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Famous Naagin Actress Aashka Goradia Talks About Becoming A Mother, She Reveals That She Is A Happily Married Woman




Aashka Goradia Talks About Becoming A Mother

Indian TV actress, Aashka Goradia is one of the finest on television screen actress, we have seen her on different serials like Kkusum, Naagin, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Laagi Tujhse Lagan, Naagin, etc. She has given an outstanding performance in dramatic serial, Naagin. It is due to her acting skills, the show has gained so much of popularity these days.

The way she is managing her professional life and personal (married) life is really commendable. On December 03, 2017, the actress has tied the knot with her boyfriend, Brent Globe after dating each other for quite a long time.

Do you know that Aashka Goradia celebrated her wedding in two different traditions, one as per Hindu and other according to Christian rituals?

A few days back, Brent took to his Instagram handle and shared a lovely picture with her beau, Aashka.

To gain some time, you have to give something.

Brent Globe

He posted this caption on his account as the couple was not living together for a long time due to their career responsibilities and he said that during that time they both realized that it was so difficult to live without each other for a long time. We could not have really realized the strength of the bond we created until we took some distance from each other.


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In an interview with BollywoodLife, she was asked about her upcoming Bollywood projects, marital life and about her family planning in the future. Where she replied, “I am happily married. I felt never so happy as I am feeling right now. She also told that she really has got a very supportive husband that’s why she is so happy.


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Further, the interviewer asked her about if she planning a baby soon or not? She replied, “We want to enjoy our marriage for some time. We have been married only for a year. We are just going to enjoy each other for some time, and then let’s see.”

Further, the actress revealed that she along with Mohit Malhotra and Tinna Datta are going to work together for her next project, “Daayan”. She has been waiting for such a long time to work with Datta and now finally she had got the opportunity, she told.


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@ibrentgoble #kyathiaayo #peaceofblue . . With you I will dance ? With you I will run … and for both I need no music or path … just wherever you lead.. with you I am safe! Far, but not far.. for you are engraved on my arm.. for life! I wish you morning stars this Valentine’s Day, may our love for each other be blessed.. may we always guide one another and challenge each other to do better, may we always indulge in conversations only to end it with sweet kisses. May we always sleep facing each other (except when you spoon me) Can’t wait to be with you again. #happyvalentinesday To all you beautiful people… I wish you love and journey of a lifetime with those you love! #valentinesday #2019 #love #onelove

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In an interview with the Humans of Bombay, Brent had revealed how he fell in love with her at first sight when Aashka was preparing to fly for Vegas that night. He also revealed, that how cold and cautious she became when he approached him and how at last they were able to exchange their contact numbers.


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Bret continued, “We continued talking to each other for a month to know each other well. After some time, she visited Bret to meet him in Vegas and they had a gala time together it is when they found that they are madly in love with each other.

Bret decided to fix her meeting with his parents as he wanted to introduce her girlfriend with his parents. On meeting Aashka, his parents were happy knowing that their son had found a love of her life.


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It was really great on his part that he gave importance to Aashka’s career and he decided to move India. He met her family and told her parents that he is really a lucky one to have her in his life. And now he is part of a big Indian family!


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I am settled as a housewife, found writing to be my calling. Enriching, empowering and evolving through my writings I desire a better place for all. In my journey as a writer on this website I have become a more informed and compassionate person and have made new relationships in the digital world.

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Here is The List of 8 Best Entertainment TV Shows That You Should Watch in 2019




8 Best Entertainment TV Shows That You Should Watch in 2019

We are living in an age where a source of entertainment is not restricted to cinema or television. Television used to be our only source to watch daily soaps. There was a time when we all used to finish our chores before our TV show goes on-air. Or we would wait for the re-run of the show if missed it by any chance. But with the arrival of online TV such as Netflix, Amazon Prime video, Hot Star, etc. we have a plethora of TV shows that one can watch anytime, anywhere. But what is the best thing about them is, you don’t have to watch stupid TV shows with no storyline or plot.

These web series, are not only fun to watch but really addictive, too. Believe it or not, but these web series are so good that we have to tell you about the best shows that you must watch. We all know the success of Web series when the director of big hit movies tries their hand for making a web series. For the first time in life, we get to watch the amazing Indian web series and not the crazy ones (if you know what I mean).

Here is the list of 8 best shows available on Netflix, Hot Star, YouTube, and Amazon Prime that we recommend to all of you. Check the list below:

1. Orange is the New Black

The story revolves around Piper Chapman, who is sentenced to 15 months for a crime committed in her youth. While the protagonist seems to be Piper, what makes the show stand apart are the fellow inmates that she learns to live with. Every episode unfolds a new chapter about each of the individual.

This amazing Netflix web series has a lot of adult content, sexual content, and violence, too. On the whole, you will not be able to stop yourself from finishing the whole series. The season’s finale is recently launched.

