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6 Ancient Beauty Rituals From Different Parts of The World That Still Works




6 Ancient Beauty Rituals From Different Parts of The World

Beauty has always been desired by all, be it now or the ancient times. The rituals have evolved over the period of time but still, there are so many of the ancient rituals that are still in use.

These ancient rituals were in use even before you were born, and they were as effective or even more effective than these modern day rituals. Here is the list of these some ancient rituals that are still in use:

1. Cleopatra’s milk bath

The quintessential Egyptian beauty was the most beautiful lady that has ever lived. Thanks to the innovative beauty rituals that helped her to maintain her beauty.

The fermented mare’s milk with honey was one of her secrets to beautiful skin that was soft, smooth, wrinkle-free and full of glow. Though a tub full of this milk is wastage but still if you want to pamper yourself then this can be tried.

2. Beans of Mung for Chinese royalty

The Chinese empresses swear by this DIY Mung paste as it was an excellent remedy for acne and puffy skin. It is a pack full of vitamins and protein but is relatively cheaper.

Mung dal is easily available in India and China so it is hassle-free to use it but the mung should be organic and free from pesticides.

3. Egg white for the Elizabethan era

Women from the Elizabethan England practiced some of the strange beauty practices. Of the all the only practical one that is doable is an application of raw egg whites to the skin.

This will give tight, smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Egg white masks are still widely used skin care practice that is followed ion almost all parts of the world.

4. Haldi in the subcontinent

Turmeric has been a part of skin care rituals since ages. It is applied during the wedding in India and Pakistan. The spice has healing properties and also gives an instant glow to the skin.

The spice mixed with milk or rosewater can work wonders for your skin. Combination of Yogurt, Gram Flour, and Haldi is a very popular and effective Ubtan for skin polishing.

5. Saffron the luxurious one

Indians, Egyptians, Greek, and the Romans have very popularly used saffrom from time immemorial as it has the ability to give you the give glow on your skin and also do away with dark patches.

It is used as the dye, medicine and also perfume. Cleopatra used saffron infused water for bathing and till date, there are several recipes for glowing skin that uses saffron. Saffron oil is also used for skin brightening and lightening.

6. Sugaring for skin

Egyptian were obsessed with clean skin and for that they used sugar. To remove unwanted hair from the body, sugar was used.

Sugar mixed with lemon and water was used to remove the hair and this process is still very much in use even today.

I have touched many lives in the last two years after I decided to become a freelance writer. Sharing a story is sharing a part of life and making your life bigger. Thus I became a writer and have become a better person as I also get parts of others lives and we all grow together as a community, through the enticing writings.

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3 Best Plus Size Fashion Tips For Curvy Girls





3 Best Plus Size Fashion Tips

Having difficulties with trendy plus size fashion and having issues with getting the right fit for your plus size figure? Ever wonder if sexy plus-size fashion works for you? Why not? According to fashion experts, dressing to suit your body shape is really important. You can look stylish and gorgeous even being plus size by just dressing smartly and properly. This will be the key to you being the epitome of confident and sexy plus sizes. Before you go around, looking for plus size tips and plus size trends on dressing well, the key, is to know your body type, then we will move along to figuring what hairstyles for plus size women suits you best.

Bear in mind a golden rule of thumb: Size – is Never a stopping factor when it comes to fashion. If you are master in the understanding of specific body type then you can dress up elegantly and smartly. Want to conquer the women plus size fashion world? Then you should be ready and prepared to master these tips.

There are three types of body types

1. Apple Shape Figure

It is a fact that dressing up with an apple shape figure is very challenging and can be De-motivating at times. At the same time, it is easy to hide the problem areas with the right kind of attire and the right style of dressing!

Apple shape figure has a waist-to-hip ratio of more than 1, which means that there is more weight around the waist area. It is a fact that dressing up with an apple-shaped body is very challenging but at the same time, it is easy to hide the problem areas with the right kind of attire.

Before we proceed with finding the right kind of attire for your apple body shape, it is important to recognize the main traits of female body types like this:

• Larger bust

• Broad shoulders

• Narrow hips

• Less defined waist

• Waist-to-hip ratio > 1

How to dress your apple-shaped body:

Instead of focusing on your problem areas, you have to take advantage of the positive features of your body type which are slim arms and legs. With an apple shape figure, always remember to select those kinds of dress styles which can help in taking the attention away from the midsection of your body. Select shirts, tees, or tops that are attractive and draws the eye upward the upper body part. It is better that you opt for the top designs which are beside the shoulder and neckline since it will help in taking attention away from the mid-section of the body. You can very well opt for sleeveless tops to highlight your slim arms, and going for V-necks tops is an excellent idea since it goes well with almost all the body shapes as they tend to elongate the body. As well as you will look much slimmer.

