5 Things to Do When Your Relationship is Coming to An End

There can be a number of signs that your relationship is coming to an end. Whether it’s because your partner has become cold, they’ve stopped confiding in you, or they’re spending a lot of time away from home and seem to be avoiding you. There’s often a difficult period when you try to decide whether to stay together or split up, but there are things you can do to make things easier on yourself.

1. Think about going for counselling

Think about going for counselling
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Talk to your partner and ask if they’d be willing to go to couples’ counselling. Counselling is most effective before major issues arise, as the longer negative behavioural cycles go on, the more harmful they become. Is your partner refusing to go into therapy? Consider seeing a counsellor on your own. They can help you through any issues you need to work on and help you make decisions.

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2. Start looking at your options

Start looking at your options
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Many people don’t seek legal advice until they’ve packed their bags and left home, but if you feel that a break-up is on the horizon, then you should start looking for a family lawyer Charleston SC based. They’ll be able to give you a realistic idea of what you can expect from a divorce from a financial point of view and with regards to custody and other arrangements. You should seek legal advice whether you’re the main earner or take care of the kids, as this is the best way to protect yourself and your assets.

3. Try to spend some time together

Try to spend some time together
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If you are both busy people with careers and kids, then it’s natural that you might not spend as much time together as you used to. Therapists have recognised that date nights are essential to relationships, so if you’ve stopped doing fun things together, then simply making some time could help get things back on track. Having time to talk on the neutral ground can also help you both talk honestly about your feelings, which can be helpful if you’re deciding whether to stay together.

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4. Argue in a healthy way

Argue in a healthy way

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When your relationship feels like it’s coming to an end, it’s natural to want to bottle things up so that you don’t cause that final argument that could tip things over the edge. However, arguments are an important part of relationships, and therefore you should still argue but in a mature way. Listen to what your partner is saying and work through things together, and never argue in front of the children.

5. Make a plan if you want to end it

Make a plan if you want to end it
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Nearly everyone will go through a breakup in their life, and nearly half of couples will go through a divorce, but it doesn’t have to be a long, messy process. If you decide to end the relationship, think about how you’d like to be treated and always finish things face to face, ensuring there’s no room for interpretation. This will avoid any ongoing issues and means you can start to move on with your life.

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