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6 Reasons Why A Student Should Take up The Career As A Blogger




Career as a Blogger

It helps you learn new things. Blogging is about sharing ideas, knowledge, the things you see but also the things you learn over time. When you start a blog you will see that you as learning on a daily basis. If you open a blog about a niche that you have mastered, you will reach the point where you have already shared all your ideas and knowledge and you will have to learn new things about your niche to continue offering the same quality content to your readers. If you open a blog about a niche that you do not know but you like a lot, you will be learning from day 0, to share your experiences with your readers or look for Assignment Writing Service.

Whatever the case, we tell you that:

Blogging helps you learn new things all the time.

Over time you will learn to reflect deeply on any subject, you will appreciate the small differences that a normal person cannot see, you will think about the how and why of things, you will want to go further. For this Assignment help can be soul saver.

1. You will be a better writer

We agree that there are people who are born with the gift of writing well and fluently, but I also believe that this is a gift that anyone can achieve with practice, that is, writing and writing constantly. When you train, you get to a point where your body is used to a great physical effort, but what happens if you stop for a few weeks?

You cannot take as much physical effort as before, right? The same goes for writing. If you are a student do not feel stressed just sit down and the words will come out. If you want to write better, if you want to write more fluently, that the words leave your mind without having to work so hard, it is a matter of practice.

A blog helps you build your strength, stop being shy, help you admit and improve your weak side. Thanks to the conversations that you generate in the comments of your articles you learn to listen to the compliments of your readers while maintaining humility and feet on the ground, you also learn to receive criticism without losing your calm.

2. You can earn money

If you are part of the thousands of people who are wondering if you can make money with a blog, my answer is very direct and short: YES!

3. It can become your Hobby

If you have too much free time and are constantly browsing the web, you should consider opening a blog. Soon you will become addicted to it (in a good way), and you will start to learn a lot of things. So if you’re bored at the moment, what are you waiting for? You will live a lot of good and new experiences, you have nothing to lose.

4. It helps you improve your writing and argumentation skills

Writing on a blog has a great impact on your writing, argumentation and communication skills. The more you write, the easier it becomes. Maybe you’ve heard a lot about blogs, and ask yourself “what’s the fuss?” Here I present some that you will find interesting.

6 reasons for students to create a blog and chose it as a career:

1. Search engines love blogs

Suppose you have your website, without a blog. The pages of your site will be indexed in the search engines, which are counted. In addition, by publishing periodically, you will be alerting the search engines that you are active and must check your site frequently to detect fresh content.

In fact, 70% of the traffic that receives each month comes from posts of previous months. According to this managing to attract the traffic 6 times more is what it does. Hence, the importance of writing posts that have long-term validity.

2. Blogs generate trust

This sense, the strategy of creating a blog is especially useful for commercial advisers in their social selling process since it provides them with the necessary tools to approach their prospects and create relationships based on trust.

Therefore, in addition to creating legitimate and credible content, it is important to keep the conversation alive with the readers of the blog, answering their questions and listening carefully to their concerns.

3. Blogs help generate leads

We already talked about how blogs help attract traffic to your website. What if you could convert those new visitors into leads? By placing calls to action, you will motivate your visitors to download free and interesting content in exchange for information.

It can be an e-book, a webinar, a free trial period or whatever you want. Whatever you offer, the information of your readers should be valid.

4. Blogs are the voices of brands

Blogs are the places where the personality of the product shines since that is where they can speak with their own voice and talk directly with their audience.

5. Blogs keep you updated

Having a blog requires discipline. You must write constantly, which forces you to keep up to date on issues relevant to your industry. It also brings you closer to your audience, allowing you to meet their true needs, which definitely takes you one step ahead of your non-blogging competitors.

6. You can create a blog without a lot of money

Blogs are very efficient in terms of costs since you do not need to make a large investment to create them and they produce long-term results. You also do not need to be a professional designer, since there are predetermined templates that you can take advantage of.

