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7 Adorable and Cute Animals Which are Extremely Violent in Real




Cute animals are surprisingly violent

Animals are love right? We have a plethora of animals and beautiful creatures which are extremely cute and adorable like dogs, cats, pandas, dolphins and many more. But have you ever wondered these cute creatures are extremely aggressive and violent if you get too close to them or when you try to play with them? I know you must be thinking that how is that even possible, but this is true that these Cute animals are surprisingly violent.

Let’s have look at some of these animals which looks Cute animals are surprisingly violent

1. Sun Bear

Irrespective of its size, Sun Bear is the smallest member of the bear family. No doubt they look cute but they are very aggressive too. The can attack anyone instantly without a reason. Though they are small in size yet they have very powerful jaws, sharp teeth and long claws which make this animal deadly.

2. Hippopotamus

Though they look very gigantic in size but don’t judge them from their size. Do you know that they can run faster than humans and can attack anyone without a reason? You will be shocked to know that they are responsible for 500 human deaths in Africa per year, according to the BBC’s report.

3. Slow Loris

It’s hard to take your eyes off from this cute and cuddly demon. They look really cute but they are quite venomous or poisonous if they feel attacked. When they get panic, they mix their deadly toxins into their saliva and fur to harm predators.

4. Mute Swan

Mute Swans are territorial, but it’s no surprise when you get attacked by them. They have got bigger wings which they use to attack if they feel that something is wrong around them.

5. Dolphin


via: Padi

Aww! Who doesn’t love dolphins? We find them super cute and adorable right? But you are mistaken. They are extremely dangerous as they don’t hesitate to kill their offsprings or their own kids. Then imagine what can they do to humans?

6. Beaver

They are one of the quite dangerous and violent creatures on earth.  They make use of their sharp teeth when they feel threatened. Don’t ever get too close to them as you can invite death near you after getting attacked by them.

7. Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros prefer not to get close to any kind of human interaction. But they get very strong and aggressive while protecting their young ones. They have an incredible vision that won’t let anyone enter their territory.

After a point in time when life seems to be settled and the things that you once desired has been accomplished you try to search for new horizons. One such new horizon was. It was only a year ago that I started this journey and now the journey has become a part of my existence.

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Harpy Eagle Which Looks Similar Like A Person Dressed In A Costume




Harpy Eagle

Is that a bird or any young kid is dressed in a bird-like costume? This is the expression you will have after coming across this huge bird-Harpy Eagle. Do you know these harpy eagles are native to Central and South America and are one of the largest and most powerful birds around the world? They are also very rare with only 50,000 harpy eagles all over the world. Their name was inspired by Greek mythology beast, Harpies, who had the face of a human and the body of an eagle. What makes these Harpy Eagles so popular? It’s their massive size like a human. They have huge claws with talons that are three to five inches long. Don’t dare you ever mess with them.

So, due to these features, it’s easy to mistake them for young children dressed up in a bird costume.

They are really very BIG! Where do they live?

Yes, they have a massive size this is why they live in canopy treetops of lowland tropical rainforests because they need big trees and wide territories to increase the next generation. You can easily find their nest on the tallest trees in the jungle.

Despite they are so big in size, but they have short wings and cannot fly long distances in one swoop. This is why they fly slowly and move from tree to tree. They are most active in the day time and they also have a very sharp vision and hearing which makes them easy to hunt their food.

Are they friendly?

They are not so friendly but they do allow humans to approach them. But make sure you don’t touch or tease them unnecessarily. They will attack you only when you try to approach their nest.

Their population is now dwindling due to deforestation

Sadly, their population is dwindling because of the destruction caused by humans to the rainforests where they reside.

Netizens are going mad after watching their pictures

As soon as the pictures of Harpy Eagles got viral on the internet, netizens are left divided. They feel like some person is “wearing a costume”. Their viral pictures have triggered a discussion among the peoples.

Weren’t you puzzled after seeing them? Even I also thought this can’t be a bird which looks similar to human. So BIG and terrific.

