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Ankur Agarwal Coins are Scam?



Ankur Agarwal Coins are Scam?

Frauds and other myths surrounding bitcoins and cryptocurrency shall be debunked today, by none other then Ankur Agarwal. He is a cryptocurrency investor and an ICO Consultant. Ankur Agarwal shares his thoughts on scams of coins and other such trends. Bitcoins and cryptocurrency are two terms which have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. There are more than 1500 different cryptocurrencies registered in the world with a value of more than $300 Billion. Bitcoin first came into the picture about half a decade ago when it started with a value of $0.01 and went on to increase ever after. 

It’s been a rollercoaster ride and we are going to define the ride and its journey in simplest of terms by keeping numbers and facts in front of you. Bitcoin and other virtual currencies came into the limelight after it rose by about 1000% in its initial week of launch. It was the talk of the town amongst the investors in the majority of the developed countries. The value of each currency is derived and defined by a technology called Blockchain through which one can automate the process of a large number of the transaction happening in the world.

It is a currency that is free of national bank control, is decentralized, and it has demonstrated that it can fill in as a store of significant worth for individuals who lose trust in their national currency (Greece, for instance). Be that as it may, the supply of each currency is controlled by some capacity, and on account of the Bitcoin it is through the process known as “mining.” In layman’s terms, Bitcoin mining is the best way to acquaint new currency with the marketplace, and it is performed by “excavators” who utilize expensive software to take care of math issues in exchange for the currency. 

The daily swings in prices are common to any cryptocurrency, one day it would lift the mood of investors after a huge positive swing, and the other day it would make the investors feel in disregard of their investment. It makes the process look like legitimate at one side and illegal as well, there are financial experts who have gone bonkers on the potential of CryptoCurrency and some of them are ruthlessly against investing in the same.

Majorly, it’s been said that Bitcoin has a huge intrinsic value which can be calculated via processing online transactions that would allow us to buy some real ( physical ) good/services. The term ‘mining’ has made the market and investors more interested in their investments and period they want to stay in the market.

Bitcoin is also very popular as a payment gateway for criminal activities and dark web. Bitcoins are one of the only few payment methods which you can use to pay on dark web. You can pay through Bitcoin only on some websites like Silkroad where you can buy drugs and some more websites which promote illegal activities on the deep web.

There can be hundreds of questions answered in whether Bitcoin is a scam or not but the practical uses of the same has had a positive impact interns of Goodwill and investor’s mindset. People have been making about 20x of their investment in about a month just by setting up a rigged machine and couple of employees, but it is said and advised to not to do the process in places where the electricity charges are high as the machine consumes a huge amount of electricity.

It is also being said that taking up the mining process is not convenient if you don’t have a huge capital to shell out and that’s what takes out to our final views. Bitcoin and other virtual currencies are taken as an illegal process in some economies, and some have listed in their respective stock exchanges. It is yet to be seen what action the World Bank and other major world governing bodies take on the matter shortly. 

The best way to alleviate this issue is to command that miners that they need to exchange all recently dug Bitcoins for another currency of their decision. However, volatility will wind up slaughtering this current currency’s potential, and a gathering of Bitcoin miners will control the supply. Is that extremely any superior to a national bank?”

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This Festive Season Adopt Unique Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business




Unique Marketing Strategies

Our colourful and jubilant festivals are one of the most beautiful elements of our Indian culture. Festivals in India are celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm, and it is a special time for everyone, including small business owners. Among the hustle and bustle, fun, and frolic of the festivals, what needs to be understood by business owners is that it is time for them to pull up their socks and devise unique marketing strategies which work best during such times.

Festivals and holidays are a perfect time to connect with customers and celebrate the feelings of solidarity, and gratefulness. It is the right time for small business owners to start thinking about how to leverage festive fever to maximize the impact of their marketing strategies.

So, here are few festival marketing strategies for small businesses to help maximize lead generation and sales:

Email Customized Festive Season Greetings

Consider your most loved brand on the planet sends you a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, a hamper of exotic chocolates, and a handwritten note, greeting your happiness and prosperity for the festive season. Wouldn’t you feel special?

