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Bridal Fashion: Why Earrings Are Necessary




Bridal Fashion

Historically, earrings have always been popular, both with men as well as women. But in bridal wear, earrings have an important part to play.

Earrings Complete that Look

When you see a beautiful bride dressed up in a fashionable saree or lehenga-choli, your eyes automatically turn to the jewellery that she is wearing. Her gold or diamond necklaces, her red and gold bangles, and even her kamarbandh do not fail to catch your eye. She might also choose one out of several gold bracelet designs for ladies. But then you feel something is lacking in her attire. Look close and you might see that she is not wearing earrings. Earrings are a bride’s best friends when she is wearing one or more necklaces. In order to make her look complete, a bride should always wear earrings. This would complement her necklaces, and the necklaces, in turn, would complement the earrings.

How Should Earrings be selected?

Since a bride is required to wear earrings throughout the marriage ceremony, these pieces of jewellery should be selected with utmost care. The earrings should be such as to not only make the bride look more beautiful, but also to make her feel more comfortable and calmer as the time for the wedding rituals comes nearer. For this, the bride can choose from a wide range of options and wear a heavier or a lighter pair of earrings in accordance with her preferences.

The choice of earrings should also be determined by what the bride is going to wear on her special day. A bride with modern tastes can look for any new design of gold earrings in case her bridal wear is of a darker tone. On the other hand, if she is going to wear a wedding dress of a pastel tone, earrings studded with diamonds or other stones like emeralds should be chosen by the bride. To wear something that would be a mixture of the old and the new, pearl earrings with modern twists can be worn. You can also bring an extra color to your wedding look by wearing blue-green turquoise earrings, which you can also wear in case you want to unite with your groom atop a mountain or on the sunny beach. Moonstone or opal earrings would go well with soft-colored wedding apparel, making the bride look fresher than if she wore classic diamonds.

Recent Earring Trends

A recent spike in the popularity of bridal earrings has been noticed by jewelers. They have seen that the brides of today shop for a large number of earrings that they would like to wear not only on the day of the wedding but also during the days before and after the big day. The accessory most commonly used by brides being earrings, these can be found in a bride’s jewellery box as the largest number of jewellery pieces. This is because her bridal attire will look complete simply with a large pair of statement piece earrings to go with a lovely necklace. Some ladies also want to flaunt their wild side by wearing animal-inspired earrings at pre- and post-wedding events, while other brides prefer pastel earrings that make them look prettier.

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9 Classy and Trendy Bangle Designs To Make All Brides Fall in Love With Them at First Sight




Classy and Trendy Bangle Designs

The bangles have been considered one of the most important accessories that are worn by Indian brides on their D-Day. Without wearing dashing and fashionable bangles, brides can’t even imagine their wedding look. For brides, the bangles hold a special meaning for them as it symbolizes the well being of married life. You will find lots of bangles options in the market like gold, silver, diamond, glass to choose for your special day.

Here, in this article, we have curated 9 of the best and trendiest bangle designs to make every bride fall in love at first sight…

1. Ghungroo and Pearl Studded Bangles

Ghungroo and pearl-studded bangles add that oomph factor to your entire look. They are just a perfect option to wear on your Mehendi function. These bangles are available in various designs and range of colours to complement your modern and festive look.

2. Beaded Bangles with Stone Work Pendants

Beaded Bangles with Stone Work Pendants

via: Amazon

You can also opt for beaded bangles and bracelets with a stonework pendant when you are wearing any of your favourite Indo-western outfits and gowns to attend your Sangeet or Reception function when you don’t wish to wear too much of heavy jewellery.

3. Bangles with Gota Patti Work

Bangles with Gota Patti Work

via: Pinterest

Bangles with Gota Patti works are another option that you can wear on your Mehendi or wedding reception. They are available in so many colours and designs that you’ll be spoilt for choice!

4. Artificial Kundan Bangles

These days, artificial Kundan bangles are so much in the trend that no bride can resist herself wearing these on her wedding function.  These can be worn out wither single or can be paired with some other heavy stone designed bangle for a stunning and festive look.

5. Meenakari Work Bangles

Meenakari Work Bangles

via: Amazon

Ruby red bangles with Meenakari work looks stunning when paired with a monochrome lehenga. They are just enough to fuel up your wedding or your engagement or reception look.

6. Bangles with connected Haath Phools

Bangles with connected Haath Phools

via: Pinterest

Bangles or Kadas with designed Haathphools are also in very much trend these days, which are just awesome for a statement look. They are perfect to be worn on Mehendi function.

