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Comprehensive overview of IoT journey




Summary: The post explains the journey of IoT technology right from its evolution to the strategies being developed for generating revenue from IoT enabled devices. It also gives an insight into what can be expected from future IoT. Today, digital industry has shifted to the new levels and standards of automation driven by IoT (Internet of Things). Adopting IoT in business processes promises more efficiency, increased predictability and cost cutting, though its solutions can be difficult to implement, execute and manage. To get the maximum benefits out of the IoT in place, you will need an assistive platform integrated with industry specific experience. Industrial IoT is combining human data with sensor collected data for improving the operational efficiency for energy utilities, manufacturing, transportation and other industries. Information technology and operational technology when collaborated with advanced analytics and artificial intelligence improves the safety and reliability of any process. It brings down the overall cost and eliminates the instance of downtime to a large extent.

IoT Adoption Beyond IT…

The concept of Internet of Things varies from industry to industry. Adoption of IoT is growing in all the domains, be it the world of home appliances, oil and gas, utilities, telecommunications, human resources, healthcare or logistics. With every single innovation that strikes the market, the horizon of IoT is spreading irrepressibly. In the coming era, more and more devices will be interconnected and this will incredibly change the world around us. Other industries such as construction, marketing and machinery are also investing in IoT at a faster pace. Since it is a result-oriented approach, industries won’t mind trying their luck to stay competitive in the market.

IoT Monetization Arena is Growing…

IoT monetization, as the name suggests refers to the strategy to generate revenue from IoT enabled devices, solutions and services. With the use of IoT enabled products, the companies are able to gather significant data which is later processed to fetch numerous benefits such as expanding a new product line, cost cutting and improved efficiency of business operations.

IoT offers Unparalleled Opportunities

An inevitable transformation has been seen in various industrial processes with the evolution and advancement of IoT technology. IoT assets are securely connected to the business systems to deliver real time information and improve operations. The IoT services are aligned to assist various industries in implementing the technology into business. Processes are streamlined to retrieve maximum benefits through predictive analysis, automation capabilities and informational dashboards. IoT’s industry standard protocols provide the capabilities to stream data ingestion. Data is prioritized for filtration and lowering the cost in order to reduce latency. IoT devices are integrated with advanced security algorithms that identify malicious activities existing in the infrastructure and protect the connected products and assets from potential cyber threats.

Consistent Progression in IoT Lifecycle

Since the evolution of IoT technology, enormous progression is noticed right from the sensing to controlling operations. IoT solutions are now designed using industry specific approach and standards. For example, with improvement in the sensors and sensing equipment, fleet owners can not only track the fleet, but can also monitor the current performance and health of the fleet. The opportunities are endless and it is difficult to enlist all the benefits of IoT. Though the technology is advancing at a faster pace, the overall infrastructure and sensors needs to be improved to effectively handle the challenges of various industries. A refined infrastructure is required to successfully handle 3Vs (Volume, Variability and Variety) of entire data generated from sensors integrated in the connected world of future. Advanced and upgraded computing tools and applications will be required to analyse and handle the huge velocity of data for getting insights into various business functions and processes. The IoT service provider experts can make it just easier by cutting down the complexities involved in this very approach.

IoT is a Competitive Approach…Smooth Sailing is Difficult, yet Important!

IoT is a vast ocean of opportunities, features and benefits; it is important to handle this approach in a smarter way. IoT technology is competitive and has been adopted in businesses worldwide; reduced cost of the sensors and devices may be responsible behind the overwhelming response. The technology is becoming more and more affordable as WiFi and Bluetooth are available easily, everywhere. You can easily mount a sensor to gather data across various channels for analysis and interpretation. However, the challenge is that if it is possible to monitor the sensors from a remote location? Or is it possible to send updates to the sensing devices? This poses questions on the future of the IoT devices. It is equally important to understand any security issues associated with IoT enabled devices and sensors. Are the sensors safe? Is it possible to dispose of the sensors securely as and when required? Does the sensor system completely secure and cost-effective? These are several questions that need to be answered effectively and future IoT technology must be designed considering all these questions. IoT is in the early phase of connecting the world digitally. The world is moving towards digitalization and endless innovations will keep it going. Nothing can be compared to the digitally connected world and IoT will soon become the core of interconnectivity.

