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Learn the 6 Truths About the Importance of Communication Between Family Members




6 Truths About the Importance of Communication Between Family Members

A family solely flourishes with love, care, and compassion. And to keep these emotions flowing, communication plays a vital role. A home is built with people staying in it. Else it will solely remain a place built with blocks. t is the only way to nurture healthy, and fruitful relationships between family members. Researches have revealed that effective communication is the essential building block of strong relationships between family members. Communication is the key and essential instrument in bonding people within a family.

Communication refers to not only verbal but also non-verbal. Communication also involves the ability to pay attention to what others are thinking and feeling. Communication as a channel creates an open and honest atmosphere that allows family members to express their differences as well as Mother love and admiration for one another. Most of the unavoidable situations can be averted through the mode of communication, which at times arises in the family.

Communication within the family is extremely important, as it encourages one to share and discuss crucial issues, and get the resolution. Communication within the family should not be routine. Frequent and casual communication, not only helps you to express your feelings exactly but also encourages others to talk. Mutual communication helps people to grow in the affectionate relationship with each other.

According to the variety of conversation we conduct, it has been divided into categories. Let’s explore these categories below. Each of these styles has benefits and disadvantages.

So the communicator has to choose wisely, which category needs to be chosen when according to the styles of communication.

1. Strive to be gentle and Precise

Strive to be gentle and Precise

Being polite, gentle and precise is the rule applicable to any communication, so is to family communication. It should not be left for the other member to interpret. Being calm and gentle when you communicate is helpful to invite the attention and action of others. Leaving blanks, and assuming others to understand invites for an argument, not the solution.

Do not beat around the bush and make others unknown of the messages which you intend to pass. Especially with children, being very very gentle to pass on the message. Thoughtless words said in anger, only intensifies the atmosphere. Avoid getting into that.

2. Frequency should never be broken

Frequency should never be broken

Due to hectic lifestyle these days, it is difficult to carve out time for family members and indulge in meaningful conversation. It is extremely important to find out creative ways to make time to communicate. Healthy families communicate their thoughts and feelings and make the most of their family time. This is especially important when attempting to resolve problems that arise between family members. It contributes majorly to creating intimacy and emotional bonding.

One should not wait for opportunities to speak with members of the family. There should be this much liberty to be oneself and speak their heart and mind out. Casual communication not only encourages to express your feelings exactly but also paves way for others to talk. Mutual communication helps people to grow in an affectionate relationship with each other.

3. More than words

non-verbal communication


Communication need not necessarily always be being vocal. It is more than a verbal expression. Even the presence, communicates a lot. Many a time, non-verbal communication conveys a lot, even more than verbal. Use of gestures of affection lavishly has the magic of making one understand the feelings and intentions of the individual.

A hug, a thumbs-up, a kiss, a pat, hand holding, let the other person the meaning behind the expression. Even at times of speaking, in a bit of loud pitched voice, be precise and help them understand the message.

4. Spread the Positivity

Spread the Positivity

Be it personal or professional, positive approach to any issue leads the conversation in the right direction. Even while correcting someone, keep the approach positive. It will be much more influencing and effective. Keep the communication encouraging, supporting, soothing, and appreciating.

Negativity in any relationship will destroy the warmth. Sarcastic communication between family members always resorts to diminishing respect and trust levels. It destroys the mood of the talk and forces members to withdraw themselves deliberately from family communications.

5. Honesty takes the lead

Honesty takes the lead

Parents should lead by example by providing a safe environment that allows family members to openly express their thoughts and feelings. Honesty and openness and honesty precisely sets the stage for trusting relationships. Lack of trust will eventually create a dent in building a strong relationship. Be open and utterly honest with family members.

6. Be an Active Listener

Be an Active Listener

To understand other’s point of view is of prime importance in having healthy conversations between family members. You must acknowledge and respect the other person’s perspective.

Encouraging talks more often provides for fresh ideas and concepts, which otherwise loses an opportunity. Seeking clarity and getting the message conveyed in the most fruitful manner, leads to healthy discussions.

All Above Images Source: Pixabay

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How To Dress For A Career In Law?




How To Dress For A Career In Law?

Expectations. We all have them. No matter the topic, our expectations are robust and unwavering – which is good news, really, because that means we’re a discerning bunch capable of spotting a fraud a mile off. We know what things should look like and if they don’t, we raise an eyebrow. Expectations are therefore necessarily great, for reasons of protecting our own interests. This is nothing new, of course. Charles Dickens knew Expectations to be great and wrote a book about it. Although, I can’t seem to remember the title (haha – no really, that was a joke, don’t lose faith in me just yet!).

Back to the point. Expectations are essential. They tell us what fits the bill, and what doesn’t. If you want to be successful in life, you have to give the people what they want – not what you think is the right way or what you think they need, but what they desire. For example, if you were to walk into a car dealership to see a poodle wearing a sash that read “salesperson of the month, ask me anything” you might try your luck elsewhere. And if you were to walk into a law firm to see your hired legal practitioner playing indoor golf while in beachwear and a cape, you might think “oops, my mistake” and seek representation elsewhere. With that in mind,

Let’s look at how to dress for a career in law (see this law firm to get more of an idea of what to expect in the law industry).

A wardrobe of options

We’ll get to the differences between expected ‘legal attire’ for men and women in a moment. First, a note on changing clothes backstage – because you may need to do it (a lot). Depending on your planned meetings for the day, and depending on whether you’re going to be in the office, in court, visiting clients, or any combination of the above, you’re going to have to change your clothes. Keep spare sets of clothes in a backroom or even in your car. You won’t regret it.

Try to gauge it – ask yourself, who am I meeting? Do I know them well, and if so, how do they normally dress? This doesn’t mean you have to mimic their style but if they are very casual it could give you a bit more leeway – the likelihood is they won’t expect you to turn up in a three-piece suit.

