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7 Benefits Of “Pomegranate” That Rejuvenates Your Skin, Hair And Health




Benefits Of Pomegranate

Pomegranates are the healthiest fruits on the earth. However, one might not be aware of the benefits it offers that are the most beneficial and crucial for your health. The edible seeds of this fruit are incredibly amazing. One can consume it either in the form of a juice or can eat seeds if you like the fruit much.

The liking of the fruit varies from one person to another as you might not find these placed on the fancy shelves of the supermarkets or the grocery stores, but no one can ignore that this is incredibly a great fruit for everyone.

One might not be familiar with the fact that its tiny seeds are like magic for your body as its consumption improves your overall health thus saving you from catching any infection or disease.

The seeds may look tiny but believe me, they are a pack of a mighty punch and they place themselves on the list of most nutritious fruits ever among the rest. So, if you are not in the habit of eating pomegranates regularly, it might be time to make a change.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the healthy and nutritious benefits of Pomegranates:

1. It helps to hydrate dry skin

It helps to hydrate dry skin

via: Femina

Pomegranates juices are great at replenishing your dry and dull skin when compared to green tea. Pomegranates are a rich source of vitamin C which helps to decrease the roughness of your skin and making it glower. You might also use its oil to promote the regeneration of epidermis.

2. Fights inflammation from acne breakouts

Getting a pimple on your skin can be the worst experience ever. But you don’t worry anymore about getting those pimples anymore as consuming lots of pomegranate seeds could help you fight the pimple formation on your skin that affects your beauty.

The antioxidants properties present in the pomegranates will help to reduce that acne breakout and the inflammation caused by it.

3. Protects us from getting free radicals

Pomegranates are really a very good source of anti-oxidants and thus it protects your body to develop free radicals which are formed when you are out in the sun for whole day long which are responsible for premature aging.

4. Improve hair health

Who doesn’t likes to have the most beautiful and the nourished hair? Eating lots of pomegranate seeds can help strengthen the hair follicles as the seeds contain Punicic acid which is responsible to make your hair stronger which aids your hair to grow faster.

5. Promote weight loss

Want to have a beautiful and toned body? Eating pomegranates will help you to achieve that. Evidence has shown that increased consumptions of pomegranates help to promote weight loss due to the presence of lots of fiber content in the fruit.

6. Helps prevent cancer

It is believed that having lots of pomegranates can cure cancer. Yes, this is right, increased intake of this fruit can slow the progress of cancer formation in our body. It is due to the presence of high levels of antioxidants that aids in cleaning up cancer-causing radicals.

7. Improves digestion

Pomegranate juice can do wonder for your gut as it aids the process of digestion in your body. Therefore, it is highly recommended for those individuals who have some severe diseases like Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and other inflammatory bowel diseases that hamper your digestion making you unwell.

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Switch To The Heart Healthy Drink- Red Wine

Satendra Kashyap



Red Wine

Do you know that red wine is a heart-healthy drink? Medical experts might not encourage you to drink red wine if there was a family history of alcohol abuse in the past. Studies and research conducted by modern Universities across the world have revealed that red wine has a magical ingredient called resveratrol that helps in boosting cardiovascular health and reduces the levels of harmful cholesterol from the body.

Good for mental health as well

A glass of red wine every day helps you to improve mental health as well. There is evidence that a glass of red wine has improved the cognitive ability in people that suffer from depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and other ailments. In the case of Alzheimer’s the damage to the cells is reduced. It also has been seen that regular consumption of red wine reduces depression. However, here again, moderation is the key.Healthcare experts say this does not mean that you indulge yourself in too much red wine daily. You should drink in moderation, and if you have diabetes, it is always prudent to ask your doctor before daily consumption. Generally, red wine is safe for both men and women. The latter is advised to drink one glass of wine daily compared to two glasses of wine for men daily.

Wine can be great gifts as well

Wine is a superpower health drink, and when it comes to your loved ones, you can always give them wine gift sets that are available in the market. You can ask wine merchants to help you choose the right brand. You can also choose wine concierge services that help you get a personalized touch when it comes to wine tasting and selection.

Red wine versus white wine

When it comes to choosing wine, you will find that red wine has several advantages over white wine because it is packed with more vitamins and minerals. However, if you are counting calories, white wine has lesser calories. The differences are however subtle, and you can opt for either white wine or red wine depending upon your preferences and taste.

Red wine is richer in flavor

Red wine is produced from the darker variants of grapes and has a very rich flavor compared to white wine. When you drink wine, make sure you read the label of the bottle first as it is good to know the source of the wine. The experience of drinking wine is more enjoyable when you know your wine. If you are a first-time drinker, make sure that you never fill the wine glass to its brim. Leave some space in the wine glass to swirl the wine around and sniff it before you drink it.

Every wine has a distinct aroma and when you drink wine from its glass, hold the stem so that the heat from your hands do not interfere with the wine’s temperature. You should know how to relish your wine slowly.

