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6 Most Inspiring Gender Neutral Baby Nurseries For Expecting Mothers




Neutral Baby Nurseries For Expecting Mothers

Decorating a baby nursery can be so tiring and absolute fun at the same time. With the plenty of ideas going out in your mind while decorating the cutest nursery before your baby arrives, one can opt for a simple and elegant style to decorate your baby’s nursery by incorporating the style of your home with some matching decorations.

But no one nowadays prefers using those simple ideas while decorating a nursery by just painting their plain room wall using different colours. These days most of the expecting parents want to give their baby a perfectly decorated room which looks no more than a dream to them.

Here in this article, we have curated some of the beautiful baby nursery ideas to find inspiration while setting up a nursery for your little one.

1. Bold Wallpaper Inspired Nursery

This is a kind of nursery for your small kids which are inspired by Bold Wallpapers. You can use any kind of wallpapers that are soothing and elegant for your baby child be it a baby girl or a boy. It can be created using the ceilings of your room by sticking wallpapers of your choice on the walls around the crib.

One can also make this nursery interesting by using animal stickers like giraffe or zebras that will enhance the look of your baby nursery. The nursery is otherwise a gender neutral which is perfect for both a baby boy and a baby girl.

2. Farmhouse Inspired Nursery


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You can make use of some light wood accessories to give your baby nursery a very modern and rustic feel. The wooden wall would look beautiful with the one-of-a-kind barn-door crib.

In addition to this, the room can nicely be decorated by using some natural or artificial plants, a decorative ladder with the matching colour of your room along with a cute quilt. This kind of nursery for your baby is literally to die for.

3. Alphabet Inspired Nursery

One of the perfect baby nurseries to inspire expecting mothers. One can add some pictures of cute animals, flying objects and some whimsical wallpaper around to enhance its cuteness.

Topping on some alphabetical letters would add an educational element to your kids’ nursery.

4. Dreamy nursery

This is one of those cute baby nurseries which can blow your mind away. You can add a touch of interest on the wall surrounding your baby by creating dots on the wall all over.

This gender neutral nursery looks like a minimalist’s dream which could be a dream for any baby.

5. Sparkly Gold Nursery

This gold-toned nursery is a perfect gender neutral nursery for any baby whether girl or boy. This is a perfect option to opt for when you do not have any idea about the gender of your child when you are expecting.

You can add delicate and light furniture to impart a feeling of a natural look.

6. Rose Theme Nursery


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Who would not love the concept of this cute baby nursery which is perfect for your little one when you are expecting. This is one of a kind nursery which looks quite adorable and cozy as it is being decorated using a shag carpet, an elegant chandelier.

And rose decals all over the walls making it more elegant and beautiful at the same time.

I am settled as a housewife, found writing to be my calling. Enriching, empowering and evolving through my writings I desire a better place for all. In my journey as a writer on this website I have become a more informed and compassionate person and have made new relationships in the digital world.

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8 Beautiful Flight Attendant Uniforms From Different Airlines Worldwide






There are a number of airlines around the world. Each of them has a different and unique dress code. Pilots’ uniform and flight attendant’s uniform look really impressive. Where pilots usually have similar uniforms, air hostess’ uniform varies.

So today we have gathered 8 different types of uniforms of different airlines to share with you.

1. Singapore Airlines

The uniform of the female flight attendants of Singapore Airlines is famous worldwide. They have an elegant, stylish yet traditional iconic outfits for the female cabin crew.

We would call it the prettiest uniform ever, since it is colourful and very trendy, too. The uniform looks very unconventional though it is a traditional one.

2. Thai Airways

Next on the list is uniform of Thai Airways. This one too is of traditional designing. The uniform is in purple to a pink shade. They actually have a dull uniform. They have to wear a purple outfit outside the plane and change into traditional Thai dress while inside the plane.

3. Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines

via: MaryHop

Their uniform has a very decent and unique look. And they have strict guidelines to wear it, such as the position of the hat, how to fold the scarf. Also, they are not allowed to wear the uniform outside the duty.

4. Air Canada Rouge

This uniform stands out for its fun and creative look. Like the cool culture of Canada, the uniform of the airline is also cool. They have burgundy to grey hipsters paired with a red top, and a very cool scarf to tie in the neck.

5. Etihad



Similar to Emirates, this uniform also stands out for its style and colour combinations.

6. Garuda Airlines

Indonesian airline went back to the Sarong Kebaya design for the uniform after six years. They have plain solid coloured top and a batik printed sarong. They have vibrant colours like orange, turquoise and blue.

7. Aeroflot

Aeroflot’s uniform was listed as the world’s most stylish in a survey of a flight booking website. They have crisp caps and jauntily- an angled necktie.

8. Air France

Their uniform is very stylish yet elegant. Both men and women have a glamorous and decent uniform.

