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Explore The Adventure Activities During Your Vacation Trip to Panama



surfing in Panama

Panama is one of the most amazing destinations where you can spend your vacation trip with lots of amazing memories and adventure activities. If you are looking for the most amazing views of nature and ocean, you can plan next trip to Panama for it. This tourist destination attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world.

You will also find an amazing experience of spending your vacations perfectly. First of all, you will need to go for the best travel and tour packages having all the services included in it.

Explore the adventure of surfing:

Surfing is one of the amazing experiences for the adventure lovers. Now, you can also challenge the water with your surfboard by making choice for this destination. If you want to experience the best surfing in Panama, make sure to get the packages by Beach Break Surf Camp.

They are known to provide the best packages for all the visitors who are searching for amazing experience in Panama. You will not only find a great way to have adventures and lots of fun but also very comfortable living experience with luxurious accommodation in Panama.

The perfect adventure activities for everyone:

During your vacation trip, you can fulfill all your desires to have lots of fun at this destination. When you will make a visit to this place for your trip, you will be able to explore the thrill of ocean fishing, zip line, waterfall Hike, horseback riding and much more.

With all these activities, you will definitely make your experience memorable and special for a lifetime when you are looking for the best reasons to explore this destination in your vacations.

The excellent packages for extra comfort in Panama:

With all such amazing experiences, you can take it to the next level by finding the luxurious and comfortable living experience at the best destinations. They will make the arrangements for your accommodation, delicious food and airport transfer so that you can explore the beauty of Panama without any kind of inconvenience with your family.

All these services are available to make your trip most special and comfortable with Playa Venao Panama packages.

By choosing these packages, you will also find the best way to experience surfing with the professional trainers so that you can enjoy it perfectly. With surfing, they are providing several other kinds of classes and training facilities for the visitors.

If you are making choice for the best package of Panama Surf season, you can easily save your money by getting extra discount offers. There are several different kinds of packages available for the visitors so you need to get complete information about all the packages and available services in the budget.

It will be the best way to enhance your experience in Panama with the most comfortable get more information about all available packages, you can visit the official website of Beach Break Surf Camp and can get the desired services by picking the right package.

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Top 10 Most Amazing and Popular Parks in The World



Most Amazing and Popular Parks in The World

If you are also a big fan of amusement parks then this post is for you. We know how much fun it is to visit an amusement or theme park. Every adult also becomes a kid when they find themselves in a dreamlike land where happiness and fun have no limits.

Knowing this fact we made a list of top 10 most amazing amusement parks or theme parks around the world that you can ad in your wish-list.

Check the list below:

1. Nagashima Spa Land, Japan

Japan is always a step ahead when it comes to innovative fun amusement parks and joy rides. How can we not name the Nagashima Spa Land which is famous for its speedy roller coaster rides?

2. The Island of Adventure, Florida

This one features the Jurassic Park where you can meet both friendly and horrific dinosaurs.

3. Walt Disney World, Florida

This is the theme park! Just like the Magic Kingdom, this place is no different than a dreamland.

4. Tivoli Garden, Denmark

Get lost in the mesmerizing world that is offered here. You will feel enchanted by the aura that the place creates.

5. Magic Kingdom, Florida

Florida has a lot to offer when it comes to theme parks or amusement parks. And words are not enough to explain the fun you can have at the Magic Kingdom.

6. Disneyland, California

Only the word “Disneyland” is enough to drive the fans crazy. Be it, anyone, Disneyland is one place people love to visit. And this one in California is equally a fun place to go.

7. Ocean Park, Hong Kong

This has almost everything that an amusement park supposed to have, be it water parks, zoo etc. There are over 80 rides in the park.

8. Europa Park, Germany

They have 12 roller coaster in there. Enough to drive thrill lovers to go crazy.

9. Hershey Park, Pennsylvania

Imagine the chocolate factory from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, combined with an amusement park. Yeah, this place is that, folks!

10. Disneyland Paris

Last but not least, would be Disneyland Paris. The place has almost everything to charm people of all ages. This is one of the best amusement parks also

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Top 5 Reasons Why a Second Citizenship to a Caribbean Country is an Advantage




Quotes about pursuing the life that you want are many – especially when you check out social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest. There’s a constant barrage of encouraging words to live the life that you have always dreamed of because time here on Earth is fleeting.

Indeed, you only get one life, so, make it as fulfilling as you can.

There are a number of ways you can do that and one of them is by living in a different country. Being in a country of your choice provides a new set of opportunities and you can discover more of the wonderful things life truly has to offer while there.

Typically, moving overseas means abandoning your country of origin, but this is no longer the case; at least, not always. If you are from a country that allows for dual citizenship, you can enjoy the best of two worlds. You can split your life between two nations, and manage this strategically to serve your advantage.