It is also a good idea to buy a pair of good jeans with long t-shirts which can help in hiding the middle section of your body and flatter your bottom portion. The A-line skirt without gathers also looks good this body shaped girls.

What to avoid for apple body shape:

Skinny jeans and leggings – These tight pants will put more emphasis on your midsection, which is something that all apple shape figure women would like to avoid.

Large prints – Solid colors and large prints bring a lot of attention to the midsection of your body especially for female body types like this. Opt instead, for clothes with more color varieties.

Celeb with an apple-shaped body

Tyra Banks Apple Shape Figure

via: Instagram@tyrabanks

Tyra banks

Tyra Banks understands her body to the T. This explains why this stunning fashionista and model often strut out in V neck outfits which provides her with a natural slimming effect and lengthens her top. Often out and about with a belt around her waist, Tyra knows what to accentuate on her body, and what needs to be hidden.

2. Pear Shaped Figure

The girls with Pear-shape figures have wide hips and small waist comparatively. This shaped figure is common and we know this as “A” shaped figure. Women with pear shape figure normally have hips which are relatively wide and waist that is comparatively small. In fact, a pear-shaped figure is very common and also known as the triangle women’s body shapes or “A” shaped figure. There are lots of trendy plus size fashions which you can adopt in order to look absolutely fantastic even with the plus-sized pear-shaped figure.

How to dress your pear shape body:

You can always venture out with dresses that have a narrow waistline but not too tight since it facilitates in drawing the attention to your curves. Basically this kind of trendy plus size fashions dresses in case of pear-shaped plus-sized women helps in bringing the eye up away from problem areas. The A-line skirts are great for pear body shape women which are narrow at the top and flared at the bottom portion. You can always opt for a boat neck or horizontal stripe tops that can work in balancing your pear shape body.

In fact, these kinds of tops can give an impression of wide shoulders and will also make your hips appear comparatively smaller. Most of the plus-sized pear shape figure women look wonderful in blazers and feminine shirts or blouses. When choosing a pair of jackets or blazers, go for knee-length ones. They are simply great to hide your wide hips and thighs.

What to avoid when dressing your pear shape body:

Try to avoid wearing a mini dress or similar short dress/outfits because this type of dress expose thighs. Always try to also avoid wearing bulky kind of items around your hip area.

Celebs with Pear Body Shape

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez Pear Shape Figure

via: Instagram@jlo

With a sexy silhouette like J. Lo, she is all about balancing proportions. Always strutting out in stunning empire waist dress, J. Lo definitely knows how to bring attention to her slim waistline.


Beyonce Pear Shape Figure

via: Instagram@beyonce

If there is one celebrity that plays around with the colors of her attire, it would be Beyonce. Beyonce is all about bright colored dresses and tops to bring attention to the upper portion of her body. Every woman wants to look great and feel fabulous when strutting out in attires that compliment women’s body shapes. For you, pear shape figure ladies, dress right, and it can instantly take you from frumpy to flawless!

3. Hourglass Figure

Girls that have hourglass figures have we defined waist, bust, fuller hips, as well as their hips and shoulders, are equal in width. It is considered to be the dream figure to have and it is a well-known fact that the majority of men prefer a woman with this kind of figure.

Hourglass Figure for Plus Size Fashion

It is considered to be the dream figure to have and it is a well-known fact that the majority of men prefer a woman with this kind of figure. The plus-sized ladies with an hourglass figure can very well opt for pencil skirts, A-line cut skirts, A-line cut dresses, wrap skirts and wrap dresses. In fact, the plus-sized women with an hourglass figure can actually enhance their natural waistline by accessorizing with a nice looking large waist belt. It is also a good idea to go for a light top and a dark bottom combination that can emphasize your body curves.

For plus-sized women with an hourglass figure, proper fitting pants are a good choice since it will not only make them appear slim but also enhance their figure. Flat-front trousers, leggings, straight leg jeans, and fitter slacks will look amazing in hourglass figure girls. Basically, the ladies with hourglass figures need not hide any specific part of their body and on the contrary, they should show it off.

Celebs with Hourglass Body Shape

Blake Lively

Blake Lively Hourglass Shape Figure

via: Instagram

If you belong to this category, you should venture out with fitted clothes that can show your curves nicely. If you are a woman or girl who has an hourglass figure then you are so lucky to have a beautiful body shape. You will look effortlessly amazing in any kind of dress and style.

