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8 Most Popular Indian Foods That Are Not Originally Indian




Indian Foods That Are Not Originally Indian

When anyone thinks about visiting India they think about food. Indians are known as foodies because India is a country that offers a number of lip-smacking dishes. Not just Indians but people from around the world admire the Indian cuisine and also, the delicious street food that India offers.

Indian street food tradition has a history associated with it, so do the popular dishes that are found in the country. But not many people know that Indian favourite delicacies that attract a lot of visitors are not actually Indian.

In this post, we are going to reveal some most popular Indian delicacies that are not Indian, indeed.

1. Tea/chai

Every Indian starts his day with a hot cup of “chai”, but did you know it is one thing that is so not Indian? Yes, your favourite “chai” is originally from China it was grown in India during British rule.

2. Samosa

This one is the best snack partner of Chai. And to our surprise, even this lip-smacking snack isn’t originally from India. It originates from the Middle East.

3. Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka

via: Cookstr

Now here comes a shocker. In 2001 UK’s minister claimed it to be “a true British National Dish” because of its utmost popularity in the UK. It actually originates from Scotland.

4. Rajma

I ended up so hurt when I found out that Rajma was brought from Mexico. But we still call it our dish because we made it an epic combination of “Rajama –Chawal”.

5. Naan

So a lot of Punjabis can be disappointed or disagree that Naan is not their invention but Persians’.

6. Jalebi

It might break your heart, but even Jalebi has a foreign origin. It is actually formed of Persian origin.

7. Falooda

This yummy cool desert, that no Indian can resist, is not Indian. It too traces its origin from Persia. We really owe Persians a big time!

8. Biryani

Its name only makes our mouth salivate. Well, it’s time to bow down to the Persians for it is believed even Biryani finds its origin in Persia. We are so glad that it happened.

I have touched many lives in the last two years after I decided to become a freelance writer. Sharing a story is sharing a part of life and making your life bigger. Thus I became a writer and have become a better person as I also get parts of others lives and we all grow together as a community, through the enticing writings.

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Best 7 Whiskeys To Taste In 2020 For Ultimate Experience

Lal Pratap



Whiskey makes the words flow smoothly and the world a better place to live in. Whether it’s dinner over video calls or house parties, you are likely to enjoy more with a glass of strong whiskey in your hands. It possesses the ability to transform every meal into an occasion. Make sure to try out diverse whiskey brands and acquaint yourself with the taste. Also, turn the boring quarantine days into an enjoyable one with single malt spirits obtained from top-notch distilleries.

Keep reading to know the top whiskeys with a delightful taste that you must try before 2020 ends.

1. Ardbeg Wee Beastie

Ardbeg Wee Beastie

via: Source


If you’re a fan of the single malt whiskeys, then you must try this Ardbeg spirit that will leave you craving for more. Ardbeg emerges with this ecstatic bourbon with around 48% alcohol by volume and a spicy flavor. Arising from Port Ellen in Scotland, this whiskey boasts peat-like, sweet, and oily essence. After some time, you might experience some dry, peppery flavors that add to the overall appeal. You are highly likely to go for this more than once as it spends around five years in the distillery. Moreover, grain alcohol is a must-try, as is the perfect blend of spicy and sweet flavors that are savory and delicious.

Tasting Notes

  • The Aroma of this whiskey is quite meaty and shell-fish like at first. Cornbread fragrance, coupled up with wood shaving odor, follows the former enchanting smell. Such raw smell adds to the overall tasting experience and makes the wine worth trying.
  • The taste is highly sharp and surprising due to peat-like and salty flavors. Sweetish taste follows the former and appeals to the taste buds. What’s even better is that the overall taste is that of a tar and peat combination.

2. Balvenie, The Edge of Burnhead Wood

Balvenie, The Edge of Burnhead Wood

Emerging from the ecstatic Balvenie Distillery, this whiskey is surely a must-try for all the whiskey lovers out there. Also, the name of the spirit suggests the place where the most crucial raw material, i.e. heather, resides. Further, the whiskey makers use this to dry the barley and prepare this delicious whiskey. It has around 49% alcohol by volume and is an average whiskey when it comes to strength. If you like having a glass of scotch with your meals, do give this elegant liquor a try. The whiskey contains an abundance of sugar molasses, which is evident in the taste.

Tasting Notes

  • Before drinking, the whiskey gives off a dried fruit fragrance paired up with nutmeg and honey essence. You might also get to smell the citrusy notes and rich barley flavors right after you pour a glass full for yourself.
  • As far as the taste is concerned, the spirit has a date and plump dry fruit-like flavor. However, it doesn’t fail to give away the oaky warmth and sweetish taste to your tongue.

3. Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique

Kavalan Solist Vinho Barrique

via: Source

Taiwanese whiskeys always come with higher strength, bold tastes, and delightful experience. Emerging from the years-old wine barrels, this whiskey spends at least a decade in the distillery to achieve the spicy taste. In case you like the different single malt varieties, don’t forget to try the whiskeys from King Car distilleries that are both delicious as well as healthy. Being a gold medal holder in a whiskey competition held in Los Angeles, this single malt delight is surely a must-try during the epidemic times.

Tasting Notes

  • Boasting the rich earthy fragrance mixed with the peat-like notes, the whiskey is likely to appeal to your mouth like never before.
  • With the taste containing plums and berries, you must try the Taiwanese whiskey at least once. Following the berries essence, the caramel-like taste is yet another possible tasting note.

4. Littlemill 29-Year-Old

Littlemill 29-Year-Old

Scottish distilleries never fail to amaze you with their astonishing varieties and delicious tastes. With an alcohol strength of 48%, the whiskey is best for house parties and special occasions. What makes this spirit better than the rest is the duration it spends in the distillery, i.e. 29 years. You must grab your share as early as possible because the stock for this ecstatic whiskey is limited to only 600 bottles worldwide.

Tasting Notes

  • Right when you open the bottle, a rosy fragrance with floral essence welcomes you. What follows is the spicy yet cinnamon flavors coupled up with some nutmeg and tangy orange.
  • With just the perfect silky texture, the whiskey boasts fruity flavors like green apple, pear, and kiwi. Along with this, the caramel and citrus notes are undoubtedly a treat for the taste buds.

5. Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon Batch B520

Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon Batch B520

via: Source

Released in May, this whiskey is perfect for the bourbon lovers who prefer alcohol strength over tasting notes. The whiskey has around 64% alcohol by volume and is worth giving a shot. If you’re a fan of the cocoa essence coupled up with rich oaky texture, then try this spirit without giving a second thought.

Tasting Notes

  • The whiskey smells of caramel and honey mostly. However, the cocoa beans, spices, and sugary essence make the whiskey lovers drool over this ecstatic drink. Make sure to grab the right food pairings for the ultimate experience.
  • On tasting, the spirit gives off peppery and caramel-like flavor that is unmatchable. What follows is honey, caramel, and cinnamon essence which adds to the overall taste.

6. Old Fitzgerald Bottled In Bond

Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond

Here’s another beauty that spends around 15 years in the distillery to achieve the extravagant nose and palate tasting notes. The bourbon whiskey has an alcohol strength of 50% which makes it ideal for the house parties and similar occasions. What’s even better is that the whiskey spends most of the time in charred oak containers that enhances the taste.

Tasting Notes

  • The whiskey emits a fragrance including some stones and herbs. Also, there’s a little hint of cinnamon extract that adds to the overall odor.
  • Upon tasting, the whiskey is surely bright and lively with wheat and peppercorn essence and buttery texture.

7. Glasgow Distillery’s 1770 Single Malt Triple Distilled

Glasgow Distillery’s 1770 Single Malt Triple Distilled

The triple-distilled single malt whiskey appears to be a dream come true for the whiskey lovers out there. With an average alcohol strength of 46%, the whiskey is likely to occupy a place in your favorites’ list. Also, it matures in the virgin oak casks making it more subtle, fine, and spicy. You must try this sophisticated single malt during the quarantine and make the most of these days.

Tasting Notes

  • It opens the nose up with caramel toffee and vanilla flavors. What adds to the overall experience is the roasted almond and tea-like essence.
  • On tasting, the whiskey imparts a vanilla essence filled with tangy orange flavors. What adds to the tasting experience is cocoa fragrance and caramel hue of the whiskey.

Bottom Line

Whiskeys never disappoint you due to the diverse range as well as types available. You can always choose your favorite flavors and texture to enjoy the meals. What makes this spirit even better is the varieties of tasting notes like vanilla, honey, coffee, nutmeg, cinnamon, and spices. Try out the best whiskeys of 2020 to fulfill your whiskey goals and gain some expertise in this.

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Wine Grapes Explained: 9 Must Know Essentials





Wine Grapes Explained 9 Must Know Essentials

Wines are and have always been a favorite drink among people all around the globe. The magic drink coming from grapes has become the ideal drink for many occasions, whether big or small. Whether you consider yourself a wine connoisseur or you are just beginning to experiment with the drink, the sheer variety of grapes can leave you baffled. Are you wondering what are the kinds of grapes that are used for making wines? If yes, then you are in for a treat. Here are the 9 wine grapes that you must know about.