2. Mirzapur

This Amazon Prime web series will give you chills for extreme violence. The series is about the goons of Mirzapur and power politics. Mirzapur was gained so much appreciated in 2018. Season 2 for the super hit web series is yet to come in 2019.

3. Made in Heaven

This is another hit web series by Amazon Prime with females in the lead. The story is about two wedding planners based out in Delhi. Why you should watch this series is because it is dealing with a lot of social issues in one go. The girls face the notions of arranged marriages, dowry transactions, and even the “virginity test”.

4. Four More Shots Please

Well, the title tells a lot, doesn’t it? Again from the treasure of Amazon Prime Video, Four More Shots Please shows a quite bold and modern picture of today’s society. It is about four women are described as “unapologetically flawed women live, love, blunder and discovers what really makes them tick through friendship and tequila”. This series might remind you a bit of Sex and the City.

5. Good Girls

It is featured on Netflix, the plot is about three women or as they say “suburban moms orchestrate a local grocery store heist to escape financial ruin and establish independence”. You will fall in love with the trio as they struggle through in order to achieve what most of the women want to live “independence”.

6. The finale of Game of Thrones

This TV show needs no explanations. One of the most watched and popular TV show of humankind, Game of Thrones finale just appeared in 2019. Well, we know you are probably watching it, already.

7. Sex Education

As the name goes, Netflix web series Sex Education is a British comedy. The story is about a teenage boy who is oblivious of sex knowledge, though his mother is a sex therapist. You should watch this web series for sheer comedy-drama.

8. Dead to Me

Another Netflix hit where you will see a story of a “hot-headed widow searching for the hit-and-run driver who mowed down her husband”. It has humor, grief, sympathy, empathy and an emotional relationship called friendship. We assure you, it will make you stick to your mobile phones for wanting to know the little secrets the tale holds.

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8 Surprising Facts About America’s Favorite Horror TV Series: Tales From The Crypt





Tales From The Crypt

This is not untrue to say that all of us, whether in childhood or adulthood, loved to watch horror series. Remember Ramsay brothers’ creepy weird horror movies like Veerana, Purana Mandir? Well, now it might tickle your bones but at some time in childhood, they sure gave you some shivering. There were many horror TV shows that were popular back then. In the 80s and 90s, people always loved to watch full of suspense, horror and spooky TV shows. One such spooky TV show, that was much loved and watched in America, was HBO’s ‘”Tales from the Crypt. The show was hugely popular and received many awards for it was amongst America’s superhit TV series.

Not just America, due to its popularity it was seen and appreciated in other parts of the world, too. The spooky series was known for featuring quite violent, nudity and profanity. However, the show had to go through editing in order to be featured on cable TV. The show cast great Hollywood actors like Richard Donner, Walter Hill, etc.

Well, to bring more memories back from this late 80s- early 90s show continue to read:

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger tried his direction for an episode

You would be surprised to know that Tales from the Crypt was known for attracting the director from the film world to step ahead and direct the show. Even actors were not left behind. Famous celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger actually directed an episode of the series and he admitted that it was a great deal to have such an experience.

2. The Crypt Keeper’s popping eyes

Crypt Keeper’s eyes were designed by an infamous designer who previously designed creature Chucky. Now watch again the Bride of Chucky and find the similarities between both spooky creatures.

3. Christmas album was released by The Crypt Keeper

Yeah! The craze for creepy Keeper was so high that Crypt Keeper even releases a Christmas album. “Twelve Days of Cryptmas” and “We Wish You’d Bury the Missus”. They went too far, didn’t they?

4. There were two shots for each episode

When Tales from the Crypt was sold to FOX they had to cut and re-edited for all the nudity and sexual content. There was some profanity in dialogues as well that had to be replaced.

5. The show was adapted for a game show

Well, the era was weird, since’ there were a lot of haunted house game shows hosted in the 90s. Secrets of the Crypt Keeper’s Haunted House. Two teams had to compete with each other for five challenges. Each team was named as “scary creatures”. They would enter the haunted house and meet the floating skeleton head with beaming eyes. Now, it all just seems weird.

6. Crypt Keeper did Radio shows

Well, since the series was an anthology the only familiar character was Keeper. Thus, it was introduced that Crypt Keeper would be doing a talk show or interviews on the Radio. John Kassir (voice of Crypt Keeper) would do 50 to 60 radio shows talking to people as Keeper. We see now why Crypt Keeper became too famous back then.

7. It helped HBO to gain its Tag line

HBO was a channel which was free from all sort of restrictions. It was during the screening of Tales from the Crypt that when the light came up somebody from the audience shouted “IT’s not TV” and then another person completed it by saying “IT’s HBO”. Hence, HBO’s Tag line.

