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6 Must-Have Kitchen Accessories That will Breathe Some Life into Your Household

Satendra Kashyap



Kitchen Accessories

Your kitchen is all about creativity, cooking and warmth, and by adding a few accessories, you’re only enhancing its welcoming atmosphere! All homes need an extra hint of personality, so read on for a few favourite must-have kitchen accessories that will breathe some life into your household: 

1. Reusable straw set 

Reusable straws are a bit of a modern staple these days. They’re positive for all kinds of reasons, the most important one being that they reduce the consumption of single-use plastic! Keeping a set of reusable straws in your kitchen will mean that you’re never tempted to opt for the plastic straw option when you’re out and about, whilst also giving you all the convenience of straws at home as well! Place these in a small dish or in a very delicate display vase for a fun little accessory in your kitchen. 

2. Shopping lists and planners 

A shopping list, meal planner, or diary always looks great in the kitchen! No matter the size of your household, the kitchen is always the most communal and comforting space, so making it the organisational centre of the home is only going to increase the functionality of your room. Plaster the pinboard, wall or fridge with decorative shopping lists and planning charts to add a homely yet efficient feel to the kitchen. 

3. Recipe Box 

A recipe box is a wonderfully sentimental and handy item to have in the kitchen. These look completely adorable when stacked up on shelves or popped into the cupboards, find a few in contrasting styles for a really kitsch look in the kitchen! 

4. Tea Set

Obviously, you can happily make your tea with a simple mug and kettle, but a tea set gives you all the function with some added style! You can find tea sets in all kinds of colours and looks, so be sure to choose one that suits the overall tone of your home and kitchen. You can keep your tea set on display on your countertop or in your cabinets to show it off a little! If you’re a contemporary household, look for a glass set, if you love classic looks timeless white china will do you perfectly – its all about enhancing the feel of your home! 

5. Coasters 

Coasters are most commonly found in the living or dining rooms, but they make just as much sense in the kitchen too! Coasters are a great opportunity to add a fun pop of design or colour, if they look too much you can always tuck them away when they’re not being used! Look for ornate designs and bright tones for an extra charge of life in your kitchen, or for the minimalist, look for the opposite tone to your countertop. Black marble will look striking with a white coaster to contrast it! 

6. Hourglass 

This kitchen accessory is a little more out there, but an hourglass is definitely not unheard of in the kitchen! A sand-filled hourglass is stylish, functional and very contemporary! You can use this when boiling water, cooking or brewing tea, and when it’s not in use, it looks amazingly interesting. Your kitchen should have character and charm to it, so fun little quirks like this are always a good way to fill out space a little!

These are just a few kitchen accessories that are guaranteed to bring a personal touch to your home! Each is decorative and interesting, but also highly functional, making them great for any type of household! Get exploring to find the perfect items for your kitchen.

Satendra Kashyap an Internet Marketing Coach and Search Engine Consultant for business owners. I have 9 yrs of Digital Marketing experience and can show you how to set up blogs, how to use for profit and any other external online marketing.



The Best Ways To Get A Promotion When You Teach Children With Learning Difficulties

Priya Verma



Promotion When You Teach Children

If you are working as a teacher and caring for children with learning difficulties, you might assume that after a little time in the job that you will be given a promotion. However, just because you are doing your job well doesn’t mean that you will automatically be given that promotion that you want. Just because you have worked somewhere for a long time doesn’t mean you will get it either. There are many considerations that an employer will have to make to determine who is best for the role. If you truly feel you are up for the challenge and the responsibilities of a promotion, whether it is a position as the deputy, year group leader, or team leader,

Then here are some of the things you need to be thinking about.

1. Have A Positive Attitude

Have A Positive Attitude

via: Pexels

A positive attitude at work is crucial if you want to make a good impression, and when you are teaching children with disabilities, this is even more important. The job is extremely difficult, and it can be easy to become negative at times. However, if you are always complaining about your work and actively looking for ways not to do it because you are bored or frustrated, why would your employer promote you? If you want to work in a position of responsibility, then having a positive attitude at work will help you; your boss will see that you are taking the job seriously but also that you enjoy what you do. When you combine these things, you make yourself a good candidate for promotion.

Even if there are aspects of your job that you don’t enjoy, don’t complain about them. If you feel that something needs to be changed because it’s just not working, come up with a solution and go to your boss with that rather than just going with a complaint. This will be more helpful and will look good for your promotion too.

2. Get Better Qualified

Get Better Qualified

via: Pexels

You can never know too much about any given subject, and when that subject is the sector you work in, it’s vital to keep learning to fill in any gaps in your education. There are many different ways to get this extra knowledge and many different options for you to consider. For example, you might want to gain an additional qualification in the sector you are already working in, which would enhance your chances of a promotion. As a teacher of children with disabilities, you could study for an M.Ed. in Moderate Disabilities.

Think about what you want to achieve out of your career and then work out which education options are going to suit you. Is it so that you can get a specific (promoted) job, or is it so that you can do more and show your employer just how dedicated you are? It might even be for both reasons.

3. Ask For It

your hopes and dreams

via: Pexels

Sometimes an employer just won’t know how eager you are for promotion unless you ask them for it. It can be a hard thing to talk about, especially if you are worried they might say no, but if you don’t ask, then you may be passed over simply because your employer had no idea what your hopes and dreams were.

