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9 Perfect Outfits to Wear in Indian Weddings this Wedding Season



When the wedding season arrives all pretty ladies’ start to panic since the shopping things isn’t an easy task. The quest is always to find a better dress than others or to look different on each occasion and most importantly look trendy altogether.

We understand how difficult it all might be this is why we have decided to assist you in choosing a perfect and trendy dress to wear this wedding season. Choose to form the list below and rock any wedding reception or pre-wedding functions with grace and style.

Anarkalis rock:

Yes, be it any occasion, Mehndi, Sangeet, reception or wedding. Anarkalis go well for every occasion. Get is tailor made or from the store, this pretty ethnic wear will never fail to impress.

Lehenga: If you believe us, then there are a number of types in lehenga. Fish style, A-line, frilled one and what not. You can easily choose one suitable for the occasion and rock the party.

Long Kurti with Lehenga: This is attire looks so stunning, we spotted Kareena Kapoor sporting this look. Get it stitched or buy from the store, switch choli with a Kurti and pair it with lehenga.

Cape with Lehenga: We just loved Shahid Kapoor’s wife look at her reception. You should also, pick out a lehenga with a cape. This is so trendy.

Crop top with Skirts: You can pick an ethnic crop top with skirt and nothing could be trendier than this. They are so in and fashionable. You can also get your lehenga stitched in this style.

Kurti with Palazzos: Palazzos are also a great hit this season. Pair it with an ethnic Kurti and totally rock the look.

Dhoti Style Sari: If you want a designer look dress, go for a dhoti style sari.

Sharara: You can also go for a well fitted Sharara dress. It looks like palazzo but the top is a little shorter.

Short choli with Salwar or Dhoti: This one too, gives a designer look. The pair you detailed salwar or dhoti with a short kurta or choli.

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6 Ancient Beauty Rituals From Different Parts of The World That Still Works




6 Ancient Beauty Rituals From Different Parts of The World

Beauty has always been desired by all, be it now or the ancient times. The rituals have evolved over the period of time but still, there are so many of the ancient rituals that are still in use.

These ancient rituals were in use even before you were born, and they were as effective or even more effective than these modern day rituals. Here is the list of these some ancient rituals that are still in use:

1. Cleopatra’s milk bath

The quintessential Egyptian beauty was the most beautiful lady that has ever lived. Thanks to the innovative beauty rituals that helped her to maintain her beauty.

The fermented mare’s milk with honey was one of her secrets to beautiful skin that was soft, smooth, wrinkle-free and full of glow. Though a tub full of this milk is wastage but still if you want to pamper yourself then this can be tried.

2. Beans of Mung for Chinese royalty

The Chinese empresses swear by this DIY Mung paste as it was an excellent remedy for acne and puffy skin. It is a pack full of vitamins and protein but is relatively cheaper.

Mung dal is easily available in India and China so it is hassle-free to use it but the mung should be organic and free from pesticides.

3. Egg white for the Elizabethan era

Women from the Elizabethan England practiced some of the strange beauty practices. Of the all the only practical one that is doable is an application of raw egg whites to the skin.

This will give tight, smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Egg white masks are still widely used skin care practice that is followed ion almost all parts of the world.

4. Haldi in the subcontinent

Turmeric has been a part of skin care rituals since ages. It is applied during the wedding in India and Pakistan. The spice has healing properties and also gives an instant glow to the skin.

The spice mixed with milk or rosewater can work wonders for your skin. Combination of Yogurt, Gram Flour, and Haldi is a very popular and effective Ubtan for skin polishing.

5. Saffron the luxurious one

Indians, Egyptians, Greek, and the Romans have very popularly used saffrom from time immemorial as it has the ability to give you the give glow on your skin and also do away with dark patches.

It is used as the dye, medicine and also perfume. Cleopatra used saffron infused water for bathing and till date, there are several recipes for glowing skin that uses saffron. Saffron oil is also used for skin brightening and lightening.

6. Sugaring for skin

Egyptian were obsessed with clean skin and for that they used sugar. To remove unwanted hair from the body, sugar was used.

Sugar mixed with lemon and water was used to remove the hair and this process is still very much in use even today.

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Linksop Review: Signup, Payment Proof, Earnings Review



Linksop Review is a brand new URL shortener service where you can shorten your long links and share them anywhere to earn money. Basically, is a paid URL shortener service which provides a great opportunity to every internet user to make some money by simply shortening their links and sharing them anywhere on internet.

Those users who don’t know much about URL shorteners and how to make money through them can refer the below link:

How to earn money from URL shortener services ?

