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6 Utmost Necessity Pieces of Clothing Inspired By Celebs You Should Add in Your Wardrobe




Clothing Inspired By Celebs

One may have a closet full of clothes yet every time before stepping out of the home what to wear is a million dollar question. It happens so many times that you do not go to an event because you think that you do not have the best outfit to wear. Fashion keeps on changing and every time you cannot keep buying but then the stores simply attract you, so how do you manage to look style icon every time you step out of the house.

Thus to solve this national crisis here are few staples that should be in your wardrobe and these styles have been taken from our celebs so they cannot go wrong;

1. The basic white tee Inspired by Priyanka Chopra


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One rule that you always need to follow is that a white tee can never go wrong. It is the most versatile option of dressing and can go for any occasion or with any lowers or jackets and can instantly radiate your face. It is difficult to manage a spotless shining white tee but then the results devoted in it are totally worth your while.

The pair is with blue denim, or flared skirt or with a long maxi dress, the results will always amaze you. A big statement neckpiece with white tee can instantly get you ready for the party and remove it to attend college.

2. LBD (The Little Black Dress) Inspired by Disha Patani

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The Little Black Dress or LBD is a must-have in the wardrobe of any girl irrespective of her age. Wear it as it is or with big earrings or with a long contrasting jacket or with a scarf each look will be different and worth the sight of viewers. For the winter rescue, you can even pair it with pantyhose and sneakers and look ravishing.

3. Black Blazer Inspired by Kareena Kapoor Khan


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The black blazer can take your look from casual to formal just with the way you carry it. Wear it with a pencil skirt or formal pants for a formal look or pair it with ripped denim for the casual look or with a short skirt and white tee with a belt for the club look. The options are limitless just go as per the need of the occasion.

4. White Button Down Shirt Inspired by Katrina Kaif


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You need to have this if heading for a corporate meeting or for your first date, this is the best option. Wear it with trousers for the board meeting and with denim for the first date, you will definitely leave a mark with this piece.

With the white button down shirt all alone seduce your man in the next beach vacation and trust me it can never go wrong.

5. Blue Denim Inspired by Kangana Ranaut

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The blue denim can never go wrong. It is the most comfortable and stylish outfit ion your wardrobe, that can last for days without a wash and give the best fit to you. Wear it while travelling, watching cinema or just for the girls meet it will never let you down.

6. The sneakers Inspired by Harleen Sethi


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The sneakers are the need for all reason and season. Wear it to your office with pants or with your saree or with the tunic you will stun the look with it.

These were a few foolproof style staples that should be there in your wardrobe.

When life gives you questions, find the answers, and my write-up helps me to do this. I have thoughts and observe what happens around and this is my journey of accomplishing the task of travelling from thoughts and observations to words.

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7 Fashion Tips and Tricks from Pro stylists Which will help you to Look Trendy and Stylish This Year





Fashion Tips and Tricks from Pro stylists

Who doesn’t want to look stylish all the time? I bet everyone wants to look beautiful and feel more stylish and confident by the clothes they wear and the style they carry. But it’s pretty natural that everyone is not born stylish or they have a unique sense of styling themselves. But don’t worry we have got you covered. You can follow these fashion pro tips mentioned here if you want to remain in style this year.

By going through these fashion tips you will be able to develop your sense of style.

1. Try to use statement pieces to better emphasize yourself


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A post shared by INDIAN INFLUENCERS WORLD (@indianinfluencersworld) on

Fashion Designer, Aurora James says that always try to purchase those fashion items and accessories which feels like an extension of yourself. This way you will feel more confident, stylish and comfortable.

2. Add up a belt to get a put-together look


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A post shared by Hiba Nawab (@hibanawab) on

According to Fashion and Lifestyle editor, Genevieve Yraola adding a textured, embellished and coloured belt is one of the fastest and better ways to elevate the look of your casual outfit.

3. Make the most of your bag by tying a funky print scarf


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A post shared by Upswing Shopping (@upswingshopping) on

Fashion Stylist, Genevieve Yraola truly recommends that if you want to change the look of your not so stylish bag, then you can style it up in your own way by tying up your favourite funky printed scarf on it.

