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7 Biggest Cosmetic And Beauty Trends For This Summer




Cosmetic And Beauty Trends For This Summer

Cosmetic and beauty trends evolve with every season adopting the innovative approaches and practices from all over the world. So, naturally that this summer there are some new, but also good old methods to keep your look flawless and healthy. From new hairstyle to cosmetic surgery, it’s time to pamper yourself with the best care for fashionable and modern style. Surely, you will find the one or more that will be the best fit for you. After all, the sun is shining and so it’s your moment to shine as well.

Therefore, take a look at these biggest cosmetic and beauty trends for this summer.

1. Take care of your diet

Take care of your diet

via: Pixabay

Summer is the ideal season to prepare meals with fresh produces and start with a lighter diet. Vegetables and fruits are full of vitamins and minerals that will keep your body healthy and energized. Also, the summer heat is more bearable if you have a salad for lunch instead of a hamburger.

Additionally, buy a blender and try some of the tasty smoothie recipes like Strawberry Pineapple Banana and Lemon Peach Rhubarb. Instead of sugary beverages, make your own lemonade with mint and ginger or homemade iced tea with stevia. And if you are a fan of chilled desserts, try the low-calorie versions with frozen yogurt, mashed fruits and a dash of honey.

2. Water is your best friend

Water is your best friend

via: Pixabay

Since the summer temperature knows to rise well above the tolerable levels, you need to stay hydrated. It’s recommended that every person drinks at least eight glasses of water per day so your body would function properly. When dehydrated you will feel tired, your skin will dry and you can easily faint due to heat and heavy sweating.

Besides keeping the water cool, add some lemon and cucumber slices for extra vitamins, as well as mint leaves. If you drink water only when thirsty, try one of the available apps to remind you to take a sip or full glass. Also, buy one of the stainless-steel insulated flasks you can take everywhere with you to keep the water cool and refreshing.

3. Squeeze a workout in your day

Squeeze a workout in your day

via: Pixabay

Summertime opens a whole world of new possibilities for workout and physical activity. Even the most mundane things like walk in the park can have benefits to your body and help you shape up. Start off by getting one of the wearable gadgets that will monitor your steps and heart rate. This way you can keep an eye on your daily activity and even record your progress in the phone app.

Since the sun comes out early, use this to practice 20 minutes of yoga on your balcony or in the backyard. Fresh air and some healthy stretching is a perfect way to start the day and stay focused at work. If you are outdoorsy type, then go hiking over the weekend and camp in nature to de-stress and recharge.

Also, if there is a lake or river nearby, rent a kayak and engage all your muscles into enjoyable rowing. WHO recommends at least 150 minutes of physical activity on a weekly basis and you can easily squeeze that into your schedule if you make it fun. Paired with proper diet, you will quickly get into shape and feel more confident about the way you look.

4. Make adjustments to your beauty regime

Make adjustments to your beauty regime

via: Pixabay

Each season has its beauty regimes, but summer often carries more pressure because of lack of clothes. Namely, one of the biggest cosmetic trends every summer is grooming so you can wear skirts and bikinis. But besides shaving your legs and armpits, you also need to take care of the facial hair like eyebrows.

Since summer is all about the more natural look, you can allow them to grow a little bit more and become denser. Style your eyebrows to highlight your eyes with their natural shape and make your facial features more noticeable. You can use some makeup to make them more pronounced which will look especially stunning if you avoid wearing too much makeup in the summer.

5. Love your hair

Love your hair

via: Pixabay

If you wanted to change your hairstyle, summer is the perfect time to do so. This is a perfect time for shorter haircuts and lighter shades. However, summer is also a great opportunity to allow your hair to take a break from heavy styling like ironing. If you have natural locks, allow them to come to their full potential and add a bandana as a finishing touch.