Last but not least, make sure that the wine you buy is from a good shop. Wine drinking is an experience that not only makes you healthy but calms the senses as well.

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You will be Shocked to know About These 8 Amazing Health Benefits of Tequila





Amazing Health Benefits of Tequila

It may be hard to believe that how can alcohol be healthy? If you google the health benefits of tequila you will be shocked to know that. Tequila has such amazing benefits that are enough to surprise you. Though it has such surprising benefits yet it has got a bad reputation being alcohol which causes nothing but fat and hangover.

Here, we will discuss some of the benefits that you might not be aware of. But be careful although it’s a healthy drink that doesn’t mean that one can have it beyond a specific limit which is wrong.

Have a look at some of its benefits below.

1. It helps lower blood sugar

Yes! this is true that tequila helps in lowering your blood sugar levels in the body. Agavina, which is a sugar that comes from the agave plant which is used to produce tequila, triggers the catalyst production in the body thereby reducing the blood sugar level.

2. It helps you shed your extra weight

This is right that tequila also helps you in weight loss. There are certain components found in tequila that can help you lose those extra pounds.

3. You don’t really get a hangover

Many of you would not agree with this viewpoint that how tequila can really help you to get out of your hangover. A real 100% agave tequila can help rather than these shitty watered down tequila shots with which most of the people are accustomed to. Try drinking this once and you will find it out easily that how helpful it is.

4. It helps fight cholesterol

Having tequila can reduce the cholesterol level in your body. This is because tequila increases the fibre in your diet which helps to reduce the cholesterol level.

5. Tequila helps in curing cold and sore throat

Yes, tequila is equipped with some medicinal benefits also. Doctors in Mexico used to promote tequila for curing a common cold by preparing a mixture of tequila with tequila Blanco, agave nectar and fresh lime juice.

6. It can minimise your pain

Tequila is also very useful in minimizing pain levels in your body as it dilates your blood vessels thereby improving the blood flow in your body. Moreover, it can also help fight emotional pain too.

7. Diabetic can also drink this

The amount of sugar present in alcohol is comparatively very much higher as compared to tequila which may pose a severe issue to the diabetic patient. But, if you are a diabetic and you are drinking tequila, it will not have any impact on your blood sugar instead it will help in lowering it.

8. It won’t make you fat as beer and alcohol does

You can proudly drink tequila within limits as it doesn’t make you fat as beer and alcohol do. Instead, it helps regulate the absorption of fat in your intestines.

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5 Healthy Morning Routines That You Should Follow to Keep Yourself Happy

Priya Verma



Morning Routines That You Should Follow

Have you ever noticed that how do you start your morning- snoozing your alarm, missing healthy breakfast and rushing yourself out of the door to be on time for your office? Actually, this type of schedule is not good to follow as it will create chaos for you and your health in the long run. Yes! Just give it a thought once. So, it’s high time to start your morning with a good plan to develop some of the good habits in order to be healthy and fit.

Morning habits actually matter a lot, they help you achieve more. They keep you from thoughtlessly stumbling through your day and make sure you get the most important things done in the right manner.

But then you think, whether you will be able to follow a strict plan each day or not. Yes! It’s difficult but not impossible it’s just that it needs a bit of discipline and you are ready to go.

Here are some of the morning routines that you should start your day with:

1. Give yourself a no screen time for at least 15 minutes after you wake up

You may be resisted to check your important emails and social media accounts when you are turning off your alarm which you set up on your phone. And then you keep on scrolling for even hours. But are you aware of how much time are you wasting doing that each day? Try to keep your phone away in the morning and try to walk instead.

2. Drink a glass of lemon water daily

Drinking a glass of lukewarm water with freshly squeezed lemon has some great benefits. This is the first thing you should try to do every morning. It not only aids your digestion but also helps you to burn your extra fat.

Drink a glass of it as you wake up and give a gap of at least 30 minutes after drinking this. This might be difficult for caffeine addicts, but trust me once you start following this on a regular basis you would surely love it.

3. Set the goals for the day

While stretching in your bed and planning what to wear? You should also try to set some feasible goals for the day, but limit them to three. This might include packing your lunch and deciding not to eat out to save your money, committing yourself to your regular gym or yoga class or something like that. 

4. Stretch a little

Stretch a little

via: Yogshakti

Although it’s important, many of you ignore this thing despite knowing its benefit. You should stretch your body at least for 30 minutes or one hour if possible to keep yourself healthy and fit. You can practice some yoga asanas in the park or in your bed if you are too lazy to go out.

5. Meditate

Doing meditation every day will make your concentration power more keen and sharp. However, you might find it a bit annoying or boring if you are not in a habit of doing it on a daily basis. Don’t worry, if you are not in a habit of doing meditation, try to develop it as soon as you can to get the benefits.

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