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With Humor in The Air After The Defeat of Team Pakistan We Bring 8 Best Mauka Mauka Ads to Tickle Your Funny Bones Some More

Satendra Kashyap



Mauka Mauka Tv Ads

For cricket lovers not only the cricket match is enjoyable but everything associated with cricket makes it a super hit series. The commercials, tweets, social media wars (especially during India- Pakistan match). We as fans thoroughly enjoy this healthy rivalry cum competition between nations. But the story goes way beyond the plot when it is all about India Pakistan World Cup cricket. Then, it is like, as if not the cricket teams but armies have taken over the ground and it is a situation called do or die.

We take cricket seriously, but way too seriously when it is about India-Pakistan. In the wake of India Pakistan World Cup series, even commercials become an inevitable part of the series. Do you remember how Star Sports came up with a new commercial about the whole “Mauka Mauka” trolling of Pakistan? The commercial featured a Pakistani man waiting to burn firecracker to celebrate Pakistan’s victory in World Cup I 1992. This commercial created a lot of buzzes and the whole “Mauka Mauka” element reigned social media.

Well, we recently witnessed how the Pakistani Cricket team below their “Mauka” even this time during India-Pakistan match.

And this gives way to have a look at 8 best Mauka Muka ads that we all enjoyed in the past.

1. Mauka-Mauka musical ad (India –Bangladesh World Cup 2015)

This ad created a huge hustle bustle in social media and all over the world. The ad shows India Pakistan team battling a musical argument where at the end Indian team sings “Mauka Mauka” in the form of Qawali. This created a lot of noise in the whole world; it agonized Pakistani fans that they wanted a war against India on the grounds of this advertisement.

2. Kya Agya Pakistan ka Mauka?

In ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 this Ad from Star Sports introduced a Pakistan fan waiting to celebrate for Pakistan when he removes India’s jersey and puts on Pakistan jersey. The voice in the ad asks kya Aayega Pakistan ka mauka?

3. Quarter Final Mein Kiska Mauka?

While in Quarter Final of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Pakistan had to beat Ireland to qualify the ad depicts the anxiety of a Pakistani fan evesdrops to two commentators’ conversation about chances of Pakistan or Mauka.

4. ICC Cricket T20 World Cup 2016 India vs Bangladesh

This Mauka Mauka ad was aiming at both Bangladesh and Pakistani team wishing for the trophy of World Cup. The video shows a photoshop shot that takes pictures of Pakistani player in order to put world cup in hand, by editing the photo. In the next scene, a Bangladesh player enters asking for World Cup and end up being threatened by Dhoni’s performance.

5. ICC Cricket World Cup T20 2016 India vs Pakistan

The Pakistani fan is shown with his son urging Shahid Afridi to win this time as he has grown old and wants his team to win at least one time to show his son the victory. It had a bit of emotion in the video but the message was only that they couldn’t get Mauka ever.

6. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 India vs West Indies

In this ad, the iconic Pakistan fan has decided to support the West Indies wearing the jersey and waiting to celebrate by firing crackers. Only then, a young Indian Team fan comes at the doorstep teasing him to play Holi because even this time he won’t get “mauka” to burn crackers.

7. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 India vs South Africa

This one is funny as it shows two South African team fan comes at the doorstep of Indian team fans and hand over a box of firecracker singing “Mauka Mauka”.

8. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 India vs UAE

This ad by Star Sports shows the Pakistan fan in anger as India beats South Africa. Then the doorbell rings a UAE fan gives UAE jersey to Pakistani Fan.

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Why Should One Watch Big Bash League?

Satendra Kashyap



BBL twenty-20 tournament

Big Bash League is an Australian twenty-20 cricket tournament. People love to watch incredible batting shorts, fast bowling, and power-play match series. BBL is one of the most-watched and engaging cricket tournaments where the stadium is filled with fans all the time. If you are a fan of the Australian cricket team and are looking for reasons to watch BBL 2019-2020, then you have come to the right place. In this blog, we are going to tell you the reasons why you should watch BBL. So, let’s get started.

Below we have mentioned the reasons to watch Big Bash League

1. Because it’s a twenty-20 tournament

via: Getty Images

The twenty-20 tournament is a mixture of entertainment and athleticism. It catches the attention of fans across the world. Fans come from different countries to watch BBL and enjoy the game. The breathtaking pace of the Big Bash League makes this tournament engaging. It is not at all easy for the fans to predict what will happen in the next over. BBL is completely a tournament of new twists and turns. Unlike the ODI, there is no dull period, and this thing makes this tournament pretty exciting.

2. Diversity of cricket personalities in a team

It is one of the most significant motivations to watch Big Bash League. In a particular team, you will find various top players with a different set of skills and talents. It is very interesting to see the team players’ coordination when they play in unity. Though the players are diverse, they create a strong team.

3. Cricket itself

This game is truly straightforward and exciting. It is very engrossing to watch a team that puts strategies to play against the opponent team and apply all the tactics to win. Fans also love to predict while watching the game. The last-minute twist like six on the last bowl or clean bold, make the match so engaging. Fans cheer for their teams and support them throughout the game. Along with this, players also get a chance to play fantasy cricket on platforms like Dream11. This serves as a motivating factor for people who cannot play or visit the stadium to watch their favourite team play.

