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5 New Features of Trainman App To Make Ticket Booking Quick and Simple




5 New Features of Trainman App

While there are now several mobile apps for booking flight and bus tickets, the number of apps for train ticket booking are comparatively lower. Apart from the official app of IRCTC, there are a few other apps that can help you book train tickets. However, most users agree that booking train tickets through mobile are still a complex and time-consuming process. This inconvenience of booking train tickets through other mobile apps has made Trainman a popular way to book tickets on-the-go.

It is an official partner of IRCTC, is equipped with many innovative, well-thought features to ensure that people experience enhanced convenience when booking train tickets. New features are regularly added to improve the app performance and make ticket booking a quick and simple process.

Five of the latest features of the Trainman app and how they work are discussed below-

Five of the latest features of the Trainman app  

1. Booking train tickets

While most train booking apps are 3rd party apps which generally redirect you to the IRCTC app for booking the tickets, Trainman is an official partner of the IRCTC. As a result, the app allows you to train ticket booking within minutes. With multiple secure online payment options, fare calculator, and easy cancellation, book train tickets on mobile were never easier.

2. Check Train Status:

Trains often run late and even get canceled, especially in the monsoon season. With the help of this app, commuters can check live status of the train to plan their journey accordingly.

What time the train would reach the departing station, major stations throughout the journey, and the expected time when the train would reach the destination are some of the most important details that one can easily find with the app.

3. Fare and Refund Calculator:

You might already know that the fare for a train ticket in different classes like a sleeper, 3rd AC, 2nd AC, and 1st AC is different. With the help of this app, you can easily calculate the fare for the selected train and class for complete convenience. Moreover, in case if you want to cancel the ticket, you can do so after using the refund calculator to ensure complete accuracy.

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4. Order Food in Train:

While Indian Railways are popular for a lot of things, the food served on the trains is certainly not one of those things. With this app in your mobile, you can easily order delicious food from restaurants and food joints and get it delivered on the train. Just place your order and select a station and the food would be delivered when the train reaches that station.

5. Journey Card:

Once you’ve booked your ticket through the Trainman app, a Journey Card would be created and displayed on the home screen of the app 24 before your journey. This journey card would have all the essential details like your PNR status, train status and more to keep you informed.

Moreover, if your ticket is still on the waiting list, it’d regularly check your PNR to keep you updated. From shopping, banking, to ordering food, we now use our mobile apps for a host of our daily activities.

So, why not use it for train booking as well? Download the Trainman app today and experience a new way of booking train tickets on mobile.

Siddharth Kashyap loves crafting content and sharing information about technology and business. Since the world mainly revolves around, business growth, and technological advancements, you can always find her delved into the digital world.

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Top 7 Must-Visit Beaches in Gujarat For Beach Lovers

Lal Pratap



Beaches in Gujarat

Gujarat boasts the honor of having the longest coastline of the country. With the fact, you can assume the surreal charm of the sandy beaches of Gujarat. The beauty of Gujarat is that, unlike other states, it is equally famous for its modern-age vibrancy as it is for its culture, traditions, history, architecture, and wildlife. When you refer to the term ‘modern-age vibrancy’, no other places of Gujarat can be a better example of it than the sultry beaches of the state. There are unnumbered of beaches in Gujarat. Out of which, here are some you can’t afford to miss out. Have a look at the list.

1. Mandvi Beach

Worldwide known for its beautiful coastline and pristine water, Mandvi beach is the most enticing beach in Gujarat. If you want to go for a long walk talking with your soul, the coastline of Mandvi beach is an ideal place for you. The irresistible fascination of Mandvi beach can give a hard run to the sultry beaches of Goa. It is one of the most popular beaches in Gujarat, so it is obviously heaven for water sports activities. As the beach has a long shoreline and is surrounded by the trees, it is also an amazing picnic spot. Mandvi beach is 370 km from Ahmedabad, so you can easily reach there.