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7 Reasons Why Soft Drink Is The Most Harmful Thing For Your Health




Soft Drink Is Harmful for Health

We know the scorching heat and searing sun make us swear by our favourite soft drinks. The only way to beat the heat is either chilled cola or lime soda. But this is also an eternal truth that no matter how delicious they may taste they aren’t very friendly to your health. In fact, soft drinks are really harmful to our health.

This is true that all junk foods are unhealthy and we shouldn’t eat them often, but most of the people believe that soft drinks are good things to keep you cool and hydrated. And this post is to debunk this perception.

Read below why you should quit drinking soft drinks right away.

1. Soft Drinks Cause Tooth Decay

Soft drinks are sweet, this is why they serve our sweet tooth. But if they serve too much to our tooth then they sure cause a problem. Sugar present in the drinks can lead to gums and teeth disease.

2. Bad for the heart

Again sugar present in the soft drinks increases the bad fats around your heart and cause blockage in the arteries too. This can lead to changes of a heart attack.

3. Bad for your bones

Soda which is made with the help of gas actually causes harm to your bones. They lose their strength and become weaker.

4. Can lead to diabetes

Most of the soft drinks are sweet which increases the insulin level and leads to diabetes.

5. They make you obese

Soft drinks increase the intake of sugar which add extra calories and pounds to your body.

6. Soft drinks make you aggressive

According to studies, fizzy and aerated drinks make even young kids aggressive. They tend to become more violent.

7. The risk of cancer

Even if you take two or three drinks a week, it increases the risk of pancreatic cancer.

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Passport Holder: That Every Traveler Needs

Satendra Kashyap



Passport Holder

Holidays have already started! So where are you heading for a vacation this time? Vacations are supposed to be filled with lots of fun and adventure. Many people prefer to spend some alone time during vacations, while some prefer to be with their families.

Many people wait for the Christmas holidays so that they can go on a foreign tour. Foreign tours require many official formalities like Visa, Passport updating and other documentation. There are many things that should be taken along on a foreign trip.

For example, if you are headed to a beach location, then you are required to carry beach clothes for you and your family along with other accessories like sunscreen, umbrellas, mosquito repellants, etc. Similarly, if you are going to a colder location where you can expect a lot of snowfalls and rains, then you should have a different packing list. Items like warm clothes, body warmers, medicines, etc. are the probabilities on this list.

But there are a few things which are mandatory for every foreign travel irrespective of the location you are travelling. Items like your passport, important documents, etc should always accompany you on every foreign trip.

The main reason behind this is that the officials can ask you for these documents anytime. There are various amphitheatres where ID proofs are required and if you are a foreign national you need to produce your passport there.

In order to have a convenient journey, you should definitely consider buying a passport holder. What is a passport holder? Well, it is a sort of sling bag which can accommodate all your official documents mandatory during your foreign trips.

Passport holder online can be of various colours and sizes. Though, they don’t come in too big sizes as they might get inconvenient to hold on during the hectic travelling. But many people are still confused as to what is the necessity of carrying a passport holder. We have compiled some of the benefits of carrying a passport holder on your foreign trips.

We hope that these points might help you in deciding upon whether you should purchase one or not.

1. Protection

Travelling is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. When a person travels he wish to leave every stress and tension behind and live a few days freely enjoying either alone or with his family. You can choose any mode of travel, air, road or train. But the top priority for every traveller is safety.

Safeties for himself and his family and of course their passports. Carrying a passport holder is a solution to this concern of many. It’s just a small bag, which carries all the passports, credit cards and important documents which might be required anytime during your journey.

You can actually prevent any possibilities of theft or misplacing passports if you are carrying them at one place and on your shoulders all the time.

2. Simple

A passport holder is quite a simple accessory which doesn’t require any technicalities while purchasing one. You should always look for a simple bag which can have multiple pockets to accommodate the passports, cards, etc.

You can opt for some of the most elegant colours like shades of black, browns or blues. If you like some funky colours then you can go for shades of turquoise, tan, green or wild berry. Whatever your choice can be, you can get ample of options everywhere.

3. Online

You can easily order a good quality passport holder from any online stores. You need not physically go and shop it from the market. If you are into bands, you can get many good branded options as well. But if you not much into brands and wish to have a decent passport bag, then you can get that too.

4. Multipurpose

Passport holders are not only there to take care of your passports. In fact, you can actually store many other things as well. Things like credit or debit cards, local currencies, ID proofs, urgent makeup, etc. can all be easily stored in this bag. This is a multipurpose bag and you adjust your handbag items into it easily.

You can get various sizes in this category which will help you with storing all your stuff. It is better to order a passport holder considering the types and number of items you wish to store in it.

These were some simple benefits of having a passport holder. You can choose from an ample of options available online. If you wish to finalize a passport holder physically you can go and take them from a market itself.

Make sure you buy a neutral colour which can go with all your dresses and will look good in all the photos. Hope you have understood the benefits of having a good passport holder!


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