Similarly, treat your partners and customers, in the same way, this festive season. Draft a lovely email, pampering them with gift hampers or a voucher sitting in their inbox. This will not only make your customers sensitive to your business presence, but they might also shoot word-of-mouth appreciation amongst friend circles and in their neighborhood. This strategy will only benefit you by increasing your client base and in turn, your profits.  

Offer Samples and Discounts

Customers don’t buy products right away, they compare different items and try them first before arriving at a decision. For instance, people like to taste and then make the purchase decision in supermarkets where salespersons are selling tasters of a food item for free.

In simple words, if you introduce trials for your products, you are basically inviting customers to judge your product which can help you understand their true needs and create products likewise. You can also offer sale offers and discounts during festive seasons by introducing ‘Big Festive Sales’ or ‘Festive Dhamaka’ in order to gain more traction.

Be Creative on Social Media

Keep your online presence on social media creative and updated, especially during festive seasons. Why? Because posting even a simple greeting post can make a lot of difference. Moreover, it will give your followers a sense of consideration.   

Further, you can run contests on social media to improve customer engagement. The prizes don’t have to be pricey. Remember this would be a one-time expense and even if you invest a minimum amount, what you win back will be priceless!

You can even make testimonial videos and post them across your social media channels. These videos can include your customer’s experience and what they have to say about your business. A cherry on the cake would be to tag your costumes in descriptions and comments, which is sure to bring a lifelong value to your small business.  

Smartly Cross-sell and Up-sell Your Products

Cross-selling and up-selling are the keys to increasing sales during festivities. For instance, if your consumer wants to buy a hair fall resistant shampoo, then there is no harm in pushing them to buy a fine quality hair mask. When you offer your customers products or services that they actually want and will use, their perception of your business becomes more positive. They feel as though your business has taken the time to understand their wants and needs. Smart cross-selling and up-selling can increase:

  • Conversion rates
  • Exposure to best sellers and higher margin items
  • Overall customer satisfaction

Say Yes to Digital Advertising

It’s a general myth that digital advertising is expensive and meant only for large businesses. However, even small businesses can make the most of digital advertising with expenses as low as Rs. 100–500. Today, digital advertising is not at all expensive. Spending even an amount as small as Rs. 500 can help you reach out to 1000 to 2000 audiences in one go.  

To start with, you can run test ads with a minimal budget and depending on the response you get; you can increase your budget to its best. This way you can grow your business awareness as well.  

Business Loans Can Brighten Up the Festive Season for Small Business Owners!

The festive season is the best time of the year to make some extra income. Therefore, taking advantage of the festive mood of consumers and making additional profits is essential for every business. You can apply the above-mentioned marketing strategies and give your business the required oomph factor if you have sufficient capital. If having adequate funds is the problem, business loans can provide you with the needed capital at the right time.

So, if you are among those thoughtful and creative business owners who believe that embracing unique marketing strategies can help you grow your business, then a business loan can help you reach this goal effectively.

All you need to do is apply for the loan from the comfort of your home or office and get instant approval (within 30 minutes). For availing this loan in a hassle-free way, business owners must provide their PAN number, Aadhar number, business proof, and current year bank statement.

So, if the upcoming festive season demands funds for application of new marketing strategies, apply for a business loan and be festive ready!

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Car Subscription Services – The Evolution of Car Ownership




Car Subscription Services

Moving into a new town is an exciting prospect but it can also be an intimidating one. Getting settled down is expensive – most people are familiar with lofty house deposits and then there is the cost of furnishings. Transport is another problematic affair – unfamiliarity with routes can mean a dependency on expensive cabs and auto-rickshaws. And buying a car would be out of the question with so many things to take care of. This is where car subscription comes into the picture.

What may seem like an outlandish wish can become a reality – settling down into a new town with a comfortable ride, complete with all the privileges of a car owner.

The ZAP Subscription Service

Zoomcar Associate Program or ZAP’s car subscription is helping people across India enjoy a lifestyle upgrade without compromising their budget. When subscribing to a car, one does not have to pay a down payment or EMIs that drag on for years. These amazing plans are available for a monthly rent. That relates to extra cash in the bank for more productive things and all the fun on the road.