2. Nagoa beach

Attracting the millions of tourists, Nagoa beach is one of the most loved tourist destinations in Diu. The island Diu is dotted with the unnumbered of beaches but Nagoa beach steals all the limelight. The reason being, it is the most pristine as well as the safest beach in Diu. It stretches in a vast area, so reveling yourself in the water sports activities is indeed fun here. As far as your sight can reach, you’ll see only and only sun-kissed sand of the coastline and the verdant trees who act as the safeguard to the beach. It is exactly located in Bucharwada village, so you would need to hire taxis and auto from Diu to get there.

3. Dwarka Beach

In the royal kingdom of Lord Shree Krishna, Dwarka beach has its own charm and charisma. Even being in such a religious city, Dwarka beach entices each and every tourist coming to the city. The beach is located 30 km from Dwarka in a captivating island ‘Beyt’ that’s why it is also called Beyt Dwarka Beach. Apart from the various water sports activities, you can also relish the pleasure of camel riding in Dwarka Beach. Dwarka Beach is the ideal beach in Gujarat if you’re going with your family.

4. Chorwad Beach

Located in the royal town of Chorwad, Chorwad beach stands along with the majesty of the royal palace of the town. This region was once the private holiday retreat of Junagadh’s Nawab but now it has become a major tourist attraction in Gujarat. Situated proximate to Junagadh, Somnath, and Dwarka, it also serves as a gateway to some other tourist attractions of the state. Amid the gentle waves of water, you can go for any sports activity but the beach is primarily known for boat riding. So, go on an hour-long boat ride in Chorwad beach and let your soul listen to your heartstrings.

5. Gopnath Beach

I must say the Maharajas of Gujarat have relished the pleasure of royal stateliness at its best. Possessing your own private beach is indeed a big thing. Located in the Bhavnagar district of Gujarat, Gopnath beach was once a part of the summer resort of Maharaja Krishna Kumar Singhji. Maybe, that’s why even today, Gopnath beach is one of the most pristine beaches in Gujarat. Like other beaches, water sports activities are available here too but bird-watching is the most loved activity in Gopnath beach. Just next to Gopnath beach, there is a temple named ‘Gopnath Mahadev temple’. Don’t forget to visit this temple.

6. Tithal Beach

It’s the beaches like Tithal beach that makes Gujarat an ideal destination for the beach holidays. Lying in Valsad town, Surat, in the long stretch of Arabian Sea, Tithal beach is one of its kind. Unlike other beaches, the coastline of Tithal beach entices the visitors for its black sand. The water is also a bit yellowish but you can indulge yourself in the water sports activities without any worries. It’s the natural color of the water of Tithal beach and there is nothing unhygienic about it.  Due to its ease of accessibility and exceptional charm, the beach is often thronged by the locals as well as the tourists.

7. Somnath Beach

One of the most religious cities of Gujarat is making a spot on the list of must-visit beaches of the state. This is the splendor of Gujarat. Here, spirituality and the vibrancy stand side by side without affecting the glory of each other. It is always brimmed with the visitors still, there is something in Somnath beach that makes the visitors get lost in their own world. Be it the lovebirds or the broken hearts or maybe a depressed person, the soothing tranquility and startling surroundings of Somnath beach turn out to be the soul mate for every visitor.


These are a few must-visit beaches in Gujarat. In the state of majestic forts and palace, these beaches exude a different façade of tourism which can only be explored after reaching there. So, put all worries aside and go for the soothing holiday experience in Gujarat.

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Top 5 Things to Keep You Busy During A Long Airport Layover




5 Things to Keep You Busy During A Long Airport Layover

Airport layovers are among the most hated aspects of air travel. A shorter layover often means that you’re left twiddling your thumbs for over an hour as there’s not quite enough time until you’ve got to run to the next gate. A long layover has you stranded in a place that you simply don’t want to be. So, here we’ve broken down all of your potential time-burning activities to craft a top-five list.

5. Instead of being at the airport, just leave!

explore nearby cities

via: Pixabay

Provided that you have plenty of time on your hands – a good few hours, plus – you could just leave the waiting rooms, get away from the bustle and the queues, and explore nearby cities. Most major airports are well connected to the nearby city via public transport, so you could easily step out, hop on a bus or train, and see the sights.

