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With Humor in The Air After The Defeat of Team Pakistan We Bring 8 Best Mauka Mauka Ads to Tickle Your Funny Bones Some More

Satendra Kashyap



Mauka Mauka Tv Ads

For cricket lovers not only the cricket match is enjoyable but everything associated with cricket makes it a super hit series. The commercials, tweets, social media wars (especially during India- Pakistan match). We as fans thoroughly enjoy this healthy rivalry cum competition between nations. But the story goes way beyond the plot when it is all about India Pakistan World Cup cricket. Then, it is like, as if not the cricket teams but armies have taken over the ground and it is a situation called do or die.

We take cricket seriously, but way too seriously when it is about India-Pakistan. In the wake of India Pakistan World Cup series, even commercials become an inevitable part of the series. Do you remember how Star Sports came up with a new commercial about the whole “Mauka Mauka” trolling of Pakistan? The commercial featured a Pakistani man waiting to burn firecracker to celebrate Pakistan’s victory in World Cup I 1992. This commercial created a lot of buzzes and the whole “Mauka Mauka” element reigned social media.

Well, we recently witnessed how the Pakistani Cricket team below their “Mauka” even this time during India-Pakistan match.

And this gives way to have a look at 8 best Mauka Muka ads that we all enjoyed in the past.

1. Mauka-Mauka musical ad (India –Bangladesh World Cup 2015)

This ad created a huge hustle bustle in social media and all over the world. The ad shows India Pakistan team battling a musical argument where at the end Indian team sings “Mauka Mauka” in the form of Qawali. This created a lot of noise in the whole world; it agonized Pakistani fans that they wanted a war against India on the grounds of this advertisement.

2. Kya Agya Pakistan ka Mauka?

In ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 this Ad from Star Sports introduced a Pakistan fan waiting to celebrate for Pakistan when he removes India’s jersey and puts on Pakistan jersey. The voice in the ad asks kya Aayega Pakistan ka mauka?

3. Quarter Final Mein Kiska Mauka?

While in Quarter Final of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015, Pakistan had to beat Ireland to qualify the ad depicts the anxiety of a Pakistani fan evesdrops to two commentators’ conversation about chances of Pakistan or Mauka.

4. ICC Cricket T20 World Cup 2016 India vs Bangladesh

This Mauka Mauka ad was aiming at both Bangladesh and Pakistani team wishing for the trophy of World Cup. The video shows a photoshop shot that takes pictures of Pakistani player in order to put world cup in hand, by editing the photo. In the next scene, a Bangladesh player enters asking for World Cup and end up being threatened by Dhoni’s performance.

5. ICC Cricket World Cup T20 2016 India vs Pakistan

The Pakistani fan is shown with his son urging Shahid Afridi to win this time as he has grown old and wants his team to win at least one time to show his son the victory. It had a bit of emotion in the video but the message was only that they couldn’t get Mauka ever.

6. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 India vs West Indies

In this ad, the iconic Pakistan fan has decided to support the West Indies wearing the jersey and waiting to celebrate by firing crackers. Only then, a young Indian Team fan comes at the doorstep teasing him to play Holi because even this time he won’t get “mauka” to burn crackers.

7. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 India vs South Africa

This one is funny as it shows two South African team fan comes at the doorstep of Indian team fans and hand over a box of firecracker singing “Mauka Mauka”.

8. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 India vs UAE

This ad by Star Sports shows the Pakistan fan in anger as India beats South Africa. Then the doorbell rings a UAE fan gives UAE jersey to Pakistani Fan.

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The Information About The Age, Marriage, And Net Worth of Dennis Rodman





Dennis Rodman Net Worth

Dennis Rodman is a popular basketball player, and he is also a talented actor. He is present in the list of the most popular and celebrated sportspersons. He is one of the few players in basketball who broke several records that helped the sport to reach new milestones. He grew up as a part of a numerous family as he is the eldest of forty-seven children of his father. From his childhood, he has seen many great basketball players play the game with talent, and that stirred him to play the sport and make it his passion.

He was drafted into the NBA, and after that, he was chosen by the Detroit Pistons along with the records to transfer the deals. At his time with the Detroit Pistons, he was able to develop his game skills and secured a place of his own in the line ups. Rodman was a part of many leagues and clubs, which helped him to achieve great competitive gaming experiences. He was never afraid of playing basketball.

He plays the game with pride and determination that characterizes him as the best player from the rest. He was able to win five NBA championships, and he was also a part of the NBA all-star two times. Moreover, the seven times became the NBA rebounding champion seven times. The qualities of leadership and fearlessness he showcased in the sport got him wide support and encouragement from the club and leagues he was part of.

Early life and sports career

Dennis Rodman Early life

via: Courtesy of Slamdance Film Festival

Dennis Rodman was born on May 13, 1961, in America. From his young days, he grew up watching excellent basketball players with great talent. He was also interested in wrestling and deemed it a great sport. He knew many people who belonged to the wrestling sports and showed a great leaning towards the sport in his childhood. He was good at defeating heavyweight wrestlers too.

In the latest years, Rodman is bent on expanding the horizons of the basketball, and he is determined to make the sport even more popular. He is trying to make the sport get famous in North Korea. His name is mentioned in the assistance offered by President Donald Trump and his counterpart from North Korea president Kim Jong-un for promoting a good relationship.

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Personal life and accomplishments

Dennis Rodman Life

via: Dennis Rodman reacts after getting called for a technical foul for taunting Vlade Divac in 1998. (Phil Velasquez, Chicago Tribune)

As an eminent basketball player, Dennis Rodman entered the basketball arena to showcase his abilities in the sport. He is an exceptional player who was a part of most NBA clubs. He supported a popular team with his talents and skills. He is a knowledgeable game reader and prefers to deliver more shots in the game.

