5 Tips for Fashion Show Event Planning

Fashion Show Event

Hosting a fashion show is never easy. A lot of planning is needed beforehand to make the event a success. Every minute detail must be chalked out in advance so that things fall into place when the D-day arrives. More importantly, a good event will be one that has a perfect synchronization between different sets of personnel in the task of organizing the show.

And yes, the key focus should always be on the guests as the way they are treated will decide the fate of your fashion show in the real sense.

Here are 5 tips for fashion show event planning –

#1 Create an atmosphere that captures attention

A fashion show can dazzle only when it has succeeded in creating an atmosphere that captures attention in a true sense. A great set-up is required to give the guests an engaging setting and make them feel connected to the shenanigans.

To get that kind of setting, you need to put certain things in order, like the location, the lights, the music, the vibe etc. People generally expect a fashion show to be all glitter and pomp, and this can’t be achieved unless the atmosphere is dynamic and sparkling. So, plan on that line and boost the chances of success for your event.

#2 Make the guests feel special

If you want to make your fashion show memorable in the true sense, plan in a way to make the guests special. Irrespective of the scale of the event, the focus should always be on keeping the guests engaged, hooked and upbeat though hospitability.

Arrange quality seating for them, serve their right foods & cocktails, and yes, let them return back with some gifts and products. The guests to your fashion show must have been to hundreds of such events in the past and their expectations are higher, and you have to understand that well.

#3 Leverage the technology to the best effect 

Top fashion shows are those that leverage the technology to great effect to garner home the well-deserved brownie points. You too must take a leaf out of their book and try to use the tech in a way to enhance the dazzle of your show and boost the experience for your guests.

You can use big screens at the event, live stream the event online, open chat to engage interested persons and make the best of social media. It won’t take much to benefit your event with the new-age technology and plus, it can ensure a greater coverage and more discussions, which is what that matters.

#4 Choose models with varying profiles

The nerve of a fashion show is its models. If you get them right, you can expect the guests to return back pleased. The stereotype of the last thing to go when choosing the models for your show as this won’t work.

Rather, you should go for varying profiles so that the guests can find variety and appreciate your effort. A fashion show has a range of styles in terms of body shape and type can ensure success for sure. So, get the things right on this front and hope to deliver value to guests.

#5 Go for a full-dress rehearsal

A full-dress rehearsal is a key to success for any big event and your fashion show is no different. Right from the models to the production set-up, from lights to camera, everything must be put to practice before the event day to check their sync and rhythm.

All the transitions and intermissions must be known before the final act so that the show goes up smoothly. That’s why hiring a top event company makes the difference as it knows how different is created.