Though, is a brand new URL shortener service but it seems promising to me. There are various reasons which make this network look promising. Some of which are as follows:

Genuine competitive rates:

Unlike some other new URL shorteners which offer really high rates which are hard to digest, offers genuine competitive rates which seem fine. Their rates are high enough to make this network attractive.

At the time of writing this review the highest rate that this network was offering was 25$ for 1000 views and its worldwide deal was also upto 25$ for every 1000 views.

Since, this network is new so you can expect even higher rates in future.

Very Low Minimum Payout:

This was another thing that really impressed me. It has a very low minimum payout limit of only 1$, so, you can easily test its reliability. Anyone can reach this minimum payout limit easily and withdraw his/her earnings to test this network.

Good Quality Ads:

Unlike some new URL shorteners which bombard ads on visitors, likes to keep things simple. It shows limited number of ads which do not annoy visitors and therefore, you don’t lose any of your visitors.

Multiple Payment Options: likes to pay users on their preferred payment options and therefore, it offers various payment options to them. The payment options offered by this network are Withdrawal Method Minimum Withdrawal Amount PayPal, Paytm (India), PhonePe / Tez / BHIM UPI (India), Payoneer,Payeer and Bank Transfer.

The best thing that i like about this network is, it has only 5$ minimum payout limit for all the above mentioned payment options except Bank Wire transfer. For bank wire transfer the minimum payout is 50$.

Fast Payments: pays its users on daily basis usually it pays all users within 24-48 hours of payment request but it may take up to 4 business days.

Detailed and Live Stats:

Like most of the other modern ad networks also offers a very detailed stats reporting system which shows stats in real time. Also, it offers various graphs and filters which help you to better analyze your link stats and optimize them accordingly.

A Great Referral Program: offers a great referral program which provides you an additional opportunity to make some extra income by simply referring new users to their network.

By referring new users to this network, you can earn a handsome 20% referral commission for lifetime.

Dedicated Support:

A good support system shows how good a network is. In case of, it provides a great support to its users. Whenever, you need their help you can simply contact them via their contact form and you will get a very quick reply. I contacted them regarding a query even on weekend but i got an instant reply from them. This again shows how active this network is.

Lots of Tools:

Like most of the other modern URL shorteners, also provides some great tools to its users which keep them ahead of their competitors. The tools offered by this network are quick link, mass shrinker, full page script, bookmarklet and developers API.


Overall this network seems good and active, so, you can give it a try.

Signup Now and earn money .

And also you can use this site also provide exact same service and payout rate.

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6 Ideas For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot That Will Help You To Out of The Crowd




6 Ideas For Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

As soon as the wedding decided the first and the most essential part is to decide for your pre-wedding photo shoot. If you keep the shoot for yourself or display it as a small act of PDA on the social media platforms, the clicks need to be exclusive and also let you have some fun.

As it is a trend and you want to look out of the crowd and also have fun because it is one of a lifetime opportunity and you are the star, so here are few ideas for your pre-wedding shootouts.

1. Focus on the food


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Get the clicks done at a park or cafes as the central point rather than those scenic settings that are common in all the shoots.

The place where it all started. Share your love for all the yum things in the wedding photo shoot. It will make everything look real and wanted as music can never go wrong.

2. Have your furry friends to accompany you


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Love for pets is real and they are family for sure. If you have your pet its good or you can borrow or hire one for the shoot. This will look cute and makes the photos truly adorable.

3. F.R.I.E.N.D.S will make sure that you have fun


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The bunch of people who will be there to make sure that you have fun and are laughing out your lungs for the shoot to help you get memories brighter than sunshine and some candid pictures.

Have your friends who have witnessed the story of your love growing and blooming.

4. A trip down the memory lane, include your childhood games


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The childhood will bring a smile on your lips and shine in your eyes. So be it snake or ladder, carom or the raja mantra Chor Sipahi, have these games in your shoot to make it a trip down the memory lane.

You can also have a few cartoon characters from your childhood or the comics that you loved as a kiddo. Marriage may be the relationship between to mature adults who can be real and kiddish with each other.

5. Have the filmy quotient embedded


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It is always fun to be the drama queen or hero out of a film. Take Bollywood as inspiration and are the iconic scenes from your favorite movies.

Be it the shoot with chasing train like DDLJ or simply aping the iconic scene from Titanic, trust me the idea will make you fall in love. Therefore you are filmy or not or your story is filmy or not the pictures will definitely present you that way.

6. Home alone


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Ditch those scenic settings get the shoot done in your nest. The couples drive to the to locations but getting the clicks done in your home will be a shoot of altogether different level and make it look more real. Dressed in your shorts and looking the real you will be really cherished.

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