Siddharth Kashyap loves crafting content and sharing information about technology and business. Since the world mainly revolves around, business growth, and technological advancements, you can always find her delved into the digital world.

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Things You Should Know About Tokyo Based Telecom Company Softbank





Things about Telecom Company Softbank

Many of you might have heard about the company Softbank. Softbank, who is a major investor in most of the tech companies and start-ups. It has invested in almost every type of company. From Robotics to satellites and artificial intelligence to computerized enhancements for human bodies. So, apart from this what do you guys know about Softbank? How does it got started and who is the person behind the success of this company? Let’s know more about Softbank and its founder which has made this company always remain in the limelight or on the top of the news feed. Have a look

About Softbank

via: Kazuhiro Nogi / AFP/Getty Images

Softbank is a Tokyo-based telecom company which got started in the year 1981 in Tokyo. The company was initially founded as a telecommunications company. But now the company has its hands-on in almost every area including e-commerce, finance, broadband, marketing, and many more. It has a long list of portfolios that includes SoftBank BB, GungHo Online Entertainment, IDC Frontier, and many more. For a long time, the company has done many huge investments in many start-ups besides buying up several small companies.

Do you know the company has purchased UK-based chip manufacturer ARM for £24 billion in the year 2016 intending to develop IoT (Internet of Things)?

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Who is the founder of Softbank?

Who is the founder of Softbank

Masayoshi Son, Chairman, and CEO of SoftBank

Masayoshi Son is the chairman and CEO of Softbank. The tech company has invested about $100 billion in order to develop the future of technology. Even Son has developed a 300-year plan for the company and wanted to see the company to be the most valuable firm in the world according to the Economic Times.

Due to the huge investment done by him in the tech companies, most of the people are wondering what he aims to do next with so much of funds with him at his disposal. Some are wondering what the capital will be flooded in the tech sector and thus bringing inflation, many competitors that will halter the process of technological growth.

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Featured image source: The Wall Street Journal

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Top 6 Trends Shaping The Future of Entertainment Industry




The age of technology we’re living in is more than rich with the content of all sorts and types. Simply put, any and every audience out there will have no problems finding something online that matches their cup of tea. This can particularly be noticed in the entertainment industry that experienced a significant boom once technology came into play. From various apps and screening platforms to all the different types of technological gadgets and software, the entertainment industry certainly benefited a lot from the boost the technology industry has been experiencing.

With that in mind, here are the top 6 tech trends that will continue to shape the future of the entertainment industry.

1. VR and AR

The use of virtual and augmented reality in the entertainment industry is a relatively new concept. And even though the use of these technologies is fairly new, they’ve been experiencing a very warm welcome. There are already thousands upon thousands of consumers embracing these technologies. The use of AR and VR allows consumers to entirely immerse themselves in entertainment experiences of their choice and enjoy them in a completely new way. On the other hand, they enable businesses to attract even more customers their way by offering them a chance to indulge in such experiences.

2. The increasing use of AI

The increasing use of AI

via: Pixabay

The use of artificial intelligence is another trend we can expect to see virtually everywhere nowadays. The use of AI and machine learning will enable businesses in the entertainment industry to better tailor their offer to their audience. On the other hand, customers can expect to be presented with offers that appear more personalized and shaped to their specific needs instead of being bombarded with various unnecessary information. The way AI works is by gathering user data based on their previous output and tailoring the future offers to better meet their interests and standards.

3. The opulence of available resources

Today, you can find virtually anything online. No matter the type of information you’re looking for, chances are that you will have no problem locating it on the internet. This is particularly good news for anyone looking for relevant information regarding any aspect of the entertainment industry. For instance, let’s say you’re looking for a good online casino to have some fun. Nowadays, you can easily find information regarding online casinos that offer the best casino bonuses. This way, narrowing down your search will be significantly easier, as you’ll be able to take your pick among the top-rated ones without having to deal with the ones whose offers are less than attractive.

