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Based on Your Zodiac Sign, Find Your Relationship Weakness



Based on Zodiac Sign, Find Your Relationship Weakness

We all have that someone special in our life, the one we love and the one with whom we are wanting so spend pour life with. However, being a relationship is not all about sweetness and more. it is about being weak as well. You have to get through sometimes in your life as well.

But, do you know all these things can be related to your zodiac sign as well. you may unaware of the fact that the weakness in your zodiac sign can get in the way of your relationship as well.

1. Aquarius


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You are independent and somewhere in your mind, you like to keep things to yourself. This may make you get away from your partner in a lot of ways.

2. Pisces


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You are more into your past and less into your present and a lot in your future. Not being in your presence can make your partner feel neglected and you may end up getting away from each other without a reason at all.

3. Aries


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You are low on patience. You cannot tolerate your partner getting late or being not punctual. However just being a human being, they cannot do things perfectly all the time. You, however, do not handle it well at all. This makes you a little rude when you come off.

4. Taurus


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You are in your point of freedom and love to live the way you want. You are not good at compromising. Your partner may want you to adjust sometimes so that things run out smoothly, however. You do not relent and this may make things even worse for you as well as your parent.

5. Gemini


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You have this tremendous fear that you will end up alone. So, you always become needy and clingy of your partner and do not value the fact that they are here for you. You talk negatively about almost everything which is one the weaknesses in your relationships.

6. Cancer


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Your mood swings are the major cause which is making your relationship status worse for you. You, Amy, become happy, and instantly go in Abad mood for no reason.

7. Leo


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You love yourself which is a great thing. However, when you err with somebody else, you have got to love them as well. if you care about yourself only all the time and do not take out time worrying about the special one. It makes you a little self-centered.

8. Virgo


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You have high expectations of almost everyone in your life. This makes your week.

9. Libra


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You cannot let go off things, you don’t forget and nor you forgive people.

10. Scorpio


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You get jealous a lot which is not a good sign in any relationship.

11. Sagittarius


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You are not ready to commit at all. You should be able to commit to your partner.

12. Capricorn


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You are a plain pessimist which is not at all good for anything in the world.

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Try These 6 Tips To Win The Lady Love of Your Life Back!

Satendra Kashyap



Try These 6 Tips To Win The Lady Love of Your Life Back

Have you recently come to your senses and had a great realization about still being in love with your ex-girlfriend? Do you want to win your ex-lady love back? Then there are certain things that you will have to work at to reignite old flames. Today, we have put together a list of ideas, tips, and suggestions that may help you to get back together with your ex-girlfriend.

Here’s everything you need to know. Besides these mentioned tips you can even find ways to get your girl back.

1. Did You Cheat?

First and foremost, you need to figure out the cause of the breakup. Did you cheat? If you did, then you have messed up pretty badly. Even if it was a one time and unexpected slip-up, no woman is going to tolerate a cheating man.

Even if she did want to forgive you, you would have had to give her a lot of time to overcome the anger and betrayal she was probably feeling. If you did cheat, getting her back may be a little more difficult than you imagined.

The first step you will have to take wins back the trust of your ex, but before you do that, you need to figure out whether she still wants to associate with you or not.

2. Find Out Where She Stands

Before you start making changes in your life to win back your ex, you need to figure out where she stands. There are many women out there who cannot tolerate and forgive cheating and want nothing to do with a man who has cheated. If your ex is the kind of woman who wants nothing to do with a man who cheated on her, your effort to win her back may just end up being fruitless.

On the other hand, if your ex is a forgiving and understanding woman, then there are chances that you can win her back. So, you need to figure out where she stands and whether she is ready to give you another chance.

The best and most mature way to figure out where your ex stands is by picking up the phone and giving her a call. If she responds positively to your phone call, you can probably ask her to meet you and discuss things further.

3. Win Back Her Trust

Even if your ex is ready to get back together with you, or is even willing to consider giving the relationship a chance, you will really have to work hard towards it. You need to keep in mind that she has had her trust and her heart broken by you.

You will have to turn your world upside down to win that back. In order to win her trust back, you will have to have a more open channel of communication with your ex and both of you will have to be on the same team.

You need to take complete responsibility for your past actions and you need to live up to new promises. Also, sit down and ask her what she would like you to do that will help her trust you again.

4. Become The Person She Fell In Love With

There must have been certain traits and qualities in you that your ex-girlfriend absolutely loved. These qualities may have been one of the many reasons that she fell in love with you.

If you want things to be as they were when you first started off, then it’s time you became the person that she had fallen in love with. Maybe it was your excellent sense of humour, or your capabilities of holding an intellectual conversation.

Work towards those old traits and present them in front of her. She will melt when she sees how hard you’re trying to make things better between the both of you.

5. Give Her Time And Space To Heal

Now you need to keep in mind that your ex may want to give the relationship another shot, but at the same time she is probably still hurting and reeling from all the pain of the memories of you cheating on her. While you need to put in all your efforts to win her love and respect and trust back, you simultaneously need to give her the time and space to take it all in.

If you’re expecting her to jump right back into the relationship and accept you back with open arms, you’re only fooling yourself. Further, if she is taking time to heal and wants some space, give it to her.

Don’t keep hounding her to snap back instantly. Don’t start displaying frustration if she isn’t reacting the way you expect her to. You need to remain calm and patient while she takes her time to bounce back and heal.

Give her room to breathe and don’t make her claustrophobic with your overbearing attitude.

6. Understanding And Communication

Last but not least, you need to ensure that you are understanding towards your partner’s needs and you communicate with her openly. You need to listen to her; you need to be able to emotionally provide whatever it is that she needs.