And when it comes to countries where you can get a second citizenship, among the best options are Caribbean nations such as Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, and St. Kitts. and Nevis. These Caribbean nations offer a more laid-back lifestyle ideal for families and retirees. Likewise, for business-minded folks, second citizenship to any of these nations offers various opportunities for wealth growth.

5 Things to Love About Living in the Caribbean

Apart from the “chill” lifestyle and the fresh opportunities to generate income, living in the Caribbean offers a set of other advantages.

1. More friends

A lot of expats in the Caribbean can attest to the social advantages of island living. Everybody knows and cares for everybody else. Simple morning greetings exchanged with neighbours can easily lead to hours of delightful conversation culminating in an enriching lunch meal in their home or yours.

The Caribbean is perfect for people who seek solace in nature but also delight in the warm company of their friends. The easy friendship you can strike with the locals can bring more joy to your life.

2. Better health

Studies reveal that frequent exposure to sunshine can do wonders for your health. It can help regulate sleeping patterns and stimulate the release of immunity-boosting hormones.

Likewise, the more humid weather can aid the body’s natural detoxification process. You will sweat more and this means that a lot of toxins that aggravate health woes such as joint pains and respiratory sensitivity will be dispelled from the body.

Lastly, the happiness you can derive from living in a tropical paradise and having more social connections can increase your body’s natural painkillers and health boosters — endorphins and serotonin.

3. Good quality health care

You do not have to worry so much about getting primary health care in the Caribbean if you are considered a citizen. Plus, you can also take advantage of special provisions such as free or discounted treatments and routine checkups, especially if you are a retiree, or you hold a professional position in a well-established company based in the country.

4. Generally safer environment

In Antigua, for example, the crime rate is low. This may be in stark contrast to the situation in the country where you are originally from. Here, you can worry less about your personal (as well as your family’s) safety and your investments. You can have more self-satisfying pursuits because you do not feel threatened. You can have more hobbies and even start a new business.

5. Colourful festivities

The Caribbean region has always been known for its many festivals that are people-driven instead of money-driven. Not a huge amount of money is spent on celebrations unlike in the UK and the US. The festivals are mostly about the people and the islands.

That is one of the chief reasons why thousands of tourists troop here every year to partake in the frivolity. They know that the event is all about having fun with each other. Therefore, there’s nothing intimidating about it.

Living in a country where such grand celebrations are a part of the culture encourages many to “be involved,” which can have a major positive impact on how they approach and value life and community.

How to Get a Second Citizenship in a Caribbean Nation?

So, is living in a sunshine paradise with congenial locals the good life you have always wanted?

You can turn this dream into a reality by applying for a second citizenship by investment. There are specialist firms to aid you in the process. Seek their expertise.

In no time, you can gain the right of calling the Caribbean nation of your choice your own home sweet home.

Bio: Kal Kennard is a Partner at Citizens International, a white-glove specialist firm offering private client services necessary for citizenship investment into the Caribbean. Based in the Caribbean for the past 15 years, she is an experienced consultant who works directly with many professional partners and advises clients worldwide.

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15 Things About Top Attractions, Stay and Food To Make Your Dubai Tour Dam Easy





Planning to visit Dubai for the holidays? Why not? It’s a fantastic city, bursting at the seams with attractions and mega fun activities. However, before you go, you need to consult a Dubai City Guide that’ll help you navigate the city and experience the best attractions, the best places to eat and the best places to stay. Dubai has so many options in every area that you can be forgiven for being confused.

That’s what we’re here for – with our brand new Dubai City Guide. Enjoy!

Top Attractions in Dubai

While you’re in Dubai, don’t miss out on these top attractions. They are what Dubai is all about!

Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari

If you are a city person, you’ll be delighted to find yourself in this ancient landscape of soft shifting sands, hard wadis, and glittering oases. Enjoy a desert safari in the morning, afternoon, evening or night.

All of these safaris have the desert adventures of dune bashing, camel riding, quad biking and sand boarding in common. The evening and night safaris include an incredible dinner and entertainment in the Bedouin welcome tent. Don’t miss it!

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai

If you plan on enjoying a white Christmas this year, then why not do it at Ski Dubai at Emirates Mall in Dubai? Ski Dubai is one of the finest indoor ski resorts in the world, with 4 regular ski slopes and one challenging diamond run of 400 meters.

There’s a little ice cave for kids and a penguin park to set the mood. There’s also a little café on top of the highest slope for hot drinks.

Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab

The sail-shaped Burj al Arab is a building worth looking at for as long as you can. Enjoy great views of the sunset from Jumeirah Beach, catching the red departing sun’s last rays surrounding the Burj.

If you want a look inside, book high tea at one of the restaurants in the Burj al Arab. That’s the best way to enjoy the incredible architecture and décor of the place.

The Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa Dubai is the current world’s tallest building, standing proudly at 829 meters. Be sure to get on to 124th floor’s observatory deck and check out the incredible view of the surroundings.

