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Approach To Music Education For Children

Satendra Kashyap



Approach to Music Education for Children

The approach, also known as the method, “Music for Children”, is one of the best criteria worldwide that is preferred for teaching children about music. It is a developmental approach that was developed by Carl (1895-1982) in the 1920s. This method engages the children’s mind and body by using a combination of singing, acting, dancing, and the use of percussion instruments.

In simple terms, the Approach combines music, drama, speech, and movement into lessons that are quite like a child’s play world. Through this approach, children can be taught in an environment that is both natural and comfortable.

Children with special needs also enjoy this method of teaching music because it has a lot to offer in terms of skill, memory, agility, concentration, and coordination.

Fundamental Elements of the Approach

The approach to music education is one that encourages students to creatively and naturally respond to music. There are a couple of elements that have been tested and proven to work effectively when teaching children music. After mastering these elements, they can move on to improvising or composing their music. Here are the significant aspects of the approach:

Rhythm. This is an essential element of the approach.  starts his lessons by teaching rhythm using natural speech patterns. Since the way a child speaks, sings, and moves are all naturally connected, he uses this creative process to lead them in learning rhythm.

When the child has mastered this, he can quickly learn body rhythm patterns as well as movement to any mode of music. For instance, a student can be given eight beats to create his rhythm.

Melody. While pitching words, pure intervals are created. When these intervals are combined, they form what is known as a melody. By teaching melody, the child can quickly learn to apply a theme to instruments. After this, the child can be taught notation. For example, a student can use the notes from “do” to “sol” to create a song lyrics more at lyricsmaze.

Improvisation. You can’t do without jamming in the approach. Children find improvisation very freeing as there are no rules to follow whatsoever. All the teacher does is set up boundaries, within which the child can create his rhythm, dance, or melody.

Types of Music Used in the Approach

The approach employs folk music of all the cultures in the classroom, which is often very beneficial in our multicultural society. The universal pentatonic scale, which is a five-note scale that is separated by whole steps, is commonly used.

The children are also allowed to compose music by themselves to encourage improvisation.

Instruments Used in the Approach

A variety of instruments are used in the classroom. Some of these instruments include: tambourines, xylophones (soprano, alto, bass), castanets, triangles, steel drums, conga drums, timpani, bells, metallophones (soprano, alto, bass), bongos, gongs, maracas, cymbals (finger, crash or suspended), glockenspiels (soprano, alto), and other percussion instruments.

Claves, djembe, sand blocks, vibraslap, wood blocks, cowbells, rainmakers, and tone blocks are some of the instruments that are also used in the classroom. Websites such as Music groupies offer trusted reviews and can help you decide upon which musical instrument is best for your child.

A Typical Lesson

Usually, a lesson may start with a short story. The children are to listen attentively to this story and then asked to interpret some elements of the story afterward. Different groups are formed for the children. One group of children will then be asked to pick an instrument out of the unpitched ones and make a rain sound.

Another group will be asked to pick out instruments that can make a happy sound. Another group can be asked to pick out sounds for other elements like a car, the sun or moon. The story is then retold with the addition of the sound effects.

The class is then made to perfect the story using both the pitched and unpitched instruments. One group of the students will have to act out the story while the other group accompanies with the instruments.

For example, a triangle note could be used to signal an intense moment, while tambourines could mark footsteps. Everyone in the class is actively involved as there is something for everyone at their level. The children are even encouraged to change parts as far as they are comfortable with it.

When necessary, some notes are written on the wall in large prints for the instrumentalists. This makes it easier for them to read music while experiencing it, and also learn rhythms and the names of different instruments. By so doing, the children learn by doing.

As the motto of states: “Tell me, I forget…show me, I remember…Involve me, I understand.”  helps children connect easily with musical concepts and skills based on this motto. Carl and Gunild Keetman came up with this teaching model as a way of ensuring optimal learning by integrating music, speech, movement, and drama.