4. Team BBL Jersey

Team BBL Jersey

via: Pinterest

Fans also love to perceive how various BBL teams keep up their jersey while keeping up crips, fresh and new look. Teams logos, shirt hues, brand names, seems fascinating. Fans always try to support their loved teams by wearing the team’s jersey as well.

Final Say

BBL is a unique blend of passion and entertainment. Songs are played when a batsman hits the ball out of the stadium, cheer girls motivate the players by cheering along with the fans, and keeping the audience engaged. We hope the reasons mentioned above are enough for you to watch the Big Bash League 2019-2020. So don’t wait for anything and go cheered for your favourite team and player today.

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Virat Kohli is The Only Indian To Be Included in The List of Five Cricketers of The Decade Announced by Wisden




Virat Kohli Cricketers of The Decade by Wisden

The skipper of Indian Cricket Team, Virat Kohli is the only Indian to be included in the list of five cricketers of the decade which has been announced by the Wisden on Wednesday. We all know how impeccable cricketer he is and how many great performances he has given throughout the year in 2019. Now, it isn’t surprising for us to see his name in the Wisden list of the cricketers of the decade.

Well, this seems like a boost for him to lead our Indian cricket team into 2020 as important assignments like ICC T20 World Cup in Australia in October. Apart from him, the other four which are included in the Wisden list are-Steve Smith, Dale Steyn, AB de Villiers, and Ellyse Perry.

1. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli in the list of Wisdon

via: Reuters

This year was a great one for Virat Kohli as he ended the year with 2370 runs at 64.05 across the formats. This is for the fourth time in a row when Virat ended the year on a good not and that is making more than 2000 runs.

Have a look at what Wisden has said about Kohli

“His genius has been to rise, time and again, to the challenge. Between the end of the England tour in 2014 and the second Test against Bangladesh at Kolkata in November, Kohli averaged 63, with 21 hundreds and 13 fifties,”

Wisden further added, “It left him with a unique set of statistics – the only batsman to average at least 50 in all three international formats. Even Steve Smith was moved to remark recently that there is no one quite like him. “In many ways, there isn’t. Since the retirement of Sachin Tendulkar and the gradual waning of MS Dhoni, no cricketer in the world has operated under such daily pressure as Kohli,”.

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2. Steve Smith 

Steve Smith, Australian Batsman has also made a remarkable journey throughout the year, especially in the test matches where he has made 7127 runs from 72 tests at 63.63 with 26 hundred which are the highest among active cricketers.

3. Dale Steyn

Dale Steyn in the list of Wisdon


He is one of the premier fast bowlers of the last decade. Not only in South African continents but also in the sub-continent too. He ended his Test career in 2019 after playing 93 Tests. He took 439 wickets at an average of 22.6 and a fine strike rate of 42.4 and has taken five wickets in an innings 26 times.

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4. AB de Villiers

He is the second South African who is included in the five cricketers in the Wisden lost after Steyn. He has left everyone awestruck with his innovative stroke-play and with his 360-degree shot-making. He has played 114 Tests matches and made 8765 runs at 50.7 with 22 hundred. He took retirement from the cricket last year but he is trying to make a comeback with the T20 World Cup in mind.

5. Ellyse Perry 

29 years old Australian woman cricketer’s performance was also quite impressive during the last decade. In all, Perry has played 8 Tests, 112 ODIs and 111 T20Is for Australia. In the test matches, she has made 624 runs at 78 and took 31 wickets. Simply put, she has scored a total of 2053 runs and took 106 wickets.

We are proud of you Captain Kohli. Keep going.

Featured image source: Reuters

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PUBG Runner up Mortal Decides to Donate His Entire Winning Prize Money to The Indian Army





PUBG Runner up Mortal Decides to Donate His Entire Winning Prize Money to The Indian Army

PUBG is one of the most popular games available right now. It has gained such a huge fan base in such a less period. Many of the esports lovers are there who even want to play this game on a professional level. Recently, one of the biggest global events of 2019, PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2019 was organized by Tencent Games. Two spectacular teams have taken the part in the esports namely, Entity Gaming that took the top spot and SouL was on number second. Both teams will play the global finals which are supposed to hold from November 29 to December 1 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Apart from them, three other teams namely Team Synerge, Team INS and Team IND will also get the chance to enter finals if they can win. Keeping all this aside, what attracted most to the crowd is the shocking announcement by Team Soul’s Naman Mathur AKA Mortal to donate his prize money to the Indian Army.

Mortal took this announcement to Facebook

Mortal has announced on Facebook in a post to reveal to the world about his decision to pledge all his winning money to the Indian Army. They have also congratulated the competing team for their strong performance at the PUBG event.

In a post, Naman Mathur said, “I would like to dedicate our qualification into global to the Indian Army and will be donating the entire amount of my share to the Indian Army.” “We finished second and were a little short on the possibility of retaining the championship…but as I always say, we learn from our mistakes and try to Improvise,”

Naman thanked Delhi ki Janta for the support

Naman thanked all his fans for the immense support they have given him in the stadium. Read his full message here.

Team Soul from India qualifies to compete at the global level

Team Soul is one of the most successful teams from India to win this tournament. They have qualified for Fall Split Malaysia where they will be representing India at the global level along with few other teams who will be competing against each other.

The event will take place in Kuala Lumpur

The event will take place in Kuala Lumpur

via: Twitter

The upcoming event will take place in Kuala Lumpur from November 29 and will run till 1st December. We wish all the best to Team Soul and Mortal to give their best shot at the competition.

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