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6 Most Inspiring Gender Neutral Baby Nurseries For Expecting Mothers




Neutral Baby Nurseries For Expecting Mothers

Decorating a baby nursery can be so tiring and absolute fun at the same time. With the plenty of ideas going out in your mind while decorating the cutest nursery before your baby arrives, one can opt for a simple and elegant style to decorate your baby’s nursery by incorporating the style of your home with some matching decorations.

But no one nowadays prefers using those simple ideas while decorating a nursery by just painting their plain room wall using different colours. These days most of the expecting parents want to give their baby a perfectly decorated room which looks no more than a dream to them.

Here in this article, we have curated some of the beautiful baby nursery ideas to find inspiration while setting up a nursery for your little one.

1. Bold Wallpaper Inspired Nursery

This is a kind of nursery for your small kids which are inspired by Bold Wallpapers. You can use any kind of wallpapers that are soothing and elegant for your baby child be it a baby girl or a boy. It can be created using the ceilings of your room by sticking wallpapers of your choice on the walls around the crib.

One can also make this nursery interesting by using animal stickers like giraffe or zebras that will enhance the look of your baby nursery. The nursery is otherwise a gender neutral which is perfect for both a baby boy and a baby girl.

2. Farmhouse Inspired Nursery


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You can make use of some light wood accessories to give your baby nursery a very modern and rustic feel. The wooden wall would look beautiful with the one-of-a-kind barn-door crib.

In addition to this, the room can nicely be decorated by using some natural or artificial plants, a decorative ladder with the matching colour of your room along with a cute quilt. This kind of nursery for your baby is literally to die for.

3. Alphabet Inspired Nursery

One of the perfect baby nurseries to inspire expecting mothers. One can add some pictures of cute animals, flying objects and some whimsical wallpaper around to enhance its cuteness.

Topping on some alphabetical letters would add an educational element to your kids’ nursery.

4. Dreamy nursery

This is one of those cute baby nurseries which can blow your mind away. You can add a touch of interest on the wall surrounding your baby by creating dots on the wall all over.

This gender neutral nursery looks like a minimalist’s dream which could be a dream for any baby.

5. Sparkly Gold Nursery

This gold-toned nursery is a perfect gender neutral nursery for any baby whether girl or boy. This is a perfect option to opt for when you do not have any idea about the gender of your child when you are expecting.

You can add delicate and light furniture to impart a feeling of a natural look.

6. Rose Theme Nursery


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Who would not love the concept of this cute baby nursery which is perfect for your little one when you are expecting. This is one of a kind nursery which looks quite adorable and cozy as it is being decorated using a shag carpet, an elegant chandelier.

And rose decals all over the walls making it more elegant and beautiful at the same time.

I am settled as a housewife, found writing to be my calling. Enriching, empowering and evolving through my writings I desire a better place for all. In my journey as a writer on this website I have become a more informed and compassionate person and have made new relationships in the digital world.

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How Do Muslims Observes Ramadan in The Arctic Circle Where There is no Dawn and Dusk?

Priya Verma



Ramadan in The Arctic Circle

Ramadan, which is popularly known as Ramadan among Muslims has been started earlier this month. During the observance of Ramadan, people are on severe fasting for almost a month. It’s quite strange but it’s true. They don’t drink or eat anything at all between dawn and dusk. Not only this they also refrain themselves from other pleasures too like smoking a cigarette or anything else. But have you ever wondered how do they practice Ramadan in the Arctic Circle where there is no sunset?

Read on to know about it.

In some parts of the world, people say that it is easier for them to practice Ramadan.

Some areas have exceptionally long days in summer like Scandinavia, Canada, Russia, and Alaska above the Arctic Circle, where the sun does not set for weeks at a time. Since Ramadan is tied to the lunar calendar, these places experience the opposite problem during the winter season where the sun won’t rise for more than a month.

Then what do the Muslims do when there is no sunrise or sunset to continue their fasting during the holy month of Ramadan?

Well, there is no principle or authority who can guide these people about how can they do their fasting in these areas where there is no dawn and dusk. Many people have come up with their own solution and this is ignoring the sun’s local position and following more reasonable sunrise and sunset times from another place.

For example, The Islamic Center of Northern Norway has issued a fatwa that gives Muslims the option of following the fasting hours of the holy city of Mecca when the local fasting day exceeds 20 hours.

Seeing this decision, The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America made a similar rule for Muslims that people who are living at extreme points of Alaska uses the dawn and dusk time of another country to observe their fasting where a day can be differentiated from the night.

“One more new rule came into existence after this by The Council of Senior Scholars in Saudi Arabia who has decided that Muslims living in a region where sun does not set in summer and does not rise in winter should observe their fasting hours based on the sunrise and sunset timing of the closest country in which night can be distinguished from day.”