7. Wreath Style Bangles studded with pearl and diamond

Wreath Style Bangles studded with pearl and diamond

via: Pinterest

This wreath style bangle with pearls and artificial diamonds would look absolutely perfect on your wrist. It can be paired along with an evening gown for your wedding reception or Sangeet function.

8. Kaleere Inspired Bangles

Kaleere inspired bangles look simply pretty. No women can deny wearing these pretty bangles on her special day. They look amazing for functions like the Mehendi or Haldi function.

9. Pompom Bangles

Pompom Bangles

via: Pinterest

Bangles and jewellery with pompoms are also in a big trend these days. Just as you love wearing floral and Gota Patti bangles, you will also love these. These bangles will definitely make your Haldi function look trousseau. So, what are you waiting for? Go and give it a try!

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7 Top Appealing And Trendy Anklet Designs Tor The Brides-To-Be

Priya Verma



Appealing And Trendy Anklet Designs

Irrespective of age and background, anklets have remained the most favourite jewellery of Indian women. Anklets are considered important in Indian culture as it embodies feminity and grace. They are even gifted to the newly born babies or newlywed bride due to their auspiciousness.

Although, there are many trendy jewellery options are available in the market today like neckpieces, bracelets and earring to adorn yourself but no other thing can replace these all-time trendy anklets.

Here, in this article, we have summed up 7 appealing and trendy anklet designs which might be an inspiration for the newlywed or the brides-to-be.

1. Diamond Payal


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What can be more luxury than diamonds? Diamond stones can blend in perfectly with almost every type of ensemble. If you want to add more elegance to your entire bridal book, then this is the best option to go for.

Due to their simplicity and elegance, they can be worn at any occasion or time whenever you want.

2. Traditional Indian Payal


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If you wish to have a conventional look on your D-Day, these Pajebs are sure to catch your attention. You just cannot go wrong with these classic and silver antique pieces when you are about to get married.

3. Gold Payal


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Gold anklets are quite simple and elegant by its design and look. Simply, add a twist in your bridal look by wearing these traditional gold anklets. Modern brides nowadays always look forward to these types of Pajebs to complement their bridal look.

Gold anklets embellished in white or colourful little pearls and some stones can create the right amount of charm.

4. Tribal style Payal


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You are definitely going to seek attention from almost everyone who is around you when you are wearing this banjara-themed anklet. These anklets are innovative and quirky in look and feel as they give you a tribal look which is very elegant.

So, what are you waiting for the go ahead and try these anklets right away to soar up your style quotient? You can go for plain white, oxidised silver and wooden pieces according to the suitability and occasion.

5. Beaded Payal


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If you are someone who thinks out of the box, then these anklets are the right choice for you. If you keep the love for colours, then surely you will love these.

So, just forget about all other Payals and match the coloured beads with your beautiful wedding outfits. You can also have multi-coloured beads to compliment your attire.

6. Kundan Payal


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Kundan Payals are similar to gold Payals that are embellished with heavy Kundan work on them to make them. These Payals are studded with semi-precious stones and beads and are available in both the designs, Ghungroo and without Ghungroos.

7. Pearl Payal


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Pearl Payals are studded with beautiful white pearls which add up to their elegance and beauty. The pearl Payals looks quite delicate and are extremely light in weight. The best part is that you may wear these Payals daily and also during special weddings and festive occasions.

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Why Do Rappers Wear Bling Bling ?




Why Do Rappers Wear Bling Bling (2)

The age-old problem Why Do Rappers Wear Bling bling ? is something which has bugged everyone who ever noticed a rapper as well as their a variety of gold and diamond chains, tooth grills and many others. Here is the serious answer- Why Do Rappers Wear bling? The solution Is not What you Imagine!

Rappers, by nature, are typically flashy, and they love to flaunt their possessions. The lifestyle of a rapper is just one that screams,

Money Money. Money. Living in lavish hilltop residences, driving expensive supercars, dating the prettiest ladies and sporting the fanciest jewelry? that’s the high everyday living of a rapper. But, anytime we see a rapper, the first thing that relates to our thoughts isn’t the lavish dwelling or maybe the high-priced supercar and even the gorgeous girl beside the rapper. It really is Why Do Rappers Wear bling bling ? And, why a lot?

Why Do Rappers Wear bling bling ?

And, not simply in audio-video clips, rappers put on their jewellery in all places they go. Gold chains, diamond-studded bracelets, furs, gold grills on tooth, serpent-head canes and so forth. most rappers be certain they are loaded with costly bling when these are out in the community.

Why Do Rappers Wear Bling Bling (3)

Rapper Iced Out Cuban Chain 14MM Chunky Link Chain 18K Gold Plated Migos Jewelry

Credit: u7jewelry

On the subject of jewelry, rappers tend to be the only people today inside the environment who will significantly compete from the typical Indian females. (Indian gals keep 18,000 tonnes of gold which signifies 11% on the global stock and price over $950 billion! They enjoy their gold!).

