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7 Common Household Items That You Didn’t Know Have Expiry Dates!




Food is not the only thing that comes with an expiry date. There are other things also which we use in our daily lives also has an expiry date about which many of us may not be aware of. Household items like slippers, toothbrush, towels, pillows, motor oil, sponge etc also have a limited shelf-life.

Although we use these things almost daily we have never focussed on whether they have an expiry date or not. After, going through this article, you will be shocked about knowing the expiry dates for some of the daily house items that you use.

Here is the list of Household Items That You Didn’t Know to Have an Expiry Date

1. Towel

We use towels almost daily after bathing but you must have not seen or know about that even towel can also have an expiry date. You should try to change your towels from year to year so that you may get infected by the bacterias in them.

2. Toothbrushes

Most of us don’t prefer to use those old and worn out toothbrushes for a longer period of time.  So, we try to change them frequently as the bristles of the toothbrushes start to get damaging which also creates problem while brushing your teeth.

You should try to change your toothbrush every three months to prevent gum damage.

3. Sponge

We know that sponges are good absorbents. They have the capacity to store lots of water in them. It is due to this reason you need to change them every two weeks in order to avoid yourself from getting any kind of infection which you can get if you keep using the old sponges for a prolonged time.

4. Bra

We are in a very bad habit of regularly using our bras until they have worn out completely, but this is wrong, they also get expired after some time. So, girls, you need to replace them as well every one to two years.

5. Wooden Spoons

It might be hard for you to believe that even these wooden spoons also get expired. They get expired after 5 years if they have any soft spots, cracks or discoloration. Wood is a porous material which easily absorbs moisture so that may be harmful to you as it easily lets bacteria to grow.

6. Vegetable Chopping Board

We can’t imagine our like in the kitchen without making use of these vegetable chopping boards. So, you need to take care of them as well when you’re using them on a daily basis to chop your vegetables.

You should change your vegetable chopping board whenever there is even a slight crack in them to prevent yourself from getting infected from any fungi or bacteria.

7. Hairbrushes

Hairbrushes are one of the main essential items that almost everyone uses in their daily lives. Your hairbrushes should be regularly washed, or in a week but if you replace them every year then it would be a more feasible option as they become host to several types of skin and scalp infections.

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7 Of The World’s Coolest Airports You Would Like To Visit Them Once In A Lifetime




World’s Coolest Airports

Airports are the first impression when you travel across the city. Most of the avid travellers tend to build an opinion about the place by the ambience and the architectural design of the airport. You won’t imagine that there are some really amazing airports around the world that offers visitors a delightful experience during their time in the terminal.

Some airports can even put you in the holiday mood before you reach your desired destination with the striking structural designs and amazing facilities like art galleries, branded showrooms, rooftop pools, cinemas and art museums etc to keep the travellers entertain while waiting for their flights.

In this article, we will talk about 7 of the world’s coolest airports which you would like to visit once in your lifetime.

1. Changi International Airport- Singapore

Singapore’s Changi International Airport is one of the world’s best airports for four consecutive years (2013-2016). The airport offers some of the world class amenities including top class restaurants, branded retail stores and duty-free shopping options.

Interestingly, the airport also has fantastic rooftop swimming pools and beer bars to keep the visitors entertained.

2. Incheon International Airport- Incheon South Korea

It is one of the busiest airports in the world and also the largest airport in South Korea. The airport offers an array of shopping and dining options and a museum of Korean culture.

In addition to this, the airport also has an 18-hole golf course, an ice-skating rink, and indoor gardens to keep the travellers entertained. One interesting thing about this airport is that it is located between islands, which make it an incredible view for the travellers.

3. Dubai International Airport- Dubai, UAE

Dubai International Airport is one of the third busiest airports in the world and has the largest airport terminal. The airport has many designer boutiques and jewellery stores.

Also, it has separate pools on different floors and spa parlours to make yourself a bit relax by getting a soothing massage before your departure to your destination.

4. Hong Kong International Airport- Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Airport- Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong

via: Shutterstock

The airport is located on the island of Chek Lap Kok that offers incredible and breathtaking aerial views to the visitors. This airport also has a flight cabin simulator where travellers can have the amazing experience of being a pilot.

Also, there is a nine-hole golf course present at the airport where travellers can have fun during their waiting period at the terminal.

