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Best Online Personal Training Courses

Satendra Kashyap



leading online personal fitness trainer

Almost everyone wants to look good and feel good about their body shape. Obesity has become a common problem among individuals of all ages so there is a need for more personal trainers that can help individuals get back in shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

With the increase in the demand of the personal trainers, the profession has hit the heights, so more and more students have started to choose a career in the health and fitness field. With the increase in demand schools, colleges and universities along with other certified fitness academies have started their online course programs to help the students gain the knowledge and the expertise that they require in order to become a certified personal trainer.

Today we are going to be looking at some of the best online personal training courses that are provided by the different institutes. This article will discuss those institutes in detail and how each course will help bring forth the next generation of personal trainers.

American Council on Exercise (ACE)

The ACE fitness course offered by the American Council on Exercise if one of the gold standard certifications which will help you becomes a certified personal trainer. The course comes with some amazing benefits such as;

  1. The breadth of specialization
  2. Accountability
  3. Competitive advantage

The institute offers a wide range of fitness programs so you can choose the one that suits your requirements the best. Whether you want to be a personal health coach, a trainer or a medical exercise specialist, you can find it all there.  

Plus the institute has a reputation and a brand identity that will be like a distinction in your resume when you are applying somewhere for a job so you know you are good hands and will end your course with a high return on your investment.

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

The national academy of sports medicine is a leader in the world of health and fitness certification. You start with the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) course and make your way up to the top by choosing your specialty in the subject. Once you are done the institutes guarantees an Exam Pass along with a job under certain conditions, and this is an offer that almost no one can resist.  

International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)

If you are planning on becoming a certified professional personal trainer but also want to save some money, then ISSA is your best choice. It might not be as famous as the above two institutes, but it provides you with a wide range of online programs that you can carry out from the comfort of your home.

They provide you with a $499 all inclusive deal that includes everything. And when we say everything we mean it. The price covers your course fee; the things that you will need to start your own business along with a study guide and a professional running website. It will also provide you with a marketing and business guide that you can use to run your business.

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Music Production Courses – Choosing between Sound Engineering vs. Audio Technician



Sound Engineering vs. Audio Technician

Music production is a highly in-demand career now, and professional music production engineers are not only earning but, but the job also gives a lot of fame and satisfaction. However, many people who have got talent in music and also desirous to get into the industry, don’t have enough information about how to achieve this. There are many music production schools and courses now, but one should be very specific about which specialty to choose and which school to study in order to fulfill your career goals.

One thing people tend to get confused when it comes to music production is various job titles and the responsibilities of each. Today, we will discuss the distinct roles of a sound engineer vs. audio technician. Even though the skills, responsibilities, and knowledge requirements of both titles overlap at many places, there are some basic differences between these.

You can find the audio technicians and sound engineers are separately listed in movie credits etc. This distinction is primarily related to the function of each and their role in music production projects. Let’s discuss in detail.

Role of Sound Engineer

In a music production project, sounds engineers usually take care of the creative aspects of the project. Often time, working along with the sound production, professional sounder engineers use their creative, excellent and technological expertise to make the best quality recordings and also do proper mixing of audio.

In this aspect, sound engineers actually gain their skills through music production courses and moving up slowly from the level of an audio technician. They may have several years of experience working as an assistant engineer in the recording studios and fine-tuned their skilled under the mentoring of experienced sound engineers. No doubt that sound engineers earn better than audio technicians for their advanced skills and level of experience.

Role of Audio Technician

Audio technicians act as the nuts and bolts in capturing music or sounds for the recording. They also take care of various aspects of broadcasting the voice and also managing the live music applications. Prior to the recording or rehearsal sessions, audio technicians need to connect all the microphones, speakers, and amplifiers, and track down any issues with the audio systems.

Even though sharing many of the physical duties with the sound engineer, audio technicians need to be close in touch with the mid-level sound workers. Over a few years of experience and expertise gained through handling different projects, sound technicians further grow to the sound engineer role over time.