Wine Grapes That You Should Know:

Grapes have been grown and cultivated for over a thousand years. There are more than 10,000 types of grapes present in the Vitaceae family, and 1,300 of them go into making wines.

If you plan to learn the basics of wine and grapes that go into making it, the following are the most prominent ones:

1. Pinot Noir (Red)

Often touted as the wine of the kings, Pinot Noir is the finest variety of the drink. The Pinot Noir grapes are native to the areas with a cooler climate, majorly coming from the Burgundy region of France. It is a difficult variety of grapes to cultivate and make wine with, but the taste makes it worth the effort. Wine from the young grapes has fruity aromas of cherries, strawberries, and raspberries. As Pinot Noir ages, it tends to develop a barnyard aroma that adds to the complexity. If you enjoy the fruity and spicy flavors in your drink, you can also try Southern Comfort, a famous liqueur.

2. Riesling (White)

The grape behind the most famous white wines is Riesling. Originating from the Rhine region of Germany, it is a very aromatic grape. You can often find a variety of flowery aromas and high acidity, which form a backbone for extensive aging. Riesling tends to taste on the sweeter side, with hints of lime, honey, and even elderflower. It goes into making dry, sweet or semi-sweet, and sparkling white wine. The wine complements the Asian and Australian food really well.

3. Merlot (Red)

Experts believe that Merlot gets its name from ‘Merle,’ French name for the blackbird. Also called as the homogenized milk of the reds, the grapes grow in the Bordeaux region of France. It is bright red in color and you can taste hints of dark cherry, chocolate, blueberry, and even coffee. The Merlot grapes produce medium-bodied wine, which has a moderate alcohol level, vegetal note, and red fruit flavors. Red wine like Merlot can also be good for your health. You can enjoy this wine along with Chinese food.

4. Chardonnay (White)

If we are talking about wine grapes, the list cannot be complete without mentioning Chardonnay. It is a green-skinned grape that manufacturers use to make white wine and a series of sparkling wines. Chardonnay is a neutral grape, which gets influenced by the landscape and geology of the area where it grows. This grape may have a buttery texture, with flavors of ripe fruits and herbs. If you enjoy chicken or fish, you can pair it up with Chardonnay.

5. Cabernet Sauvignon (Red)

The quintessential wine grape is Cabernet Sauvignon. It originated in the 17th century in the Bordeaux region as a chance crossing between two infamous grapes – Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc. Today it has become the most widely planted variety of grapes. While people often confuse it with Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon is a heavy wine that contains more tannins. It gets better with age in terms of taste and texture. With this grape, you can enjoy flavors like plum, black currant, cedar, and even mint. The wine can be the perfect companion for your roasted or grilled beef.

6. Sauvignon Blanc (White)

Hailing from the Loire Valley of France, the grape Sauvignon Blanc goes into the making of infamous wines like Pouilly-Fume and Sancerre. It can be grown even outside France in Chile, California, and New Zealand. Sauvignon Blanc is famous for producing dry, crisp, and refreshing white wine. The flavor of the grapes can depend significantly on the climate. The taste can range from fresh-cut grass in France to sweet tropical flavors in warmer areas of the world. It is one of the very few wines that can complement sushi. If you serve it chilled, it can also go well with fish and cheese.

 7. Shiraz/ Syrah (Red)

Shiraz, also known as Syrah, is a popular dark-skinned grape that is used primarily to make the darkest red wines. In moderate climates like Rhone Valley and Washington State, it tends to produce grapes that are medium to full-bodied wine that can contain a higher level of tannins. It can have hints of mint, black pepper, and even blackberry. When grown in hot climates of McLaren Vale, Crete, and Barossa Valley of Australia, it can be full-bodied with more consistency and softer tannins. It may have a spicy taste with hints of licorice, earthy leather, and star anise. Black pudding, streak, and lamb can find a perfect companion in a bottle of Shiraz.

8. Viognier (White)

Viognier is a white wine grape that is native to the Rhone Valley of France, but it is also grown in Australia, New Zealand, Israel, and South Africa. It has the potential to give you full-bodied wine that has a soft texture. Viognier contains natural aromatics like pears, peaches, violets, and minerality.  You can smell hints of lavender, thyme, chamomile, and even pine. The wine can be good both with and without maturing in the oak. Most people prefer to open it relatively earlier than the rest. Over time, the sugar level in the grapes can shoot through the roof, giving you a sticky late harvest. Grilled salmon and potatoes or cashew nut salad can be ideally paired with Viognier wine.