Baby bangs are back in fashion but this style is only for those who are not afraid of taking risks. When it comes to color, toffee, buttery blond, and caramel shades are very popular this summer. On the other hand, bright blond will give you an edgier look, while coppery shades will add more natural style. But besides styling, you also need to nurture your hair with regular masks and proper products. Baobab oil is excellent to help your hair grow, while macadamia oil will recover it from prolonged use of chemicals and dryer. You can

6. Apply appropriate beauty products

Apply appropriate beauty products

via: Pixabay

Due to the sun and high temperatures, it’s best to use makeup with a lighter formula like BB creams and water-based products. Since your skin may become more greasy, you need to regularly clean it with tonic to prevent acne and other irritations. Hydration is also important during summer, so use creams with hyaluronic acid appropriate for your skin type.

Sunscreen is mandatory and you should always apply it before you go outside. This way you will protect your skin from premature aging, hyperpigmentation, and cancer. Hydrating face spray is a great source of vitamins and refreshment for exhausted skin and always have one with you.

The same rule applies for summer as to all other seasons – remove your makeup before going to sleep to keep your skin young and healthy. Once a week exfoliate and have monthly cosmetic treatments like blackhead removal and microdermabrasion. This will remove impurities and dead skin cells while improving your appearance by taking care of age spots, wrinkles, and sun damage.

7. Allow medicine and technology to do their magic

Allow medicine and technology to do their magic

via: Pixabay

Western cultures are all about staying young physically and spiritually. And with technological and medical advancements this is something that is turning into a global trend. It’s perfectly normal nowadays to have cosmetic surgery in Australia or tissue fillers in the UK.

These procedures are not only intended for rejuvenation but also to correct the features a person doesn’t like. If approached responsibly, they can bring a wonderful change into a person’s life and improve the quality of their life. And with constant improvements in this field, the procedures and treatments will only become safer and better.

8. Don’t sacrifice your beauty sleep

Don’t sacrifice your beauty sleep

via: Pixabay

If you want to look pretty, you need to sleep well. Eye bags are a direct result of poor sleep and you can prevent them by getting your eight hours of shuteye. Also, sleep is necessary for cells to regenerate and the brain to process the information collected that day.

This means you will not only look refreshed after a full night of sleep but also feel more invigorated. If you have a problem falling asleep, keep your phone and other electronics away from the bedroom to remove distractions.

In the end

These biggest cosmetic and beauty trends for this summer will keep you both healthy and looking great. While it will take some time to get used to new routines, you will feel more encouraged the moment you spot results. Just take one step at the time and give yourself time to adjust to the new season and everything that comes with it.



5 Types of Jewellery You Can Wear This Wedding Season





5 Types of Jewellery You Can Wear This Wedding Season

A woman can wear everything to look good, but without the right piece of jewellery, she looks incomplete. For ages, the Indian community encourages women to wear jewellery and explains its significance in various forms. Jewellery as an accessory is perfect, but choosing the right one is a tedious task. Hence, I will be helping you choose the right outfit for the jewellery so that you shine like a jewel this wedding season.

You can also check out some amazing offers and deals in the ongoing online Jewellery sale to get the best of all looks this wedding season.

1. Antique jewellery

Antique Jewellery

India is a hub for rich culture and tradition. As we all know, the whole planet shows extreme interest in Indian jewellery and its exclusive designs. Antique jewellery is one among them. Their age-old designs and heavy ornaments attract women of all age groups. Antique jewellery is usually the first choice of the bride at the wedding. They make an outfit look unique and of course, elegant. You can pair up a beautiful antique necklace set with a saree, lehenga or a salwar.

The jewellery usually goes well with traditional costumes, but of course, one is free to experiment. You can get beautiful antique jewellery in almost every shop in the city but if you prefer choosing them online, websites like and can be looked at as well.

2. Handcrafted

Handcrafted Jewellery

via: Pinterest

Handcrafted jewellery includes jewellery that used manual labour and not machines. Therefore it is equally going to be expensive to purchase. But as women usually say, they should be worth it. This handcrafted jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes, different colours and price ranges. They add beauty to a simple attire and add charm to the look. Handcrafted jewellery isn`t too loud hence, it is just the right thing for a simple-minded woman to wear.

