5 Useful Tips To Overcome Your Public Speaking Anxiety

The fear of public speaking which is known as ‘Glassophobia’ is the most common form of anxiety found in almost 75% of the population. That fear to appear on stage and to address a huge crowd becomes like fighting a war. The moment you get on stage, the fear evokes you, sweat covers all your face and your heart starts pounding. If you are in a management role, then you need to get away with this fear as soon as possible and become confident. To overcome your fear of public speaking, you need to follow some of the useful tips that will help you in the long-run and will boost your speaking and confidence.

Have a look at the steps that will help you to dial down your fears:

1. Prepare your topic well

Prepare your topic well
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The best mantra to overcome your fear to speak is to know your topic well about which you are going to talk. The more you know about your topic, the less you will be making mistakes. You also need to consider the questions that the audience might ask you. Know the questions and prepare them in advance to nail your stage performance.

2. Planning is important

Planning is important
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Before your presentation starts, you need to plan out the information that you are going to present. The more organised and well-planned you are, the less nervous you will be. On the other hand, you can also keep a small card with you to help you stay on the track if you get lost in between.

3. The practice is the key

The practice is the key
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Practice, practice and practice, as this is the only thing that will help you to perform better. Prior to giving your presentation, you can rehearse many times or in front of your friends with whom you are comfortable and yes don’t forget to ask for feedback. You can also consider making a video of your presentation so that you can watch it and identify the scope of improvement.

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4. Deep breathing may help

Deep breathing may help
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Practising some deep breathing may help you a lot. It will help in making you calm, composed and relaxed. Before you start your presentation, take two or more deep breaths and then start.

5. Note down the worries that bother you

Note down the worries that bother you
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If you want to nail your presentation, you need to keep the fear away because when you fear something, you may overestimate the likelihood of bad things happening. So, list down all your specific worries and try to challenge them.

Sooner you will start practising these tips, you will realise that how your fear of public speaking will evaporate with time and thereby boosting your inner confidence.

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Satendra Kashyap
Satendra Kashyap
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