To become an audio technician and further a sound engineer, the path is the same. One needs to gain essential technical skills for these jobs. There are many associate degrees and diploma programs in sound production, which will help make an aspiring sound engineering to gain practical skills and knowledge.

The vocational training programs in music production may take from a few months to a couple of years to complete based on the curriculum. The entry level courses in sound recording engineering require good aptitude, a passion towards the sound, and music, and also a high school diploma.


John is a Business Tech Analyst. He is very responsible towards the job. He loves to share his knowledge and experience with his friends and colleagues.

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Looking for an Experienced Speech Writer Online?



Looking for an Experienced Speech Writer Online

Need a piece of advice from an expert on how to write an amazing speech that will have a great impact on your audience? Practically all of us may need to deliver a speech someday. Writing a speech can be a nail-biting experience for many people who may have lived with the idea that they were never good with words for a long time.

If the thought of writing a speech brings you out in cold sweat, read this useful guide from professional paper writers who will gladly help you cope with any type of college assignments. If you struggle with your writing and are looking for a speech writer online, visit the website of the professional writing agency and you will get quality help in no time.

Types of Speeches and Their Structure

Before you start writing speeches, a good idea is to get to know a little about speech types and construction. There are different types of speeches with special characteristics:

  • informative speeches inform your listeners about a specific area of knowledge, event or topic;
  • persuasive speeches try to convince your listeners to share your point of view or to act in some way;
  • special occasion speeches inform and entertain your listeners;
  • entertaining speeches have the purpose to entertain your audience;
  • instructional speeches teach your audience how to do something.

Just like any other piece of writing, any speech consists of the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

An introduction begins with an attention-grabber and includes a statement about your topic. You should end it with a strong transition into the body section of your speech.

There are different ways to organize your body section and the organization will depend on the speech topic. It can be:

  • the causal pattern that shows a connection between cause and effect;
  • the topical pattern that presents information about a certain subject at a time;
  • the spatial pattern provides an overview of a physical arrangement;
  • the chronological pattern that presents the events as they happen in time.

In the speech conclusion, you have to restate all the main points you have covered in your speech. You can also tell the last story that illustrates your point.

How to Write and Deliver a Speech in 5 Steps

Step 1: Make an outline of your speech structure and define the key idea of each section.

Step 2: Write down the main ideas of your speech following your outline.

Step 3: Edit and revise everything you have written to make a good first draft of your speech.

Step 4: Practice delivering your speech to see sections that you need to rewrite and discover transitions that you should improve.

Step 5: Make corrections, practice, and revise your speech until you are satisfied with it and feel it is ready to achieve your goal.

Some Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Know your audience. Find out what your listeners care about. It is especially important when you write your attention-grabbing statement. Make sure that your listeners share your enthusiasm about the topic of your speech.
  • Use presentation aids if necessary. Support your ideas with tables and charts that convey important data, and photographs. If you incorporate visual aids into your speech, it will become more powerful. But if something goes wrong with the technology, be ready to do without it.
  • Read speeches of famous people. You should analyze them and look for the things that make these speeches successful. Pay attention to the rhetorical devices they use to emphasize certain points and make them memorable.

How Can You Check a Paper for Plagiarism?

Now you know how to write a good speech to make a powerful impression on your audience and we hope that you will successfully cope with this challenging task. You can also hire a writer to help you. But here is also one more important question. Where can you check a paper for plagiarism before submitting it?  

A good idea is to use an online plagiarism checker. All you need to do is to visit a website and copy and paste your text into the special field. When you click “check my paper” button, the engine will perform a search for duplicated content and provide you with a quick result.

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Become a Master at Chemistry with These Educational Apps



Chemistry Educational Apps

The sciences have not always been my strong suit, but I’ve found mastering chemistry a breeze thanks to studying the dynamic periodic table of elements using apps! Is mastering chemistry just for science majors? Heck no! At least, not according to these easy-to-use reference tables! Whether I wanted to download a printable periodic table of the elements with names or study chemistry regents with an interactive periodic table online, these organic apps helped me do it.