4. Try to get out of your comfort zone by trying something new

Try to get out of your comfort zone

via: Wallup

If you are in a habit of wearing only flats, then it’s a time for you to try and wear a pair of heels at least once a week. Getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new would boost your self-confidence said by stylist-turned-jeweller Jennifer Fisher.

She said that she prefers to wear pants but she has decided to try wearing more skirts and dresses this year to try as they are much easier to put them in the morning as compared to skinny-fitted pants.

5. Go shopping for yourself alone if you trust your choice

Jennifer Fisher also advised doing shopping solo because maybe sometimes your friends could not give you proper advice related to your shopping. So, it’s better to shop alone and trust your gut and purchase whatever you feel is good and will compliment your whole look.

6. Opt for those trends which are going to remain for a while

Fashion Director, Lisa Aiken recommends that smart and casual trousers, button-down shirts and sharp blazers will be on the runways for several seasons ahead. This is because they are a trend and can be paired with almost anyone be it denim, blazers or a full pantsuit.

7. Flaunt your curves if you have it


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A post shared by Sheishey (@isheela_es) on

Fashion Designer, Tanya recommends and encourages all the women to show off their body as much as they like to. Moreover, they should dress up according to their body type which will undoubtedly complement their body as well as their look.

So, what are you waiting for if you have got those curves and booty, show them off? Tanya recommends that you can wear short skirts and dresses with a nipped-in waist to highlight your beautiful figure.

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7 Super Sexy Backless Blouse Designs To Fuel Up Your Entire Look





Super Sexy Backless Blouse Designs

Nowadays, no one likes to wear the old fashioned blouse designs with full collars or simple round neck piece of blouses. We want blouses with lots of heavy embroideries, sequins work and patches all over it which makes them even more trendy and fashionable. And, of course, they grace up your look too when your pair up with your favourite saree.

Backless blouses have become extremely popular in today’s fashionable world. They just perfectly complement up your whole look. And, if you add some tassels or Lankans on the back of your blouse, it makes it even more gorgeous and graceful. You can wear them with any heavy work saree when you go for a wedding occasion or an anniversary party.

Just give a look at top 7 trendy backless blouse designs for saree.

1. Back Slit Blouse Design

Back Slit Blouse Design

via: Pinterest

This blouse will be an ideal choice if you want to show up your gorgeous back. It is the perfect choice for almost every woman, especially during the summer season. As they are pretty comfortable and light, wind passes through them. They are available in almost every pattern and design in the market. If you want a bit sassy and classy look, you can go for a floral print back design.

2. Chinese Collar Blouse Design

Chinese Collar Blouse Design

via: Pinterest

This trendy blouse can be another addition in your wardrobe. This blouse looks very simple yet elegant. From upside, it is close to your neck. And the cute over the blouse makes it even more beautiful and sensuous.

3. V-Shaped Indian Back Neck Blouse Design

V-Shaped Indian Back Neck Blouse Design

via: Pinterest

This open back blouse is an excellent and modern interpretation of old school 70s blouse back neck designs. It looks very contemporary and chic when styled up with either plain or heavy embroidered saree.

4. Polka Dot Blouse Back Neck Design

Polka Dot Blouse Back Neck Design

via: Pinterest

This is one of the most loved blouses among the rest. It is one of those retro blouse back neck designs that would help you add elegance to your entire look, whether you go to a wedding ceremony or any other event. This is a perfect option to style yourself.

5. All sheer back design for your blouse

All sheer back design for your blouse

via: Pinterest

An all-sheer back blouse design is one of the simple and best blouse designs for all the girls and women of today’s generation who are not really very confident in up their backside, but yet they want to make up a style statement.

6. Ultra sexy blouse with beaded tassels

Ultra sexy blouse with beaded tassels

via: Pinterest

If you want to make a remarkable fashion statement, then this is the perfect option for you to flaunt your back in style. The blouse is accentuated with beaded tassels which makes it super sexy.