If your employer doesn’t agree that you are the best person for the job, don’t get disheartened. Instead, ask them why they have chosen someone else and what you can do better for next time. That way, you have some goals to focus on and can ensure you are the best person for the job when promotion if offered again.

Featured image source: Edge Hill University

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5 Tips For Designing A Stylish & Practical Bathroom





Tips For Designing A Stylish Bathroom

Designing a new bathroom can be a tricky task, with the balance between the practicalities of this heavily used room and the aesthetics being hard to manage.

That being said, there are ways in which you can ensure that your new bathroom is both functional and fabulous.


From the clever use of open shelving to keeping the layout simple to utilizing texture to add depth,

Keep reading to discover the top five tips for designing a stylish and practical bathroom in 2020.

1. Ensure Everything has a Purpose

Ensure Everything has a Purpose

The bathroom is the one room in a home that needs to avoid clutter at all costs. Even if you have a fairly large space to work with, you don’t want to add too many practical or decorative items as this will simply make the room appear untidy and not conducive to relaxing.

Instead, only purchase items that will actively add value to the room such as simple storage solutions and task lighting.

2. Choose Stylish Heating Elements

Choose Stylish Heating Elements

Thankfully, radiators have come a long way in design in recent years and you can now find many super stylish and practical styles. For example, Warmrooms, a leaking radiator, and towel rail supplier sell Zehnder bathroom radiators that are known for creating design-conscious radiators that are both contemporary and innovative.

Heated towel rails are a popular option as they look great and provide a purpose, making them the ideal choice for creating a functional and attractive bathroom.

3. Opt for Tiles

Opt for Tiles

You may be considering wood, or stone such as marble, to clad your bathroom with to keep up with the latest sustainable trends. However, if you want your bathroom to last and look good, then tiles are your best option. Not only can you find tiles in numerous different designs that will suit all individual tastes, but they are also durable, water and scratch-resistant and won’t cost you a fortune to buy.

4. Storage is Key

Storage is Key in the Bathroom

Out of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is the one where storage is the most important. If you are designing a family bathroom, then you will want space to store your little ones’ toys, ideally out of sight, so that you can relax without a yellow rubber duck infringing on your personal space. Built-in storage can be a good idea for these items as then you will not be using up any vital space.

For other items that you are happy to have on show such as candles and luxury toiletries, open shelving is a good choice. Try placing shelves under your vanity countertop or next to the bath for an attractive and practical feature.

5. Embrace Textures

Embrace Textures

If you are worried your new bathroom may appear sterile and unwelcoming, then why not try adding different textures to add depth and style to the room? A well-placed rug onto your smooth tiles or luxurious linens hanging on your new heated towel rail can also work wonders to spruce up an otherwise cold-feeling bathroom.

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Pros and Cons of Letting Your Children Watch Kid’s Content on YouTube





Kid’s Content on YouTube Kids

YouTube is one of the popular websites these days to expose yourself to get any type of knowledge. It is the best place to watch content related to entertainment, music, education, hobbies, talents, and even profit. Surely, you would have visited this site already and till now you have become addicted to it. The various functions of YouTube create a dilemma in the minds of the users whether using this medium is worth using or not. And, if we talk about kids, is the content they are watching is safe for them or not?

Will it help in developing their interpersonal skills or it will retard your child’s growth. It is due to this reason; parents and guardians might be raising questions on whether they should let their children be exposed to YouTube Kids videos. Parents are concerned more where the kids are of very little age that got influenced by whatever they hear or see.

Have a look at some of the pros and cons that guardians should keep in mind in letting their kids watch kid’s videos on YouTube.


1. The videos that are made specifically for toddlers can help them easily develop their language skills

This is the easiest way in which kids can develop their language skills by watching educational videos. Youtube kids’ videos like teaching alphabets, numbers, and shapes can help kids easily remember instead of simply memorizing them. This is because kids are being entertained while learning, the span of their attention becomes longer. Moreover, the visual impact of videos is effective in teaching. Besides this, videos with songs can help toddlers develop their vocabulary and spelling.

2. Toddlers talent’s can be discovered and developed through YouTube

If toddlers keep on watching dance, music and other videos and try to copy them, their guardians might discover where they are good at. Through this, they can focus on developing that certain talent. And this may help them to discover their inner hidden talents and someday they will become great singers, dancers, actors, or models. Isn’t that a good idea?

Also read: 5 Tips To Engage Your Adolescent Children in Reading


1. Watching YouTube Videos may retard the development of a toddler’s social skills

Too much of the exposure of kids to YouTube kids videos may lessen or end the chances of your child becoming socially interactive with other kids. Keeping them away from others will make them introvert and shy. If they enjoy watching videos too much, they will choose it over interacting with other people.

2. Too much of anything may make them addicted towards it

Since toddlers are very innocent, they do not have enough wisdom to identify what’s right or what’s wrong. They do not understand when they are being addictive to something. Addiction may affect their mental and emotional development. This is why guardians should always be with their kids when they are busy watching videos on YouTube kids.

Every coin has two sides. If it’s good for you then it may also become bad for you if you get used to it. So, you need to guide your kids when they are watching kid’s content on YouTube.

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