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Delaying Your Period for Your Wedding Day and Honeymoon



But for the cramps, bloating, mood swings and the discomfiting bleeding, you can do almost anything during your cycle. The natural activities of your uterus should not necessarily stop you from swimming, jogging – or even enjoying a traditional wedding night! But what happens if your periods match your wedding day?

Who wants to deal with the hassle of their monthly cycle on a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon? Thankfully, you can breathe easy because a solution is available. But first, a sneak preview of the benefits of delaying your period is in order.

The Benefits Of Period Delay

Apart from forestalling the discomfort and pain that comes with the monthly rapture of the uterus after ovulation, delaying your periods has a host of other benefits. It gives you time to plan for your big events so you can enjoy them without bothering about tampons.

Sometimes, the periods may match your important events in your life, such as sports days and romantic dates. You won’t have to suffer any embarrassment since it is possible to push the periods to a future date. But you should remember period delay is short term, so plan accordingly.

Get A Prescription For Norethisterone

Taken three days before the period is due, this medication requires careful planning and organization. You need to study the cycle of your menses to accurately predict their due days so you can start taking Norethisterone.

Get a certified doctor to do the prescription for you as you prepare to take it three times a day. Your periods should resume in two or three days’ time after you have stopped taking the medication.

Use Contraceptive Pills

Your regular contraceptive pill is also a viable option if you wish to delay the menses for a few more days. All you need to do is start a new strip of the pills after a break of seven days. However, you need to watch out for notable side effects, and if you notice any, stop the pill immediately and consult your doctor.

Try Softcup

You could also try the Softcup especially when you are on your honeymoon, and you don’t want to mess up the love-making sessions. You can wear it for up to 12 hours, and your partner won’t even feel it. But you must keep in mind that Softcup is only a female hygiene product, and so it won’t protect you from STIs or unwanted pregnancy.

If your wedding day corresponds with that time of the month when the uterus releases the menses blood, or are planning for the honeymoon, don’t let anything hold you back.

Get a prescription for Norethisterone and take it three times a day three days to your periods, or simply try the Softcup. You may also use your regular contraceptive pill, but be sure to consult your doctor.

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Try These 6 Tips To Win The Lady Love of Your Life Back!

Satendra Kashyap



Try These 6 Tips To Win The Lady Love of Your Life Back

Have you recently come to your senses and had a great realization about still being in love with your ex-girlfriend? Do you want to win your ex-lady love back? Then there are certain things that you will have to work at to reignite old flames. Today, we have put together a list of ideas, tips, and suggestions that may help you to get back together with your ex-girlfriend.

Here’s everything you need to know. Besides these mentioned tips you can even find ways to get your girl back.

1. Did You Cheat?

First and foremost, you need to figure out the cause of the breakup. Did you cheat? If you did, then you have messed up pretty badly. Even if it was a one time and unexpected slip-up, no woman is going to tolerate a cheating man.

Even if she did want to forgive you, you would have had to give her a lot of time to overcome the anger and betrayal she was probably feeling. If you did cheat, getting her back may be a little more difficult than you imagined.

The first step you will have to take wins back the trust of your ex, but before you do that, you need to figure out whether she still wants to associate with you or not.

2. Find Out Where She Stands

Before you start making changes in your life to win back your ex, you need to figure out where she stands. There are many women out there who cannot tolerate and forgive cheating and want nothing to do with a man who has cheated. If your ex is the kind of woman who wants nothing to do with a man who cheated on her, your effort to win her back may just end up being fruitless.

On the other hand, if your ex is a forgiving and understanding woman, then there are chances that you can win her back. So, you need to figure out where she stands and whether she is ready to give you another chance.

The best and most mature way to figure out where your ex stands is by picking up the phone and giving her a call. If she responds positively to your phone call, you can probably ask her to meet you and discuss things further.

