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All about Epilepsy; The Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments




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Epilepsy is a disorder which is associated with the neurological functionalities of the affected persons. People suffering from epilepsy gets to experience recurrent seizures which occurs due to some changes in the electrical activity of the brain cells. The severity of these seizures depends on the individuals and their health conditions.

The ones who are affected severely are more prone to get these concurrent seizures more frequently than those whose condition is less severe. If we talk about the occurrence of this disease, approximately a whopping 50 million people worldwide are affected by this disease.

Though it is not too fatal and can be treated by anti-seizure medicines like the CBD oil for seizures and other medications, the concurrent seizures are difficult to handle for the patients as they completely drain their strength.

The common causes of epilepsy include

In most of the cases, the exact cause of epilepsy is not known in people. But if we go by the common causes or factors causing epilepsy in an individual, they can be the following

  • Genetic factors or inheritance possibilities
  • Any kind of mental trauma that took place in any accident cases of the patient’s life
  • Brain damages that could have occurred before birth or the prenatal injuries of the brain.
  • Brain conditions that include tumours or strokes in certain patients
  • Any developmental disorder which may include a person suffering from neurofibromatosis or autism.
  • Infectious Diseases like viral encephalitis or aids which can affect the electrical functionality of brains.

These are some of the common causes of a person growing epilepsy. In most cases, it is seen that children below 2 years of age and adults above 65 years of age are more prone to develop epilepsy than the ones in between.

And the severity of the patients is found out by the types of seizures they are facing and which in turn helps to find out what part of the brain is affected.

Now let us move on to the symptoms of a person suffering from epilepsy

Obviously, the ultimate and main symptom of epilepsy is the concurrent seizures that a person experiences, but there are certain other symptoms that take place as well. They are

  • No temperature convulsion
  • Fainting spells or loss of a person’s ability to have control over his or her actions
  • Partial blackout or loss of memory
  • Body become stiff
  • Sudden fall down
  • The patient becomes fearful, blinks, chews and becomes dazed, etc. for no apparent reasons.
  • The body jerks and the person losses senses

The treatments of epilepsy include

As discussed earlier, the most common treatment for epilepsy or concurrent seizures is to provide the patients with anti-seizure drugs.

The CBD oil for seizures has proved to work wonders in treating the patients and lessening the number of seizures by a great amount. Apart from the normal drug dosages, in some severe cases, surgery is also recommended by the health experts.

The final take

There is no disorder that occurs on the human body where the presence of the messaging systems of their brain function. And thus, epilepsy is one of those disorders that gets affected due to the disrupted electrical activity of human brain.

But with proper treatments, it can be cured or controlled to some extents!

My name is Muhammad Haseeb. I am a Content Writer. I have published many articles on different websites. I want to share my knowledge with people. I am doing it from the last couple of years.

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Best Dumbbell Exercises For Your Workout Routine




Dumbbell Exercises

Looking for ways to stay fit? Well, working out daily and rigorously is a great way to start. Anyone who has set foot in a gym would know that there is various equipment for you to choose from. If you were to ask us which one of them is a must in your workout routine, we would say dumbbells. Why so? Well, whether it be achieving cardiovascular fitness, losing fat or enhancing muscle mass, all of it can be achieved with the help of dumbbells.

However, to realize the maximum benefits out of dumbbells, you must learn to use them correctly. Three exercises using dumbbells.

Here are five exercises you can do using dumbbells.

1. Goblet Squat

This is the perfect exercise for you regardless of whether you are a professional or a beginner in the world of fitness. All you need to do is stand with your feet at a wider position than your shoulder width.

Proceed by holding the dumbbell with your hands. Move your hands toward your chest. Now, sit and squat. Then, stand back again. Repeat. This exercise helps in improving flexibility and activating glute.

2. Dumbbell clean

This exercise is mainly targeted for those who wish for Olympian like agility and strength. It helps in building lean muscle mass as well as enhancing your strength. To do the dumbbell clean, you must flip your wrists in a way that they face forwards.

Then, bring the dumbbell to your shoulder. Stand slowly while straightening your legs simultaneously. Proceed by lowering the dumbbell all the way down to your thighs and move into a squat-like position.

Farmer’s Walk

This is one of the easiest dumbbell exercises one could do. You can’t go wrong with this exercise since it is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is walk as fast as you can while taking short steps at a time.

This helps in improving the strength of your grip. This exercise also helps in strengthening your shoulder muscles, thereby allowing you to combat any shoulder-related injuries.

5 best adjustable dumbbells

Performing the best dumbbell exercises can get difficult if you are not equipped with the right equipment. This is why it is essential to choose your dumbbells wisely. Here are the 5 best adjustable dumbbells out there.

  1. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells: Whether it be the textured rubber grips or the robust construction, these dumbbells tick the right boxes.
  2. Power Block Elite Dumbbells: The best thing about this equipment is that you can add up to 70 pounds of weight on it via expansion kits rather than having to buy new dumbbells.
  3. Ironmaster 75 Lb. Quick-Lock Adjustable Dumbbell System With Stand which comes in the weight range of 5 to 75 pounds and is durable enough to last for a long time.
  4. Bayou Fitness Adjustable Dumbbells which are among the easiest dumbbells to adjust and do not have its weights falling off (as of the case of other brands).
  5. NordicTrack Speed Weights which prove to be the perfect option for budget-conscious individuals while being convenient to use at the same time.


Use dumbbells in your routine. Feel the difference.

