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8 Awesome Places to Hit with Your Date in Lucknow for A Perfect Dine Out




Perfect Dine Out Places in Lucknow Perfect Dine Out Places in Lucknow

You all must be familiar that Lucknow is popularly known as the “city of nawabs’’ or Nawabo ka Sheher which is famous for its Nawabi heritage and architectural brilliance. Apart from this, the city is also quite famous for its endless varieties of foods and dishes like kababs or biryani. Lucknow is absolutely a foodie’s paradise wherein you can visit any local or street shop where you can enjoy spicy chat or Golgappas. And, if we talk about the best restaurants in Lucknow where you can take your family or your loved one on a perfect dinner date to treat them with amazing cuisines and delights. Please take a note of these places or the best restaurants to visit with your love the next time you visit the city to dine out.

Keep scrolling to find out the best restaurants this gorgeous city has to offer.

1. Spice Caves, Gomti Nagar

This restaurant is located in Gomti Nagar, Patrakarpuram. The place is special for offering North Indian cuisine, Chinese as well as Mughlai cuisine besides offering other facilities like valet parking, home delivery, and sports screening. You can visit here if you are dying to taste different types of cuisines under one roof.

2. L- 14, Renaissance Hotel, Gomti Nagar

This is an ultimate 5-star place situated in plush Renaissance hotel, Lucknow, Gomti Nagar. This is one of the perfect places to visit with your partner to enjoy a dinner date. The restaurant is located on the fourteenth floor from where you can have a perfect view of the city along with tasting some tasty delights. But make sure the place is a little expensive but I think you won’t mind taking your love such a place to have an unforgettable experience.

3. Vintage Machine, Gomti Nagar

The place is located in Gomti Nagar near Patrakarpuram. This is a sweet and little themed cafe. The food is extremely delicious here and the coffee is great. You will love visiting here if you keep the love for different types of coffees and espressos.

4. Le Bougainvillea, Hotel Clarks Avadh

Le Bougainvillea, Hotel Clarks Avadh

The restaurant is located in one of the royal hotels of Lucknow, Hotel Clarks Avadh, Hazratganj. The place is special for offering North Indian, Chinese and Continental food.

5. Oudhyana, Vivanta by Taj

It is one of the luxurious places and a must place to visit with your loved one if you are in the city. It is a part of the Taj Group. You will find Mughlai and Awadhi food like Kebab and biryani here. Apart from this, the place also has some other facilities like wifi, luxury dining, bar, and outdoor seating.

6. Peeli Kothi, Best Western Plus Levana

If you think that you and your partner are the most romantic couple, then you must not afford to avoid going to this romantic restaurant. The place is located in Hotel Best Western Plus Levana in Lalbagh. It serves delicious Mughlai and Lucknow food. You will love the ambiance and the sitting area of the place which is absolutely perfect for a dinner date.

7. Spin Cafe, Ranjee’s Hotel

Spin Cafe, Ranjee's Hotel

via: redBus

Spin Cafe is located in Ranjee’s Hotel, Vikrant Khand, Gomti Nagar. The restaurant serves awesome delicacies like European, Asian and North Indian food items. It also offers good wines if you love taking a sip of your favourite wine along with the food.

8. Royal Sky

Royal Sky

via: Google

Royal Sky is also one of the most romantic restaurants in Lucknow. It is situated at Maqbara Road, Lalbagh. The place offers continental, North India, Chinese, Thai, Italian, and Mughlai cuisine. Apart from having a dinner date with your love you can also enjoy sitting on its rooftop where you can smoke some flavored Hukkas and beers.

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7 Things That Happen To Body When You Consume Peanut Butter Daily

Priya Verma



7 Things That Happen To Body When You Consume Peanut Butter Daily

We all know peanut butter is one of the world’s most popular spreads. Most of us love to have it with our bread, especially if we are diet conscious or weight watchers. If you know it tastes absolutely delicious, the texture is simply amazing and the way it sticks to the roof of your mouth before it melts is amazing. Of course, not everyone enjoys the peanut better. Some people are even allergic to it.

Let’s find out why consuming a peanut butter is good for your health as per the scientific study.

1. It lowers your death risk

Peanut Butter lowers your death risk

Yes, you heard that right, having peanut butter lowers the risk of death. This is because it has lots of health-promoting and protective nutrients. They are also rich in antioxidants, contains nutrients like potassium that helps you to maintain healthy blood pressure.

2. You will feel fuller

You will feel fuller

Peanut butter has monosaturated fat and protein is highly satiating. You can have the peanut butter either on a toast for breakfast or on a sandwich for lunch or over an apple when you feel like snacking something when hungry. It will also help you prevent overeating.

3. It will lower the risk of diabetes

Peanut Butter will lower the risk of diabetes

Consuming a peanut butter will also help you to reduce the risk of diabetes. You need to consume 1 ounce of nut or peanut butter about 2 tablespoons at least five days a week. Did you know having a peanut butter can reduce the risk of diabetes over by 30%?

4. It gives energy boosts

Peanut Butter gives energy boosts

Now, who doesn’t want an energy boost during the day when you are at work, especially after lunch? Thankfully, eating some peanut butter can help you fuel your fire. It helps in keeping your body stable all the time which prevents your body to get crashed.

5. Aids in weight loss

Peanut Butter Aids in weight loss

Wow, it also helps in weight loss as it contains more proteins than other nuts. As I told you in the above-mentioned points, it makes you feel fuller all the time and prevents you to overeat which will ultimately prevent you from overeating. Apart from this, having a peanut butter will also increase your metabolic furnace.