9. Pinot Grigio (White)

Pinot Grigio is the Italian name given to the grape Pinot Gris. It has become a recent favorite now in New Zealand and Argentina, and also it’s home in Italy and Alsace. The grape is blue or grey in color and often referred to as the clone of Pinot Noir. It can turn pink as the grapes mature and can be golden when they become ripe. The taste of the wine can contain tropical and fruity notes of mango or melon. Pinot Grigio is generally used to make light-bodied and dry white wines that have high acidity. You can find hints of green apples, lime, and lemon in the wine. It goes well with chicken or salads and also chili prawns.

Final Thoughts

The world of wine grapes can be vast and daunting. It is only with experience and exposure to all kinds of grapes and wines that can help you get familiar with them. While it may take you quite some time to get acquainted with the different varieties, you can start by trying the wine grapes mentioned above. Get ready to explore the world of wine grapes and enjoy the delicious flavors.

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8 Bengali Restaurants in Bangalore To Satisfy Your Taste Buds





8 Bengali Restaurants in Bangalore

Bengali cuisine is a sight for sore eyes because it has the ability to raise your hunger when just look at it. There are many kinds of dishes such as Chicken Kosha, crisp mutton cutlets, Kolkata-style Biriyani, and lot more to satiate your craving for food. So here is the list of Bengali restaurants in Bangalore for you to have a good Bengali banquet with your family and friends. To all the Bengali food lovers out there this information will be very useful.

1. Aami Bangali

Aami Bangali Bangalore

Aami Bangali

This is the perfect place to eat different kinds of authentic Bengali food. There is a selection of dishes such as dry fruit laden Basanti Pulao the fragrance of which will tantalize your senses. Then the place also offers the best Kolkata Biriyani for the Biriyani lovers.

2. Sorse

Sorse Authentic Bengali Cuisine


If you want a little spice in your life, then there is nothing spicier then the Bengali food in Sorse. The dishes will capture your mind and heart because that much tasty the food will be. There are kofta Poshtor Borar, Murgh Musaallam, Shorshe Potol Narked Diye. Definitely try these dishes.

3. Bhojohori Manna

Bhojohori Manna

via: Bhojohori Manna

This is an amazing place in Bangalore to stop and indulge in tasty Bengali dishes. If you are in that place do try the Mini and Maxi authentic Bong Thalas. There are lots of thala types available for you to choose from that offer variety of dishes. You can try the repast in any branch of the restaurant. So enjoy the extensive Bengali meal supplied by this great place.

4. Koshe Kosha

Koshe Kosha

For the non-vegetarians, the special Bengali place is here. This is a complete menu of vegetarian Bengali meals such as Aloo Poshto, Dhakai Mangsho, and hilsa. So visit the place with your family to indulge in a vegetarian buffet.

Also read: 5 Best Restaurants in Hanoi That Will Promisingly Give You Unforgettable Dining Experiences

5. Esplanade

Esplanade Restaurant Bangalore

via: TrueLocalz

Esplanade is a marvelous place in Indiranagar. The restaurant is well known for the astounding yellow lights that gives it a royal look. There are large windows for a good view. Get your family or the date to this place because the ambiance is wonderful. The authentic Bengali dishes offered in the place are Kacha Lanka Murgi, Fish Fry, Gandharaj Chingri and many more to explore.

6. Oh Calcutta

Oh Calcutta Bangalore

You can try the tasty dish offered in “Oh Calcutta” in Church Street the signature spicy Kosha Mangsho, creamy Daab Chingri, crispy Bhetki Fry, and many more. You can wash the food down with good beer here. Then there is dessert Icecream Nolen Gur created with palm jaggery syrup.

7. Bangaliana


This restaurant contains lots of outlets for people to get there and simply eat. It is a special place to eat seafood like prawn, Lau Chingry, Prawn Kobiraji, and lots of seafood in different flavours. For deserts, you can choose the fluffy Rosagolla and Misti Doi.

8. The Kitchen of Joy

The Kitchen of Joy

The Kitchen of Joy Facebook page

The fragrance of the aroma oil and the spicy food in the Bengali kitchen will make your mouth water. There are some popular dishes like the Egg devil, Kathi rolls, fish chops, and lots more. This is one of the top restaurants offering Bengali dish in Bangalore.

Enjoy eating slap-up Bengali dishes from these restaurants. Partake of these delectable dishes and make your heart happy and your stomach full. Because when your palate is full your heart will be content.

Also read: Mehrauli and Kalkaji Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Guide

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