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Pictures of These Doggos From Day-care in South Korea is Winning The Heart of Everyone





Day-care Doggos South Korea

Doggos are so adorable, Right? If you have one you better know that. Love for them can’t get enough as they are so cute and innocent. Looking at these cute photos of doggies sleeping together in bed will make you go mad for them as you will be wanting them right away. Let me tell you where you would find them sleeping so cutely.

A Day-care at South Korea has these cute dogs which nicely sleep together

You will find them laying in bed together at a day-care centre for dogs in Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. They are proving us better that, keeping them together is possible. We wouldn’t have trusted if we hadn’t seen the cute pictures of them napping together. And believe me, these pictures are too cute to handle.

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What does this day-care centre do?

This day-care centre provides good care to the dogs who are 12 weeks or older and it’s meant for full-time workers who can’t be home most of the time. The pet industry in South Korea is gaining momentum and others are also getting motivated to offer such kinds of services.

What else this day-care does for these dogs?

Apart from providing good care to the dogs, this day-care centre also gets the digs into exercises to improve their obedience and social skills. After getting them exercised and so much of fun games, the dogs get tired and rest after that and thus providing rest to full-time workers there which are only after arranging their beds and taking cute snaps.

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What the employees have to say about this?

They say, “We get the pups napping from 2 pm to 3:30 pm. The cost of our services varies and depends on a few different factors, including the time dogs spend at the facility.”

Their cute pictures are winning the heart of the peoples

Have a look at the comments that people are giving after seeing these cute pictures

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A Young Man Adopted A Dog Suffering From A Massive Tumour To Give The Best Days During His Last Days

Satendra Kashyap



Thanos Dog suffering from Cancer

Whether it’s any animal, dogs, cats or something else. They are cute and adorable. They need kind attention and love if they are with you and yes they don’t hurt you like humans. There are so many animals that are dying on roads because they don’t have any shelter or home. They have no owner to take care of them but in this world full of cruelty and selfish people, we have men like Luciano Karosas also who is just 21-years-old who has adopted a dog suffering from a terrible tumour in his head. When asked why did he adopted this dog who is not keeping well?

He replied that he wanted to give unconditional love and life to him in his last days. Well, this is so sad and depressing for those animals that don’t have their own home. But we wanted to thank this guy from Argentina, Luciano Karosas for adopting Thanos and giving him life.

A man from Argentina adopted the suffering dog, Thanos

Cancer suffering dog, Thanos 2

via: Instagram/ @luciianokarosas

Twenty-one-year-old, Luciano Karosas from the Atlantic coast city of Berazategui in Buenos Aires, took pity on a sick dog with cancer that had only a short time left to exist on this Earth.

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Thanos has a massive tumour on his head

Cancer suffering dog, Thanos

via: Instagram/ @luciianokarosas

Thanos had a huge tumour growing on his head making his nose look massive and funny. Seeing this terrible condition, Karosas decide to adopt him to give him full live and support to him during his last days.

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No one was ready to adopt him

Cancer suffering dog, Thanos 3

via: Instagram/ @luciianokarosas

Seeing his condition, he was rejected by four families before going into the right hands. All his previous owners have said that taking care of him for them was quite difficult. Karosas was touched by his condition, it was when he decided to be the home for Thanos. He further reveals that-

“I found it hard to adapt to the idea of ​​how little time we will spend together. I took him to a stem cell veterinarian to see what we could do, looking for a little more hope (which had given him 40 days to live) and told me that there is no treatment that extends that time”.

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Thanos wasn’t getting positive response from vets

Unfortunately, Thanos wasn’t getting a positive response from the vets, But Luciano didn’t give up, he decided to give happier moments and love to Thanos in his last days. Giving all the love to him, he felt quite happy and contended and so the doggo. He is pampered like a small kid by him and was taken good care of before he finally passed away.

We all know now what Thanos had been going through but the best part is he was given the best days by this man who deserves the salute from all of us as nobody can do this what he did with full heart and love. May his soul rest in peace.

Featured image source: Diply

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