Maintenance fees are a big obstacle for people with vehicles, especially when the cars get older. However, car subscription takes this headache away. ZAP subscribers will have their cars picked up by the best mechanics and get it serviced and maintained for free. Free insurance is another cost-saving benefit.

Drive the Latest Models

Worry no more about new car prices. Instead, enjoy a chance to drive multiple cars – all the latest models in the market. ZAP’s subscription model can be for as less as 6 months, and for one-year and two-year periods. Automobile enthusiasts can be driving two different cars a year rather than being stuck with one model for many, many years.

These short time frames also help those with uncertain plans. A six-month plan can be ideal for someone who may be leaving the city soon.

Earn Money with ZAP

Another reality of car ownership is that it can stay idle for long periods of time. What if there was a way to get an advantage from this situation. Being part of the Zoomcar network helps – ZAP subscribers can use the app to rent out their cars when they are not using it and earn more money. Many subscribers are earning back up to 70% the rental fee by listing it on Zoomcar. That frees up more space for spending and saving.

The Joys of Car Ownership – No Liabilities

There is nothing that can be compared to having a car. It makes commuting in the city a much more comfortable affair. Late night travel can be done without worrying too much and rejuvenating road trips over the weekend can be planned impromptu. These are the reasons why having a car is great – not the EMIs, not the down payments, nor the maintenance fees.

And the innovative ZAP subscription service allows people to own a car for all the right reasons while skipping the liabilities.

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The Top Criminal Advocate in Chandigarh Knows His Criminal Law The Best




Criminal Advocate in Chandigarh

The growth of criminal law in India was not a sudden process. It was rather a gradual process of evolution, progress, and fruition. The Indian Criminal laws are basically divided into three most significant acts namely,

  • Indian Penal Code, 1860
  • Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 and
  • Indian Evidence Act, 1872

When we talk about criminal lawyers in Chandigarh, we will obviously be looking for the ones who are well-versed with the most diminutive of laws pertaining to these acts. Let us study these acts in a little-detailed way in order to understand what the top criminal advocate in Chandigarh, does it right that others don’t.

Indian Penal Code, 1860 – This is the main criminal code that all lawyers in Chandigarh follow and worship. This is a comprehensive act that covers the most important laws per se. The major objective of this act is to generalize a penal code in India. The code has some 511 sections diversifying different aspects that come under its purview.

The top criminal advocate in Chandigarh will have a working knowledge of all the aspects especially offenses such as cheating, offenses affecting the human body, religion, murder and homicides, breach of trust, embezzlement of funds etc. Best Lawyers in Chandigarh and other states are sitting on a heap of information that gets updated depending on the situations enveloping the country.

Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 – This is one of the main legislation of the entire gamut of criminal law in India. It has both cognizable and Non-cognizable offenses under its belt. Cognizable offenses are those that come under the purview of section 154 Cr.P.C and include those arrests that can happen without the use of a warrant.

On the other hand, non-cognizable offenses are those in which arrests can happen only with a warrant issued. Non-cognizable crimes are not so urgent arrests as compared to offenses registered under cognizable offenses. The top criminal advocate in Chandigarh is aware of which offenses are cognizable and which are not. The lawyers in Chandigarh are well equipped to indulge in cases relating to the code of criminal procedure.

Indian Evidence act, 1872 – This act relates to the rules and regulations concerning the evidence presented inside the court. The lawyers in Chandigarh follow three parts of this act. They are

  • Part 1 which implies the relevancy and applicability of facts
  • Part 2 which implies those facts that need to be proven, oral evidence and documented proof
  • Part 2 which implies the burden of proof and witness examination

It is really interesting to understand the nitty-gritty of these acts and laws that guide them. A thorough research on the origin of these acts will give us some interesting observations regarding how they came into being.

For the best criminal law advice, one can contact BnB legal which houses the top criminal advocate in Chandigarh and also has the best lawyers in Chandigarh for all your legal requirements.

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