Since children instinctively know how to play, they are taught music by imitation, experimentation, and personal expression. Some of the concepts used in the Approach include rhythm, melody, form, harmony, and texture. By speaking, singing, acting, chanting, dancing, and playing instruments, the students quickly learn these key elements.

The  Approach has no standardized curriculum, so the teachers enjoy the flexibility of using books and designing their lesson plans, then they adapt it to suit the class size and age of the students.

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These 6 Teachers Went Beyond Their Duty To Help Their Students And Society





Great Indian Teachers

In this whole world, there is one position that is never changed and never looked down at, there is one profession that is most important for shaping the future of any country bright. Yes, we are talking about those who made our lives better by passing on their wisdom to us, we are talking about teachers.

A good teacher is always reflected in his/her students when the student rises bright and high in life his or her teachers take the utmost pride in his teaching. In the light of teacher’s day special, we would like to introduce you all with some of the teachers who did extraordinary efforts to help the students and society.

Read the full story below:

1. Alok Sagar

Alok Sagar

via: Aaj Tak

He used to be an IIT professor, one of his ex-student is Raghuram Rajan. But in order to serve the poor people living in the tribal village of Madhya Pradesh, Alok has been living in the villages a villagers’ life to help the society out.

2. Anand Kumar

Anand takes his teaching to another level. He makes toys out of waste in order to teach kids the new and different concept of science.

3. Sandeep Desai

Desai runs an organization that benefits rural Rajasthan by opening schools for the kids in these areas. In the locals of Maharashtra, he can be spotted asking people for donations for the kids.

4. Mouhssin Ismail

Mouhssin Ismail

via: LSE

He left his law in order to teach. In the first year, his students made it to top colleges.

5. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

He is the one who taught not just millions of students but also inspired them to achieve something in their lives. He lived a simple life and yet was the former president of India. He was one of the greatest teachers that any student could ever have.

6. Mawahib Al Shaibani

This art teacher works in Syria and Iraq to provide trauma relief. The high time when every individual should realize their duty just like this teacher who went beyond her duty to serve the nations.

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Top 5 Plus Size Television Actresses Who Proved That They Are So Talented





Top Plus Size Television Actresses

Whenever we talk about Bollywood, what comes into our mind is the beautiful and amazing pictures of Bollywood divas and their zero figure. No one likes to think about those beauties who are healthy and chubby. It is a common myth among common peoples that only a perfect bikini size figure girl can make her entry in the world of Bollywood.

In this article, we will talk about some fat ad healthy Indian television actresses who managed to gain a lot of popularity in a short span of time due to their strong talent and acting skills.

1. Bharti Singh

Bharti Singh

via: WikiBio

Bharti Singh is popularly known as “queen of comedy” or “laughter queen” on Indian Television. She has indeed made her place in Bollywood also by working in a movie like Khiladi 786. She became popular in a very short span of time. Apart from her superb acting, she is best known for her comedy skills.

She also made her appearance on the famous comedy shows namely Comedy Circus and The Kapil Sharma Show. She also gave a splendid performance in a reality dance show, ‘Jhalak Dikh Laja’.No doubt that she is too fat but brave also as she was also one of the participants of the show ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’.

2. Mallika Dua

She is one of the most famous Indian actress, comedian as well as writer. Hope you remember her, as she made her impeccable presence in most viewed web series like ‘Girlyapa’ and ‘The Trip’. She also made a special appearance in Saket Chaudhary’s Hindi Medium movie with Irrfan Khan in the year 2017 where she has played the role of a true Punjabi girl.

During September 2017, she also appeared as one of the three mentors along with Zakir Khan and Hussain Dalal for the fifth season of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge which is judged by the Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. She also played ‘Harpreet’s role in a Bollywood movie, namely ‘Namaste England’ in 2018.

