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Best Tricks to Have Your Own Juice E-Liquid



Juice E-Liquid

As the vaping is an emerging trend, there are so many online suppliers that are used to offer different vaping juices and liquids. An interesting fact is that all the flavours are different. Which means that when you buy a certain flavour from supplier A and the very flavour from supplier B then the same flavour will taste differently. As all the suppliers are unique in their tastes and the method to manufacture the flavour. It gives you the option to make the hoodoo juice e-liquid of your own choice.

Following are the best tricks that you can use to have your own vaping e-liquid.

1. Get the Ingredients

As every production or manufacturing requires some ingredients as raw material to process during the making part. Same is the case with the ingredients that are used to make own vaping juice or e-liquid. There is a set number of ingredients that you need to have to make the liquid.

These ingredients include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerol, distilled water or vodka, different types of flavours and last but not the least the nicotine liquid. All the supplier taste differs just because of the amount and proportion of the ingredients.

2. Calculate the Ingredients

For production requirement, there are these tools which you will require, syringes, gloves, weight machine, face protection, napkins or tissue papers and plastic bottles or e-liquid jars. After getting all these things the next step is to calculate the ingredients for which you will require the weight machine.

There are different levels of ingredients used according to each person’s preference and developed taste. Some might use 24mg or nicotine liquid and some might use 8mg, it depends on the individual’s customization.

3. Variety of Flavors

There is a large variety of flavours which is available at the market. But when you mix the liquid ingredients. You always have the choice to get it done with your taste. If you have strong taste preference then you can use strong flavours and if you have mild then less liquid.

There is a complete set of flavours that are available for sale in the market. There are a lot of people who are used to mix different flavours in one liquid to make a distinct flavour. Some people are also used to make cocktail flavours using more than one flavour.

4. Intense Customizations

This process of making your own e-liquid juice is intense customization. Just like people are used to have different sauces and their amount in every dish or recipe they make. Same is the case in the e-liquid making process.

People try everything and then decide which one they liked more. The more liked flavours become usual. And the amount of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol also vary according to the taste buds of the individuals.

All these above-mentioned tips and ways are used in making thee liquids or vaping juices at home in accordance to one’s liked taste and the quantity.

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Best Drill Press for Woodworking For 2018



Best Drill Press for Woodworking

Get ready to learn about the high quality and best drill press for woodworking for 2018 tasks! In order to make your drilling tasks easy much, it is important enough to choose the premium quality of the drill press for yourself. Scroll down and check out the few best options we highlighted up for you!

WEN 4205 8-Inch Drill Press with Laser

This woodworking drill press has been featured upon with the ½-inch keyed chuck that gives you out with the super precise. It will bring up close drilling experience for the task performance.

You can easily fit so many different keys in it. The spindle can travel to around 2 inches deep into the wood. It is much composed to be readable from a normal height. It also has the little motor that runs on 120v of power.

It is much durable.  It also has the entry-level drill press. Its major drawback is that you have to recalibrate the laser alignment manually.

SKIL 3320-01 3.2 Amp 10-Inch Drill Press

This amazing SKIL 3320-01 has been set with the 3.2 Amp 10-inch drill press. It has the composition of the ½-inch keyed chuck that makes way for the purpose of a wide range of tasks.

It also has the motor that best provides an amazing torque. This will help you to drill all the way through the wooden based items. Its RPM will be best to jump up as from 750 to 3050 in just as few seconds.

It has been set on top of 5 different speed levels to work with.  It will grant the superb and yet the accurate drilling abilities. It also uses up AA batteries that die much quicker.

Shop Fox W1668 ¾-HP 13-Inch Bench

This is another one of the premium-style bench top drill press for woodworking tasks. It is all set with a ¾-HP motor. It is best in order to drill through the soft as well as hardwood too.

It is arranged with almost twelve changeable speed levels. Plus its motor speed can range from 250 – 3050 RPM. It is high in market price that is one of its main drawbacks.

Craftsman 10-Inch Benchtop Drill Press

On the next, we have the name of amazing Craftsman 10-inch Benchtop Drill Press! It will make your feature with 6Amp motor power. Its chuck size is around ½”. It also has the 10-inch drill press has 5 different levels of speed.