3. Win Back Her Trust

Even if your ex is ready to get back together with you, or is even willing to consider giving the relationship a chance, you will really have to work hard towards it. You need to keep in mind that she has had her trust and her heart broken by you.

You will have to turn your world upside down to win that back. In order to win her trust back, you will have to have a more open channel of communication with your ex and both of you will have to be on the same team.

You need to take complete responsibility for your past actions and you need to live up to new promises. Also, sit down and ask her what she would like you to do that will help her trust you again.

4. Become The Person She Fell In Love With

There must have been certain traits and qualities in you that your ex-girlfriend absolutely loved. These qualities may have been one of the many reasons that she fell in love with you.

If you want things to be as they were when you first started off, then it’s time you became the person that she had fallen in love with. Maybe it was your excellent sense of humour, or your capabilities of holding an intellectual conversation.

Work towards those old traits and present them in front of her. She will melt when she sees how hard you’re trying to make things better between the both of you.

5. Give Her Time And Space To Heal

Now you need to keep in mind that your ex may want to give the relationship another shot, but at the same time she is probably still hurting and reeling from all the pain of the memories of you cheating on her. While you need to put in all your efforts to win her love and respect and trust back, you simultaneously need to give her the time and space to take it all in.

If you’re expecting her to jump right back into the relationship and accept you back with open arms, you’re only fooling yourself. Further, if she is taking time to heal and wants some space, give it to her.

Don’t keep hounding her to snap back instantly. Don’t start displaying frustration if she isn’t reacting the way you expect her to. You need to remain calm and patient while she takes her time to bounce back and heal.

Give her room to breathe and don’t make her claustrophobic with your overbearing attitude.

6. Understanding And Communication

Last but not least, you need to ensure that you are understanding towards your partner’s needs and you communicate with her openly. You need to listen to her; you need to be able to emotionally provide whatever it is that she needs.

You also need to communicate with her and let her know that you’re ready to provide her whatever it is she needs. She needs to know that you’re ready to put in all your efforts to make things right and she needs to have that confidence in you that you won’t cheat on her again.

When you are working towards getting your girl back, make sure that you don’t mess up again and keep calm and patient while you work towards gaining her trust back.

If she still loves you and sees that you have become a better and more honest person, she will take you back in her life and accept you with open arms. This time around when you get her back in your life, give her a reason to feel good about her decision and don’t break her heart again!

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Check The List of 5 Steps and Decide If It’s The Right Age To Enjoy Parenting



The Right Age To Enjoy Parenting

Urban lifestyle and career choices have made it common to have babies at the much later stage of life. There are drawbacks especially health issues related to delayed pregnancies but still the opting for babies at a later stage has not changed. There are situations where the couple is not ready emotionally but still due to pressure from family or the biological clock the big decision has to be made.

With the advancement of medical science, the age is not a hurdle by mental and emotional well being if having a child is delayed gets affected.

All people are different and so is their thought process but to decide that is this the right time for you, here is what you can think and analyze:

Step 1- Talk to other mothers

Communicate and grasp what other mothers have to say about having delivered a baby recently. The experience can be anything from a chaotic, terrifying, pleasant, satisfying, or simply overwhelming.

Parenting is bliss and it changes your life for good and fills it with surprises. You learn something new every day but yes it is demanding.

Step2- Make plans for a career

Consider your career goals and see where you want to reach in the next few years. Meet counselor, speak to your friends and family and see if in the current schedule do you have time for parenting. Consider how will you both switch over roles to devote your time to parenting.

Step 3- Try to grasp the basics

Go for your health check-up, consult your gynecologist and try to figure out the way of delivery that will suit the body of a mother. Try to start opting for healthy options and also try out to have stress free, positive atmosphere at your home.

Step 4- Plan your finances

Having a baby is an expensive affair, the expenses of gynecologist, pediatrics, the education of the child, and everything. So have your investments planned in a way that your life or child does not suffer due to the cash crunch.

Make certain investments that will aid at certain ages of the child when there is the need like during school or college admission or for marriage.

