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8 Reasons Why Your Mother is The Epitome of Your Universe: Meri Maa, Pyari Maa, Mumma




Mother is The Epitome of Universe

Moms are blessing and there is no one who can replace this one person but this one lady can replace all other relations in your life. There is no amount of words that can express her love for you, and it is the most selfless love that you experience in your life. How her love changes for you as you grow is worth your appreciation.

The reason that she is the biggest strength of your life is as follows:

1. She supports your dreams and helps you to achieve them no matter big or small- she is your biggest supporter and helps you to chase your dreams and help you in your struggles. Your dreams are her dreams and she even sacrifices your dreams so that you can achieve your dreams.

2. She accepts you for what you are- the whole world wants us to change and sees flaws in us but this one lady accepts us with our flaws, and never wants us to change. She accepts us the way we are although she inspires us to be a better person but never criticizes us.

3. She corrects us when we go wrong- we all flaws and when we do wrong she gives her piece of mind and corrects us. She forgives us and loves us without any grudge in mind.

4. They love us unconditionally like no one can- she was the first person to love you even before you were born and loves you without any reason and with no selfish reasons. The moment that news comes of your existence she dreams about you and loves you in spite of the pain that comes with the birth process.

5. They make you what you are- it is her teachings and valuable lessons that she has given you makes you the person that you are. She is your first teacher and teaches you life long and helps you become the person you are.

6. She is always there for you- the whole world may turn their back at you and leave you in the tough times but its your mother who stands rock solid behind you and support you when the times are tough. She is the one who helps you sail through the turbulence of life.

7. She believes in you even if you fail- she is strong and believes that you are strong and supports you even if you fall or fail in life. When things go wrong she trusts us and it is this trust that helps you fight the adversities of life and then shine back.

8. She knows you the best- she gave birth to you and understood your slightest whim and whisper. Even before you could speak she could hear you. She understands your each and every move and has the ability to understand you even your without expressing it.

She is the epitome of your universe and has all the reasons to be.

After completing my studies and getting a decent job I wanted to do something creative. I firmly believed that there should be a hobby that helps you to earn. Thus I made my hobby of writing into my part-time profession and started to write from the last two years. My journey as a writer has enriched me.

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5 Common Things Daughters Wished Their Dads Had Known Growing Up





Father Daughter

We understand that parenting is not an easy task. It involves lots of your efforts and hard work to raise up your child, whether he is a girl or a boy. But, what we see is in our Indian household is that most of the times, it is the sole responsibility of a mother only to take care of her child and not father’s.

Father’s are meant to be feared by the child, especially when it comes to their relationship with daughters due to the gender biases and more liking for the boy child. So, parenting can be easier when it goes in the right manner understanding what your child needs from time to me.

Here, in this article, we have listed what girls wish their fathers would have known when they were growing up:

1. I need to know that you love me and care for me

Daughters had revealed that they feel more confident and secure when their dad tells them that they love them more than any other thing in this world.

Girls love to see when their father give kind attention to them, love them unconditionally, make them feel that how much they are important. They would love to eat whatever you cook for them, maybe something which is her favourite.

2.  You are the foundation of my life

father daughter

via: Bustle

Every girl wants to make their parent feel proud of whatever she aspires to be in her life. It is the duty of the parents to know and respect her choices and support her in each and every way so that she grows out to be more confident and feels good that you like whatever she is doing. We expect nothing but your kind support and love in need.

3. I absolutely love it when you took out time from your busy schedule to spend time with us

You can make me feel special in any way you can.  Maybe we can go out for pizzas and burgers once a month. Even though I know you also have to take care of my brother, but still, you can take out some time for me as well to make some joyful memories.

4. I Need You to Listen to Me Whenever I Need Your Help

I expect from my father that whenever I come home from school to listen to me up in an open and non-judgemental way. I want to help me in completing my daily homework. I need your support and want you to empathize me.

Try to relax me if possible, but don’t try to blame me and judge me where I was right or where I was wrong. Instead, I expect you to help me by asking, “What do you think you could have done better?” or how can you fix up things now?

5. You Don’t Hesitate While Buying Me a Sanitary

I expect you to go for shopping and buy me a sanitary if I or mom is unable to go. It is nothing to feel ashamed or hesitate about when you ask out for a sanitary from a shopkeeper.