However, if you’re unsure, it is probably best to overdress than underdress, as dressing smartly has a whole set of positive connotations in the world of law – you mean business, and you want your clothing to reflect this. You want people to take you seriously, which they might struggle too if you rock up in an old, stained t-shirt and short-shorts.

When it comes to hair, makeup and piercings it’s best to keep it pretty simple – neutral is the way forward here, and if you think about it, how many lawyers do you know with rainbow hair and facial piercings? Unfortunately, you are quite restricted in this sense but you can always save your wackier styles for the weekend.

Women’s legal attire

Women’s legal attire

via: Lawyer Monthly

Let’s start with the obvious. Suits and blouses and business shoes. That’s home. Avoid halter tops and stretch pants and other casual wear. Knit tops, V-neck sweaters with a blouse, and turtlenecks or cardigans may also be acceptable as long as, again, the style is not too casual.

Men’s legal attire

Men’s legal attire

via: Pexels

For men, stick to collars. Avoid tee-shirts. Avoid denim. Avoid anything in the casual or smart-casual category, including sports shoes, shorts, and anything sporting a large logo. This pretty much means stick to suits and business shoes, but slacks and khakis paired with V-neck sweaters or cardigans work too.

Featured image source: USA Network

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Top 10 Luxurious Celebrity Houses To Inspire You





Luxurious Celebrity Houses

We have already seen beautiful and unusual houses but this time we have got something different to inspire you with. Everyone wants a perfect luxurious house so do our celebs. So here is the list of top 10 luxurious celebrity houses that will inspire you to give your house a makeover.

Check the list of Luxurious Celebrity Houses

1. Madonna’s Ashcombe Villa

Madonna's Ashcombe Villa

via: Pinterest/ Vogue

The pop queen’s house is named Ashcombe Villa is in England. The entire house is not less than a palace. She has a fully equipped luxurious villa. The best place for her to have high-class parties that she loves. But the house is located where she can have utter peace and harmony.

2. Ashton Kutcher’s house

Ashton Kutcher's House

Image courtesy of Trulia

Kutcher and his wife own a multimillion dollars house in Beverly Hills. The house has an elegant look and is spread over a huge area.

3. Justin Timberlake Penthouse

Timberlake owns a huge penthouse at Soho Mews in New York City. His house values about $7.6 million.

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4. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston’s house-made many headlines for being renovated and expenditure that she does on it. The house pretty huge and worth admiring.

5. Jerry Seinfeld’s house

His house cost him $32 million. He refers to his house as “laid back”. We think it is because of the huge property area.

6. Tiger Woods’ Florida house

Can you believe that Woods owns a $62 million house in Florida? The house is spread over a huge area and looks absolutely spectacular.

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7. Rihanna’s Barbados home

Rihanna's Barbados home

via: YouTube

Her house is our favourite. Look at the royal settlement that she has got for herself. Rihanna has a few mansions in LA and Aspen but her most amazing home is the one Barbados.

8. Jennifer Lopez’s Hamptons Mansion

Her house in Hamptons is actually a $10 million mansion. Her property is big enough that a stalker once hid in her pool area for about a week in 2013.

9. Katy Perry’s Hollywood Hill Home

She has a number of houses but her sole residence is in Hollywood Hills, which is a huge palace-like mansion.

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10. Britney Spears

Her house cost $8.5 million, and located in Thousand Oaks in the Valley, California.

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8 Most Cruel Incidence of Genocide Ever Happened on The Earth

Satendra Kashyap



Cruel Incidence of Genocide

To those who do not understand what the term genocide refers to, should know that it is an act of mass killing of a group of people this is an attempt to eradicate humans by other humans. Raphael Lemkin who was a Jewish lawyer coined the term “genocide”. Lemkin actually spent his life advocating to recognize the term genocide. You all must be aware of the holocaust against the Jews, but this never seemed to stop after that. As we have with us today some brutal acts of genocide that did happen on earth after the Holocaust.

Read below about the list that tells about the brutal mass killing

1. Mao’s Great Lead Forward

Mao’s Great Lead Forward

via: A crowd of citizens pushes toward government station selling rice very cheap. Bettmann/Getty Images

Founder of the People’s Republic of China, Mao Zedong led the “great leap forward” that caused 30 million framers to starve to death.

2. Genocide in Bangladesh

Genocide in Bangladesh

via: The official Mujibnagar website

History records a very brutal case of genocide in Bangladesh in 1971. Authoritarians with other groups murdered and raped millions of people.

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3. Al- Anfal Genocide

Al- Anfal Genocide

via: Tes

About 180,000 Kurds – 70 percent of people were killed during the reign of Saddam Hussein.

4. Yazidi genocide

Yazidi genocide

via: Reuters/ Rodi Said

The brutality of militants in Iraq and Syria actually wiped out the minority Yazidi from Iraq and Syria.

5. Guatemalan genocide (Silentholocaust)

Guatemalan genocide

via: Reuters/ Carlos Barria

Also refers as the Mayan genocide, was the massacre of Maya civilians between 1960 and 1996 by the Guatemalan military government in one of their operations.

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6. Srebrenica massacre

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Serb forces attacked the people in the town of Srebrenica. In four days up to 8000 people were killed.

7. Armenian Genocide

In 1915, Armenians living in the Ottoman Empire we killed by the Turkish government. Villages were burnt and Armenians were sunk in the Black sea. Not just that people were also poisoned.

8. Cambodian genocide

Cambodian genocide

via: YouTube

Khmer Rouge aimed to create a new agrarian utopia and in four years of his reign in Cambodia 2 million people were killed.

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Featured image source: ThePrint

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