Business Intelligence for Field Service Management Industry

Field Service Management

KloudGin is one of the most trusted names in the Field Service Industry. The platform is offering a variety of Software as Services for all types of businesses. No matter whether you own a small business or a big enterprise, there’s a suitable Field Service Management Software available from the platform. You can make use of the advanced technologies to run your Business more intelligently.

It’s a next-generation mobile ERP solution for the field workers and technicians who work in different locations through a Field Service enterprise. So if you own a field-oriented business, a reliable Field Service Management Software lets you provide a platform to handle a variety of tasks using innovative built-in tools available on the Software.

This intelligent software uses Cloud computing technology which stores all of your data over the cloud. All the useful data, documents, information about customers, tasks everything can be easily accessed by technicians who are on the field to finish the assigned work. They can complete their tasks under the given timeline which eventually improves the productivity of your company.

The software manages real-time routing, scheduling, a life cycle of the assets, future planning, managing the assets, dispatching, etc. This software can do most of the manual tasks of the organization. You don’t need to rely on the workforce as all the useful tasks of your company organized by the software automatically.

Additionally, the software collects all the requests from the customers who are looking for your services. The software collects the requests and sorts them out correctly. It also assigns the tasks to the technicians who are experts to finish them. This way, technicians with great experience can get more tasks, and they are capable enough to complete them with 100% satisfaction.

A Field Service Industry is highly depended upon the customers’ satisfaction. If your company is not providing 100% customer satisfaction, it will not see growth at any time. Moreover, the Software also manages the contracts, assets, services, shift sheet management, etc. for the workers. Pretty much all the administration’s tasks done by this software automatically. You can focus more on the productivity of your company instead of focusing on the other tasks.

KloudGin is offering cloud-based engine which is the world’s first platform to do so. The software is fully integrated into the cloud which stores your data in real-time. The data can be accessed by anyone from remote locations with proper access. It also keeps all the information of the customers such as their Email Address, Contact information, Residential Address, etc. The worker who is going to serve the customer can fetch the previous work history from the software.

Additionally, the software comes with numerous built-in tools and uses the most advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, and Cloud computing. All these technologies help the organizations to do their tasks smartly.

With Predictive Maintenance, the software allows the organization to get all the required information about the assets and their maintenance. The software also lets you know the maintenance dates, overall costing of the software, etc. This helps the company to manage the assets properly. With pre-planning, you can save enough money for maintaining the machines, etc.

On the other hand, the software comes with easy integration with other third-party software and systems. The Cloud Computing technology connects easily with other third-party systems. This saves a lot of time of the admin and the field-workers while completing their assigned tasks.

The workers will become more intelligent by gaining knowledge of their tasks and tools. The software allows them to know about the latest tools which help them to finish their tasks intelligently. Day by day, the software gets updated with new technology, and features support the organization to grow and improve productivity. The Software comes with Industry-specific business functionality which is new for the organizations.

The Field Service Management Software lets you quickly and easily connect with the data stored over the cloud. The intelligent technology fetches the data and information from hybrid sources. All the complex issues of the organization can be done through this software in real-time. You can quickly fix all the tasks and issues related to customers and organization within the software.