Check out These 7 Fashion Trends of the 80s That we Wear Even Today


Fashion never fades rather it keeps coming back. Don’t your mother says so? We believe it, too. Fashion is one thing that never dies, it keeps coming to life all over again. All we do is go back and forth in order to set trends. Don’t you think so? Talk to elderly people about fashion of today’s age and they’ll tell you all. And if anything makes you disbelieve them, then check this list out.

We have got 7 super fashionable trends from the 80s that are back and you didn’t realize that you were actually following them.

#1 Crop Tops

All you lovely ladies, who swear by crop tops, try to figure this out that which time it rocked better. Yeah, crop tops were so in fashion and people wore them equally crazily back in the 80s.

#2 Drop Crotch Pants

If you think that fashion trends keep coming back only for lovely ladies, then you are absolutely wrong. Crotch dropped pants were actually much in trend back in the 80s where men rocked them at concerts or stage performances. They are so in trend among men even today. Time to start believing your grandpa’s story, too!

#3 Fur

When it got out of fashion or when it will, we can’t say. But what we can actually swear by is that furs are too stubborn to go back in time. They were in trend, they are in trend, and they probably will be in trend, too, in future. Who knows?

#4 Glittery Wear

Didn’t that happen ever that you found some glittery lovely dress of your mother in closet and realized that you can still wear it? Well, that’s because glitters never fade away.

#5 Off shoulders

Off shoulder dresses, gowns, tops are still adored and were a big part of the fashion trends back in the 80s.

#6 Love for metallic

The Metallic fabric was worn by both men and women back in the 80s. And superstars still dazzle them on events and red carpets.

#7 Animal Prints

Animal Prints were a hot trend back in the 80s. And they are still in trend even today. From coats, dresses to lingerie, we love them in any form.