful Fabric

Car floor mats only ever come in varying shades of black or gray. If you’re lucky, there are rubber or weatherproof mats that are either transparent or in beige. While most car owners prefer it that way, some might like to have the option of injecting character to their vehicles.

On your fabric of choice, outline the floor mat. Make sure that the outline is wide enough to wrap the floor mat around. Put additional space on the sides before you cut the fabric out in case your measurements were off. Sew the entire thing except for one side, which is where the mat goes in.

  1. Throw Your Dirty Floor Mat in the Dishwasher

It sounds gross, but ask any person who has worked in the service industry, and they will tell you that rubber floor mats, the kind usually used in restaurant kitchens, can be cleaned in a dishwasher. Why not use the same technique for your car floor mats? Of course, it goes without saying that you should not put in your dishes together with the floor mat.

You will probably have to remove the top rack of the dishwasher to make room. That’s usually done by removing some small clips. Place the mat with the upper surface facing the water spray. Don’t forget to turn the autodry off. The heat might melt your floor mat.

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The Ultimate Guide On Literature Review Topics: How To Choose A Succeed Topic





Ultimate Guide On Literature Review

Choosing a suitable topic for your research isn’t always a walk in the park. For some, starting the ideation process can be frustrating. Other times, your initial idea evolves as you do the research, taking a new path. Whether you have a list of literature review topics that you want to consider or don’t know where to start; this article is for you.

Keep in mind that, your choice of subject will determine whether you stay motivated throughout the research process. Also, it affects the value that the paper will offer the reader. So, let’s dive into the process of finding a suitable literature review topic:

How to Choose a Successful Literature Review Topic

1. Brainstorm Ideas

You have to start somewhere, don’t you? It will help you with the flow of ideas. Note down any topic for literature review that you are curious about. When making decisions on a topic, avoid overused ideas. It depends on your subject of interest. Only go for them if you have a unique approach that you would like to provide.

2. Pick a Topic That’s of Interest to You

Your enthusiasm on a particular issue can help you come up with apt review paper topics. Is it a subject matter that you feel strongly about? When the research question you settle for also piques your interest; it will make the process more rewarding and enjoyable.

It will also keep you motivated to keep going, even when you may not feel like it. Identify two or three ideas that pique your interest.

3. Carry out a Preliminary Search

Carry out a Preliminary Search

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A good research topic needs to be interesting (precise & focused), and broad enough to allow you to get adequate information on it. A preliminary search on the issues will enable you to determine whether there’s enough information on the topic.

There needs to be, adequate supporting materials related to your topic selection. Considering several topics allows you to have something to fall back on if your first choice doesn’t have much research materials on it.

4. Be Flexible

You don’t need to start the research with a fixed mindset. Ideas can evolve, and that’s okay. Modify the topic as you deem fit, as long as you stick to the given guidelines of the research paper.

If the topic is too narrow, try to broaden it, and vice-versa. Keep in mind that, an idea is as suitable as the amount of research you can find about it.

Additional Help in Choosing a Literature Review Topic

1. Refine it

A narrow topic is more manageable than a broad one. The latter could cause you to lose direction during the research process. You can refine it by location, culture, discipline, time frame and more.

Use these question to narrow down your topic ideas; Who might benefit from the material, What will the reader gain from it?, When, Where and How? Also, if the topic is too narrow; you may not be able to find adequate research materials on it.

2. Identify Useful Keywords

Seeking background information on your topic of interest is vital. It gives you an overview of the subject at hand. Also, it enables you to identify words and phrases commonly used to describe the topic.

Use this information to find relevant publications on the topic. It is useful for your research efforts.

Final Step in the Selection process: Define your Literature Review Topic

Try to write down your literature review topic in statement form. Begin with a word, focus your interests, and formulate a focused research question. It is a clear statement of the purpose of your research.        

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