Its lowest speed range of 620 RPM and the highest is 3100 RPM. It can comfortably drill with all materials.  It also has the cast iron table that best provides you fences that make on in adjusting the drill press easy.

So this is all we have ended with some of the interesting and top best drill press for woodworking products in 2018 to choose the best one out!

Pick those that are according to your budget requirements and make your working task easy much as well!

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8 Reasons You Should Be Using a Virtual Mailbox




If you have never used a virtual mailbox before, then it can be difficult to understand the real value of this kind of service. When you use a virtual mailbox, you start to understand how this sort of a service can become invaluable to business professionals, small business owners, and even stay-at-home parents.

The best way to understand the value this sort of service is to examine the reasons to use a virtual mailbox.

What is a Virtual Mailbox?

A virtual mailbox service receives your mail and processes it for you. Yours have your mail sent to an actual address at a physical building (much like a P.O. Box) but when they receive the mail, rather than you having to come and pick it up it is scanned and sent to you via email.

Once you get your scans, you can decide to have the mail shredded or use the mail forwarding service to have the physical mail sent to you.

Junk Mail is a Thing of the Past

With the ability to screen your mail and only receive what you want, you can be guaranteed that junk mail will be a thing of the past. If you look around your house now and see tables cluttered with junk mail, then you can appreciate just how convenient this sort of a service would be.

Preview Your Mail Before Receiving It

Mailbox forwarding is a feature that allows you to decide what mail you want to physically receive, and what mail you want to be left behind.

A virtual mailbox allows you to archive those letters from bill collectors and hold onto them until you are better prepared to receive them. Instead of taking whatever the mailman delivers, you have the ability to decide which mail you receive.

Your Mail is Safer

One question people regularly have about a virtual mail service is our virtual mailboxes safe? When you get a large envelope or package delivered to your home during the day and you are not there to receive it, that mail sits there until you get home.

In other words, your mail becomes a target for criminals. With a virtual mailbox, someone is always available to receive your mail and make sure it remains safe.

Give Your Home-Based Business its own Address

If you have a home-based business or you sell a lot of products online, it can be risky to use your home address as your business address.

With all of the stories about disgruntled customers choosing to pay surprise visits to small business owners, it only makes sense to use a virtual mailbox service and give your small business an address of its own.

Travelers Need a Virtual Mailbox

Business professionals who travel a lot or even retired business professionals who are finally out seeing the world need to be concerned about the safety of their mail. An overflowing mailbox not only puts your mail in jeopardy, but it attracts criminals as well.

With a virtual mailbox, you will always be able to keep up with your mail when you are traveling and the criminals will be none the wiser.

Preserve Your Privacy

Anyone who is concerned about their personal privacy in this age of the Internet should try searching for their name online. You will be shocked to find out just how much of your personal information is online without your consent.

When you change your mailing address to a virtual mailbox, you are preserving your privacy and taking yourself a little further off the grid. Privacy is one of the more prominent reasons to use a virtual mailbox.

Receive Mail for Your Group

When you search for information about your favorite hobby online, you will notice that there are a lot of other enthusiasts out there connected by Internet groups.

If that inspires you to start your own group, then you can safely receive items from your group members when you have a virtual mailbox. Since a virtual mailbox is not a P.O. box, none of your group members will suspect that they are not sending correspondence directly to your home.

Save Time

When you have a virtual mailbox, you have someone else review and sort your mail for you. All you have to do is check your email and make the appropriate decisions for how you want your mail handled. With a virtual mailbox, the days of pouring over mail for an hour a day are over.

If you value your time and your privacy, then you need a virtual mailbox. If your home-based business needs its own identity, then you need a virtual mailbox. In short, if you want to make your life easier in many different ways, then you need to get a virtual mailbox.

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Five Easy Steps to know Solar is Right for you?



Five Easy Steps to know Solar is Right for you?

The year 2018-19, is the best year for solar Industry for the retail market, where many brands like Trina Home, Luminous Solar, Patanjali Solar etc. introduced their product, also it helped to increase solar adoption in residential and commercial buyers.