So, basically, Muslims perform their holy Ramadan on the basis of principles and rulings made by the senior authorities in the areas where there is no dawn and dusk observed.

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Switch To The Heart Healthy Drink- Red Wine

Satendra Kashyap



Red Wine

Do you know that red wine is a heart-healthy drink? Medical experts might not encourage you to drink red wine if there was a family history of alcohol abuse in the past. Studies and research conducted by modern Universities across the world have revealed that red wine has a magical ingredient called resveratrol that helps in boosting cardiovascular health and reduces the levels of harmful cholesterol from the body.

Good for mental health as well

A glass of red wine every day helps you to improve mental health as well. There is evidence that a glass of red wine has improved the cognitive ability in people that suffer from depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and other ailments. In the case of Alzheimer’s the damage to the cells is reduced. It also has been seen that regular consumption of red wine reduces depression. However, here again, moderation is the key.Healthcare experts say this does not mean that you indulge yourself in too much red wine daily. You should drink in moderation, and if you have diabetes, it is always prudent to ask your doctor before daily consumption. Generally, red wine is safe for both men and women. The latter is advised to drink one glass of wine daily compared to two glasses of wine for men daily.

Wine can be great gifts as well

Wine is a superpower health drink, and when it comes to your loved ones, you can always give them wine gift sets that are available in the market. You can ask wine merchants to help you choose the right brand. You can also choose wine concierge services that help you get a personalized touch when it comes to wine tasting and selection.

Red wine versus white wine

When it comes to choosing wine, you will find that red wine has several advantages over white wine because it is packed with more vitamins and minerals. However, if you are counting calories, white wine has lesser calories. The differences are however subtle, and you can opt for either white wine or red wine depending upon your preferences and taste.

Red wine is richer in flavor

Red wine is produced from the darker variants of grapes and has a very rich flavor compared to white wine. When you drink wine, make sure you read the label of the bottle first as it is good to know the source of the wine. The experience of drinking wine is more enjoyable when you know your wine. If you are a first-time drinker, make sure that you never fill the wine glass to its brim. Leave some space in the wine glass to swirl the wine around and sniff it before you drink it.

Every wine has a distinct aroma and when you drink wine from its glass, hold the stem so that the heat from your hands do not interfere with the wine’s temperature. You should know how to relish your wine slowly.

Last but not least, make sure that the wine you buy is from a good shop. Wine drinking is an experience that not only makes you healthy but calms the senses as well.

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Some of The Secrets Used by The Supermarkets About Which You Might not be Aware of




Secrets Used by The Supermarkets

Nowadays, you will find many of the supermarkets and grocery stores around you. But have you ever wondered that what all tricks do they use in their superstores to lure their customers which make us buy more and giving them a greater profit? They make use of clever tricks which we can’t imagine such as the positioning of items on the shelf according to the buyer’s behaviour, not putting a wall clock in a store so that you buy more without looking at the time, manipulation of expiry date on the items to sell them off and many more.

Have a look at some of the tricks used by the supermarkets mentioned below.

1. Grocery store owners put their tricks best to persuade us to shop more

Most of the companies or local grocery stores nowadays make use of marketing tricks to increase their sales and to grow profit. Things which they do prompt us to buy more like they keep most of the things on the shelf closer so that we do not have any difficulty to pick up them and we buy easily.

Moreover, some companies also put their dairy section at a place where you have to walk long to get them knowing that it’s a necessity.

2. Their brilliant way of items positioning in the store

Everything in a store you find is kept at an appropriate place. Like, you must have seen that whenever you go for shopping at high-end malls, they keep some goodies in mini packs to attract buyers to purchase them instantly and seriously most of us fall in this trap.

And other thing they follow is the brilliant positioning of items kept in the store like beautiful colours, cereals at a lower position to attract kids and expensive items are kept at an adult’s eye level to impulse them.

3. Don’t ever believe on the expiration date listed on the items

The first thing that you pay attention to is the expiration date of the item that you are planning to buy. But be aware most of the stores are fooling us by changing the dates just to sell off the item which is ethically wrong.

4. Most of the supermarkets don’t use clocks

Have you ever wondered why do these supermarkets don’t make use of wall clocks at their stores? This is because they want their customers to spend more time in the store which will ultimately lead you to purchase more even when you don’t want to.

5. Makes use of water so that veggies look new and fresh

Most of the supermarkets use this trick to assure us that the veggies and fruits that they are selling are not old. They spray water on the veggies so that they look fresh for a long time which is actually not correct as it makes veggies and fruits spoil faster.

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