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Delhi NGO Sachhi Saheli Conducts ‘Period Mahabhoj’ To End Menstruation Stigma

Priya Verma



Delhi NGO Sachhi Saheli Conducts 'Period Feast'

Now it’s 2020 and no one thinks badly about menstruation and if you do you will look like a fool. There is nothing to feel bad about this because it’s a biological process and we have to go through this pain every month and we are proud of that. To end the stigma of menstruation, Delhi NGO, Sachhi Saheli, has done a wonderful job as they have conducted a Period Mahabhoj on 23 February, where women on periods would be preparing the food for everyone.

This was also a tight slap to the heartbreaking incident that happened in Gujarat when authorities stripped 68 female students at an educational institute in Bhuj, Gujarat to confirm whether they were on period or not. Yes, this disgraceful act was allegedly conducted by the orthodox and ardent followers of Swami Krushnaswarup Das. The man who believes, “A menstruating woman who cooks food for her husband will certainly be born as a ‘Kutri’ (bitch).”

The gynecologist and founder of the NGO Dr. Surbhi Singh shared with NDTV:

'Period Mahabhoj'

via: Twitter

“It is a lunch event to uphold women’s menstrual dignity. It is a statement against the dogmatic traditions related to menstruation and a symbolic protest against the negativity propagated by the priest from the Swaminarayan Bhuj Mandir in Gujarat.”

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During the event, women were seen donning their white aprons saying “I am a proud menstruating woman”. The food was cooked by 28 menstruating women for about 300 peoples including the Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

The guest of honour, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said, 

“In today’s scientific day and age, there is nothing pure or impure about menstruation, it is a natural biological process that should be taken as it is.”

– Deputy CM Manish Sisodia

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Earlier also people have responded to Swamiji’s misogynist comment and also shared some of the pictures of their pets (female dogs) saying that they are reincarnations of ‘disgraced’ or ‘fallen’ women.

Sachhi Saheli Conducts 'Period Feast'

via: Twitter

Well, this wonderful initiative has done a great job done by Delhi NGO, Sachhi Saheli in ending the stigma against menstruation. Now it’s high time to end things like this and objecting women to enter the kitchen and prepare food while menstruating.

Now think how you would feel if someone comments about your mother or sister. To every boy or man out there, I just want to say there is nothing to comment on this thing since this is a natural process and we all girls are proud to have that.

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Priya is a passionate writer, she loves to write about different niches belonging to travel, lifestyle, health, fitness, finance etc. She is looking for new challenges when it comes to writing articles. She has written plenty by now and eager to write more because this is what she enjoys doing, which is why it turns out to be so fascinating! Apart from writing, she also loves cooking and reading different genre novel.



Meghan Markle Will Be Narrating An Upcoming Disneynature Documentary Titled ‘Elephant’ After Stepping Back From Royal Life





Meghan Markle

Finally, Duchess Meghan Markle has got her first job and that too an exciting one. Want to know? Let me tell you. After stepping back from her royal life, she has landed her first film with Disney Studios. The production house has announced that a new movie which will be about ‘Elephants’ will be narrated by none other Meghan Markle. The movie will be streamed on April 3 on Disney channel, in celebration of Earth Month.

According to the newly released trailer, the documentary follows an elephant pack undertaking a 1,000-mile trek across Africa. Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t give us a tease of the duchess’ narration. That you will get to know only when you will be watching it in the real.

On account of this, Walt Disney Studios has tweeted,” Disneynature’s Elephant, an Original Movie narrated by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, starts streaming April 3, only on #DisneyPlus.”

Have a look at another tweet, “Two new movies, two unforgettable journeys. Start streaming Disneynature’s Elephant, narrated by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, and Disneynature’s Dolphin Reef, narrated by Natalie Portman, on April 3, only on #DisneyPlus (sic).”

Well, the association between Walt Disney Studios and Meghan Markle will benefit the charity Elephants Without Borders.

The news wasn’t a surprise as just days after Meghan and Prince Harry have announced that they would be stepping back from their royal duties for a voiceover deal with Disney, in exchange for a donation to Elephants Without Borders. The duo will be officially stepping back from their respective royal duties on March 31.

In January, a video surfaced on the social media, in which Prince Harry can be overheard asking Bob Iger, the then CEO of Walt Disney Company, “You know she does voice-overs?”, and Iger can be heard saying, “Sure, we’d love to try.” And look at that, the deal is done!

However, it is still unclear whether Meghan will be making some other deal with Disney in the future or not. Currently, the royal is quarantining with her family at Vancouver Island just like the rest of us.

The duo has made their final appearance at a Commonwealth Day service at London’s Westminster Abbey. Their last official day as royals will be March 31, 2020, after which the couple will drop the use of their Royal Highness/Her Royal Highness titles. Queen Elizabeth II, Harry’s grandmother, has expressed support to the couple’s decision.

Now, we just can’t wait to watch this documentary and of course, to listen to her voiceover.

