5 of The Interesting and Fun Secrets of Apple Store Employees We Bet You Haven’t Heard of Before!

Apple is an iconic brand we all know that. Almost everyone wishes to work with Apple. In this article, I will share with you some of the funny secrets that every apple store employee has always been hiding from you. If you wish to work with Apple, you need to know what it’s like to work here. Though you haven’t heard and thought of secrets like these would be coming out from apple employees. Therefore I want to let you know and you will laugh out loud after coming across and knowing about them. So, without taking much of your precious time,

I would like to get straight to the point and discuss some of the interesting and funny secrets shared by employees working at the Apple store.

1. They want to know your password

Apple Store Employee know your password
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It might happen sometimes that you encounter some problem with your apple device and you visit an Apple store to fix that. But when they ask you the correct Apple ID or password you don’t know about that and you ask them to figure it out. Many experts have said that if they could figure out your password and personal data, what’s the point in keeping that one for you if you don’t know yourself. So, make sure whenever you visit the store next time, you should know about your login information.

2. They don’t like if you use their Apple store for your business

Thye don't like you sue Apple store for your business
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The second thing which Apple employees don’t like is seeing you using their gadgets for your personal use. I mean the demo devices that they keep at their store. You can’t use them for your personal purpose like calling, video calling or changing wallpapers on it. And if you mistakenly forgot to log out from your social media accounts, it will be a trouble for you.

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3. They will catch you up easily whenever you lie

Apple Store Employee will catch you up easily whenever you lie
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The person who works at the Apple store and have much experience, then they can catch you easily whenever you lie to them. They are not fooled that they will believe whatever you tell them. to believe you when you lie to them about your Apple device that how your screen has been broken or it has fallen in the toilet. They know it all just by looking at it. So, it’s good to be upfront with them and tell the truth always before they know about you.

4. If you do not behave well, get ready for the consequences

If you do not behave well, get ready for the consequences

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An apple employee could be your best friend or enemy but that depends upon your behaviour. If you behave with them in the right way, they will also treat you well. If you end up behaving like a jerk, then don’t expect them something good in return.

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5. They have seen your private photographs

Apple store employees can see your private photographs
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One of the biggest things that Apple store employees will never share with you and this is that they have seen all your private photographs. So, make sure whenever you give your Apple devices like phone or lappy, don’t forget to remove your private or naked photographs.

So, these were some of the shocking secrets that you did not know earlier. We have covered almost every secret so that you get aware whenever you visit the Apple store next time you know it all.

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