3. Sakshi Tanwar

Sakshi Tanwar is yet another example among those talented beauties who got success with her talent despite having a fat figure. She has made her appearance in daily soaps like ‘Bade Acche Lagte Hain’, ‘Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki’ and many others.

4. Pushtiie Shakti

Pushtiie Shakti

via: News Bugz

Do you remember this beautiful girl from ‘Mahi Way’ as Mahi Talwar? She had played the role of an overweight girl in the popular show. Pushtiie is one of the most loved plus size Indian Television actresses who believed in herself and proved to be an inspiration for many girls through her acting skills.

5. Delnaz Irani

Delnaz Irani

via: YouTube

Delnaz Irani is another popular name in the list of Fat beauties. She has made her appearance both in Bollywood as well as Indian Television daily soaps. Undoubtedly, she has got wonderful acting skills which we have already seen.

Most of the people make fun of her due to her over-sized figure. In a reply, she said that it doesn’t matter to me whether I am plus size or thin size, I know that I am a fat girl who is bold enough to walk the ramp or to rock any fashion trend.

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Top 6 Popular Indian YouTube Celebrities With Highest Number Of Subscribers





Popular Indian YouTube Celebrities

YouTube is known to be one of the most popular social media network platforms during the present time. You will find various videos belonging to different categories like education, technology, cooking, comedy, movies etc.

YouTubers, who are popularly known as YouTube celebrities make these videos and upload them on this platform to engage and educate the audience. YouTube is one of the fastest growing channels these days as compared to other social media platforms as no one nowadays like to read or write about something instead they prefer watching videos on this platform. Anyone can make use of this platform to create his own YouTube channel without spending a penny.

In this blog, we are presenting 6 Indian YouTubers who has the highest number of subscribers.

1. Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is considered as one of the biggest motivational speakers in India. He is recognized because of his motivational speeches and thought process. He began his YouTube channel in the year 2012 but came into action in 2015. He has nearly 200+ videos, 8.5 Million subscribers and 449 Million views on his YouTube channel.

2. Ajey Nagar, CarryMinati

Ajey Nagar is an Indian YouTuber who became very popular in a short span of time due to his funny videos on his YouTube channel known as, CarryMinati. He used to give commentaries in his own voice in the funny viral videos posted by him on his channel to capture more audience. CarryMinati is ranked as the eight most popular Indian YouTube channel among others. It has nearly 2.9 million subscribers.

3. Kabita Singh, Kabita’s Kitchen

Kabita Singh, Kabita’s Kitchen

via: YouTube

Kabita’s Kitchen is the brainchild of a top Indian YouTuber, Kabita Singh. She has taken Indian cuisine to a whole new dimension. She teaches viewers about unique cuisines and delicacies on her YouTube channel and also posts interesting tutorials on cooking. She has nearly 2.9 million subscribers in India and abroad.

4. Tanmay Bhatt, All India Bakchod

Tanmay Bhatt, All India Bakchod

via: Entrackr

Tanmay Bhatt is one of the famous Indian YouTubers who is known for his standup comedy. His YouTube channel is All India Bakchod which has nearly 3.1 million subscribers. Additionally, Tanmay Bhatt is also a writer and presenter. He is one of the youngest millionaires in India who made money through his channel.

5. Gaurav Chowdhary, Technical Guruji

Gaurav Chowdhary, Technical Guruji

via: Facebook

The brainchild behind creating this YouTube channel is Gaurav Chowdhary who is considered to be one of the top Indian YouTubers. His channel has nearly 5.5 million subscribers. He is famous for creating top quality educational videos in a simple Hindi language which is easy to understand.

6. Bhuvan Bam, BB Ki Vines

BB Ki Vines is also on the top India YouTubers list with nearly a 6.5 million of a subscriber base. Bhuvan Bam creates humorous and comedy based videos on his YouTube channel. To keep his audience engaged and entertained, he himself plays most of the characters in the video which he posts on his channel. Additionally, he is also a musician by profession and resides in Delhi.

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