The most important investment you must make to make your blog successful is time. You must keep your blog active, which requires a judicious and constant work of research, planning, creation, distribution, and measurement.

Siddharth Kashyap loves crafting content and sharing information about technology and business. Since the world mainly revolves around, business growth, and technological advancements, you can always find her delved into the digital world.


AutoZone How To Install Headlight Bulbs

Satendra Kashyap



AutoZone How To Install Headlight Bulbs

Keep your headlights working efficiently to stay safe on the road. A dim or burned-out light is easy to replace on your own with the right parts. Use a VIN lookup tool to find the best replacement bulbs that fit your make and model of vehicle.

Choose the Right Bulbs

First, be sure you have the correct replacement type. Your local auto parts store or online tools are available to help you find the right type. There are many other factors to consider when choosing a bulb type:

  • Color temperature
  • Throw distance
  • Bulb life
  • Brand
  • HID or LED lighting

Consider replacing both bulbs at once. This will ensure your headlights match and offer a clear field of vision as you drive.

Use Safety Gear

Once you’ve picked up your replacement bulbs, find a flat, dry surface to change your bulbs. Be sure you have plenty of lighting and that your vehicle is turned off before you begin. It’s a good idea to wear safety gloves and goggles, as you’ll be working inside your engine compartment. The exact tools you need vary, but you may need a ratchet or screwdriver.

Identify High and Low Beam Design

Some vehicles use the same bulb for high and low beams, while others have separate bulbs. Check your vehicle to see which is the case and be sure to pick up the correct replacement headlight bulbs for your burned-out headlight.

Access Your Headlight Assembly

Replacing your headlight requires a few steps, but these steps vary depending on your make and model of vehicle. It’s a good idea to talk to an auto parts expert or consult your owners manual to ensure you follow the correct steps.

Typically, you’ll need to remove the headlight assembly from the rear. This usually requires removing a few screws or nuts.  You may have to remove the wheel well covering or other casing to access the headlight assembly. In some cases, you’ll need to remove an air filter housing, coolant reservoir or even your battery.

Remove Your Old Bulb

Once you’ve gained access to your headlight assembly, the bulb is attached with a clip. Carefully remove the plug without damaging the bulb. You may need to gently leverage the clip with a tool, as it can sometimes be quite firm.

After removing the clip, the old bulb should pull directly out. Some have tabs that need to line up, so you may need to turn the bulb counterclockwise before removal. Be sure to properly dispose of your lightbulb.

Replace Your Headlight

Don’t touch new light bulbs with your bare hands. The natural oils on your hands can damage a bulb. If your work gloves have oil or grease from the process so far, it may be a good idea to swap them out for clean gloves. Place the new bulb into the socket and, if necessary, make a clockwise quarter turn.

Now it’s time to replace all the components and test out your new headlights. If the new bulb doesn’t work, you may have a wiring issue that caused your old bulb to fail. Search online or speak to your local auto parts store professionals to learn more about how to replace headlight bulb and other DIY maintenance tips.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping Advised Citizens Not To Handshake Or Hug While Greeting People To Avoid Getting Infected With Coronavirus




We already know how China is going through a bad phase where everyone is getting infected through the spread of contagious Wuhan Coronavirus. It is showing no signs of stopping, even the medical authorities are trying their best so that they do not get affected by this virus. Since the disease is infectious, it is spreading like a bush in the fire. People are getting infected through human contact and also through the air, causing pneumonia-like symptoms that are getting detected late, which is, in turn, causing severe breathing issues and even death.

People are strongly advised to avoid any kind of human contact. Even they are advised not to travel and stay indoors in a self-administered quarantine.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is asking people to avoid handshakes or hugs while greeting people

Coronavirus in China

via: Pang Xinglei/Xinhua/Getty Images

Recently, the Chinese President, Xi Jinping visited a hospital in Beijing where he met people who are struggling with the Coronavirus. He was seen wearing a mask and asking people about their lives and wishing them good fortune and health during such difficult times.