As we all know that the Indian Government has set the target of 40GW for rooftop solar installation by the year 2022. So far only 2.5 GW Rooftop Installed by March 2018, It shows there is huge scope for solar installations.

After all this, many of residential customer is unsure about the benefits of solar and also doubtful about return on investment.

To resolve this uncertainty, Loom Solar has developed a checklist of concern and questions to consider before switching to solar.

1. Measure your Rooftop Space

It is important to know the direction, angle of the solar panel when considering whether you should install solar panels. As per Industry standards, south or west facing roof is optimal for solar, although due to lack of space, you can keep solar panel in west or east facing roofs. 

Usually, a roof with a pitch of 30 degrees and no obstructions like water tank is also ideal. Another very important factor is your roof in shadow. Is your roof getting covered with tree or shadow of near buildings? 

One more important things to answer is whether your roof is big enough and also made of good quality to handle the heavy weight of solar panel and mounting structure.

2. How is the weather in your area?

We have heard multiple times that your solar panel produces more electricity during summer when the sun’s temperature is very warm, sunny climate like in Chennai, Jaipur etc, in reality, it is not true.

There are many countries around the world like Germany where summer days are less however it leads in solar installations. A good thing is solar panel output actually improves in colder temperatures.

The reason is simple, the energy production efficiency of solar panels declines as temperatures climb between 87 and 91 degrees. This means that PV solar panel production works most efficiently in the winter season.

3. Understand the rules and regulations

As we know on-grid solar is fully governed by central government (Ministry of new and renewable energy – MNRE) and state government. For Installations of Solar Panel, Getting Solar subsidy from the government and net metering from the electricity department is a challenging task as rules and regulations differ in each state of India. 

For Net metering, In some states, you buy net metering from regular shops whereas, in Delhi,  Discoms provide net metering and the solar panel is fully installed in the guidance of the government.

So Permit for solar installations is mandatory, as an example, if you are living in a rented house and wants to install solar, you would need to apply solar in the name of your landlord only.

Similarly, if you want to install solar in your residential home and if any commercial activity found in your home, you won’t be able to get permission for solar panel installations.

Other than this (in another example), if you have been allocated 5kw electricity generation, you can’t install 10Kw solar system even if you have a bigger space. 

Therefore, Loom Solar Plays a pivotable role here and you get free from all worries like a solar subsidy, applying net metering or solar installations. It is all taking care by loom solar team.

4. Get to know your local electricity rates

Biggest benefits of solar are not to make an even single Rs payment for electricity bills, besides, sell to the grid for excess power generations. You save your entire monthly bills using solar and also you run all appliances of your home like TV, refrigerator, Air conditions and geyser etc. 

Therefore, installing a solar panel is a good decision, it doesn’t matter where you live either in hill stations or in metro cities. Just need to calculate saving that we will get after installing solar with the help of local electricity rates.

5. Explore Incentives

Solar is an alternate source of energy which is green, clean and sustainable and has evolved in recent years compares to an existing source of energy which pollutes the environment. 

So, to promote this solar across all section of society in residential, commercial, Industrial and government building like railway stations, metro stations etc. the Central government has set a target of 40 GW solar installations by the year 2022.

In this regard, MNRE (Ministry of new and renewable energy) offers 30% subsidy on solar installations in Residential and 90% subsidy on water pump installations for farmers.

Usually, it gets transferred in 90 days of solar installations once it is validated by government authorities. Besides, many states provide an incentive for reducing carbon footprints.

Loom Solar makes all easy for you

At Loom Solar, We are making solar simple for everyone, we answer all your in advance once you make a decision to go for solar. We do everything for you from scheduling, designing, permitting and installing solar.

If you and your neighbour think that solar is good for you, and you also want to save your electricity bills, visit our website loomsolar(dot)com for more information or to contact us.


In conclusion, we must say the use of solar energy will expand worldwide in near future. Now this is the right time to go Solar and India Government also give us subsidy on solar to promote, Loom Solar is India’s premium solar brand store headquartered in Delhi NCR.

It sells solar systems such as solar panels, solar inverters, solar batteries for top brands with Installations, government approvals and promised delivery within 3 days across India. It is ISO 9001-2015 certified and also recognized as Startup by Government of India.

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