7 Secret Things Teenagers Do without Letting Anyone Know About

Teenage is that phase of life where we go through frequent mood swings. We don’t have a clue about what we want to achieve in our lives and what we actually want to do. However, there are many things that we want to do in our life but we can’t tell everything to our parents and that’s true we all agree to this. For example, some of the teenagers like to hide their interest or real ambition from their parents as they feel they won’t be supported b them as most of the parents want their kid to be an engineer or a doctor. It becomes hard to discuss for you if you want to become something else other than this.

Also, there are many things which teenagers would like to do without letting their parents know about that. Have a look-

1. Falling for your school teacher

Falling for your school teacher
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You might still remember your hot school teacher about whom you were crazy. The way you look at them and secretly planning to gift them something (most probably the red rose which comes first in our mind) was all you did during your childhood and you can’t lie.

2. Frequent breakups and patch-ups

Frequent breakups and patch-ups

Well, this is an age where you go through several breakups and patch-ups in your life because you are not mature enough to understand something. You fall in love with someone and then you guys fight with each other and this goes on and on. Sometimes, you get really very frustrated that you don’t even tell this thing to your best friend even.

3. Planning to hook up and watching porn

Planning to hook up and watching porn
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Now, this is something that you hide it from everyone. Nowadays, these things have become very common and I think there is no need to go into depth for this as everyone knows that well.

4. Get involved in drug addiction

Get involved in drug addiction

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The time has changed now, this is a time where teenagers want to explore each and everything as they have zero patience. When it comes to the young generation, they smoke or drink without letting anyone know about it.

5. Following their passion or hobby

Following their passion or hobby
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Now there are some teens who would like to go forward with their passion secretly as they know their parents would not support them. They love to follow their hobbies secretly and enjoy doing that.

6. Having suicidal thoughts

Having suicidal thoughts
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This happens most of the times where teenagers get this thought. It’s usually when they fail to achieve something or they are scolded by their parents when they do something wrong and their parents do not know about this.

7. Going through depression

Going through depression
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Some teenagers even suffer from depression about which they do not discuss with anyone. Depression can arise from anything like falling grades, love life, peer-pressure etc.

So, these were some of the things which the teenagers love to do secretly and we all also have done these things when we were teenagers. Don’t you agree?

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Lal Pratap
Lal Pratap
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