You can match a simple handcrafted choker and hangings with a simple gown or a long pendant and chandeliers with a beautiful saree. They can also be worn with tunics and tops, therefore they are gonna be perfect with any look you choose this wedding season. You can find exclusive handcrafted jewellery on where they also offer free shipping to any part of the country on offers above Rs.999.

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3. Silver

Silver Jewellery

Silver is the ultimate choice for every occasion. It goes well with any outfit and makes a woman look beautiful. The best part of silver jewellery is that it suits women of every complexion and they come in various types. Normal and oxidised silver jewellery are both in trend and equally favourites in the market. If you are planning to steal the show with silver, you are free to choose your favourite set of clothing. All the jewellery retailers sell beautiful silver collections in the market, so do online stores. is a website exclusively developed for jewellery and they have amazing collections, enough to impress the wedding guests. They also provide free shipping on all orders, 15% off on orders above Rs.3500 and 50% off on first payment through PayPal. You can nail the wedding look with large Jhumkas on a saree or salwar and also pair up with a nice silver chainset.

4. Precious stones

Precious stones

Precious stones are exclusively for women who are tired of plain-looking gold and silver jewels. They come in beautiful colours and are cut in attractive shapes to draw the crowd’s attention towards it. Rubies, Sapphire, Emeralds, Amethyst and of course, diamonds are special choices of jewellery makers to boost their business. As we all know, diamonds are a woman’s best friend and no woman can deny a diamond as a gift. Although diamonds tops the list of precious stones, others have their beauty and fame.

You can choose your favourite colour of the precious stone and match it with the colour of your dress. The best part is that they’d go with any dress, simple or extravagant. But beware, they can attract more attention than the clothes you wear. If you are planning to waltz into the room wearing diamonds, you have a wide range of garments to choose from, because no jewellery is more neutral than a diamond.

The official website of the Tanishq showroom ( and Malabar jewellers ( are one of the best places to choose the right quality of precious stones ornaments for your dream occasion!

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5. Pearls


As a country with more coastline areas, we have maximum access to this animal-based precious commodity, pearl. Pearls make beautiful ornaments, and our ancestors knew it. From the ancient period, irrespective of the invasions in our country, the literature from every period has reference to pearls. Kings and queens were adorned with beautiful pearl jewellery, hence making it a priceless commodity. You can gain access to exclusive Hyderabad pearls from online stores like Tanishq and Malabar gold and diamonds.

But the internet cares for people who are not a big fan of expensive jewellery. Hence, websites like tatacliq, snapdeal, amazon and Flipkart are great places to purchase imitation pearls. You can choose large pearl haram with sarees or simply wear pearl danglings and studs to match with your favourite gowns. You can also choose pink pearls or wear beautiful pearl bracelets.

Every piece of jewellery has its style and popularity, wearing them and managing them with grace is very important. Try following all these tips on every occasion this year, and I am sure that you`ll nail every look to gather loads of attention!

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8 Essential Tips to Become a Popular Fashion Stylist




Fashion trends

Are you dreaming of becoming a fashion stylist? Here are 8 essential tips you need to become a successful one;

  1. Find your Niche:

Fashion styling is a large field where you have the option to opt from various styling categories. You may want to style everyone, but every business needs a niche to start from and you need to stick to the niche as it is good to be master of one rather than a jack of all trades in any business.

  1. Assist the Best Stylists in the Field:

While it is essential to get a formal education in a reputed institute for make-up kursus (course) and stylist course, to begin with, it is still not a good idea to start your own business immediately. Instead, work under reputed stylists to gain some knowledge about the industry before you make strategic plans to start your own business.