I’ve been amazed at the improvement of my understanding, and I wanted to be able to share the secret to my success with you! As I was exploring potential apps online (I wanted something that I could have with me at all times and my phone never leaves my side, so apps made perfect sense), I discovered a website that produces a list of the top 10 apps in a bunch of categories.

Best Apps for Learning Chemistry by AppGrooves

In order to make this easier for you, I’ve listed my favourite three apps below!

Improve Your Understanding and Speed with Socratic

Educational Apps

Something that used to happen to me all the time: I’m stuck on a single chemistry homework question for hours – ugh – only to realize I still have 30 more questions to go. This is when Socratic becomes a real life-saver. You can get homework help – yes, the one right in front of you – on your phone! How? Snap a picture of your homework using Socrates, and their AI (Artificial Intelligence) system will find the correct answer. And, if that’s not helpful enough (believe it or not), the app then figures out which concepts you need the most help with in order to learn the answer next time.

Navigation is completely intuitive and easy to use! I never once questioned if I was going to be pressing the wrong button or where the answers would be displayed. Are you having trouble finding the exact answer to the problem you’re working on? I had this issue a time or two. Turns out, Socratic may not always be able to find your exact question in its database.

However, the developers are pulling questions and solutions from so many different sources, Socratic is actually really good at finding similar problems for you to use as examples. Then all you have to do is take what you learn and apply it to your problem. In my experience, this is not the most efficient approach, but it really helps solidify different equation types in your mind.

Control the Data You See with Periodic Table

Educational Apps

If you’re looking for an interactive and customizable periodic table, Periodic Table would be my top recommendation. What’s really nice about it is that it allows you to have control over what you see in the app and what you use it for primarily. In my opinion, nothing is quite as frustrating or exhausting as being overwhelmed with tons of information you don’t need while trying to pick out that one piece of info you do. With Periodic Table, you get to choose the data you want to see.

Not to mention, you can also find individual videos and podcasts that relate the elements to real-world applications. So convenient! Periodic Table by Royal Society of Chemistry goes above and beyond; there really is not another app out there quite like it. If Periodic Table’s biggest pro is that it contains tons and tons of useful information, then its biggest con is that it can sometimes run a tad slow because of all this data.

Generally speaking, once the app has fully loaded, it tends to run smoothly; you just might have to wait a minute for the loading to be complete. That being said, in my personal opinion, the wait is totally worth it because of all the information you get in one place.

Solve Chemical Equations with the Help of Chemistry

Educational Apps

If it were up to me, this chemistry companion would be in the hands of every chemistry student or proud, a self-proclaimed nerd. If you are looking for a chemistry reference table, this periodic table of elements and its solubility chart will always be at your fingertips. What’s nice about it is that you can quickly and easily look up chemical reactions, calculate molar masses, and get help solving chemical equations with one or several unknown variables.

Chemistry even helps with both organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. Just like me, you’ll be shocked at how useful and user-friendly it is. Now, something you might want to keep in mind: if you have a younger generation of the app, the graphic design and layout of Chemistry may not be up to par with what you’re used to on your mobile device.

Its simple, functional design looks just like a mini-textbook, which makes sense as its intended use is to help you with your studies, not to keep you entertained.


I have honestly been astounded at how helpful apps are in the field of Chemistry. As it turns out, the subject can be tons of fun as long as you have the right resources! It takes concentration and understanding to achieve your desired outcome in the lab, so you need to make sure you’ve got the right tools to help you out.

Even if you never plan to wear a white lab coat to work, you might, at the very least, do some baking in your lifetime. Yes, you read that right. Baking a cake is pure chemistry! I’m confident that these three apps – my personal favourites and number-one recommendations – will make all of your attempts at chemistry a success!

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