4. Apps for everything and anything

The increased use of smartphones brought forth the need for various apps. Since today almost every person on the planet is using a smartphone, it’s only natural that the app industry is thriving. You can easily find various types of apps designed to make the majority of the things we do significantly easier. From different games and entertainment apps all the way to the ones that offer fresh news from the entertainment industry, consumers can certainly benefit a lot from this type of technology.

5. Ads that feel more personal

Personalized ads are another thing you can look forward to. Thanks to AI implementation, you can expect that, soon, generalized advertisements will become a thing of the past. Again, businesses in the entertainment industry will significantly benefit from customizing and personalizing their offers, tailoring them to the specific needs of each individual customer. And customers will also find this to be useful as they will no longer have to spend time sifting through irrelevant content in search of something that will actually benefit them.

6. The use of blockchain technology

The use of blockchain technology

via: Pixabay

Finally, the use of blockchain technology – and especially the use of cryptocurrencies – will bring forth some significant improvements. By allowing your audience to use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, you’ll be providing them with an additional layer of privacy as they won’t be obliged to leave their personal (sensitive) information anywhere online. Aside from their e-mail and e-wallet ID, consumers won’t be required to leave any more information and since the blockchain technology is virtually impossible to hack, they can rest assured that their assets are completely safe.

These were just some of the trends that are currently shaping – and will continue to shape – the future of the entertainment industry. Aside from seeing these trends evolve further and continue to reshape the industry as we know it, we can rest assured that there will be numerous other trends that are yet to come.

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Magniber Ransomware Expands To The Asian Region

Satendra Kashyap




The ransomware and their reach have been growing to a considerable extent. This is exactly what is shown through the expansion of Magniber Ransomware. Once limited to the South Korean region, the ransomware has now expanded to include the entire Asian region. Essentially spread by Malvertisements, the virus makes the infected computers to redirect to the Magnitude Exploit kit pages. In fact, it should be noted that the Magnitude kit has been one of the oldest malware servicing kits and has been still active. 

Initially limited to the South Korean region, the Magniber ransomware has now reached its new, improved version targeting other Asian countries. It now comes with a few improvements that include refined source code, newer obfuscation techniques, and new targets. 

Once the Magniber Ransomware gains access to your computer, it begins encrypting all the files and data. All the encrypted files will get a .dyaaghemyextension. The original authors of the code limited the malware to South Korea and had been opting for the country-specific malvertising chains. However, recent reports indicate that malware is becoming one of the global threats. A few recent reports state that the virus has been found to attack the users in regions like Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other countries. 

The new version of the ransomware has been updated to include the different languages, and this includes a few Asian languages like Chinese (Macau, China, Singapore) and Malay (Malaysia, Brunei). The developers have also been into improving and refining the ransomware and its code. While the initial version had no options to obfuscation, the new version has now introduced obfuscation and evasive technologies. 

“Its source code is now more refined, leveraging various obfuscation techniques and no longer dependent on a Command and Control server or hardcoded key for its encryption routine,” the researchers at MalwareHunterTeam recently indicated. 

How to get rid of the Magniber Ransomware attack on your computer? Well, by using a powerful anti-ransomware solution. Services like ZoneAlarm can be one of the best options to address it effectively. Of course, other techniques can include manual intervention to take care of the issues. Regularly backing up your data and files, keeping all your applications and operating systems always updated, and blocking unwanted file extensions can be some of the good remedies you can apply to resolve the issues. The anti-ransomware you use should be capable of controlling the spread of malware through an effective PC shield. 

Given the fact that the Magniber Ransomware has now been able to add up Chinese and Malay language settings and has even attacked China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Brunei, and Malaysia as of now, it may be extremely necessary to check out if the anti-malware solution you choose is capable of handling the threats. A constantly updated database and screening techniques should be the basic features you are expected to have a look at – if you really care for the perfect protection to your computers. 

Since the Malware detects the actual targets based on the language settings, you may be at risk if your computers are using the proxies with Chinese or Malay IP. The cybercriminals have been into maximizing their efforts into the reduction of collateral damage. Given the precision with which the ransomware handles its operations, it would be extremely important to take the right type of precautions. 

Once the ransomware has attacked your device, the only way would be to pay up the ransom as there is no practical solution available. The best way to stay safe would be to ensure that you have taken precautions by installing appropriate ransomware protection.

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