  1. Keep Your Fashion Knowledge Up to Date:

You cannot be a success stylish if your fashion knowledge is not up to date, especially with so many trends and hashtags becoming so popular on social media, you need to be quick in changing your style statements based on the trending looks of the season.

  1. Do Grand Launch for Grabbing Attention:

The launch of your business needs to be done in a grand way to attract attention from most local people who can become your potential customers. You can give your initial clients great discounts or organize an express makeover on your launch day to attract more people to the launch event.

  1. Post Consistent Content:

You cannot survive in the fashion industry without being active on social media but do not just join the platforms and not post content because you need to upload frequent posts so that your brand keeps trending. Connect with fashion influencers to promote your brand, as they have millions of followers, your brand may get some recognition and help you get some new business clients as well.

  1. Focus on Marketing:

Once you have launched your business, you need to promote it by doing relevant marketing. You may not have the budget to hire professionals but do not skimp on creating a professional website and post consistently quality content that will benefit your audience.

  1. Focus on Networking:

You cannot survive in this industry if you do not network as initially, clients will come to you based on references hence attend conferences to meet businesspeople so that you can spread some awareness regarding your business.

  1. Be Consistent:

Remember that you cannot succeed overnight hence do not stop working hard as it will definitely pay off, eventually. The most successful stylists have failed multiple times but the only common link between all of them is that they never gave up hence keep trying until you achieve success.

The Bottom Line- Learn from Bad Experiences:

It’s not just the good experiences that matters but the bad ones are in fact more important as you get to learn most from them. Take bad experiences as learnings and turn them into positive opportunities.

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5 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Wife





Marriage is the union of two souls, and Valentine’s Day marks the eternal bond of love. The reason why you should present Valentine’s Day gifts to your wife is that it shows that you comprehend her fully. We know for a fact that sweets and florals create a good impression, but you can be more thoughtful when it comes to the concept of romantic gifting.

Love never fades from the air, and no matter what the season is, you should ensure that she feels pampered all the time. For she is not the one who will settle for something less than what she deserves. Get the best gift on February 14 for your lady love.

We curated a list of items that can make your beloved fall head over heels on you. It is a must that you plan gifts for your wife way ahead before V Day arrives. You get the option of choosing extraordinary gifts that are just not revolving around chocolates and flowers. We give you options of choosing practical, creative, out of the box kind of gifts which are based on the personality of your wife. They are romantic and affordable in nature too and take care of all your sentiments.

Also if you are the kind of guy who is a last-minute planner a brush through these quick gifts can be a saviour.

1. Adorable couple coffee mugs

Adorable couple coffee mugs

Does your beloved begin her mornings with a shot of coffee? The right gift for her is a coffee mug in which she can rightly mix her Nescafe and make a black coffee or Cappuccino. You can add a personal quote to her mug and make it more romantic.

2. Gift a lamp of brightness

Gift a lamp of brightness

Your wife has been the light of your life. Gift her a beautiful lamp which will add as a quirky home decor theme. It will illuminate your life and will add a good theme to your home also.

3. Gift her a pendant and make her happy

Gift her a pendant

It is not easy to please a woman. You have to walk that extra mile to make her smile.  Make her every day special by gifting a pendant which adds like a classic accessory.

4. Cook for her on a non-stick pan

Non-stick pan

Skip that romantic date outside and cook for her at home. You know that she is a brilliant chef and a homemaker. You can also make it memorable by cooking for her. Strike a romantic talk and help her in the kitchen. She will feel valuable.

5. Cuddle caricature

Cuddle caricature

Express what you always had in your mind with a pair of cuddle caricatures. Love is not a simple emotion to express. You can show your heartfelt emotions in that way.

Finding the right Valentine gifts for her requires more thought and care than birthdays and other special occasions, as Valentine’s Day is considered to be the most romantic day of the year. A gift can say millions of things to your wife and nothing is better than doing the same on Valentine’s Day. Gifting is an act of inspiration. We do it for people we love the utmost in all spheres.

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