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Choosing A Kids Drum Set: Checklist!




Kids love drums, but finding a kids drum set can be a little more difficult than average. Depending on the size of the kid, some drum sizes become hard or impossible to play. “Junior” kits exist, but in fewer numbers than adult kits. The good news is, most “junior” drum sets are way cheaper than your average “adult” kit.

This is primarily due to the fact that the quality of materials is far inferior in a junior kit.

This is OK!

There’s nothing wrong with learning on a cheap instrument. These flimsy kits are designed small and are able to withstand the light punishment that a smaller child can dish out, as a matter of fact, CGuide has awesome guides on the topic as well. Now, there are some questions to ask before investing in a kids drum set.

How Old Is the Child?

Depending on the age of your child, your choice in kids drum set might change. If a child is really young (2-4 years old), you won’t need a very expensive or high-quality drum kit. Kids at this age are just developing motor skills and would progress just fine on a very cheap set. You can find kits for $90-$150 from manufacturers like “Mendini” or ”Remo” on Amazon or eBay quite easily.

The parts are not “professional grade”, but will work just fine in allowing a child to explore the drum set in his early development. If your kid is a bit older, you can consider investing in a slightly higher quality junior kit.

PDP (a division of DW) makes a junior drumset of pretty good quality. It’s made by a trusted drum company and sounds like a “real” adult drum set. It’s got quality heads, quality lugs, rims, wood, etc. The only difference is that it’s smaller! PDP suggests that the drum set is ideal for kids aged 3-7, but I’ve heard of full-grown adults being able to play the drum kit with reasonable comfort (I probably wouldn’t recommend it, though).

If your kid is big enough to fit it, old enough to be serious about music and it’s within your budget, consider investing in an “adult” sized drum kit. Smaller bass drums (18″-20″) can be used to accommodate slightly smaller players, and hardware of the right sizes can be purchased separately.

How Advanced Is Your Child?

If a child is very advanced, but still too small for a full-sized adult kit, I would definitely still recommend the PDP or Ludwig “junior kits” as a kids drum set. At a certain point, it becomes a drag to play a really inferior drum set. If your kid is very good, he or she might need to start using a well-made drum kit. I’ll admit, however, that these instances are probably very rare.

Most children will outgrow a junior size kit before needing to play on a quality drum set. Also, the term “needing” is quite subjective. The drum sets that the great masters before us used to play on would be considered inferior by today’s standards, and they managed to play beautiful music throughout their professional careers on these instruments.

What’s Your Budget Like?

A big factor for parents can be the price tag of the kid’s drum set. Money can be tight, but thankfully a cheap kids drum set will do the job just fine in most cases. The price of a quality junior kit really isn’t that steep compared to adult kits, though. So if it’s within your budget, you might say “why not”, and just go for the PDP or Ludwig “junior” models.

Just remember there’s nothing wrong with a cheaper “junior” set! Whatever choice you make; your child will probably just be glad to be playing drums at all!

Siddharth Kashyap loves crafting content and sharing information about technology and business. Since the world mainly revolves around, business growth, and technological advancements, you can always find her delved into the digital world.

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Some of The Secrets Used by The Supermarkets About Which You Might not be Aware of




Secrets Used by The Supermarkets

Nowadays, you will find many of the supermarkets and grocery stores around you. But have you ever wondered that what all tricks do they use in their superstores to lure their customers which make us buy more and giving them a greater profit? They make use of clever tricks which we can’t imagine such as the positioning of items on the shelf according to the buyer’s behaviour, not putting a wall clock in a store so that you buy more without looking at the time, manipulation of expiry date on the items to sell them off and many more.

Have a look at some of the tricks used by the supermarkets mentioned below.

1. Grocery store owners put their tricks best to persuade us to shop more

Most of the companies or local grocery stores nowadays make use of marketing tricks to increase their sales and to grow profit. Things which they do prompt us to buy more like they keep most of the things on the shelf closer so that we do not have any difficulty to pick up them and we buy easily.

Moreover, some companies also put their dairy section at a place where you have to walk long to get them knowing that it’s a necessity.

2. Their brilliant way of items positioning in the store

Everything in a store you find is kept at an appropriate place. Like, you must have seen that whenever you go for shopping at high-end malls, they keep some goodies in mini packs to attract buyers to purchase them instantly and seriously most of us fall in this trap.

And other thing they follow is the brilliant positioning of items kept in the store like beautiful colours, cereals at a lower position to attract kids and expensive items are kept at an adult’s eye level to impulse them.

3. Don’t ever believe on the expiration date listed on the items

The first thing that you pay attention to is the expiration date of the item that you are planning to buy. But be aware most of the stores are fooling us by changing the dates just to sell off the item which is ethically wrong.

4. Most of the supermarkets don’t use clocks

Have you ever wondered why do these supermarkets don’t make use of wall clocks at their stores? This is because they want their customers to spend more time in the store which will ultimately lead you to purchase more even when you don’t want to.