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Everything About Hollywood Singer Taylor Swift: Her Net Worth and Her Houses





Taylor Swift Net Worth


13 December 1989


30 Years


Reading, Pennsylvania, U.S


Actress, Singer, Songwriter,
Record Producer,
Music Video Director, 

Net Worth

 US $400 Million (As of 2020)


Andrea Gardner Swift (Mother)
Scott Kingsley Swift (Father)


Austin Swift

Taylor Swift is one of the best singers in the Hollywood music industry. She has sung many popular singles such as ‘Lover’, ‘London Boy’ which are becoming everyone’s favourite now. She has gained quite a popularity among everyone because of the music she produces. It’s due to her success, Swift has become super-rich. She chooses to spend her money not only on her or buying bungalows at different locations, but she also likes to spend her money on her fans too. Now, you must be wondering what her net worth is.

Here, you will get to know all about her.

Taylor Swift’s Net Worth


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Taylor Swift is one of the most decorated artists in music; she has won ten Grammy Awards and over two-dozen Billboard Music Awards. Her net worth is about $400 million, making her one of the highest-paid celebrities in the world. Swift makes her money from many channels that include the album, music sales, endorsement deals, and her stadium tours.

She likes to spend money on her fans too


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

Do you know what that best thing about Taylor Swift is? Though she is among one of the highest-paid celebrities or social media influencers. But she still doesn’t like to flaunt her wealth in front of everyone. You will rarely find her flaunting her expensive cars or luxurious jewellery. She likes to spend her money on her fans instead. She is best known for the kind of personal connection she has with her followers.

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View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

She is also known to send gifts to her fans. Several years ago, “Swiftmas” went viral. Many fans went to their front porches during the holiday season to find incredible gift boxes from their favourite singer which included expensive clothing and bath products, hundreds of dollars worth of gift cards, throw pillows, candles, and much more. Even the gifts included some handwritten notes from Swift too. Not only this, but she is also known for paying hospital bills and student loans. Truly, she is known as who has the biggest heart of all.

She owns many houses


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

She is one of those celebrities who like to enjoy the fruits of her labor. She owns several houses at different locations which included luxurious penthouse in New York City, a sweeping mansion in Beverly Hills, California, and a grand estate in Rhode Island. She also owns a lavish condo in Nashville, Tennessee, the state where she got her start in music. Even she owns several private jets too and several expensive Scottish Fold cats.

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View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

All in all, Taylor Swift is the one who is not only known for his wealth but also her generosity and golden heart. The way she loves her fans and does things for them. She is a great human being as well apart from being a great singer.

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The Story Of The Founder Of ‘Love & Cheesecake’ Which Started From A Small Kitchen in Bandra




The Story Of The Founder Of 'Love & Cheesecake' Bakery

Nothing is impossible in this world if you are willing to achieve something in your life. This is correctly proven by the founder of ‘Love & Cheesecake bakery, Ruchyeta Bhatia who started this bakery in 2012 from a small 300 sq. feet kitchen in Bandra. Now, it has grown into a chain of premium cafes and full- service restaurants. The founder of this venture, Ruchyeta Bhatia, now manages 8 outlets of Love & Cheesecake in Mumbai intending to include 8 more this year.

Let’s know something about her background

Ruchyeta Bhatia, Love & Cheesecake Bakery

The premium bakery has been started by Ruchyeta Bhatia who is an Economics graduate from Mumbai’s Jai Hind College. She has seen a dream of starting something of her own and she always desired to dive into the food industry.

She started her business at the age of 22

Love and Cheesecake

via: Zomato

She also worked at an international market research firm where her job was to analyze survey results. She was not that much interested in doing her corporate work and she took leave within five months to start working towards her dream. She started at the age of 22 with no previous experience.

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She learned a lot during her internship

To make her dream venture a reality, she also decides to go through a course at the Culinary Institute of America to sharpen her skills. But before she could join them, she has to invest six months in a culinary kitchen.

During her internship at Mumbai’s Marriott Hotels, she has learned about the different shades of desserts and realized that Western desserts are a tough category. She explained that even small alterations in temperature could completely vary the taste. This was undoubtedly a challenge from a business prospect, but it only helped to arouse the entrepreneur within her.

Finally, she came out with finding ‘Love& Cheesecake

During her internship, she has got the idea to start her business. Not only this, but she has also been introduced to a brilliant pastry chef and now her co-founder, Amit Sharma. He has a good experience of working with Taj and Marriott. They both have worked hard to build this venture.

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They saved a lot to start with this

Love & Cheesecake

via: Facebook

They have saved a lot to start their business. They took a small place at the back of a building where a few people would just come by sometime and try some of their stuff. Things however changed when they got featured in some local blogs.

And then they got a huge success

Soon, they started receiving huge footfall and which led to the success of their venture. This way, they have also managed to expand its chain into multiple cafes and restaurants. The journey was extremely challenging for her when she was expecting and side by side she was managing her business also. But she has succeeded in what she has wanted which led to the emergence of such a premium brand that has more than 250 workers as of now.

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Website: Loveandcheesecake

Instagram Page: Instagram/ Loveandcheesecake

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