5. Helsinki Airport- Finland

Helsinki Airport has received many awards for being one of the best airports in the world. It is quite famous for its cultural art galleries and exhibitions within the airport compound.

Also, it has a lounge featuring a monochromatic design. Moreover, the airport also has a terrace garden and aviation museum, which travellers can explore in their free time.

6. Taoyuan International Airport- Taiwan

This airport is quite famous among travellers around the world for its themed lounges. These unique lounges at the airport compound have comfortable seats, charging stations and interesting exhibits to keep all the visitors entertained.

Also, there are several gaming stations for kids to spend their leisure time at the airport.

7. Adolfo Suarez Madrid–Barajas Airport – Madrid, Spain

Madrid Barajas Airport is one of the largest airports in Europe. The airport is beautifully designed in such a way that makes you peace and calm.

The airport offers a wide array of shopping stores and different brewery options to make sure that you have a relaxing layover before you head to your ultimate destination.

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Boys Should Follow These 6 Tips To Be A Better Boyfriend





Tips To Be A Better Boyfriend

We know how complicated it can be to be in a relationship. It is very essential that you take care of simple things to make things work for you and your partner in a relationship. This is also true that most of the times it is the boyfriend who has to take care of things when he enters a relationship.

Because women are very prone to get hurt since they keep track of simple things happening around them. They are sensitive because they care, and this is the time you should also start taking care of them.

But are you among those boyfriends who often fail to impress you girl? Worry not, we have got you covered.

All you need to do is follow these simple tips so to become a better boyfriend.

1. Never compare her with anyone else

No one told you that’s a relationship in? Yes, it so is. To compare her is like losing her, she might not be able to see you as the same if you do that too. Love her for what she is. Comparing her to someone is like asking her to be like the other person, which you shouldn’t.

2. Respect her work/job

Respect her work/ job

via: Moms

All of us give importance to our work. Not just because it gives us money but also it defines us. Your work becomes a part of your identity. So make sure you never disrespect her work. Support her and show her that you are proud of her.

3. Tell her how she has changed your life for better

Every woman does a lot to improve the lifestyle or persona of her man. As she sees him as her better half. This is your time to tell her how better she has made your life, too. Make her realise that she is the one who actually helped you live better.

4. If you are honest and dedicated tell her that

It’s good that you are honest and loyal to her. But you also need to make her believe this. Once she knows you are so dedicated, believe our earth will be the perfect place to live.

5. Make her feel special time to time

You love her she knows it, doesn’t mean your task is done. You need to make her realize that she is a special person. Treat her like she means a world to you.

6. Tell her that you trust her

Not just wants you to be trustworthy but she also wants you to know that she very trusts worthy, too. if you know it already tells her that.

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8 Of Most Colorful Places Of The World





Most Colorful Places Of The World

The world is full of amazing things. It has glory and beauty in almost everything, while some places are beautiful naturally, some have been beautified by man. So, today we have got a list of some really colourful places that you will definitely take some selfies when you visit there.

If photogenic view, colourful and vibrant places are your destinations then do consider the list below.

1. St Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow

This can be spotted in many Hollywood movies and the location is picture perfect from all the sides. The colourful patterns all over add to the spectacular view.

2. Painted Desert, Arizona

How can we not add this place to the list, the shaded colourful layers formed on the mountains, make it look like an artist’s job? How naturally colourful this place looks!

3. Muizenberg, Cape Town

Muizenberg, Cape Town

via: Flickr

Every photographer wishes to click on the colourful beach huts. They are so colourful and vibrant that they are usually scened in a lot of Bollywood numbers.

4. Cinque Terre, Italy

The entire village is carved on the hills and has perfect colours. These houses coherently make a very beautiful picture to behold.

5. The Rainbow Mountains, China

The view of the Rainbow Mountain is no different than a painting. It is very hard to tell from a picture if the place is real or a painting.

6. Times Square, New York

Need not to mention that the place is not just colourful but illuminated, also. Credit it to utter urbanization. Beams of lights make a spectrum of colours at the night time.

7. John’s, Newfoundland

Houses in a row are painted in vibrant colours by the residents, which makes the whole street look like some fields of colourful flowers.

8. Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

Hitachi Seaside Park in Hitachinaka, Japan is a park that features blooming colourful flowers around the year which is such a sight to behold.

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