Did You Know These 7 Secrets that Hotels Don’t Share?


Our expedition is incomplete without a hotel stay, a comfortable and value for money hotel stay are all we look for. When we book a room we ask for a couple of general things and make a reservation. But we never knew that apart from what the receptionists tell us, there is a lot more than we could have asked or they could have told us. Yes, most of the time the hotel don’t tell certain things that we have all the rights to know. So what are those things, read below and find out.

#1 Bargaining

We often ask for some discount or any seasonal offers if any, when we book a hotel. But did you know that it’s perfectly fine to bargain for the price? It actually is. Especially, if it is a small independent hotel.

#2 Receptionist suggests places that pay them

When you stay at a hotel, don’t expect honest suggestions from the receptionists. They will suggest only places that pay them. For instance, if you want to have lunch at a restaurant and ask the receptionist to suggest someplace good. They will end up suggesting the place they have tied up commissions with. No matter they serve pathetic food and have expensive dishes.

#3 Don’t trust the safes

It is not advisable to trust the mini safes that the hotel room offer since it is not theft proof. If you need to keep something valuable then ask them to keep it in the hotel’s safe and ask for the receipt from the receptionist.

#4 Not all the rooms are same

When you ask the receptionist prior to booking a room, they tell you all the rooms are the same. But that’s not the case, their location varies and you can ask for your preferable side of the hotel in the same price.

#5 When they transfer you to another hotel

Hotels often allow booking more rooms even if there isn’t any availability. What they do is at the time of check-in they will ask you to shift to the other hotel they have tied up with. In that case, you have all the rights to demand a discount or higher room or other free services.

#6 There are free services

When you check in a hotel, they never tell you in advance of the free services until you ask them for. And in case you don’t ask for it, you might won’t get any, too.

#7 Not everything that looks clean is actually clean

You should always keep in mind that hotel staff won’t tell you that they didn’t wash the blanket after the last guest left. So you better ask for it. Or fold the blankets and remove them. Use disposable glasses and ask for a water bottle instead.