8. The final season was shot in Britain

For the last and final season, the show moved to London. This is why the final season was full of English people speaking in a British accent. Amongst new faces were Ewan McGregor and Bob Hoskins.

Tales from the Crypt YouTube video is here..

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What are The Benefits of Watching Live TV Using VPN?




Watching Live TV Using VPN

With the advent of time, Internet-based communication has become quite a common thing. The Internet has become the medium of communication as well as entertainment. Thanks to the internet, we can now watch online videos, live sports, and various movies. You can watch the watch live TV on firestick usi1ng your robust internet connection.

When it comes to using the internet connection, using the VPN or Virtual Private Network is always useful. A VPN connection can aid you in many aspects.

In the following section, the benefits of using a VPN for watching live TV have been discussed.

1. Access the Restricted Contents

With a VPN connection, users can access the internet anonymously. In other words, users can use the internet without disclosing their identity or IP address. For VPN users, a different channel is used for accessing the internet. Thus, VPN users can surpass the barriers, like content restrictions within a certain region.

In various TV shows, certain contents are restricted based on the areas or regions. To access such contents on live TV, one can try the robust VPN connection. With an advanced VPN connection, it is possible to enjoy restricted contents.

2. Flawless Streaming of Live TV

Another highlighting benefit of VPN connection is that it provides high quality and powerful internet connection. If you are seeking faster internet connectivity, you can have faith in the VPN connection. It assures high-quality internet service, as it has a different channel for communication.

With such high-quality internet service, it is easier to get the full enjoyment of watching live TV. When the internet connection is slow, live streaming becomes daunting due to continuous buffering. Thanks to the VPN connection, watching live TV has now become easier and more enjoyable.

3. Access the Region Base Free Contents

In many live TV networks, both premium and free contents can be found. In some cases, a few contents are made premium in certain regions, though in other regions the content is free. Due to the high demand, such strategies have been adopted by producers or TV owners. If certain content is paid in your region though it is free in other places, you should use a VPN to access the content for free.

With VPN, you can hide identity, and thus your internet accessing place will be kept hidden. You can access the premium contents without paying a single penny. So, watching live TV with VPN connection is a cost-effective thing too.

4. VPN Is Not Costly

In compared to the normal internet connection, VPN based connection is regarded as highly costly. However, the reality is that the VPN connection is not costly. You can use the free VPN for PS4. However, free VPN is not as good as the premium ones.

Premium VPN packages are not costly too. They are easily affordable. You can easily get VPN packages and choose your own VPN connection. These are some of the highlighted benefits of using a high-quality VPN connection to watch live TV.

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Diamonds have a unique charm and glow! There can be several alternatives to diamond, but none can substitute its beauty. If you want to customize a diamond ring, you can choose from the multiple shapes and cut. One of the types that have been gaining ample importance is cushion-cut diamonds. The popularity of cushion cut diamonds The cushion cut diamond reflects an antique look and bursts out with a dazzling sparkle and fire. Concerning the structure, this diamond has a square design. It comes with curved sides and has smooth round edges. It also gives the diamond stone a unique soft pillow shape. And that's why it got the name of cushion cut diamond. Many people have loved this diamond for over a century now! Usually, it comes with 57 facets. Still, there can be several cutting styles for this diamond cut. The popular ones include the: Modified cushion cut Cushion brilliant cut Antique cushion cut The difference between each cut varies between the facets and the size. The facet size determines the diamond sparkle. The bigger the facet, the wider the sparkle is going to be. When the facet is small, you will get to see sparkle flashes in mini bursts. It provides you with the scope to determine the way your diamond will shine. Selecting a cushion cut diamond When you are choosing a cushion-cut diamond, you need to keep in mind a few factors. The important ones are listed below: The cushion cut diamond comes with huge facets. That makes it simpler to notice the inclusions as well as the color traces. Hence, it is always better to opt-in for a diamond stone that comes with increased clarity and color grades. You need to decide on the budget and make your selection. The cushion-cut diamond also has scintillation! It also showcases the fire and brilliance. The cut came into existence during the 19th century, after which it got modified many times. Amidst all the changes, it still retained the pillow shape. The cushion cut is also the ideal choice for people who have a romantic heart and has an affinity for antique design and look. The cushion-cut diamonds have gained popularity for their vintage and ethnic charm. Though most vintage-patterned wedding and engagement rings are called old-school, still, it has a value of its own. These diamonds are all about exquisite design and nostalgia. The cushion-cut diamond also reflects an element of perfection, which works well when you want to propose your lady love. Make sure you check the color of the cushion cut diamond ring! It's always better to opt-in for a wedding ring that has a transparent color than any other shade. The translucent color ensures more authenticity and clarity. Also, check the grading and the documents that come along with. These are some of the guidelines for choosing a cushion cut diamond! The cushion-cut diamond is the best choice for proposing your beloved. You can also gift this to your beloved as a gift even when there is no occasion.
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