5. Makes use of water so that veggies look new and fresh

Most of the supermarkets use this trick to assure us that the veggies and fruits that they are selling are not old. They spray water on the veggies so that they look fresh for a long time which is actually not correct as it makes veggies and fruits spoil faster.

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5 Most Soul Satisfying Videos To Watch When You are Stressed Out and Want To Calm Yourself





Most Soul Satisfying Videos To Watch

Well everyone seems to have their own go-to-stress-relieving videos to combat their stressful and tiring day at work Right? Every individual has their own way of relaxing themselves like watching YouTube makeup or beauty compilation, funny cat or dog videos, nail art videos or whatever. You will get plenty of weird and useful videos on YouTube today to help your stress go away.

In this article, we have listed some of the best videos which you would surely love to watch.

1. This “CRAZY Smart” video on YouTube full of beauty hacks compilation

If you really had a bad today at work then I am pretty sure you would love watching this beautiful compiled makeup hack video with a simple blue background. The girl in this video may look funny to you but the way she tries every makeup hacks on her is truly commendable and its teaching you a lot which you can try on yourself too.

2. This satisfying blue colour nail art tutorial


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In this video, you will see a girl applying beautiful blue colour nail paint on her nails. Literally, blue colour is so satisfying and cal to watch, especially if you are too much exhausted and stressed out. The way she is coating her nails with the nail paint truly gives a sense of pleasure.

3. DIY lip art tutorial you can easily do at home

Do you also love experimenting with different colours to paint your lips? If you love, then I bet you would fall in love with this beautiful video. This video is a brilliant compilation of 29 lip art hacks which you can easily try at home at your convenience. It is so pleasing to watch that it’s getting hard to mention in words.

4. This oddly satisfying video where a women plays with a comb using her long nails


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I think everyone must have done this fun activity during your childhood? If you have tried no regret, you can try away right now if you have pretty long nails like her in the video. The sound of nails running over a comb is so soothing to listen which calms you down instantly.

5. Most satisfying glittery swatches video

This is a beautiful compilation of glittery swatches over your arm. You will get instantly calm and relaxed after watching these most soul satisfying shimmery swatches on your hand.

story source: iDiva

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Do You Know About The History Associated Behind Your Favourite Cocktails From Zombie To Screwdriver?




History Behind Your Favourite Cocktails

Have you ever wondered how these drinks like Margarita, Irish coffee, Zombie, Screwdriver and Mojito were invented and who kept their name? If you are a great cocktail lover then you need to know about them everything like how they were originated, who penned their names and what was the story associated behind their names? What’s your favourite drink? From Long Island Iced Tea to Screwdriver we have got you covered. Read on to find the history behind your favourite cocktails and how they got really invented.

Scroll down to read more.

1. Long Island Iced Tea

You know what this drink looks very innocent, though it’s lethal. This most popular drink was created by Long Island housewives in a simple way that one may drink this even in front of their friends and families without getting judged and caught. So nice right? This drink was created in 1976 by a bartender named Robert “Rosebud” Butts at the Oak Beach Inn in Hampton Bays, New York.

The inventor has got the idea to mix some ingredients like vodka, light rum, tequila, triple sec and with simple syrup, lemon juice and cola and the end result was super awesome after combining this ingredient that resembled ice tea.

2. Irish Coffee

The story behind the origin of this cocktail is quite interesting. Long ago in Ireland, a bartender mixed Irish whiskey in the coffee of stranded American passengers in order to warn them up when their flight to destination got delayed.

After drinking that combination, passengers felt absolutely pleased and delighted that they took this recipe to the USA.

3. Zombie Cocktail

Basically, this drink was created to cure the hangover. The inventor of this cocktail, Donn Beach has combined mixtures of 3 rum, liquors and fruit juices to get the customers out of hangover after drinking a lot.

After drinking this deadly combination several customers have complained that the drink made them feel like a Zombie whole day and night. This is when Donn has decided to put this drink on the list.

4. Margarita

This drink was created by the owner of Tijuana restaurant owner Carlos “Danny” Herrera in the late 1930s. The drink was initially prepared for an inspiring actress named Marjorie King. That lay was allergic to hard liquors except for tequila.

Herrera has concocted tequila, lime juice and Triple Sec into a salt-rimmed glass and offered that mixture to the young lady. And now everyone knows the history continues, the drink has become so popular and all-time favourite for party lovers.

5. Screwdriver Cocktail

This is one of the classic drinks in the lost of cocktails. The drink was originated in Turkey during the late 1940s where American engineers working in Turkish oil fields had secretly added vodka to their orange juice. The engineers used to mix their drink by using screwdrivers. This is how this drink got its name.

6. Gin and Tonic

This drink has got some medicinal origins. It was invented when the British soldiers were stationed in colonial India and they struggled hard to deal with Malaria.

So, they had tonic water with quinine which has helped them to keep the disease at bay, but it tastes almost terrible according to their experience. So, the soldiers have mixed it with Gin and Tonic and this is how this drink was invented.

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