You also need to communicate with her and let her know that you’re ready to provide her whatever it is she needs. She needs to know that you’re ready to put in all your efforts to make things right and she needs to have that confidence in you that you won’t cheat on her again.

When you are working towards getting your girl back, make sure that you don’t mess up again and keep calm and patient while you work towards gaining her trust back.

If she still loves you and sees that you have become a better and more honest person, she will take you back in her life and accept you with open arms. This time around when you get her back in your life, give her a reason to feel good about her decision and don’t break her heart again!

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6 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Reconcile with Your Ex-Boyfriend That Really Work



How To Reconcile with Your Ex-Boyfriend

Breakups are always heart-breaking and sometimes it can even lead to depression if you don’t overcome it in a positive way. But, sometimes it may also leave you wondering if you have done the right thing or not.

So, if you have recently had a breakup with your ex-boyfriend, and after a few days you realized that it was an impulsive behavior from your end then, you probably want a reconciliation with him. But, reconciliation is not an easy thing.

However, if you know the right way to approach your ex-boyfriend then, it can help you in reconciling with him.

This article explains to you how to reconcile with your ex-boyfriend after a breakup.

1. Take Your Time To Think

First of all, you have to evaluate everything about your relationship. You have thought and understand the situation and the matter that led to your breakup.

After evaluating everything, if you think that he loves you a lot and have done nothing that was disrespectful or dishonoring then, you can definitely think of a reconciliation with him.

Don’t do anything without a proper plan. Don’t reach out to your boyfriend without talking to him before. So, take your time to think over it again and again.

Be honest about your feelings but never decide to reconcile with your ex-boyfriend just out of love knowing that he is wrong. Finally, if you think that he is worth it then, make a plan.

2. Make Your Move

Now that you have made your mind to reconcile with your ex-boyfriend, contact with him. Don’t bump into his place all of a sudden but first, text him or email him ‘Hi’.

If you get a positive reply from him then, continue talking to him about how his life is going but do not discuss your breakup over texts or emails.

Now, try to know if he is willing to meet you or not. If you think he won’t hesitate to meet you then, ask him if you guys can meet over lunch or dinner.

3. Decide The Venue

If he is fine with meeting you then, decide a place where you guys can talk about your relationship openly without any hesitance. If you are not comfortable discussing your relationship issues in public then, do not go to a crowded cafe or a restaurant. Instead of it, choose a private place where no one can disturb your privacy.

In case you think that this is not the right time to reconcile with your ex-boyfriend and you should wait for an opportunity or an event to do the same then, Valentine’s Day would be an ideal occasion.

Yes, you can send him some romantic Valentine gifts for him and write a letter describing your feelings for him. This will ease up everything.

4. Have A F2F Conversation

Now, have a face to face conversation with your partner. Do not blame him for what happened if you want to set everything right. Instead of it find out the solution to your relationship issues together. Be honest about everything and if he is ready to let go everything to be with you then, share a hug and start afresh.

5. Start Afresh: Let Bygones Be The Bygones

After you both decide to start afresh, begin your relationship on a new note and let the things of past don’t hamper your relationship.

6. Make Your Relationship Stronger And Last For A Lifetime

After a reconciliation, no one would love to break up again. So, if you too want to make your relationship stronger then, you should definitely keep expressing your love for your boyfriend more often and not expect the same only for him.

On a special day like Valentine’s Day, you can buy Valentine gifts for your boyfriend and reciprocate love.

In fact, you can also surprise him on his birthday with a thoughtful gift and make him feel loved.

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6 Destructive Behaviours in A Relationship



6 Destructive Behaviours in A Relationship

We are able to endure a lot for the sake of the relationship, but it is difficult to accept the behaviour of the partner, which proves that he does not respect our feelings. While at first, we close our eyes to minor offenses, over time we may have enough of recurring, unpleasant situations. Which behaviours have a particularly destructive power?

1. Telling the story of one’s ex-parents

Listening to stories about former partners is not a pleasant experience. Especially when the beloved person is reminded from time to time of the ex situation in the lead role. Such behaviour, even if it is dictated only by the desire to share one’s love experience with one’s present partner, has a destructive effect on the relationship.

2. Critiques

When your partner treats you like a child, dictates how you should behave, how to sit, how to eat, where to put down a fork, etc. can become unbearable over time, especially when it happens to other people. Frequently paying attention to a loved one, which is initially perceived as a manifestation of care, later causes annoyance. It makes the partner, treated in this way, feel ridiculed.

3. Disappearance for a few days without notice

You meet someone, you are close to each other, when suddenly your partner does not speak for a week, for example. Unfortunately, such situations happen very often. Nowadays it is difficult to believe that someone has not found a moment to send at least a text message for a week. If such behaviour was not the result of an unfortunate accident, what’s more – it repeats itself, it will have a destructive effect on the relationship.

4. Life in the cult of a parent

It happens that the most important thing in the relationship is… The parent of the partner. Your needs are becoming obsolete. Life begins to revolve around the affairs of such a parent, and the partner is not able to set a limit for him/her. Mum or dad of your half (or both) starts to play such a dominant role in the relationship that it destroys your relationship as a result.

5. Relationship problems due to a longer affair

According to an article published in Liebesdrama , a love blog, a long affair can have a very destructive effect on the relationship. When the partner cheats, it is deeply hurtful and undermines trust. Als,o the self-confidence of the cheated partner is pulled into the cellar. Secrecy and lies are deadly for a relationship. Even if you were to forgive a fling, an affair that lasts for months cannot simply be ignored.

6. Lying

Avoiding telling the truth to a partner is extremely dangerous for the joint relationship. Lying, even if apparently innocent, can cause enormous problems because it reconciles the basis of the relationship – mutual trust.

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