While talking to the citizens, he mentioned that they must avoid themselves from shaking hands as our hands are the body parts that often go towards our mouth and nose which increases the chances of spreading the Coronavirus entering our body.

Spreading of the virus through close contact

Spreading of the Coronavirus

via: Alex Plavevski/EPA,/ Shutterstock

A study conducted by Zhang N and Li Y from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, at the University of Hong Kong, has already proven that Influenza A virus has a 45 % chance of spreading through close-contact routes like hugs, handshakes, etc.

So amidst Coronavirus outbreak, if you had to meet someone, how would u greet them? Obviously, not by doing hugs or handshakes. Instead of these, you can try saying simple hello in which you will get infected by the virus.

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Perfect time greet people with Namaste

Perfect time greet people with Namaste

In such a scary situation, the best way to greet is with a warm and desi ‘Namaste’. Not only is it a perfect form of greeting people, but it will also help you to avoid getting infected by the virus by doing human contact. ‘Namaste’ is a popular way of greeting people which is recognized in the whole world among the people.

If not ‘Namaste’ then you can also try bowing in front of people like Japan, China, and Nepal among others.

Doing Namaste isn’t enough, you also need to avoid stepping out of your house

avoid stepping out of your house

It is strongly advised to people that they should not step out of their houses unless very necessary. Try to wear a mask at all times both indoors and outdoors. It will help you a lot in saving you against the virus.

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What can you do to avoid getting infected with this virus?

wash your hands nicely

via: Pexels

Now you know how contagious this virus is. You need to be very careful all the time. You need to wash your hands nicely before eating and at regular intervals is of utmost importance.

In the world of Coronavirus, try to stay safe and secure. Consult a doctor immediately to get it treated immediately if you think you’ve got it.

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A Swift Understanding Of Tools Used In Stock Marketing




Stock Marketing

If you are planning to step in the realm of stocks then you have to be ready for everything. You have to make sure that you understand the things and then begin to move forward. You cannot simply do the conjecture once you are in the realm of stock marketing. Share are complicated and can become absolutely notorious as well if you are not careful.

In the present era tools like Zerodha brokerage calculator are absolutely effective in helping you in taking the decisions. You can make a decision that is calculative and efficient. You have to be careful about what is going on in financial marketing and what you can do about it. There is no doubt that mathematics and statistical methods are quickly taking over. Since there are so many difficulties in the stocks and all; it is time that you take the assistance of tools or if possible have the help of professionals.

Remember there can always be a day when the share cost is up, and there can also be days when it might be down. But over time, if you look at the movement of the stock price, you might get to understand trends and patterns arise. The study of these types of chart patterns and trends in stock prices is known as stocks’ technical analysis. Once you have understood and well-read these types of technical analysis, you are going to be in the position to understand the massive role that technical indicators possess.

What do you know by indicators?

In case a person has done the research on a firm, evaluate their balance sheets and taken into consideration the P/E ratios and different projections. Of course, such thoroughness is absolutely important when trading stocks.  But for making the most of the potential for return, one has to make sure that he is not neglecting the position of technical indicators in the trading arsenal.  However, in case you are using tools like calculator and so on; these might help you extensively in dealing with everything.

What do experts need to say?

Professional and seasoned traders do feel and believe that the foremost thing any trader should know about a market is its trend. A market can only do three common things – it could go up, it might drop down, and it can also get oblique. Here, trend Lines are important trading instruments for categorizing and settling the directions of the trend. These can also prove to be absolutely helpful in predicting the zones of support and hostility and backing traders get vital chart movements and important price points.

Meaning of trend line?

If you are a new person to this trade marketing and stock then it is vital for you to know it. A trend line is a straight line and it links up a sequence of price points. The more price points a line taps, the securer and better significant the trend line is clear to be. As a rule of thumb, it takes a minimum of three diverse points to approve a valid trend line.


So, if you can use the tools in the right manner, you might never fall victim to any shallow trade or stock.

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