Best Tricks to Have Your Own Juice E-Liquid

Juice E-Liquid

As the vaping is an emerging trend, there are so many online suppliers that are used to offer different vaping juices and liquids. An interesting fact is that all the flavours are different. Which means that when you buy a certain flavour from supplier A and the very flavour from supplier B then the same flavour will taste differently. As all the suppliers are unique in their tastes and the method to manufacture the flavour. It gives you the option to make the hoodoo juice e-liquid of your own choice.

Following are the best tricks that you can use to have your own vaping e-liquid.

1. Get the Ingredients

As every production or manufacturing requires some ingredients as raw material to process during the making part. Same is the case with the ingredients that are used to make own vaping juice or e-liquid. There is a set number of ingredients that you need to have to make the liquid.

These ingredients include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerol, distilled water or vodka, different types of flavours and last but not the least the nicotine liquid. All the supplier taste differs just because of the amount and proportion of the ingredients.

2. Calculate the Ingredients

For production requirement, there are these tools which you will require, syringes, gloves, weight machine, face protection, napkins or tissue papers and plastic bottles or e-liquid jars. After getting all these things the next step is to calculate the ingredients for which you will require the weight machine.

There are different levels of ingredients used according to each person’s preference and developed taste. Some might use 24mg or nicotine liquid and some might use 8mg, it depends on the individual’s customization.

3. Variety of Flavors

There is a large variety of flavours which is available at the market. But when you mix the liquid ingredients. You always have the choice to get it done with your taste. If you have strong taste preference then you can use strong flavours and if you have mild then less liquid.

There is a complete set of flavours that are available for sale in the market. There are a lot of people who are used to mix different flavours in one liquid to make a distinct flavour. Some people are also used to make cocktail flavours using more than one flavour.

4. Intense Customizations

This process of making your own e-liquid juice is intense customization. Just like people are used to have different sauces and their amount in every dish or recipe they make. Same is the case in the e-liquid making process.

People try everything and then decide which one they liked more. The more liked flavours become usual. And the amount of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol also vary according to the taste buds of the individuals.

All these above-mentioned tips and ways are used in making thee liquids or vaping juices at home in accordance to one’s liked taste and the quantity.