6. Your muscle and nerve health will improve

muscle and nerve health will improve

Most of the people lack magnesium in their bodies, and it’s one of the most essential minerals your body needs to function. It is responsible for more than 300 biochemical reactions that occur within your body, so you need to consume it a little by adding it to your diet list. Alternatively, it also helps your nerve health and necessary for your bones and teeth too.

7. It helps in reducing your stress levels

Peanut Butter helps in reducing stress levels

No wonder peanut butter is considered as super-food. It can help with weight loss, brain function and it can even reduce your stress level too as they are a rich source of beta-sitosterol.

So, now would you be eating peanut butter or not?

All Above images source: Pexels

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8 Foods That You Need To Avoid Consuming After Doing Workout





Foods Avoid Consuming After Workout

If you are a fitness freak, then you must be following a healthy diet and a great workout. Apart from this, you must also be knowing that what you need to take and what you need to avoid post and pre-workout. You might be given too much of Gyan by your personal trainers and nutritionist. Right no? Now, you know what exactly happens to your body when you do a workout. You deplete your body of energy by doing exercise or a heavy workout.

Below-given are some of the types of food that are generally recommended not to eat after doing a workout

1. Spicy foods

Spicy foods

You are not advised to consume any food which is spicy like hot sauces, or anything with salsa or sriracha. This is because they are hard to digest as after doing a workout your body is in the state of repair. Your body needs something which is easy to digest.

2. Fatty foods

Fatty foods

Fatty and processed foods are love and you know that. Fatty foods like oils, seeds, anything fried like fritters, French fries or something else and even nuts are not allowed to consume after your workout. It is because fatty foods slow out your digestion process and make your stomach feel upset.

3. Chocolates


Don’t tell me that, please. Are we saying that you can’t have chocolates after your workout? Yes, exactly. I mean you can have but at least not immediately after your workout.

4. Energy Bars

Energy Bars

What you can’t even have energy bars after your workout? Is that even true? Yes, absolutely. They look like giving you energy, but in reality, they are not. Energy bars nowadays contain lots of sugar and nor more-nutritionally sound. This is why you can’t have them after your workout.

5. High Fibre Foods

High Fibre Foods

Also, try to avoid high fibre foods like flax seeds or salads. This is because having them will cause cramping and bloating in your stomach leaving you uncomfortable.

6. Sugary drinks

Sugary drinks

Sugary drinks like juices, fruit punches should be avoided because they contain high levels of fructose and it makes your digestion slow. Apart from this, it also reduces the fat-burning effects of a high-intensity workout.

7. Alcohol


You know your buddies well and how do they try to spin you on weekends to booze along? But you should not do that as drinking alcohol after your workout will dehydrate your body and also reduces protein synthesis in your body which empties calories from your body.

8. Fried eggs

Fried eggs

Eggs are one of the wonderful ways to get protein after your workout, they are fine if you eat them raw or hard-boiled. You should not have eggs with sunny-side up.

So, these were the few things that you should not consume right after your workout if you do not want to put your efforts in vain.

All above images: Pexels

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5 Best Places in Delhi To Try The Winter Special Desserts To Make Yourself Cosy This Winter

Priya Verma



Winter Special Desserts in Delhi

Delhi is both famous for chilly winters and scorching heat summers. How about trying some wintry and scrumptious desserts during this winter season? I think that’s the best idea to feel cozy this winter by satisfying your sweet tooth by trying out those winter special desserts at these top places located in Delhi. Scroll down to know more.

1. Panookie


via: Facebook

If pan cookies are something that drives you crazy, then this is the place where you should go once. Why? Because Sly Granny Khan Market is one of those places in Delhi which serves unique types of pan cookies. They serve the pan cookie in a pan along with burnt marshmallows and lots of ice cream-yum No? We are already drooling over it.

2. Chocolate Gulab Jamun

Chocolate Gulab Jamun


How many Gulab Jamun lovers are here? What do you think about this tasty dessert? Well, it’s more than just a Gulab Jamun. Yes, you read that right. It tastes so good when served hot. It’s basically a normal Gulab Jamun which is filled with rich and gooey molten chocolate. This is something that you just can’t stop thinking about.

Also read: 7 Yummy Desserts with Origins You Probably didn’t Know About

3. Fondue

The Chocolate Room is one of the top places in Delhi to try those sinful winter special desserts. It’s like a dream place for all the chocolate lovers out there. They serve the best Fondue accompanied by strawberries, butter cookies, marshmallows & fruits. Also, they have different types of dips that can be accompanied with the Fondue which comes in different variants like Dark, Milk & White chocolate variants.

4. Milk & Cookie

Milk & Cookie

via: Facebook

The Grammar Room in Mehrauli is a pretty popular place and we’re sort of obsessed with Milk & Cookie served here. They serve a pretty huge cookie which is then drenched in Vanilla flavoured warm milk – making the perfect winter dessert! So, once you’re done feasting on everything yummy, you know exactly how to end your feast!

Also read: 8 Most Popular Indian Foods That Are Not Originally Indian

5. Molten Chocolate Cake

Molten Chocolate Cake

Chew – Pan Asian Cafe is one of the best places to splurge on Asia, Thai, and Cantonese food. You can also try their Molten Chocolate Cakes because they are one of the best in town. Now think about hot molten chocolate is oozing out of a hot chocolate cake with a chilled and creamy scoop of your favourite ice cream on top. Looks like heaven right?

So, what are you waiting for? Go and visit these places and chill.

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