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4 Fashion Secrets From The Red Carpet

Neetika Mahawar



4 Fashion Secrets From The Red Carpet

Have you ever thought why the red carpet almost no woman that does not shine more than flashes of photographers all present? What are the Fashion Secrets of celebrities, helping them to look stunning? View our gallery here.

1. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors

As it is tempting to rely only on black color because it never goes out of fashion and also makes us look weak and delicate, it is not the key to the perfect look. It is important to know which color suits us most: warm colors (red and coral) go to brunettes and redheads ladies, pastel colors for blondes, metal (gold and silver) are ideally suited to all women, regardless of color their hair and skin.

2. Balance is a key element in the foundation of aesthetics

Sometimes the dress or outfit themselves sufficiently effective and do not require additional decorations and accessories (a mistake that many women allowed). Strapless dress as it can be worn with a great bracelet, necklace, or pair of earrings, but not all at once. Monochromatic dresses suggest jewelry that makes up the color uniformity. It’s all a matter of personal taste, but also the aesthetic approach.

3. Dresses and still underage

Surely you’ve heard it said that a woman should dress according to their age. In most cases it is, but let’s remember Scarlett Johansson for example – young and beautiful, still in his 20s, prefers classic Hollywood style – blond hair, elegant dresses, bright red lips … When a woman dressed as an older, feels much more confident and sexy.

4. Spectacular style

Sometimes devote so much time to her outfit that totally forgets about your hair, but it can ruin even the type most beautiful woman in the most glamorous dress. You do not have to spend all day in the salon to pick hairstyles, but it’s good to have a preliminary idea of ?? what would have suited our style, the dress, and the shape of our face. Everything else is in the hands of specialists.

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 7 Laws of Fashion That Will Make You A Fashion Icon





 7 Laws of Fashion

The fashion police are strict because if we make a minor fashion mistake all eyes will be on us. Our sense of style may attract or repel people so it is always the best thing to be well-dressed. Our Dress and grooming will speak volumes about the kind of person we are because people notice our clothes all the time. But better then to please people we have to feel good about ourselves so here are some excellent laws of fashion you can follow to become a fashionista.

1. Be wary when wearing pants

Sometimes when we wear tight pants the lining of our underwear is visible. If you are at a professional place or any other place outside your home the visible underwear lining is a fashion disaster. Your innerwear must never be visible and it is really embarrassing when others point it out to us. So here is an important fashion tip, do not wear very light pants with thick undergarments. There are thin fabrics available in the market for pants that hang to your legs. But if you are wearing tight pants and your underwear lining is visible you can wear tops that are longer.

2. Socks and sandals

Socks and sandals

If you are wearing open sandals then do not wear socks because they will be clearly visible. The socks only go with shoes and not with any other footwear. There are no rules on what type of socks you wear but do not wear them with your everyday sandals.

Also read: 6 Most Harmful Effects of Wearing Your Fancy and Glamorous High Heels

3. Skin exposure

Skin exposure

If you prefer to wear off-shoulder clothes that make your shoulders visible then try to lengthen the skirt of the dress. Make sure your legs are not over-exposed. And the same goes the other way also. If you want to flaunt your legs then the upper part of the body should not be visible. This is one of the clear fashion rules if you are going for an outing or a date.

4. The size of the pants

The size of the pants

If you are wearing pants make sure that they are not too tight because it will be hard for you to sit. You cannot survive the whole day with a pant that is tight and it will be even worse when the weather is hot. Fashion is also being comfortable in what you wear.

Also read: Recreate These 7 Fashionable Styles Out of Your Mom’s Old Saree

5. Striped fashion statements     

Striped fashion statements

If you are going for attire that has stripes then complete the whole attire with the same stripes. Do not try to wear the different types of stripes together as it is not fashionable and may look odd.

6. Athletic shoes

Athletic shoes

You may have seen many people donning jeans with athletic shoes but actually it is not fashionable. If you are going to play a sport then it is alright but if you are wearing jeans casually then opt for other types of footwear, not sports shoes.

Also read: Top 7 Fashion Trends for Men To Rock 2020

7. Opposite sizes attract

Opposite sizes attract

If you are wearing tight-fitting tops then opt for pants that are loose. Then if you are wearing tight pants opt for loose tops. This will make you look fashionable as well as neat.

Follow all the fashion rules given here and then you will be the best-dressed person in your home, office, and other important places you visit. You will surely get many compliments.

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