But, Why Do Rappers Wear bling bling ?

Could it be just a Hip Hop issue? Is it a gold chain types  lifestyle of rap stars and sellers? Could it be an African-American city society? Is it, as per most solutions on Quora, to showcase their social standing? Are rappers only intrigued in superficial displays and so have on bling to point out signs of virility and wealth ? Or is there a further, extra sensible rationale?

There is certainly Wearing Bling isn’t nearly displaying indications of virility and standing!

Not just rappers, but drug dealers and pimps also! Of course, rap artists, drug dealers and pimps are usually the folks who may have lots of jewelry on them at any given time.

It can be frequent know-how the genres of Hip-Hop and Rap originated from the gangster culture of marginalised teams that do precisely what is essential to survive. Get Akon, fifty Cent, The game etc. they were being criminals prior to turning their life all over with Hip-Hop. So, individuals in these dangerous professions are usually dealing having a high degree of lawful hazard, which entails being arrested and confiscation of unlawful earnings apart from the continuous shadow of dying subsequent them.

As well as the strict legislation towards prostitution, medication and so forth. signifies that people in this particular line of labor experience constant hazards of entanglement together with the law, police, and courts. These persons also distrust formal establishments like banking companies and third-party intermediaries using a vengeance, they are taught never to have faith in these types of white-collared crooks. Hence, they like retaining their earnings to them selves rather than handing it to somebody they do not have faith in for safekeeping.

But, the most significant cause why rappers wear a great deal bling is that this ? C just in case you are arrested with the cops mainly because of some illegal action, the police don’t have any difficulty freezing your financial institution property, taking your vehicle, confiscating your house and so on. But, if you are arrested, anything you have on your own individual can not be seized permanently, and is also offered again to you later on. It really is normal police apply to confiscate whatsoever they find on the man or woman once they arrest you. It is actually also standard practice for being presented a voucher for the belongings, which happens to be a receipt of the confiscated things. Your belongings are returned for you if you find yourself released (this is often contingent on it essentially being in your particular person or inside your hand at the time of arrest).

Why Do Rappers Wear Bling Bling (1)

Full Iced Out Chain 1 Row Cubic Zirconia Tennis Necklace HipHop Migos Jewelry For Men

Not surprisingly, the cops will seize and retain substantial quantities of cash but they will never just take and continue to keep jewelry, furs, grills etc. That’s why, it makes feeling to carry just as much jewellery as is possible in your person in the event you are arrested. Also, due to the fact their dollars is confiscated, their jewelry results in being their bail income!

Whenever you get arrested for pandering, they consider your dollars ?? since the dollars was acquired illegally ?? nevertheless they do nottake away your jewellery. Along with a pimp is aware of that if he purchases jewelry inside a pawn store, if he delivers it back again into a pawn shop and receives a financial loan from it, They are going to generally get 50 percent of whatever you paid out for it ?? as opposed to acquiring it inside of a jewelry retail store, if they tend not to know very well what they are going to get. So, every time they get arrested, they are going to generally have another person bring their jewelry down to me. I will bank loan them 50 % of the things they compensated for it ?? and that is their bail money.

Why Do Rappers Wear Bling Bling (2)

Rick Harrison; Pawn shop owner As most of the people in the environment are oblivious to this truth, in this article is definitely the normal public?? opinion on why rappers dress in bling-

Why Do Rappers Wear bling bling ?

Rap tradition, normally, is about flashiness. It??s not more than enough to really make it .you must exhibit and explain to everyone all-around you which you have built it.

Carter McClung Self-importance.

That’s the only solution I can think of. Just the need to be gawdy and flashy, folks who didn’t hold the probability to obtain each of the points they wished.

Katana Hawk

It’s presentation. An apparent and overt display of disposable profits, completed as both equally self-promotion and self-affirmation. Its very similar for the rims on their own motor vehicle. The bigger the rim, the skinnier the rubber, the greater it is possible to manage to squander minutiae.

Reuben Wilder

I think that they wish to appear exactly a similar so men and women can dislike them similarly.


I heard it had been to get aim from their organic ugliness.


They need to be carrying carbon steel chains, not gold chains, paid for on our dime!


Now you know the true reply why dealers, rappers, and pimps dress in their prosperity. These guys don’t use bling simply to display their wealth, but due to the fact it is also an ingenious and unseizable asset that will come in useful in a very rough predicament.

Some source from Quora:

Why Do Rappers Wear Bling? The Answer Is NOT What You Think!

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