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Potential Technological Advances Medicine In Coming Future That Will Make You Healthy And Disease Free





Advances Medicine in Coming Future

These days we can find that so many individuals are suffering from the diseases that cannot be cured easily by using just medicines. Therefore, to make our lives much easier medical scientist and researchers are trying hard and have put a lot of efforts in the development of some of the greatest ideas and developments in the field of medicine and healthcare which would give us a glimpse into the future of medicine.

Let’s have a look at some of these technological advancements in the area of medicine that is surely going to change our future making us healthier and disease free.

1. Real-time diagnostics

Zoltan Takats of Imperial College London has developed the intelligent surgical knife (iKnife) which works by using an old technology where an electrical current heats tissue to make incisions with minimum blood loss. Using this intelligent iKnife surgeon can determine whether the tissue is malignant or not on a real-time basis.

If a surgeon makes use of this iKnife, it could help them a lot while performing any major and critical operations which would help them to significantly reduce the duration of the operation.

2. Augmented reality

Augmented reality

via: Medium

The digital contact lens patented by Google aims to change the level of diabetes management by measuring blood glucose levels from tears. At present, the prototype is going through some standard tests and vigorous testing to help patients who are suffering from diabetes.

Meanwhile, a clinic in Germany has also started its experimentation by making use of augmented reality on iPads. This will help the surgeons to have a look at anatomical structures without opening organs thus saving their lot of time.

3. A gel that instantly stops bleeding

A gel that instantly stops bleeding

via: YouTube

Joe Landolina at New York University has discovered a plant-based polymer which is capable of getting the blood to instantly stop. A gel which is termed as “VetiGel” turned out to be a life-saving product which is currently being developed by Landolina’s Brooklyn based company, Suneris.

4. A low-cost incubator for premature babies

low-cost incubator for premature babies

via: Inhabitat

An MBA student at Stanford Business School, Jane Chen has developed an affordable and easy to use an incubator for premature babies that would help save the life of premature and low-weight infants from neonatal hypothermia.

The prototype looks like a small sleeping bag which makes use of a wax-like substance to maintain a warmer and safe temperature.

5. Emergency triage in an app

Emergency triage in an app

via: YouTube

Mohammad Dalwai who is a South African doctor has co-founded a mobile Triage App that aids medical workers and helpers such as nurses to ask a series of standard triage questions with the patients about their injuries and illness.

In addition to this, he is also working towards the development of a TB and HIV Clinical Guide App which provides guidelines for healthcare workers treating TB and HIV patients in South Africa.

6. Llama antibodies

Llama antibodies

via: Exonbio

Medical researchers and scientists have developed an antibody from llamas to provide protection against seasonal flu. The way they have designed and developed this prototype that you don’t even need to inject yourself.

You just have to go through an intra-nasal administration at the beginning of the year in order to safeguard yourself from catching seasonal flu which could prove fatal for your body.

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7 Benefits Of “Pomegranate” That Rejuvenates Your Skin, Hair And Health





Benefits Of Pomegranate

Pomegranates are the healthiest fruits on the earth. However, one might not be aware of the benefits it offers that are the most beneficial and crucial for your health. The edible seeds of this fruit are incredibly amazing. One can consume it either in the form of a juice or can eat seeds if you like the fruit much.

The liking of the fruit varies from one person to another as you might not find these placed on the fancy shelves of the supermarkets or the grocery stores, but no one can ignore that this is incredibly a great fruit for everyone.

One might not be familiar with the fact that its tiny seeds are like magic for your body as its consumption improves your overall health thus saving you from catching any infection or disease.

The seeds may look tiny but believe me, they are a pack of a mighty punch and they place themselves on the list of most nutritious fruits ever among the rest. So, if you are not in the habit of eating pomegranates regularly, it might be time to make a change.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the healthy and nutritious benefits of Pomegranates:

1. It helps to hydrate dry skin

It helps to hydrate dry skin

via: Femina

Pomegranates juices are great at replenishing your dry and dull skin when compared to green tea. Pomegranates are a rich source of vitamin C which helps to decrease the roughness of your skin and making it glower. You might also use its oil to promote the regeneration of epidermis.

2. Fights inflammation from acne breakouts

Getting a pimple on your skin can be the worst experience ever. But you don’t worry anymore about getting those pimples anymore as consuming lots of pomegranate seeds could help you fight the pimple formation on your skin that affects your beauty.

The antioxidants properties present in the pomegranates will help to reduce that acne breakout and the inflammation caused by it.

3. Protects us from getting free radicals

Pomegranates are really a very good source of anti-oxidants and thus it protects your body to develop free radicals which are formed when you are out in the sun for whole day long which are responsible for premature aging.

4. Improve hair health

Who doesn’t likes to have the most beautiful and the nourished hair? Eating lots of pomegranate seeds can help strengthen the hair follicles as the seeds contain Punicic acid which is responsible to make your hair stronger which aids your hair to grow faster.

5. Promote weight loss

Want to have a beautiful and toned body? Eating pomegranates will help you to achieve that. Evidence has shown that increased consumptions of pomegranates help to promote weight loss due to the presence of lots of fiber content in the fruit.

6. Helps prevent cancer

It is believed that having lots of pomegranates can cure cancer. Yes, this is right, increased intake of this fruit can slow the progress of cancer formation in our body. It is due to the presence of high levels of antioxidants that aids in cleaning up cancer-causing radicals.

7. Improves digestion

Pomegranate juice can do wonder for your gut as it aids the process of digestion in your body. Therefore, it is highly recommended for those individuals who have some severe diseases like Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and other inflammatory bowel diseases that hamper your digestion making you unwell.

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