You can see as far as the desert and the seas beyond. Use one of the telescopes places intelligently at intervals on the deck to focus on points of interest. Be sure to take a walk on the Burj’s boardwalk in the evening to enjoy the Dubai Fountains and the loveliness of the Burj Khalifa in the dark.

The Dubai Mall is directly below the Burj Khalifa, with it’s 1200 plus retail outlets and over 150 food outlets. You’ll need an entire day to explore both. While you’re there, do check out the Underwater Aquarium and Zoo as well.

Best Places to Stay in Dubai

Where do you want to stay in Dubai when you get there? Here are a few top hotels for you, along with a couple of budget options.

Exclusive: Hilton Dubai The Walk

Hilton Dubai The Walk

This is an exclusive hotel that’s close to the Beach Mall. It’s located on Jumeirah Beach’s golden mile in front of the exclusive Dubai Marina. The nearest Metro station is a 10 minutes’ walk from here.

Guests can enjoy a private beach, two pools, a beautiful lounge garden, fitness center, and 12 on-site restaurants. Any Dubai city guide will have a mention of this exclusive hotel.

Exclusive: Premier Inn Dubai International Airport Hotel

Premier Inn Dubai International Airport Hotel

Being an airport hotel, this will be the most convenient hotel for you to stay. You can enjoy a free shuttle service to and from the airport whenever you choose. The hotel comes with a café, a restaurant, and a fantastic swimming pool.

Exclusive: Roda Al Murooj

Roda Al Murooj

This exclusive hotel is located across from Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa. The hotel comes with a huge swimming pool, a lush garden, free WiFi in public areas and more. Dining options include award-winning Double Decker restaurants Pub and Pergolas serving international cuisines all day long.

Budget: Arabian Park Hotel

Arabian Park Hotel

This budget hotel is located at Al Jaddaf. It has 318 brightly coloured rooms, a restaurant, a deli, meeting rooms, and an Olympic-size outdoor pool, along with a small fitness center. The hotel is close to the nearest metro station.

Budget: Howard Johnson Hotel

Howard Johnson Hotel

Located in Bur Dubai, this mid-range is perfect for budget-conscious travelers and families. It has clean rooms with TV and minibars and free Wi-Fi in public places.

Best Places to Eat In Dubai

Budget: Al Mallah Restaurant

Al Mallah Restaurant

Located in Dhiyafah Street, Al Mallah is one of the most famous street food outlets offering Middle Eastern food in Dubai. Their specialties are Shawarma and shish tawook.

Mid-range: Bu Qtair

Bu Qtair

Located near Jumeirah Beach, this a la carte restaurant offers North Indian food. Their specialties are deep-fried turmeric fish, sour Assam curry, and basmati rice.

Mid-range: Ravi Restaurant

Ravi Restaurant

Located at Al Dhiyafa Road, Ravi Restaurant offers fantastic Indian and Pakistani fare. This restaurant occupies two or three shophouses. They offer an extensive menu and their specialties are chicken curry and flatbreads.

Café: Tom and Serg

Tom and Serg

Located in Al Qouz district, this café is famous for its cold brews, Cubano sandwiches, and cutlets.

Fine Dining: Indego by Vineet

Indego by Vineet

Located in Dubai Marina is managed by Vineet Bhatia, the Michelin-starred Indian chef. The specialties at this fine-dining restaurant are lamb shank slow cooked in rogan josh sauce, rajma pulao and asparagus stir-fry

Fine Dining: La Petite Maison

La Petite Maison

Locate in Gate Village, is a place which is favoured by the well-to-do. This restaurant services gastronomic Mediterranean French cuisine, and its specialties are cheese fondue and lava cake.

We hope our Dubai travel guide has given you an idea about the dining options in Dubai, even though we cannot include all the hundreds of restaurants in Dubai into our list.

Best Time to Visit in Dubai

Dubai runs hot for 9 months out of the year but is cool for the remaining 3 months. From February to November, Dubai tends to be very hot so it’s not the perfect time to visit. The thing about Dubai is, everything is indoors and everything indoors is fully air-conditioned. So even if you travel to Dubai during the hot months, you’ll be cool and comfortable indoors.

You won’t lack for entertainment – there are indoor theme parks like the VR Park and Ski Dubai and much more. In short, you can visit Dubai any time of the year, depending on what you want to do with your time.

If you’re into desert safaris, perhaps the cooler months might be a better idea. The festive season from November to January is a special time in Dubai – there will be plenty of celebrations, fireworks, parties, festivals and more.


Dubai is well appointed to keep you entertained, well-fed, comfortable and happy during your stay. The city has hundreds of hotels that fall into every possible financial range. There are innumerable restaurants, cafes, eateries and plenty of entertainment options as well. Plan your trip well in advance and you can get the very best out of Dubai.

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