 4. Find a fitness center in the building

Find a fitness center in the building

via: Pixabay

As was the case with leaving the airport, this one may not apply to everyone due to time restraints or what the layover destination has to offer. However, if there is a fitness center at your airport, you should certainly consider making use of the facilities. Not only can you stretch your legs and spend your layover time being healthy, but you can also make use of the showers – which is always a welcome treat on a long journey.

3. Sit back and play some games

play online games

The main problem is that you don’t want to get fully immersed in a story-driven game and then get pulled out before finding a save point, but if you’re waiting around for a long time, you do want a game with longevity. This is where the expansive selection of games offered globally, be it at platforms for online casinos in India or elsewhere. Games like Super Lion, Book of Dead, Big Buffalo, and Bonanza Megaways can be fun small bursts and for a more prolonged spell.

 2. Check out the local Netflix


via: Pixabay

The Netflix you’re used to won’t be exactly the same in other regions. Just as Netflix is in the business of streaming content, other companies in each region are too – so Netflix can’t offer the same stuff everywhere. Geographical restrictions mean that in a different country, you can see shows and movies that Netflix can’t show in your home nation due to other channels owning the rights. So, it’s well worth having a look around the local Netflix when you touch down and have some hours to spare.

1. Pick up a book or pen your own

pen your own

via: Pixabay

Two of the most regularly cited activities that people say they don’t have enough time for are reading and writing. In an airport, people even go as far as to expect to see others sitting around reading, so it’s the perfect time to catch-up on that book you just haven’t had time to open. On the other hand, if you’d prefer to put pen to paper, there’s plenty of inspiration for characters wandering right in front of you.

A long layover is never ideal, but there’s plenty for you to do to fill the wait in a productive or entertaining way – no need to just sit around bored, scrolling through social media.

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New Route To Kailash Mansarovar Yatra: The Journey That will Offer Peace and Serenity





New Route To Kailash Mansarovar Yatra

You may have travelled to Kailash Mansarovar Yatra and experienced the peace of mind and a sense of calm that it brings to your soul. But the trip is now going to get short because of the plans implemented by the Government of India. They are introducing a new route that is going to be shorter as well as easier. The long six days’ trip to Kailash Mansarovar in-between the Himalayas in Tibet will now be short and inexpensive. You need not travel for six days because there is a new route formed through Uttarakhand. This will make the spiritual journey faster and quicker. You need not also worry about the travel expenses because in a few days you will be able to reach the location.

No flight travel required for the trip

Currently, there are two routes present for travelling to Kailash Mansarovar. One route is from Sikkim and the other is from Kathmandu but both of the routes are long and tiring. Therefore, people choose flights as the best option to travel. But with the new routes under construction, you need not travel by air because the route is short so you can make the journey by land.

The Yatra will be under the management of the Ministry of External Affairs and the journey outside of the border of India will be under Chinese authorities.

So if you are planning to undertake the spiritual journey to Kailash Mansarovar then travel in this new route. When the journey was long thousands of people belonging to Hinduism, Jainism Buddhism and others travelled to Kailash and now it is going to be short so we may expect even more people to join the journey.

Now everybody can plan a trip to Kailash!

This is a great thing for elderly people and children. If you are having doubts about whether to attempt a journey with large family members then you will certainly feel happy about this development. Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh announced in his social media page about the new route to Kailash Mansarovar. He inaugurated the route and the constructions of the route are going on in full speed to finish it quickly for the benefit of all. The construction work is now performed by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) even at the time of the on-going coronavirus pandemic.

The new route to the spiritual place will link with the 80-km road from Dharchula situated in Uttarakhand and will join with Lipulekh pass that is 17,000 feet high. This place is near to tri-junction of India, China and Nepal. From here the Mountain of Kailash situated 97 km north of the route to Tibet.

In this route, the pilgrims will be able to pass through the Lipulekh from Delhi in two days. This cuts more travel time. Then there is a 5kilometers of the trek on the side of China in the Lipulekh Pass and after that, the pilgrims can accomplish the journey by using available transportation. So this means that elderly ones and physically challenged people can also undertake this journey without effort.


Plan a trip to Kailash Mansarovar Yatra with your family and friends and experience the joy of travelling by the new route.

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Featured image source: Google

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