Step 5- Commitment

It is true that kids come with their guarding angels but they will need your time and complete commitment. Are you ready for the commitment or not this has to be decided by you? Rationalize your thoughts and then decide.

Having babies should be a mutual decision for the best interests of your child. It will need a whole lot of sacrifices and contribution to bring up a child. It will change your life but treasure the moments.

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What Options Do Seniors Have for In-Home Care?

Satendra Kashyap



What Options Do Seniors Have for In-Home Care?

Living with a senior is not easy because they constantly demand your attention and care. If you are the only loved one of a senior and you are finding it difficult to give the senior the time he or she deserves then you should consider in-home care options. In these options, an expert care provider will come to your home and take care of every need of a senior.

In-home care is more preferred than moving to a nursing home because you get to remain in control and the senior feels more comfortable. In-home care is also vital because the reputation of nursing homes is not as good as it once was. Nursing homes are being blamed for sedating seniors with untested or inappropriate drugs.

Another advantage of in-home care over nursing homes is that the former is more cost effective. If you, as a family member can spend the nights taking care of the senior, you don’t need to pay someone to do the same.

Similarly, if you can order stuff for a senior from Halo Healthcare and get them delivered, you don’t need to bother asking the care provider to shop for the same and bring them home.

In-Home Care Options

Now, if you are seriously considering hiring an expert for in-home care, then you should know that it’s not as easy as it seems. There are many in-home health care options you need to consider and choose from. Some of them are mentioned right here.

Companion Care

In this method, the care provider will act as a companion for seniors who are medically fit and capable of doing their stuff but feel lonely at times. The care provider will offer companionship, talk with the senior, make sure the senior is entertained and help with social interaction.

Some other tasks a hired companion can help with our food preparation, running errands, housekeeping, etc. Make sure you talk about these extra tasks while hiring someone to ensure that there are no misunderstandings later on.

You can usually hire companion care on an hourly, daily or weekly basis depending on the needs of the seniors. The ideal scenario would be if a senior seeks help from a companion a few times a week and spend the rest of the days in going out and meeting new people to get rid of loneliness.

Personal Care Provider

In this option, a personal care assistant can be hired who will help the senior with even the most basic personal activities like bathing, dressing, food preparation, housekeeping, etc. This option is best for seniors who can’t move much on their own or have an illness that restricts them to take care of themselves.

You can hire someone to come for a few hours every day like from 10 to 3 every day, or you can opt for 24 by 7 assistance. It all depends on how dependent a senior is on another person and what’s your budget.

Home Health Care

This is another in-home care method in which medical assistance is provided by an expert at home to either help a senior get rid of a temporary health problem like a fracture or to get constant long-term care for an illness like diabetes management. In this type of care, the expert would be more focused on ensuring that a senior takes care of his or her health.

The expert may also ensure that a senior lives a healthy lifestyle by controlling what a senior eats, how long a senior sleep or how much exercise she/he does in a day. The expert will act on the doctor’s orders and help a senior take better care of himself/herself.

Nursing Care

This option usually opts when a senior needs to manage a chronic condition or has a disease/ health issue that needs extra attention and care. As the name suggests, in this option, a nurse will be hired by you to take care of the senior.

The duties of the nurse might include specialized tasks like wound care, nutrition therapy, administering injections or monitoring a serious health issue. Some nurses can also provide speech, physical or occupational therapy.

When hiring a nurse, you need to confirm a nurse’s status to be extra sure and safe. Also, remember that the nurse will only provide medical care services.

The nurse won’t help with other tasks like bathing, cooking, cleaning or even offer companionship. If you need the nurse to do any of those, be clear about it. In most cases, the nurse will ask you to hire an attendant for chores like bathing, cooking, cleaning, etc.


In essence, it can be said that there are many options for in-home care for seniors. You need to analyze the pros and cons of each option before making a decision. Good Luck!

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