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Dennis Rodman Age

Now Dennis Rodman is fifty-eight years of age. He is known to aid his basketball clubs by identifying talented athletes and supports them to play the game without fear.

His marriage

Dennis Rodman had three unsuccessful marriages. The marriage with Annie bakes lasted only a year. He was engaged with Carmen Electra, and that too ended in a year. In the year 2012, he ended his marriage with Michelle Meyer.

Dennis Rodman Net worth

The net worth of Dennis Rodman is huge, and that is why he is in the top-earning celebrities list. He is getting $500 thousand from the sports franchises and leagues. These are the important information about Dennis Rodman, the great basketball player.

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Featured image via ExNBA by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

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Five of The Most Popular Sports in The USA




Popular Sports in The USA

The United States of America has a long and inspirational history with sporting achievement and regularly features in pole positions for international events. There are however a handful of sports synonymous with the USA and the history of the country weaves a thread of fascinating insights into a sporting passion.

Let’s take a look at some of the sports that have survived through the ages to become seasonal favorites in the land of opportunity.

1. American Football

American Football is by far the most popular sport of the nation, in turn capturing the attention of millions of fans year in, year out. Football originated as a sport in American colleges way back in the late 19th century but since humble beginnings, it’s literally taken the world by storm. There are now eighty countries around the world who play the game, a true success story of modern American export.

2. Baseball

America has a long-standing history with sporting prowess and Baseball harks back to the golden era of American history and had its first innings almost two hundred years ago. Baseball is an almost mythical pastime of the nation and its depiction in movies as one of the central sports of the people has cemented itself within American popular culture.

Visit and discover a world of classic fantasy baseball at its finest and get your fill of one of the nation’s most popular pastimes.

3. Basketball

Another college favorite and high up on the list of sports fans in the USA, basketball was actually initially devised by a man who hailed from north of the border. Canadian born James Naismith, a physical education teacher, invented the sport as a winter primer for football players looking for a game less prone to causing injury and suitable for indoor play. Find out more about the history of Basketball and learn more about the man behind the game.

4. Ice Hockey

Popular in the colder climes of the United States, Ice Hockey ranks as one of the most popular sports in the country, and for great reason. It’s a fast-paced, high-octane game played by some of the most ruthless men and women in sport.

Originating in Baltimore, where the very first artificial ice rink was built, the sport has now taken the country by storm and the NHL (National Hockey League) hosts some of the most popular sporting events in the country.

5. Soccer

While not as popular in the states as over in Europe, Soccer certainly is taking center stage in the USA’s sporting calendar with large crowds regularly attending important matches. There are over 240 million people around the world who play soccer too and as a hobby, it has certainly taken root.

Although there are many countries around the world who stake a claim to the beginnings of the beautiful game, it is England who started soccer as we know it today. LA Galaxy, one of the most famous teams in the USA are in fact known throughout the footballing fraternity for bringing David Beckham into their family.

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Are Road Bikes Faster Than Hybrid Bikes?

Satendra Kashyap



Road Bikes vs Hybrid Bikes

Are you trying to decide between shopping for hybrid bikes for women and shopping for regular road bikes? Each type of bike has its own set of benefits, so it’s important to figure out what benefits appeal most to you. For example, is it more important for you to be able to ride on a variety of terrain types, or is speed a higher priority? If you’re looking for an alternative mode of transportation that will get you from point A to point B as quickly as possible, you’re probably wondering if road bikes are faster than hybrid bikes, and vice versa.

The simple answer is yes, but here’s what you should know about the speed of both options.

Hybrid Bike Speed

Hybrid Bike Speed

via: YouTube

Hybrid bikes can be speedy, but they’re designed more for their comfort and reliability. If you’re looking for hybrid bikes for sale, you’re making a great decision for your everyday riding needs. They’ll keep you from getting too sore too quickly and will help you maintain a comfortable posture.

Hybrid bikes differ from road bikes in a few key ways. The handlebars are higher, which allows you to maintain an upright position while you ride. This position also makes you less aerodynamic, which cuts back on your speed.

Another key difference is the wheel and tire size. Hybrid bikes have wider wheels, which gives you more contact with the road and more control. However, the wider tire size increases friction and further reduces your speed. While you can still ride fairly quickly with a hybrid bike, you won’t be able to reach or maintain the speed of a road bike.

Road Bike Speed

When you compare a 21-speed road bike to a hybrid bike, you’ll immediately notice the handlebars are much lower on the road bike. This lower position forces the rider to lean forward on the bike and minimizes wind resistance. That’s how road bikes obtain their impressive speed. When you minimize wind resistance, you have the ability to go much faster than you otherwise could.

Road bikes also have narrow wheels and tires. This helps to further cut back on wind resistance. When you ride a road bike, you have to expend much less effort to go fast than you would expend if you were riding a hybrid bike. While road bikes aren’t particularly comfortable and can strain the muscles in your neck, back and arms over time, they can’t be beaten when it comes to speed. Riding padded shorts and slowly increasing the amount of time you spend on your bike can help your body become accustomed to the position you have to maintain on a road bike.

Find the Bike That’s Right for You

Now that you know the main differences in speed between hybrid bikes for women and road bikes, it will be easier for you to decide which option is better for you. If you plan to ride long distances or become a competitive rider, a road bike is a must. If you’re just looking for a way to stay in shape or get around without driving a car, a hybrid bike may be a better match for your needs.

Featured image source: DuVine

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