7. Backless Blouse with Doris

Backless Blouse with Doris

via: Pinterest

A blouse is looks nothing without Doris. If you style up your backless blouse design by using Doris, it will make it super sexy and smoking hot.

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Stylish And Comfortable Footwear Wedges For Girls





Stylish And Comfortable Footwear Wedges

The variety of shoes with various types of heels in the shoe rack is the right way to understand the style of a girl. Every girl has her own favourite style of heels in which she can trust. Wedge heels are one of the most stylish yet comfortable pair of heels in the world for any girl.

It is perfect for those girls who are working lady and refuse to go anywhere without their heels. Also, such wedge heels will suit perfectly to those kinds of girls who refuse to wear any stiletto types of heels all day long.

Shoe designer of the Hollywood Stars, Salvatore decided to make something different. Implementing and combining both design and anatomy he created the wedge shoe for girls. He not only created a completely new style of shoe but also developed a new heel type named the cork heel.

High heels wedges for girls are the most comfortable heels because they equally distribute the body weight so that you don’t have to worry about balancing your heels while walking or standing for a long time. Women select wedges as per the preferences of height, brand, colour and style as well.

The height of wedges can vary from slight rise within the heel to many inches to give their personality a perfect style.

Types of Wedges:

There are several types of wedges available at Rosso Brunello that go well with different types of outfits including skirts, dresses, shorts, skinny jeans and even with printed dresses as well. Strappy wedges, closed shoe wedges, Boot Wedges, Oxford Wedges, Platform Wedges, and many more wedges are available in the market to give a great style to every girl.

Wedges for girls can also vary with the materials like they can be made from leather or jute or even rubber as well. However, platform wedges are the most used and suitable one which could go well on every occasion. There are also some light and sophisticated colour wedges which will create an excellent choice to complement your workplace look.

Even for your trendy looks or party wear in the evening, you can wear different kind of wedges with your favourite dress either it is long or short. Wedges can go well with a short skater dress, long maxi dress, jeans, skirts and everything in between this.

Even stylish pair wedges from Rosso Brunello can go extremely well with bell bottoms and a cute top and it is the ultimate chic casual. There are wedges which are delicate and gorgeous in colour like women’s copper wedges with gold lace on them which will enhance the look while a girl will wear lehenga or gorgeous saree with jhumkas, bangles or diamond earrings.

Guideline to Buy and Wear Wedges with Dress:

Wedge for girls can go well in both formal and casual wear depending on the style of the shoe. Like for a formal outfit, leather or satin will be the best choice of fabrics. Heels need to be covered the leather to give it the best match with the upper or shiny plastic. Wood wedges heels can rarely wear with formal dresses.

Weed wedge heels are mostly perfect for casual wear. A great pair of shoe can make or break an outfit. So, choosing a perfect pair of shoe is important to go with every aspect of life.

While buying Wedges with a different share of colours from Rosso Brunello, there are some guidelines to follow. IT is never a good idea to buy a shoe which will overshadow the colour of your dress. A shoe colour must accent the dress of the woman. Like, multicoloured wedges can only go better with a single colour dress, consequently, a multicolour dress would also look best with the single colour wedges.

Suppose you are a party and wearing a red pair of wedge shoes, then you will look fantastic with black or navy dress. So, choosing proper colour is always necessary for wedge shoes like choosing a proper dress on different occasions. If you are thinking of buying designer wedges with a designer dress, then definitely you have to pay a huge amount of money.

But you can easily find the simple casual style of the wedge in low cost within your budget as well. There are several online shoe shops which offer affordable price rate and enormous discounts on designer shoes.

See Also: Tips to Wear Wedges for Girls in Various Ways

Another important part that you need to keep in mind is that a great pair of wedge shoes need not be a high heel. There are several types of wedges with different heel height, from flats to six-inch platforms.

In fact, if you choose to wear a wedge shoe with a higher heel, you will get the great support system and balance under the arch of your foot, making the wedge shoe most comfortable high heel.

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