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Australian Mum’s 17 Strict Rules Contract For Son Before Giving Him A Phone Every Parents Should Follow





Australian Mum's 17 Strict Rules

She is one woman from Australia who has created a 17 rule contract for her teenage son named Ayden (12 years of age) regarding the usage of mobile phone. You must have noticed yourself that how phones have become a boom as well as a bane in our society. Even if you take a walk around in your colony as well, you will surely notice how busy the world is and how addictive these phones are.

So the coolest thing what this woman did was, she made a 17 rule contract for her son so that she doesn’t restrict her own child from using the phone as well as can keep a check on her own child.

The contract with 17 rules can help to build your relationship with your child.

contract with 17 rules

Well, the best part about this 17 rule contract is, it can be downloaded by other mothers too. Because being a mother, even you know that how the society has literally changed over the time and the upcoming generation are so adamant that if they need a phone, they surely mean it so why not be little cool and set up some rules.


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These rules can be downloaded by other people too and you can actually make your child know what is important and what is not so important in this world of technology.

Few of the rules which are mentioned in the contract are:

  • You need to give your phone before 7:30 pm and no texting will be allowed after that.
  • You need to give the access for all the apps to your mother so that she can keep a check on you regarding what exactly are you heading to.
  • If the phone is broken or stolen then you need to pay for its cost since the phone is given to you by keeping the trust in mind.
  • Photos or videos shouldn’t be taken without any permission including the strangers because as a child, you don’t want your grandparents to see those visuals on social media.


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Such rules help to build a good relation as well as the trust factor between a mother and her own child. Moreover, her son has agreed to all the 17 rules which are written on the rule book because even he knows that only after agreeing to all the conditions, he gets the access to use the phone.


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Many mothers did download this rule book for their own children and saw the change themselves.

So what are you waiting for, Try downloading this rule book and being a mother, it’s very important to tell your child what needs to be done and what is not that important in this fast world?

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Know About Your Personality As Per The Shape Of Your Belly Button




Shape Of Your Belly Button

A human body is a unique creation of God, where each part has a specific function and indicates so much about the person. There are sciences that read the shape of body, eyes, lips or face and tell so much about the person. Similarly, the belly button or the navel tells so much about our physical and mental qualities.

Surprisingly the tiny belly button that is often ignored attaches the baby to the womb. It indicates what may be in the body. It is an essential point or chakra and in alternative sciences or home remedies, there are many diseases that be cured through the application of medicines or herbs on the belly button.

Navel also has an erotic appeal but the difference between the navels of individuals holds key to different traits of their personalities.

It is interesting to know about the navel and its scientific and cultural context.

1. The round belly button

The round belly button

via: YouTube

The round navel indicates that the person is warm and optimistic in nature. They like peace and harmony thus stay away from things that can lead to stress or anxiety. As they are grounded and simple are liked by all. They generally have no money issues and have a spiritual inclination.

2. The small flat belly button

The small flat belly button

via: Guff

The person will have a creative mind and will make big in the fields of arts and aesthetics. They have the ability to flow against the tide and craft their way.

3. The shallow belly button

The shallow button indicates that the person is bold and strong. Is a hardcore perfectionist and is highly ambitious and competitive. They are the people who like to have things under their control and may get anxious if the things are as per their desires. They may have weight issues and can suffer from flu viruses.

4. The hourglass belly button

If the belly button lies vertically on your stomach, then the person for sure is very charming. They are extroverts and influential. They make great journalists, salesperson or performing arts. Such people need solitude so that they get clarity of their inner self and thoughts.

5. The belly button pointing upwards

The belly button pointing upwards

via: Steemit

They are total charmers and gel well with everyone. They are popular and successful; it’s the ideal belly button. Such people may have skin issues or kidney disorders.

6. Belly button pointing downwards

Belly button pointing downwards

via: Health

They are the people who need to be motivated again and again. They are low on energy and lack of zeal to do the smallest things. They have the tendency to catch cold and flu.

7. The bow- tie-shaped belly button

The bow- tie-shaped belly button

via: Amazon

If the belly button is horizontally oval with a little inch at the center then it shows that the person is the intelligent one. They will excel in academics and are often found daydreaming. They are not very social rather have a small group of theirs and are introvert.

8. The oval belly button

People with such belly buttons are born leaders. They are great guides, teachers, and mentors. They are the overthinkers and thus may show neurotic side when stressed out. Bone health of such people needs to be taken care off.

9. The bulging button

It is common in babies and outgrows, however, if someone has such a belly button it implies they are still a child at heart. They want all the attention and are stubborn. They are good at works that require teamwork.   

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