7 Sneaky Tips to Make Your Home Look Expensive

Transforming your home to look high-end may seem an impossible task if you have a tight budget, but we have discovered here 7 sneaky tips that will help you make your home look expensive;

  1. Use Crown Molding:

Small details may be helpful in uplifting your home and one such detail is including crown molding in the walls and ceiling which will add extra elegance to your home and the good news is that it is quite budget-friendly.

  1. Add Furnishings:

The house needs to be furnished well in order to make it look elegant be it adding good curtains or using comfortable throw pillows. If you do not treat the windows, then the home will look cheap hence go for elegant curtain materials which are preferably heavy and drapes well. Do not buy any see-through curtains as that looks cheap, also avoid lightweight fabrics as it just looks as if you have bought them off the racks. Another option that you can opt for that will make your home look unique and elegant is the addition of White shutters which looks neat, completely blinds the room and also is budget-friendly.

Buying comfortable throw pillows also lifts the room and provides your guests extra comfort. Do not skimp on the quality of pillows as good quality pillows are not very expensive and last longer.

  1. Choose Elegant Paint Colors:

Choosing the right paint color palette will make a huge difference in decorating your room. A few colors are known to make your home look rich and a few make it look soft, hence choose a color palette based on your personal preference and your personality. 

  1. Keep Your Home Clutter-Free:

The easiest way to make your home look expensive is cleaning it and decluttering it. Less clutter will create some more free space which will just make the house look bigger hence store away things you do not use for months in a self-storage to make your home look cleaner and bigger.

  1. Choose Unique Hardware Finishes:

The kind of hardware fittings you use also helps in making your home look expensive. Avoid basic fittings, go for unique designs that look expensive and you rarely find. This will catch the eyes of guests and give your home some edge over others.

  1. Install a Fireplace:

Nothing speaks more about elegance than a fireplace installed in a house which just improves the way your living room looks. Adding a Log Burner fireplace not only makes your home look expensive but also improves the comfort inside your home as you sit near the fireplace with a cup of coffee reading a book.

  1. Go for a Hardwood and Carpet Combination:

A hardwood floor is a trend that never goes out of fashion and it not just makes the room look elegant but also is more comfortable to walk as compared to tiles but only installing hardwood flooring may just look monotonous hence you need to add a rug for adding some softness to the room.

The Bottom Line:

Decorating your home to make it look expensive may feel impossible initially, but you will be surprised to learn how easily you can achieve great results by just making few wise and right choices to create an elegant home on a tight budget

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